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The Versatile G-Flag 150 by Grow Design Works
I totally missed the boat when the manufacturer of today's product released their first bait, the Flag 170 and 255, but then, by sheer luck I managed to monitor and eventually nab a bait on their release of the second. Here's a look at Grow Design Work's G-Flag 150.
A Gateway Swimbait – The Gracely Baits Finesse Gill
Many anglers commonly associate "swim-baits" with "big-baits," and indeed, most swimbaits on the market are full-sized baits necessitating specialized gear to cast. However, there exists a lesser-known category of smaller swimbaits that deliver a comparable experience in a more compact, less daunting form. Gracely Baits played a pivotal role in defining this segment...
A "Tail" of Two Baits: Baitsanity Explorer Gen 2 Swimbait Updates
At first glance, the latest generation of the Baitsanity Explorer may appear nearly identical to the original glidebait that the company originally debuted to launch their brand. However, there are a number of updates that have made significant improvements to the bait's capabilities and performance over even last year’s models. In this update, we explore these latest improvements, fresh tail designs, and a bones option.

Elusive No More : SPRO's KGB Chad Shad 180
Spend any time in that kind of underground, social media world of big baits and you'll eventually come across discussion of the popular KGB Chad Shad. This bait came on the scene a number of years ago and built a reputation as the best shad glide bang for the buck. In the big bait world, reputation like that inevitably leads to scarce availability which eventually raises that buck-bang higher than retail.

Illude Lunker Fighters Zombie Gerbil – A Deadly Walker

The Lunker Fighters Zombie Gerbil is a rat-style swimbait that is a resin version of the original cedar-wood Illude Narle Gerbil. The Illude Gerbil is one of the rarest wood rat-style baits, with only a handful of batches ever made. While it's easy to assume that the wood version is superior in every way, there are many interesting attributes that the resin-based Zombie offers, making it both effective and desirable.

Giving Bass "The Bird" - A New Crawler From Defiant
Defiant is best known for their soft bodied 210 and 247 trout profiled swimbaits which feature a line-through rigging system. The company has been expanding their product range and last season introduced a range of braided and fluorocarbon lines designed for big bait anglers. This Summer the company launches their first hard-bodied swimbait, a full sized topwater crawler called "The Bird."
Not Too Big, Not Too Small, with Versatility That Can Surprise and Confuse : CBC's Mini-Sonar
Born from the need for a consistent big bait profile for colder water, the Sonar has a build resembling a swimmer, but it is weighted to behave like a flutter spoon or blade bait - not a spinnerbait, but a solid metal, fish profile, blade.
"New" Slide Swimmer Glidebait, Same Old Song?
There are countless discussions regarding the merits of the old versus new versions of the bait including tuning strategies for both and even methods to convert the floating, wake bait version, the Silent Killer, into a Slide Swimmer...  
Chop It Like It's Hot. Baitsanity X TW New Chimera Shad
Baitsanity is launching their first shad profiled swimbait, the Chimera. In addition to a number of unique design features, and emphasis on chop-style action, one of the things that makes this new swimbait so interesting is that it was co-developed with the Tackle Warehouse product team from inception to mass production.

Berkley Culls First Batch Cullshad Swimbaits
Berkley is literally asking customers to "cull" all the first run Cullshad swimbaits to address a production issue that is affecting swimming action, and launches a process to replace the baits with properly manufactured ones.

Megabass's Unheralded Spark Shad Swimbait
When it comes to a soft bodied swimbait in Megabass's product line, it's really mostly about MagDraft. Available in two varieties, MagDraft is a proven producer. The Sleeper line is probably a close second, but those are more like jigs. A third less talked about alternative, at least as a stand alone option, we feel deserves more attention.

Fold to Cast Further – Shimano’s Armajoint Hard Bodied Swimbait
The swimbait segment continues to grow, and it was just a matter of time before Shimano launched their own hard bodied swimbait. Rather than introduce just another single jointed glide or dual jointed wake, Shimano’s lure engineers wanted to put their own spin on a shad-like profile and create a bait that could be cast further and fished effectively by anglers of all skill levels.
It Is An Obsession, It Is My Obsession, Lanciotti's Psycho Gill Can Be, an Enthusiast Bait Collector's Key
Nothing inspires an unhealthy passion for bass fishing like a good topwater bite. This is especially true when your lure of choice is an oversized chunk of resin or wood. Whether it be a rat, gill, trout profile or other, it's tough to beat the adrenaline rush of having a three ounce or larger bait slurped down from the surface of the water.
UFO 6” Gill Swimbait – Abducting Bass Night and Day
UFO Bait Co. is a custom swimbait builder that creates some of the most sought-after gill baits in the game. These include the immense Mothership and the smaller 6” gill, both of which are coveted by swimbait enthusiasts that have witnessed, or heard about, the many bass abductions that these renowned baits are responsible for.

Accessible, Affordable, and More Importantly, Effective : Molix's GlideBait 140 SS
Begrudgingly, time once dedicated to slinging something exclusive gives way to the less exciting prospect of fishing something more accessible. However, on the rare occasion, these circumstances can reveal something unexpected. Here's our experience with Molix's latest entry big bait craze, their GlideBait 140 SS.

Baitsanity’s Most Technical Glidebait Yet – The Antidote TUG
Baitsanity’s newest glidebait, the Antidote TUG, is also the company’s new halo swimbait and comes with a laundry list of innovative features which also make it a highly technical bait to master. Designed for big bait enthusiasts the TUG can achieve some remarkably diverse glide actions but with somewhat of a steep learning curve is this a big bait for everyone?
The Myth Lives and Has Transformed : 22nd Century's Nezzuma V-Cut
Well, you know we couldn't go a full season reviewing rat baits without dubbing one our R.O.U.S. - Rat Of Unusual Size. 22nd Century is one of the original big bait companies and their Triple Trout swimbait remains one of our all time favorites.


Additional Articles


Toxic Baits Suck! TXC's Impertinent Little Wake Bait, the Whippersnapper 2.0
Ceaser Chavez out of Northern California, almost literally on the shores of the California Delta has been making baits for big bait enthusiasts going on close to ten years. He's one of the rare builders who've taken it to the next level by opening up a shop with a retail wing you can actually visit and hand pick baits fresh off the drying rack.
Collapse to Cast - Shimano’s ARMAJOINT Swimbait
Shimano’s new ARMAJOINT swimbait is designed with an innovative dual jointed system that is magnet loaded to enable improved casting distance and accuracy by collapsing and maintaining a more compact and stable shape during flight. In the water the ARMAJOINT can be swam a variety of ways and behaves like traditional S-glide action...
FishLab’s First Topwater BBZ Swimbait – The Bio-Rat
Last ICAST FishLab announced they were getting into the BBZ business as Bill joined the team, and this year at ICAST 2022 the company readies the launch of the first FishLab BBZ products, starting with the BBZ Bio-Rat.
The Elusive Gizzard Glide by High Powered Swimbaits
The Gizzard Glide, by High Powered Swimbaits is more commonly referred to as the "HPH". HPH stands for High Powered Herring referring to owner Randall Kirkpatrick's first swimbait product, a four piece herring profiled swimmer that has since been discontinued...

This Stray Rat is Definitely Ready to Rumble
The Rumble Rat by Stray Rats Bait Company is built for anglers who are serious about their rat baits. Measuring thirteen inches from tip of its nose, to the tip of its tail, and weighing in just under five ounces at four point eight (4.8oz), this rat is in the category of a true big bait.

When You Wish Upon A Dream - Smash'em
Dream Smasher Swimbaits is a company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota making quality soft plastic swimbaits. Their signature bait, the six inch, DSS Shad, is based off a design developed by legendary lure designer Bob King.
The Jackall Dunkle Swimbait Offers Anglers More Rigging Options
The Jackall Dunkle is a soft-bodied swimbait that is designed to exhibit a natural swimming action combined with a high water displacing paddle tail design, and features one of the most flexible hook rigging systems available.
Bull Shad Swimbaits Enters the Premium Market with their Shad Glide
Still made of resin, the edges, detailing, and scale pattern on the Shad Glide are at a different level from what we've seen in the past. Gone is that bristle fiber tail, and in is a new, soft plastic poured piece with a realistic shape and ridges.
A JDM Offering in the RatRumble: MLW's FP Rat
If you're familiar with the Monka Lure Works FPJ Crawler, the FP Rat looks like the same bait but without the wings, and has instead, a carbon fiber diving lip and a long, rodent-like tail (instead of the rear prop).
Glide Ready? Baitsanity’s Explorer Gill Might Just Be Their Best Lure Yet
Baitsanity has had both trout and shad profiles covered with their Explorer and Antidote glide baits but really needed a gill to round out their swimbait offering. This season Baitsanity raises their glide game with the new Explorer Gill, a compact and customizable bluegill that leverages much of what makes the brand’s lures so popular among swimbait fans.
Rat Rumble : 2 Faced Baits's Waking Rat
Steven Loewen out of the San Francisco Bay Area's East Bay Region has been in the business of making baits since the middle of 2018. Through his company, 2Faced Baits, Loewen offers a variety of big bodied, two and three piece, billed baits that wake and crank giving anglers the tools they need when searching for those bigger bites.
Another SoCal Varietal, TrapBass's Fine Trap Rat
The team at TrapBass have been making baits for nearly ten years now and their rat bait has been established since their company's launch in 2013. Here is our Rat Rumble look into their Trap Rat...

Swimbait or Crankbait? The Deps Tiny Bulldoze 100
The Bullshooter and Bulldoze has always played second fiddle to the Slide Swimmer, but are still popular options for anglers looking for gill profiles. This season Deps has miniaturized these lures and introduced Tiny versions designed to target bass of all sizes across a wider range of applications.   

Feeding that Big Bait Obsession with Gan Craft's Jointed Claw 303 R-One
The Jointed Claw 303 is a huge, 300 millimeter (or 12") glide bait, and though it has taken a while, here now is our look at Gan Craft's Jointed Claw 303, also known as the Shaku One (one foot)
RatRumble : Fish the Sneaky!
In the world of rat swimbaits hand carved wooden baits are among the most coveted, both for their artistry and effectiveness. These baits often exhibit a hard to imitate swimming action combined with a loud knock. Custom swimbait garage builder Brady Scott is the creator of the Sneaky Baits “Sneaky Rat,” a bait that has gone from a sleeper to one of the most sought-after wooden rats on the scene.
RatRumble : The Surprisingly Refined LitRat
The LitLures mission began in Southern California, where in 2017, Jesse LeMar grew tired of fishing rat baits that would either foul during the cast or as he was working them close to structure wasting opportunity after opportunity. He started where most bait makers begin, by carving bodies out of wood. But once he was satisfied with a design, he immediately moved to resin...
RatRumble: Heerrree's Johnny!
The Johnny Rat, and subsequent Little Johnny, splashed down into the swimbait scene in 2013, with initial conception in California. Since then, Johnny has claimed dozens of tournament wins, hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes, and plenty of name recognition.
RatRumble : Bigg Nasty Baits's Nat Rat
Bigg Nasty Baits out of Northern California is relatively new to the bait making game, but obviously not to the world of big baits. A strong advocate for the local bass fishing scene promoting up and coming anglers on their social media and organizing several local tournaments through the calendar year, their motto when it comes to baits is to build them "bigg."
RatRumble : The Waking Dead – Illude’s Zombie Rat
Over the last year I have tried to bolster my Illude arsenal and started delving deeper into the brand’s other resin baits from their Lunker Fighters line, including the similar profiled resin Zombie Rats. While it easy to assume that the Zombie is simply a resin variation of the Rad this undead bait’s unique waking behavior, performance, and origin might just surprise you.
Gan Craft's Foray Into Crawler Madness : The Joi Crawler 178
If there's one bait company that has made the most out of a signature bait and bait profile, it's Gan Craft. Their Jointed Claw glide bait is available in six different sizes ranging from two and three quarter inches up to twelve, but there's also a waking version, a new hybrid glide swimmer...

RatRumble : Narrow Gate Baits's Affordable and Accessible WOOD Rat
The Narrow Gate Baits Rat is a foot long, three piece bait with a body that measures out about six inches. It's a wooden rat turned on a lathe but each section is hand cut with a dovetail saw. Craftsmanship is raw and a little gritty, very apropos for a rat bait, and the bait itself is offered in three different finishes...

Rat Rumble : JSJ Baits's Pack Rat (Recoil Edition)
The current Pack Rat (dubbed the Recoil Edition) is made out of a special silicone mix St. John developed during a two year hiatus from making baits. The result is a bait with extreme elasticity and durability.
The Sleeper Assassin of Cl8Bait's Rodent Squad : Water Vole
It feels like yesterday when we first met Clayton Bryant of CL8Bait at Bass-A-Thon 2008. Back then he was the new builder on the scene and now, over a decade later, he's a seasoned veteran builder. I hate to think what that means for me, but in any case, when Bryant caught wind of our Rat Rumble, he immediately signed up to participate.
Smelly Rat - It's not Spro's Fault Their Rat 50 Stanks
If there's one space a custom, hand built, garage bait cannot compete in, it's in the area of accessibility. A bait, no matter how effective, is really no use to an angler if said bait is not available for purchase, period. Many anglers, and especially those who enjoy tossing big baits, turn their collective backs on baits that are easily accessible and mass produced...
RatRumble : The RioRat by Hill Country Swimbaits
Based in San Antonia, Texas, Hill Country Swimbaits offers a wide selection of baits from multi-piece swimmers, to two-piece glides in gill, shad, and trout profiles. The subject of today's article is in a classification that has infested TackleTour HQ. We have a plan to root them out, but the invasion promises to endure through the Summer and likely into the Fall. Introducing the Hill Country Swimbaits Rio Rat.
Gan Craft's Jointed Claw Zepro : A Surface Glide with the Little Kicks
In 2015, Gan Craft introduced a variant to the Jointed Claw 178. It swims on a slightly upward trajectory versus the downward trajectory of the original making it ideal in shallow water situations where the 178 Type F might eventually get hung up. Here's our look at Gan Craft's Jointed Claw Zepro 178.

Plenty of Options to Explore... The Baitsanity Gen 2 Glidebait with Hatch Match Tails
It has been nearly three years since our review of the original Baitsanity Explorer and over the last two seasons we have been fishing the company's updated version, the Explorer Gen2, which features a clever interchangeable tail design as well as multiple new patterns to better match the hatch. 

G-Ratt's Signature Glidebait, only Smaller. Match the Hatch with the Pistol Pete
Building on the popularity of the Sneaky Pete glidebait the company introduced a scaled down version, called the Pistol Pete, which is offered in the same array of colors and is designed for situations when a smaller bait better matches the hatch.
A Diminutive Paddletail with Big Bait Detailing : Molix's RT Shad
Since the Basstrix shortage a decade and a half ago, paddletail swimbaits as a product category have been riding a roller coaster of popularity and new introductions. We're in the midst of climbing yet another hill, and we recently got our hands on the latest introduction from a company not new to this ride. Here's our look at Molix's RT Shad swimbait.
Sometimes All You Need is a Pistol. The Illude Pistol Gill Glidebait
For many enthusiast swimbait anglers there is just something special, almost magic, about a handmade wooden swimbait. When it comes to precision and refinement few brands do this as well as Roman Made, but American custom baitmaker Illude certainly brings the heat. The Pistol is a compact two-piece swimbait that showcases just how good a mid-sized wooden bluegill glide can be.

Let's Get Real! - Sly Guy Lures Replica Gill Swimbaits
With a name like "Replica" the Sly Guy Gills better be realistic looking, but it doesn't stop with a genuine looking paint finish. This year we are going to dive deep into swimbaits, including a closer look at many custom handmade offerings, and the Sly Guy Lures Replica Gills are a perfect example of what makes custom baits so desirable to anglers, and especially swimbait fans.

A Brawler Ready to Battle, the Pike Team Six B52 Wake Swimbait
Pike Team Six is a custom swimbait manufacturer that has created a handmade wakebait called the B52 which is designed to take on the biggest and baddest freshwater fish out there. This swimbait features a unique profile, swimming action, and can be ordered in just about any configuration and pattern that anglers can dream up.
MagDraft Part II : We Know It Was You, Freestyle
The MagDraft Freestyle is a six inch (6") paddletail style bait based off the companies popular MagDraft swimbait. The difference here is while the original MagDraft is pre-rigged with a hook and internal harness, the Freestyle is, well, free of all of that.
PB Rat Lights It Up With a Little Slosh and a Lot of Boils
What the hollow body frog is to fishermen who prefer conventional sized bait and tackle, the waking rat bait is to those anglers who make throwing big, oversized baits their purview. It is an obsession not easily overcome and haunts your every waking dream like an infestation of your subconscious realm.
Cal Coast Fishing's New Twerk Minnow Swimbait
Cal Coast Fishing's Twerk Minnow is available in two sizes, five and a half and seven and a half inches (5.5" & 7.5"). It is a full body, split belly type of paddletail made from a soft plastic material.


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Topwater Annihilation: the 3:16 Wake Jr. 7/07/07
The Triple Trout performs a lot better than it looks! 6/11/07
Nothing Yet, to Scare the Competition: The Fish Arrow Spooky Jack 6/4/07
MattLures Revisits Their Design and Brings To Market, The Ultimate Bluegill 4/15/07
An Affordable Alternative For Those Not Quite "Sold" On the Price of The Swimbait Craze 2/14/07
Mimic injured baitfish with the innovative Daiwa "Dead or Alive" 2/04/07
Instruments of a Legend, Introducing Jerry Rago's Baby Tool 12/11/06
Designed by the Master, Introducing the Ken Huddleston's Deluxe Rate of Fall Swimbait 10/19/06
Going Old School With a Tried and True Swimbait: Sunrize Tackle's Hammerhead 4/6/06
As lifelike as plugs get, the Bettencourt "Real Fish" Bluegill 11/30/05
A Bait to Lure Monster Bass : Introducing The MattLures Baby Bass Swimbait 10/5/05
A Hot West Coast swimbait with a patented easy to rig system... the Megabait L.A. Slider 6/13/05
The A.C. "Real Trout," the latest in a line of modified plugs from Allan Cole 3/10/05
The Bettencourt Assassin slays unsuspecting fish with distinctive tail swimming action 12/09/04
Targeting Trophy Bass with the Basstrix Swimbait 11/20/03









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