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Cutters with the Tenacity of a Pitbull
If you fish with braided line at all, you likely share in the frustration of finding a reliable tool to cut it with. The issue is obvious since every tool that has a cutting jaw or snip associated with it usually clearly states that it can cut braid. Don't get us wrong - most of these tools can. But quite often, this new found, easy braid cutting tool last for just a few trips, then it's back to square one...
Job Done - Accurate's Redesigned Piranha Extra Lite Pliers
One of the most useful tools an angler can own is a trusty pair of pliers. While some anglers are perfectly content to pull out a pair of long nose pliers from their toolboxes at home there are manufacturers that design pliers specifically for fishing applications. One such offering is the Piranha Extra Lite Pliers from Accurate...
Get a “Trigger Happy” Grip on your Casting and Spinning Rigs
Have you ever been fishing all day and started to feel your fingers and hands get worn down by gripping the trigger on your rod too tightly? To address this issue a company called THCG (Trigger Happy Comfort Grips) has introduced a patent pending product that is designed to be an easy to deploy solution.
Power Off the Grid – The Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Recharger
These days it seems everything is going digital and even when we are on the water or hiking down a steam fishing we are never truly “unplugged,” as we rely on our smartphones, GPS or headlamps to keep us fishing and get us home safely. Goal Zero produces a variety of portable power devices and is a self-proclaimed leader in consumer solar power systems...
Making the Cut? The Ardent Rigger Tool
Ardent is widely known for their domestic lineup of bass reels, but many people may be unfamiliar with the fact that they make several other types of rods as well as fishing accessories like the Smart Cull system which we awarded an Editor’s Choice to a few seasons ago. Among the accessory items in their product lineup is also a tool called the Ardent Rigger.
Bearing the Buckmark, Browning Fishing Pliers
Though firearms are without a doubt the first thing that comes to mind for most when they think “Browning” the brand can also be found on many fishing products ranging from reels bearing the same names as the company’s iconic firearms and tools, like the Browning fishing pliers we take a look at today.
Seven Tools in One, the Leatherman Skeletool
More than just pliers the Leatherman “Multi-Tools” are designed to provide outdoor enthusiasts with a device that can be utilized on a wide variety of occasions. We take a look at one of the company’s newer tools, the Leatherman Skeletool, which offers seven tools all in one compact pocket sized form factor.
Making the Cut, the Boomerang Snip
When most of us started fishing we utilized nail clippers for cutting lines or trimming leaders, and while this basic “tool” got the job done for slicing through monofilament the age of superlines quickly proved too much for basic clippers. Enter the Boomerang Snip...
Still the Benchmark, the BogaGrip Fish Landing, Handling and Weighing Tool
This review has been a long time coming, there are a lot of fish landing tools out there but there is one that is employed by more guides than any other, and that is original BogaGrip.




The 2Handee's Sibling : Buck'n Beel Enterprises' Braidmaster Pliers
The Braidmaster by 2Handee can best be described as a cross between a pair of needlenose pliers and a pair of forceps. It is made of stainless steel with contours and grooves forged into the business end of the tool for crimping and cutting as well as teeth to help the Braidmaster serve as an emergency wrench.
The EGO S2 Slider nets fish with Innovation
Adventure Products introduced the EGO S2 Slider at last year’s ICAST. This innovative net features an advanced handle design that is designed be deployed with a simple pull or push of the handle. Featuring a range of options this modular net can be configured with varying hoops, mesh material and other practical fishing tools.  
Jackets or Shields - Choose Your Rod Protector
The subject of safe and efficient ways to pack fishing rods in cars, boats, and shipping tubes is one of those recurrent discussions not only in the TackleTour discussion forum, but also amongst our own staff. It’s a difficult subject with which to gain consensus and an even more difficult one to resolve economically given how many rods many of us have.
Are You Still Using a Rusty Pair of Pliers? No More Excuses
P-Line’s Adaro pliers now deliver lightweight, corrosion resistant performance to the every day angler. Presenting our review of this still relatively new forty dollar ($40) tool.
Abel Pliers are Pricey but Exude Quality
There are three kinds of pliers, those that are standard long nose pliers that anglers use to pull double duty as fishing pliers, affordable fishing pliers with fish friendly features and premium pliers designed with high end materials and bear an equally high price. Abel pliers fit into that third category...
1200-Degree Fahrenheit Berkley TEC Hotwire Line Cutter
The Berkley TEC Hotwire Line Cutter is probably the “hottest” line cutter tool on the market. In the past, we’ve previewed this line cutter and also did a quick video. This time, we wanted to provide detailed full review on this unique line cutter that heats up to 1200-degrees Fahrenheit.
The 2Handee Multi-Tool by Buck'n Beel Enterprises
The aptly named 2Handee had everything from line clippers, to a hook sharpener, to a jig eye buster, to a crankbait tuning feature. After using this tool for over a year now, it’s time for that feedback. Presenting our review of the 2Handee multi-tool.
Ardent's SmartCull is exactly what the name implies... Smartly Designed
Ardent introduces the SmartCull, a two stage culling system designed for tournament anglers to better manage fish in the livewell. The system allows anglers to cull by both color and weight and is designed to be both faster and easier to use than traditional marking systems.
Promar ProMesh, a Durable, Lightweight Multi-Species Landing Catch and Release Friendly Net
Having the proper net is crucial especially if you're going to catch, photograph, and release the fish. Promar makes an assortment of nets for all purposes, and this time around we take a look at their ProMesh Landing Net which features a mesh design.
Simple and Surprising, Texas Tackle's SSplit Ring Pliers
Can something as simple as a pair of pliers offer any real innovation? Texas Tackle thinks so and is selling pliers designed with a single purpose, to be the very best split ring pliers available on the market.
Draw, engage, and lock with the innovative new Berkley TEC Pistol Trigger Grip tool
Tools aren’t new to Berkley, but their past offerings are honestly nothing like their new line of TEC tools when it comes to design and quality. These high-tech and high-utility tools are made for serious anglers.
Fishpond Barracuda Pliers offer a lot, but not enough
Fishpond may be best known for their fly fishing vests and packs but they also offer a pair of premium pliers that is designed for both fresh and saltwater fishing. We take a look at their premium Barracuda pliers to see if this is the one pair of pliers we have been looking for that can “do it all.”
Slicker than ever, Rapala's Stainless Steel pliers
Chances are you not only know the Rapala brand, but you already own a couple of their lures. Their previous generation pliers were among the best values on the market, and Rapala follows up on their Pro-Guide series with a new set of stainless steel pliers.
Rising releases a tool for Bass anglers, the "Work" pliers
Looking for a new pair of pliers? Rising, a company best known for fly fishing tools and accessories draws upon their know-how to create the “Work” pliers for bass fishermen looking for an alternative to the traditional tools.
Want a more ergonomic net? Maybe you should get an EGO
Ever lose a fish because you were fumbling with your net? Or even worse, ever lose your net overboard when fumbling to land a fish? EGO nets introduces a new lineup of nets that are designed to be ergonomically superior as well as float should the net accidentally fall overboard.
Safely cut with the unique SOG Trident folding knife
SOG, develops some of the most unique knives on the market and has recently introduced the Trident, a new folding blade that sports a few very handy features of which anglers will surely enjoy.
Improving the fishing experience...one fish at a time
Some tools are made to lock onto fish quickly, others are intended to handle aggressive fish to prevent injury, and then there is the Lippa4Life. This tool is minimally intrusive, helping anglers to manage a catch right at the water level to minimize stress on the fish and facilitate a quick catch and release.
The ACR Electronics Hot Shot Signaling Mirror and whistle provide a simple and affordable safety solution for outdoorsmen
The Hot Shot Signal Mirror is a complete package for both audible and visual signaling, and the best part is that anyone can afford this safety device.
Quite possibly the finest multi-tool you'll ever own, the all new Leatherman Charge Ti
There are those times when you wish you could bring a complete assortment of tools, but just thinking about lugging all that weight is enough to make most anglers cringe. Leatherman's new Charge Ti is designed to be an outdoorsman and angler's dream come true.   
Bring the power of your local tackle shop home with the Berkley Cyclone Spooling Station
Berkley fishing products out of Spirit Lake, Indiana makes a consumer sized spooling machine that is both portable and powerful and almost indispensable to any angler with more than a handful of reels – the Berkley Cyclone.
The Handi-Measure makes the measuring process painless for both anglers and fish
Fly fisherman are among the most conscious anglers , and often go to great lengths to ensure that fish are not harmed during the entire angling process. Angling Design’s Handi-Measure is a unique tool that allows anglers to make the entire measuring process simple for both themselves and fish.
Promar's Dan Hernandez Signature series makes fishing with trebles trouble-free
A quality net with the right attributes is important especially when the fish are big and heavy. We take a closer look at a new Promar rubber net that's said to be 100% snag proof.
Thule's Castaway rooftop rod carrier allows anglers to safely transport their entire outfits
Thule, a leader in load carriers introduces the "Castaway," a cleverly designed rod rack that offers anglers a safe way to transport just about every rod and reel combo safely on top of any factory roof rack.
Techni Ice, the next generation ice and heat pack
Tired of a soggy cooler after the ice melts or need a quick heat pack of a certain size?  Techni-Ice, an innovative product that comes in paper-thin sheets and expands when hydrated, allows anglers to either freeze or heat up depending on application needs.
Delivering the Ultimate Catch and Release Tool...The Lipper
The Lipper from “Lipper Tools, Inc.” is a exciting new tool that strives to deliver unique elements and inventive features where other catch and release tools fall short.
Rapala ProGuide Lock'n Weigh, jaws for gripping fish with the convenience of a built-in scale
Maintain a solid grasp on your catch with the Rapala ProGuide Lock'n Weigh. Built with high-quality stainless steel and a unique Cam-Lock mechanism this tool provides a secure grip on fish and has the ability to weigh your fish with the IGFA certifiable scale with great accuracy.
Reach out and reclaim your lures with the Go-Get-It
We take a look at the Go-Get-It, a lure retriever with a telescoping extension that boasts a unique head designed to get your lure back while on the water or from shore.
Always keep a flame within easy reach with the stormproof Azen Neo lighter
Venturing into the wilderness on multiple day treks its always important to carry plenty of water, warm clothes, and make sure to have the ability to make fire. Sportgear's AZEN Neo lighters are designed for anglers and outdoorsmen to be among the most reliable and durable lighters available.
Extending fishing hours with Black Diamond's updated Moonlight Headlamp
Traditional flashlights are hard to manage for anglers as they require the use of one hand. The Black Diamond Moonlight may have been designed for cross country skiers, or rock climbers, but is now finding a home on top of the heads of many adventurous anglers.
The Mac Squid, the lure retriever with tentacles designed to save lures
Each time you go out to fish, bring along the patented Mac Squid, a new lure retrieval system designed to help get your lure back while fishing from watercraft
Clean and protect all your fishing gear with Tackle-It
Enjay introduces Tackle-It, a new all purpose cleaner that is designed to clean and protect just about all your fishing related gear. This multi purpose cleaner also adds a layer of protection that is designed to effectively repel any further dirt and grime.
Crafting fishing tools with experience, Rapala ProGuide Fishing Pliers
Rapala ups the ante with a innovative set of pliers positioned above their popular "Sportsman" series, the Rapala ProGuide line of tools aims to please pros, guides, and die hard weekend warriors alike.
The Griptillian Folding Knife from Benchmade:  Quality meets functionality! 
A quality knife is a tool that no angler or outdoorsman can afford to be without, we examine the Benchmade Griptillian 550 see if this manufacturers shining reputation holds true!
Reliable and affordable, the redesigned Hogwild Snap Watch II
So often when you are fishing it is easy to lose track of time. The new revamped Hogwild Snap Watch is a "go anywhere" tubular watch that is designed to be reliable and durable, but affordable enough so that if lost it won't break the bank.
An extra helping hand, the flexible "3rdGrip" pole and tool holster
When fishing we all can occasionally use an extra helping hand to help hold our pole while we change lures unhook fish. To respond to this need 3rdGrip has created an extremely flexible pole and tool holster.
Gerber's Air Ranger, is it worthy of the "legendary blades" namesake?
One of the most useful tools an outdoorsman can own is a trusty pocketknife. Gerber manufacturers high quality blades designed for the avid outdoorsman. We take a closer look at the Gerber Air Ranger and put it to through the paces in our backcountry field test.
A Premium net? SPRO introduces a new design in nets...the "Stowaway!"
When was the last time you bragged how nice your net was? That may all change, as SPRO introduces a new design in nets, the premium "Stowaway" net!
Bottom Line's Fishin' Buddy might just be your new best friend
With winter weather in full effect spooning is once again becoming a popular method in which to land deep residing bass, but how do you find them? Bottom Line offers an affordable fish finder packed with features to help anglers locate fish at depths up to 240ft!
How much did that fish weigh? Prove it...
How many times have you landed a fish and just wasn't sure exactly what it weighed? Berkley introduces a portable digital fish scale so you can assign a weight to your next fish story!
Rapala Sportsman's Combo: A foundation to build your tool collection upon...
There are two kinds of fishing tools: those that help you prepare your tackle for fishing and those that you utilize while actually fishing. Rapala introduces an affordable set called the Sportsman Combo (RTC-6PCHS) that has the basic tools to address both these applications.









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