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TackleTour Autopsy: A Brat to the Balsa Core, the new Rapala BX Squarebill
The next product to go under the blade is an interesting new squarebill from Rapala called the BX Brat, and what makes this bait so interesting is the hybrid design which incorporates a balsa wood core and a plastic outer shell.
TackleTour Autopsy: Consistency is King, the Megabass I-Jack
One bait that is somewhat of a sleeper lure, in that it is deadly effective but not as well-known as other Megabass offerings such as the Vision 110 jerkbait or Dog-X walker is the I-Jack, a specially tuned underwater wakebait.
TackleTour Autopsy: How does the Rapala Tube Scale Measure Up?
While more and more anglers are moving towards digital scales due to their accuracy and ease of use they are also prone to their own challenges and limitations, including having to rely on batteries. That is exactly where traditional handheld scales like the Rapala Tube Scale come in to play.
Livingston’s Crank is a Real “Howeller”
There are a lot lures that dive and wobble aggressively but how many have embedded electronics that emulate the sound of baitfish in the water? That is exactly what Livingston lures are able to do, and we decided it was high time to put one of their unique baits under the knife to see just what makes them “howl.”
An Upside Down Autopsy : Mattlures Dead Stick Trout
Mattlures owner and lure designer Matt Servant draws on his extensive taxidermy background to create some of the most genuine looking soft and hard bodied swimbaits on the market. Today we put one of Mattlures biggest, and quirkiest, swimbaits under the knife in our autopsy of the Mattlures Upside Dead Stick Trout.
The Mother of All Tackle Autopsies - Cutting Open a 400 Dollar Swimbait!
While this bait could easily belong in a tackle collectors safe the tackle junkie within us beckons us to explore this lure further. What exactly does that mean? It is time to dissect this Mother! Welcome to what is definitely the “Mother” of all tackle autopsies as we put this bait under the blade.
TackleTour Autopsy: Picking Apart the Baitball
The Live Target Baitball Series delivers a new class of hardbaits for anglers based on the idea that predatory fish will target baitballs. These lures are more than just a few baitfish painted on a profile of a hardbait and we break out the tools to pick this bait apart to the core.
Autopsy: Meshing with Savage Gear's 3D Line Thru Trout
Mads Grosell, the lead designer at Savage Gear, took an actual trout and 3D scanned it to create the new Line Thru Trout’s profile, but like so many of the company’s baits there is more to this bait than what anglers, and fish, see on the outside.
The DUO Spinbait 80 and the Art of Spybaiting
Every once in a while a new fishing technique comes around that changes the very way people fish, just think about techniques like drop shotting or shakey head for example. This season a technique known as Spybaiting has gained attention here in the U.S. and leading the charge is a company from Japan called DUO Realis.


TackleTour Autopsy: It is Easy to Walk the Dog with a Bowstick
Jackall makes it easier by including design elements within their "Bowstick" that makes it possible for both W.T.D. newbies and veterans those just getting started with this technique to enjoy some heart pounding topwater success.
TackleTour Autopsy: Scary Cute... Live Target's Field Mouse
This Halloween the one "monster" that we are absolutely looking to catch up with are of  the green scaled variety that lurk under the water's surface. These "largemouth" monsters are known to be voracious feeders, even preying on unsuspecting birds and rodents that happen to go swimming at the wrong time.

TackleTour Autopsy: Gutting the Gizzard, Live Target’s Lipless Rattlebait
In a short few seasons Live Target has built a well deserved reputation for introducing some of the most realistic hard and softbaits on the market. We take a look an inside the company’s popular Gizzard Shad lipless crankbait to see just what makes this bait rattle.

Tim Horton's Bomber Switchback Shad Clicks On and Off
The Bomber Switchback Crankbait is the latest addition to the popular Fat Free Shad line and features a unique design that features a modifiable rattle system. A lure that is able to be modified for changing situations? You know we had to cut this one open.
TackleTour Autopsy: Cracking Open the Rapala Clackin Crank
By the end of the day the lab was filled with the fumes from burning plastic and discarded hardware from sacrificed lures littered the workbench. Suffice to say it was a tackle massacre. The first victim to go under the knife was a lure that we wanted to take a closer look at since it was very first introduced, the Rapala Clackin' Crank.
TackleTour Autopsy: Tired of Frogs and Rats? Flip-In the Bird
Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary, what should I cut open today? It is only appropriate that this Halloween we take a closer look at a raven, ok so not really a raven but a bird nonetheless. This exciting new lure has garnered a lot of interest from topwater anglers that would like to flip-in the bird at some aggressive largemouth.
TackleTour Autopsy: Cutting up the Koppers Live Target Walking Frog
Since we started the Autopsy series we have received countless requests from readers asking for a look inside their favorite bait. The most requested type of lure is not a crankbait or a ripbait but rather topwater baits. The Live Target Walking Frog is the third frog to go under the knife at the lab. 
TackleTour Autopsy: The R2S Dahlberg Diver Frog is Solid
As you can see from our review the River2Sea Larry Dahlberg Diver Frog is quite unlike any other frog that we have ever tested, but does this frog really qualify as a “hollow bodied” frog at all? While the frog is categorized as such by e-tailers the lure features a unique design that is just as distinctive as the lure itself.

TackleTour Autopsy: Don’t Mess with the Ima Big Stik
The Big Stik was created by IMA and Pro Angler Randy Pringle to draw big strikes from big fish and is not limited to use for just largemouth bass. This lure is designed to attract just about anything that swims that is large and aggressive enough to take on this noisy side to side moving oversized pencil bait.

TackleTour Autopsy : Megabass Vision X-110 - Seriously?
During the 2010 Holiday Season, Megabass Japan released yet another new version of their popular Vision X-110 jerkbait, the Vision X-110 Magnum. It is said to be a beefier, version of the original and based on the floating model introduced a couple of years ago. One has to wonder if this same bait or another variation thereof will make it Stateside or not.
TackleTour Autopsy: One tough crank, a look inside the SPRO Little John DD
The original SPRO Little John crankbaits have become popular shallow running cranks and building on the success of the original are the new larger and deeper diving Little John DD (Deep Diver) cranks which are designed to target fish holding at 20 foot depths! We take a look at this new larger Little John in our latest autopsy.


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