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For the Culture – 7 Takeaways from Toxic Day 4
Toxic Day 4, or TD4, is the creation of Caesar Chavez, the head honcho at Toxic Baits and is an event that brings together custom lure makers and anglers from all over the country. Originally created as a local swimbait show the annual event has grown and transformed into something much greater...

Toxic Day 3 - A Day to Celebrate Swimbaits, Big bait Culture, and Land a Few Coveted Lures
Toxic Day 3 was hosted by Toxic Baits at Bethel Island in the California Delta and is a regional event that brings together some of the top garage bait builders together with anglers in swimbait community. The event is a great opportunity to meet the builders, learn about the newest big bait techniques, and even purchase some very limited edition custom swimbaits
Complete Virtual ICAST 2021 Coverage
A complete archive of all the coverage from the 2021 ICAST live show from Orlando Florida. Everything from new reels, rods, lures and even a few innovative new products. Also includes the TackleTour Best of ICAST Awards for top new tackle!
TackleTour's Editors Picks for Favorite Reels, Rods, Lures, Swimbaits, and Line in 2020
There's is always much out there to explore, acquire, and fish, and while each angler's local water and application is unique, we decided it was time to ask our Editors to lay down their favorite picks for which reels, rods, lure, swimbaits, and lines that they are personally fishing this season.
Complete Virtual ICAST 2020 Coverage
A complete archive of all the coverage from the 2020 ICAST virtual show. Everything from new reels, rods, lures and even a few innovative new products. Also includes the TackleTour Best of ICAST Awards for top new tackle
A Message to Our Readers - Let's Tackle This Together
For many of us fishing is so much more than just time well spent on the water, but also a way for us to connect with each other. Normally at this time of year we would be preparing for the pre-spawn with coverage of early season tackle introductions, but instead find ourselves in an unprecedented situation where we are all united in the fight against the spread of COVID-19...
Complete ICAST 2019 Coverage
A complete archive of all the coverage from the 2019 ICAST show. Everything from new reels, rods, lures and even a few innovative new products. Also includes the Best of ICAST Awards for top new tackle
Bow to the King - Fishing for Tarpon in the Florida Keys
For many anglers Tarpon are a “bucket-list” fish, and are prized not only because of their size and beauty, but because they are so difficult to land due to their acrobatic leaping abilities. I’ve been wanting to check the Tarpon box off my personal list for a long time, and when I got the invite to the Florida Keys to target these incredible fish I jumped at the opportunity...
Complete ICAST 2018 Coverage
A complete archive of all the coverage from the 2018 ICAST show. Everything from new reels, rods, lures and even a few innovative new products.
On a Monster Mission: Fishing for Great Snakehead
Like many other anglers I have a number of fish on my bucket-list. Some are easy guesses like the beautiful Amazon Peacock Bass (check), or drag destroying Goliath Grouper (also check), but others are a little more obscure like the enigmatic Great Snakehead...
Versus Goliath - Targeting Goliath Grouper in Florida
Goliath Groupers look like gigantic bass and are some of the most voracious predators that cruise the wrecks and reefs in South Florida. These bottom dwelling titans are responsible for stealing many a fish from unsuspecting anglers whom are simply trying to get their fish back to the boat. I’ve wanted to catch one of these monsters ever since I first tangled with one of these beasts, and lost, just over two years ago.  
Living the Dream – Big Bass Crappie Dreams
Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to join Oliver Ngy, renowned trophy bass hunter and founder of the lifestyle label Big Bass Dreams, for a day of fishing at one of my favorite regional bodies of water, Lake Berryessa in nearby Napa County. Looking to mix things up our target for the day was not the usual largemouth and smallmouth bass that I typically fish for, but rather the pursuit of monster crappie.
2017 Holiday Gift Guide (Part3): Line, Terminal Tackle, Apparel and Accessories
Welcome back to the final chapter in this year's Holiday Gift Guide. Looks like we all survived the Black Friday madness and the next thing you know here comes Cyber Monday, typically the biggest online shopping day of the year. We rejoin Riley as she highlights our final picks in the line, terminal tackle, apparel, and accessory categories.
2017 Holiday Gift Guide (Part 2): Enthusiast Tackle and Lures
We return in part 2 of this year's Holiday Gift Guide with some of the most exciting product categories, the flagship products we drool over in the Enthusiast range as well as the complete spectrum of lures. 

2017 Holiday Gift Guide (Part1): Reels and Rods
It is that time again, when we are challenged with thinking of the many creative ways to repurpose leftover turkey and our attention turns to the winter holidays. The holiday buying season is only further jumpstarted with the madness that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday and this year marks the return of our Holiday Gift Guide with picks across the wide array of product categories for that special angler on your list...

Complete ICAST 2017 Coverage
A complete archive of all the coverage from the 2017 ICAST show. Everything from new reels, rods, lures and even a few innovative new products.
Complete ICAST 2016 Coverage
A complete archive of all the coverage from the 2016 ICAST show. Everything from new reels, rods, lures and even a few innovative new products.
Multi-Species Madness in the Mangroves, Fishing in South Florida
Prior to this week the extent of my Florida fishing adventures have all centered around bass fishing, so I jumped at the opportunity to join the 2016 Marco Island Mangrove Madness event with about 30 other outdoor writers. This event was hosted by Navionics, Okuma, Savage Gear, Yo-Zuri, Cuda, Raymarine, and the Naples Marco Island Convention and Visitors Bureau.
2015 Holiday Gift Guide Part 3: Something for the Salt and Angling Apparel
We want to say thank you to all our readers for another great year of sharing your passion for all things angling. Thanks again for joining us on this journey and have a great holiday season! Let's wrap things up in this year's Holiday Gift Guide with our picks in the saltwater, tools, optics, and angling apparel categories.
2015 Holiday Gift Guide Part 2: Swimbaits and Enthusiast Tackle
We return for part two of our Holiday Gift Guide and jump into some of our favorite categories, swimbaits, lines, enthusiast tackle, and some great tackle that falls into the "value" category to deliver even more bang for the buck.
2015 Holiday Gift Guide Part 1: Ring in the Holidays with New Reel, Rods, and Baits
It's Black Friday, the day that is often regarded by US consumers as the beginning of the holiday shopping season. There are many retailers and e-tailers, including those that cater to anglers, that are jump starting the season by offering some aggressive promotional deals, and this year we had an unusually amount of new gear to select from...
Sight Fishing with Pro Angler Jared Lintner and G.Loomis
We received an invitation to head to Clear Lake with members of the G.Loomis team as well as prostaffer B.A.S.S. Angler Jared Lintner to fish the complete E6X Series lineup. We headed to the lake just as the fish were starting to move up to see just how Jared fished the new rods and what approach he used to target fish in transition.
Big Baits and Peashooters: Fishing With B.A.S.S. Pro Angler Shaw Grigsby
In what has now become an yearly tradition Pro Angler and Host of “Ultimate Bass Radio,” Kent Brown, put together another Media Day on Lake Pardee to bring together some of the top Pro Anglers with members of the fishing media to talk shop, check out some of the newest tackle and techniques, and even do a little fishing.

Fishing a Grand Slam with G.Loomis E6X Rods at La Perla Ranch
When I got the call a few months back from the Shimano team to check out some new pre-release “gear” ahead of the Classic my interest was already peaked, but when we found out we were heading to Laredo Texas to fish the new products I knew I was in for an experience.

CES 2015 : New High Tech Kit for Outdoor Enthusiasts
In today’s ever connected world it seems like tech is integrated into everything we do, including how we fish and share those experiences. We take a trip to the Consumer Electronics Show (International CES) to check out what hi-tech manufacturers had to offer anglers and outdoor enthusiasts.
2014 Holiday Gift Guide Part 3 : Wrap it Up and Put a Bow on It
It is time to wrap up our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide and in our third and final installment Ms. Casey returns to highlight our picks in the line, terminal tackle, electronics, and apparel categories.



2014 Holiday Gift Guide Part 2 : Swimbait Gear, Enthusiast Tackle and Value Picks
We pick right up where we left off with this season's picks in the swimbait, enthusiast and value categories. Whether you are looking for that piece of tackle for that enthusiast angler on your list or a reel and a rod that delivers plenty of bang for the buck we have you covered.

2014 Holiday Gift Guide : Freshwater and Saltwater Reels, Rods and Baits.
Whether you are looking for that perfect gift for that special angler in your life, or getting ready to splurge on a well deserved piece of tackle for yourself, tis the season to refresh that tackle box, and this year we lured Ms. Casey out of retirement to help highlight our picks in our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide. Bring on the tackle!

2014 Lake Eufaula, GA Outdoor Writer's Conference
Sitting right on the border of Alabama and Georgia is a 46,000 acre gem of a lake called Walter F. George, or in some circles, Lake Eufaula (not to be confused with the lake in Oklahoma of the same name).
A Look Behind the Steel Door of D&J Plastics, Inc.
If you're a bass fisherman, you're no stranger to soft plastic baits. It is arguably, the number one selling bait category in the industry. We were recently afforded the opportunity to tour the factory of one of the largest OEM soft plastic bait factories in the US. Located in what has become the soft plastic bait capital of the country...
Pro Angler Bryan Thrift Catches Air with Damiki’s New Frog
We head to Clear Lake to go fishing with FLW Pro Angler Bryan Thrift and the Damiki team to check out the latest and greatest lures that the team has to offer, which includes the exciting new Air Frog. Bryan helped design the Air Frog, which is a plastic toad style bait that floats...
Fishing for Stripers and Halibut in the San Francisco Bay
I spend most of my fishing trips on the California Delta targeting largemouth, smallmouth and striped bass in the river and just to the west is the highly productive fishery which serves as a backdrop to the entire area for which it is named, the San Francisco Bay.
Tackling Bass in Clear Water – Lake Pardee Media Day

Targeting bass in clear water can be a real challenge, especially if anglers are used to fishing in stained water on their local lakes and rivers. Which is actually what I personally am most used to, fishing on my home water of the California Delta and Clear Lake...

Back at the Big Rock 2014 Show Seeking Innovations
There are a lot of reasons why Vegas is a popular location for industry events like ICAST and the Big Rock Show, and the non stop entertainment options after the official event hours are high up on the list of reasons why. My first stop after the end of the show...

New Lures at the Big Rock 2014 Show in Las Vegas
The New Year is upon us and to kick things off in 4014 we head to Las Vegas, Nevada for the 2014 Big Rock Sports Dealer Show where tackle manufacturers meet directly with dealers to showcase their newest products. We attended the show this year to see if we could find out more about some of the new offerings for the coming season.

Megabass's New Design Engine Additive : STW
The acronym is STW and no, it's not an additive for your fuel tank to make your engine run smoother, but Megabass is hoping their Support To Win program is does add a little pep to their design engine so they can more efficiently add to an already potent product line.
2013 Holiday Gift Guide Part 2 - Fill those Stockings with Lines, Tools and Enthusiast Tackle
In the second part of our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide we explore some of our favorite tackle categories including fishing lines, tools, optics and of course a few picks for Enthusiasts.
2013 Holiday Gift Guide Part 1 - Tis the Season for New Reels, Rods and Baits
The weather outside is frightful, and the bite is less than delightful, so if you're stuck inside, come enjoy TackleTour's 2014 Holiday Gift Guide!!! Yup, it's that time again. The holidays are here and we've assembled a list of some of the hottest tackle to recommend for that fisherman on your list.
TackleTour in the JDM - Lake Biwa, Japan
We accompanied professional bass fisherman and Megabass of America staffers, Luke Clausen, Edwin Evers, Aaron Martens, and Chris Zaldain as they set out on the water to test several prototype products in development by Megabass as well as give Japanese media giants, Lure, Basser, and Bassworld magazines the opportunity to share the water with these famous American bass pros.
Going Savage on Arkansas Stripers at Lake Ouachita
Not long after ICAST we were contacted by Brandon Cotton, Marketing Manager at Okuma to see if we would have interest pitting their newest reels, rods and Savage Gear baits against some big freshwater Stripers. The destination, Lake Ouachita Arkansas, a famous lake that is known for its clean water and healthy habitat for a wide range of fish species including Crappie, Walleye, Catfish, Largemouth and Striped Bass.
A Little Voodoo Goes a Long Way when Fishing the Tributaries of the Columbia River
The last time we visited Edge Rods the company was just on the verge of introducing their new lineup of bass rods and we were eager to make the trek back up to Woodland Washington to check out how the company had grown, but Jon had other plans.
TackleTour Re-Calibrated Rating System
We've taken our GoNative theme to heart this year and feel it is time to add another wrinkle to our scoring system. Specifically, we're adding more detail to how rods and reels are scored in each category of our scoring matrix.
An Inside Look: The TackleTour Lab - Bring Up
Over the last two years we have received a great many emails asking for a behind the scenes look at the lab, and to kick off 2013 we are winding back the clock a few years to show you just how the lab came to be. Come join us for a peek at the place we call “TT HQ.”
TackleTour 2013 : Go Native!!
Taking in the sweet aromas of the small bakeries, visiting the fruit and fish stands to see what the locals eat, or walking off the beaten path to find that little gem of a souvenir shop or better yet, a little eatery for some local flavor? There's a term for this mindset. It's called going native.
2012 Holiday Gift Guide  Part 2 - Lures, Apparel, Accessories and Fly for the Holidays
With just a day before Thanksgiving we are sure you have plenty on your plate including looking forward to turkey dinner, getting together with family, getting away for the holidays and tackle. Ok, if tackle is on your short list you definitely share the itch to fish or are a bona fide tackle enthusiast.
2012 Holiday Gift Guide  Part 1- Reels, Rods and Line for Both the Naughty and Nice
Just how naughty or nice have you, or that angler on your list, been this year? Whether you deserve that shiny bright new reel or something to keep you warm when fishing in the elements we have you covered in our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide.
Complete Coverage from ICASt 2012 in Orlando, Florida
A complete archive of all the coverage from the 2012 ICAST show. Everything from new reels, rods, lures and even a few innovative new products.
Okuma Goes Savage at Lake El Salto, Mexico
El Salto is the stuff of legend, a lake filled with structure, a long growing season and plenty of giant green fish. It represents the ideal testing ground for bass tackle and less than two weeks ago we were invited to Lake El Salto Mexico for Okuma’s unveiling of their new Helios spinning reel as well as a closer look at their upcoming Savage Gear lure lineup.
Fishing with FLW Pro Anglers Greg Gutierrez and Richard Dobyns on Lake Pardee
In what has become an annual tradition Ultimate Bass Radio Host and Pro Angler Kent Brown and the team at Lake Pardee hosted another event which brought together Pros and Outdoor Writers to talk shop and go hunting for both largemouth and smallmouth bass in this Northern California fishery.
New 3M Nano Matrix Resin Based Rods and One Clever Marine Accessory
We pick up at the ISE show with the rod category and a number of manufacturers rolled out new rods that leverage 3M's Matrix Resin which companies like G.Loomis (NRX Series) and St. Croix (Elite Series) have already adopted.
Shimano Debuts the TranX Prototype and Okuma Starts to Ship the Helios and Komodo
The ISE show is never usually a event to debut brand new reels but for many manufacturers it is a good checkpoint to see just where they are in terms of shipping the latest ICAST announced product for the upcoming season. Shimano bucks the trend by showcasing prototypes of their upcoming "TranX"
Raining New Baits at ISE 2012 Sacramento
Rainy weather couldn’t keep hard-core anglers away from the ISE Sacramento show, and though it was a cold wet day in Northern California there were still plenty of manufacturers showcasing their new offerings for the 2012 season.
TackleTour 2012 : Welcome to the "Creature Fever"
Is it any wonder why a bass fisherman's collection of rod and reel combinations rivals the club selection for a pro golfer? But in golf, you're only presenting one ball. Where as in fishing, your rod, reel, and line combination is just half of a very complex equation.
Amazon 2011 Part 2 : Venche Uma, No Chika
This year, to round out each parties' experience, we rotated guides each day. So while having the opportunity to build a rapport with our guide last year was great, the variety of fishing different types of water and experience different styles each day with different guides and personalities was fantastic!
Amazon 2011 Part 1 : Fishing the Headwaters
...similar to the experience of purchasing your very first piece of JDM fishing tackle, once those barriers are lifted and the taste of that meat fed on the grass from the other side of the equator is still fresh on your travel weary mind, thoughts of returning soon dominate your very existence.
TackleTour 2011 Holiday Gift Guide (Part 2)
Making our list, reviewing it twice, what a luxury to have Casey encourage our fishing tackle vice. Time to round out and finish up our gift buying recommendations for 2011 and just in time for black Friday. Think you’re finished with your list? You might want to look again as we’ve saved the best for last.
TackleTour 2011 Holiday Gift Guide (Part 1)
2011 is quickly drawing to an end with the global economy continuing to spin in uncertainty. Nevertheless, the day many consumers and retailers alike view as the kickoff to the Holiday Season, Black Friday, a day retailers take the opportunity to cast their umbrella rig of special prices and deals in search of big sacks of sales, quickly approaches.
Debriefing Phenix's Recon : On the Water with Vince Borges
Phenix has shown us glimpses of these rods for the past year with promises of “they’re coming” but delay after delay continued to push their debut off to later and later dates. They’re finally here and we met up with pro staffer, Vince Borges at Clear Lake, California to check out Phenix Rod’s new Recon series.
ICAST 2011 COMPLETE Coverage Archive
Join us on our complete coverage of the 2011 ICAST coverage, with over 40 articles spanning all the latest tackle showcased in Vegas.
Summer Buyers Guide Part 2: Hot Tackle for Warm Weather Fishing
The weathers warming up and the girls are ready to showcase some more hot tackle in the second round of our Summer Buyers Guide. We take a look at a range of different products including enthusiast tackle, accessories, lines, and even some fly fishing gear. 
Summer Buyers Guide Part 1: Hot Tackle for Warm Weather Fishing
The weather has finally seemed to turn a corner. We thought, what better way to celebrate this occasion than to invite Ms. Casey, and new TT Girl, Jess into the lab and show off some of the exciting tackle we’ve been using enroute to giving your our recommendations on what’s hot for the Summer.
Targeting Smallies in the Columbia River, G.Loomis Style
After the conclusion of the G.loomis plant tour we were joined by Pro Angler Renauld Pelletier to fish for smallmouth in the Columbia River and surrounding tributaries. We armed ourselves with an assortment of G.Loomis rods including sticks from the NRX lineup...
How G.Loomis Rods are Made – A Behind the Scenes Look at the Factory’s Secret Sauce
There are few rod manufacturers that still build all of their rods here in the U.S. and premium rod brand G.Loomis is one of those companies on the short list still designing and manufacturing rods stateside. G.Loomis agreed to open their doors for a behind the scenes look at their entire manufacturing process...
WTF?!? : Tips on Finesse from Martens, Fukae, & Siemental
Spro, Big Bite Baits, Gamakatsu, Sunline and Gill got together to throw their second annual writers camp at Lake Lanier Georgia highlighting both new and existing products. We were able to gather some first hand tips on techniques and tackle from several big name pros.
A Pro Angler Finesse and Big Bait Combo at Lake Pardee
How fast time flies, less than 24 hours ago it was once again media day at Lake Pardee, and this year Pro Angler Kent Brown put together another all-star roster including some of the top pros that specialize in both finesse and power fishing techniques.
Tackling The Amazon - JIP's Tackle Report
By now you’ve read all about our recent trip to the Amazon, fishing for Peacock bass and whatever other crazy toothy critters will bite in the Brazilian water. Now it’s time for me to report back on the rods and reels that I personally used on this trip and how they fared against those highly aggressive peacock bass of the Amazon.
ISE Show 2011 – Reels, Accessories and Watercraft
We return to the Sacramento show to check out the latest reels, accessory and watercraft offerings. Like with rods most of the reel manufacturers were holding their new tackle for the upcoming ICAST show but Penn had a few new reels on hand to show us and there were more surprises still to be had including an exciting new bass rig from Phoenix boats. 
ISE Show 2011 – Striking rod and lure gold in Sacramento
While many of the major manufacturers have already launched their entire post ICAST lineup of products there are always a few custom tackle builders that are on hand to showcase their latest products. This year we walked the aisles and were able to find a few gold nuggets on the show floor.
Introducing the Advanced Angler.com, an interview with Managing Editor Dan O'Sullivan
We sit down with Dan O'Sullivan, an industry veteran and Managing Editor of a new site, officially launching today, called the Advanced Angler. This project is designed to create a place for anglers to get information about tournament news, angler communication, industry buzz as well as techniques to help anglers improve their own fishing effectiveness.
TackleTour 2011, WTF!?!
From the swim bait rod wars through our continuing search for one, one common factor resonates through the last three years here on TackleTour : power fishing. Let's face it, given the choice, most bass fisherman would rather catch one fish on a reaction bait than ten on a plastic worm...
Pitching for Clear Lake Bass: On site with Skeet Reese and Phillies Ace Roy Halladay
What does a team do for you when you throw a perfect game? That is exactly what the Philadelphia Phillies were tasked with when Roy Halladay threw Major League Baseball’s 20th perfect game in history on May 29th, 2010 against the Florida Marlins.
Tackling The Amazon Part 4: The Logistics
You've read our report, you've seen the photos, you watched the video, and now you're ready to brave the Amazon, but you need details. What's the trip going to cost you, what should you bring, how do you pack, when's the best time to go, etc., etc., etc..
Tackling The Amazon Part 3: Big Fish
You can watch as many peacock bass fishing shows on TV as you can find, and you can talk to anyone and everyone you know or have heard about who have been to the Amazon to catch these incredible fish, but until you experience the indescribable thrill and unbelievable excitement of that very first peacock bass annihilating the bait at the end of your line, you simply cannot comprehend.
Tackling The Amazon : Arrival
After an unusually smooth travel experience thus far, the next morning we were enroute to the airport to face our last bit of anxiety the flight to Barcelos and the 40 pounds per person weight limit on luggage.
Tackling The Amazon : Preface
If you're an angler whose primary species of interest is black bass, then there is really only one species of fish you can pursue using the same tackle and similar techniques, yet that delivers unbridled, bone jarring, sensory overloading, tackle destroying, strikes that no black bass on the planet can rival. And this just describes the five pounders.
TackleTour Holiday Gift Guide 2010 Part 2 - Lures and Accessories for both the Naughty and Nice
Casey and MJ are ready to go in the second half of our Holiday Gift Guide Coverage and not only showcase a number of exciting lures and accessories but also model a number of clothing options as well.

TackleTour Holiday Gift Guide 2010 Part 1 - Reels and Rods to Crank up the Season
To crank up the fervor and enthusiasm this upcoming holiday season, we’re doing our part by doubling the enticement and bringing in not one, but two TackleTour girls to help show you our recommended buys. So get out your lists, feel free to look over ours twice, presenting TackleTour’s Holiday Gift Guide, for 2010 to be precise.

Monster BassJam 2010: Part 4 - Fishing Gear to Fit Your Style
We come to our final coverage from the BassJam 2010 and take a closer look at some terminal tackle and maintenance products as well as a complete assortment of apparel options for anglers that want to showcase their love for the sport.
Monster BassJam 2010: Part 3 - New Lures of all Types
There were plenty of other exciting lures worth exploring at the show. Whether it was a new plastic, jig or blade the common factor among all these products was the attempt to differentiate themselves from the sea of competition either through innovation or quality.
Monster BassJam 2010: Part 2 - New Rods draw influence from Norcal
We get back to our coverage of BassJam with a few new rods, a number of which were designed and tested right here in Northern California. Not surprisingly many of these rods are designed for flipping and pitching but a number were also focused on finesse applications.
Monster BassJam 2010: Part 1 - Big Baits in the House
We traveled up to Cotati to attend the second annual "Monster BassJam" which was full of manufacturers, pros, anglers and of course, plenty of tackle. We kick our coverage of the event off with what so many anglers came here to see and buy... bring on the new swimbaits.
ICAST 2010 COMPLETE Coverage Archive
Join us on our complete coverage of the 2010 ICAST coverage, with over 40 articles spanning all the latest tackle showcased in Vegas.
Pro Angler Jared Lintner debuts his new Shaky Fins Shad Swimbait
We hook up with the team at Tackle Warehouse including prostaffer and Pro Angler Jared Lintner for a day on the water. We engage in a little friendly competition and Jared uses his secret weapon, a new swimbait that he is working on which was molded from an actual Delta Smelt.

A behind the scenes look at the new and improved Tackle Warehouse
It has been two years since we first visited the team at Tackle Warehouse and since that time the company has grown a great deal both in terms of total product offering as well as moving into a new state of the art facility. We head back down for a behind the scenes look at the new and improved TW.

The Velvick-Clear Lake Reunion Part II: An Interview with Byron - Sticking with Swimbaits
In Part I we covered Byron’s win in 2000 and how he was on his way to repeating the feet in 2010. Byron was able to hold on to the victory on day 4 and bested 97 of the best in the sport by more than 6 pounds, bringing the trophy back to California.
The Velvick-Clear Lake Reunion Part I
In the year 2000, Byron Velvick made a huge breakthrough on the tournament scene. At the time swimbaits were popular on the trophy hunter scene, but the tournament angler didn’t see it as a viable option.
Tex-Mex Big Bassin’ Lake Falcon Style
We have all heard the stories of the 2008 Elite Series and those colossal 130 plus pound weigh ins are now legendary. We head to Zapata Texas and with the help of local pro Dan Schoonveld I hoped to experience a little Tex-Mex bassing for myself and see if Falcon, even in the middle of Winter, could still live up to all the hype.
Wrapping up the regional ISE shows with some new products in Fly, Electronics and Watercraft
Back at the show we meet with guides to plan our trips for our tenth anniversary as well as check out the latest in the fly, electronics and boating categories.
Twilight of a new generation, Bassin' Young Guns Shoot it out at Pardee
It is that time again, the annual media day hosted by Ultimate Bass radio talent Kent Brown kicks off the season at Lake Pardee, and this year the “Young Guns” came out to join the hunt for trophy smallmouth and quality largemouth at this premier Northern California fishing destination.
New Lures at the 2010 International Sportsmen’s Expo
We return to the ISE 2010 shows to check out the latest lures to make their debut this January. As expected a number of new swimbaits were introduced as the big bait craze shows no signs of slowing down, and while they were the easy pick for most exciting new lures, there were other attention-grabbing baits on display as well.
New Products at the 2010 International Sportsmen’s Expo
We head to both the San Mateo and Sacramento International Sportsmen’s Expos and were excited to discover a few manufacturers that didn’t want to wait for ICAST 2010 to make their new product introductions.

New terminal tackle and optics at the Big Rock Show
We return to the Big Rock Show to check out some new hooks from Mustad as well as the latest optics from Costa Del Mar. It is hard to innovate in both these categories and yet both companies manage to do just that.

New Premium Lines at the Big Rock Show
The Big Rock Show offered dealers a few new lines ranging from premium 100% fluorocarbon to updated braids. Two of most interesting came from Seaguar and PowerPro.
Shimano debuts new ultralight Cumulus rods at the Big Rock West show in Las Vegas
We stop by the Big Rock West Dealer Show in Las Vegas to see if any of the manufacturers will launch any mid season new products and learn about Shimano’s new ultralight rod series which is appropriately named “Cumulus.”

Here is to the next ten years...
Letter from the Editor: It is hard to believe that ten years have gone by so quickly, what started out as nothing more than an hobby site has turned into a huge community of anglers from across the globe that share a passion for fishing and the tackle we employ in that pursuit.

Chasing Winter Steelhead on the Smith River
When winter rolls around the warm water fishing often dies down but species like Steelhead on the West Coast just begin heating up. We travel North to the free flowing emerald green waters of the Smith River in search of early season steelhead that are just beginning to enter the system behind the Fall run Salmon.
TackleTour's 2010, The Search For One ...
To help celebrate our 10th year anniversary, we figured it’s time to get back to basics and embark on a year long journey. Our focus will be to find that one rod, that one reel, that one lure, maybe even that one fishing destination that if all we could have is that singular item, “this” is what we would choose.
Bass-a-Thon 2009 Coverage Part 3 – Lines and Plastics round out the show
In the conclusion of our Bass-A-Thon 2009 show coverage we look at plastics, lines as well as premium electronics and watercraft proving once again it isn't just big baits at Anglers Marine.
Bass-a-Thon 2009 Coverage Part 2 – A look at some upcoming new rods
It wasn't just big baits at Bass-A-Thon we were met with a number of rod manufacturers that had something new to introduce at the show. This included some rod manufacturers refining their lines as well as the resurgence of others.
Bass-a-Thon 2009 Coverage Part 1 - Big Baits in L.A.
It seems like just yesterday we were in Anaheim covering Bass-A-Thon and yet a full year has passed and Anglers Marine once again hosts their popular show which attracts some of the biggest swimbait manufacturers in the business.
Outdoor Pro Shop's BassJam 2009 (pt. 2)
We arrived bright and early to the event and the stars were out early. They included the likes of Skeet Reese, Gary Dobyns, Ish Monroe, Matt Newman, Kent Brown, Bub Tosh, Randy Pringle, and more.
Northern California's Inaugural Bass Tackle Event : BassJam 2009 (pt. 1)
The folks at Outdoor Proshop, MonsterFishingTackle, and Marine Unlimited decided it was high time NorCal Bassers had an event of their own, needless to say, put on a big tackle show in our backyard, and TackleTour will come. Presenting part one of our coverage of the inaugural Bass Jam.
TackleTour's 2009 Holiday Gift Guide (Part 2)
Back on the water Ms. Casey gears up with the remaining picks in this year's Holiday Gift Guide. We kick things off with a look at the swimbait category. It isn't just big baits that are the spotlight of the conclusion of this year's guide, if your looking to splurge the enthusiast category is more alive than ever.
TackleTour's 2009 Holiday Gift Guide (Part 1)
It's about time to start roasting chestnuts over an open fire again as TackleTour goes retro in this year's Holiday Gift Guide. That's right, everyone's favorite TT Pinup Girl, Ms Casey, is back again and this time, she dresses the part to kick off the season of giving with recommended picks by our staff. So break out that Holiday spirit and let's have some fun.
Fishing Swimbaits for Delta Stripers with Professional Angler Kenny Schmitt
The California Delta has long been known as an exceptional striped bass fishery and is frequented by both conventional anglers and fly fishermen hoping to boat a monster. Armed with a full load of swimbaits we head out with Professional Angler Kenny Schmitt in some challenging conditions...
Fishing for Rockcod Along the California Coast Onboard the Sportfishing Vessel Tigerfish!
For those individuals longing to get out on the water but are not fortunate enough to own their own boat or know anyone who does, party boats are a fantastic option. Of course, finding the right boat to climb aboard, with a knowledgeable skipper, friendly deckhands, and the like can be a challenge for those not familiar with the party boat experience.
Fishing through the algae bloom Clear Lake with Hi’s Tackle
With all the gloom and doom reported by the regional news about the so called “Toxic algae blooms” at Clear Lake we decided it was time to see just how the recent blooms would affect the fishing at the lake. We were invited by Jonah Li, owner of Hi’s Tackle Box to join him and fish the lake.
Striped Bass Fishing Fun on Lake Powell with Sebile's new Lures for 2010
What do a trio of guys who work in the fishing business do for fun? We just can't help it. We confess. We love to go fishing more than anything else! Armed with Sebile's newest baits from ICAST we head to Rock Creek Canyon on Lake Powell in Utah for some Striped Bass fishing fun.
Trophy Bass Fishing in Florida, Lake Toho Style
With ICAST done we scheduled in a day of fishing before we flew back to the West Coast and met up with Orlando bass guide Steve Boyd to target Trophy Bass on famous Lake Toho for some largemouth fishing, Florida style.
ICAST 2009 COMPLETE Coverage Archive
Join us on our complete coverage of the 2009 ICAST coverage, with over 40 articles spanning all the latest tackle showcased in Vegas.
PRODUCTTPREVIEW : TackleTour Celebrates 10 Years in the Industry with ... !!
Yup, our first item to help celebrate TackleTour's 10th Year Anniversary is a 2010 Calendar featuring Ms. Casey and her friends, Mari and Shayla! Printed in limited quantities, the Calendars are available to order right now

Finding Treasure in the form of big Lahontan Cutthroat Trout at Pyramid Lake, Nevada
After a successful trout trip to Tahoe our appetite for catching big trout only became more voracious, and we decided to venture into Nevada to visit Pyramid Lake where we hoped to hook into some of the lake’s stunning Lahontan Cutthroat trout.  

TackleTour's "Gear Up For Summer" Buyers Guide (Part 2)
We return to our "Gear Up For Summer" Buyers Guide and the TT Girls are eager to usher in more picks. Next up on our list are the offerings in the big bait category. Starting us back up in part two of our coverage is TT Girl Ms. Mari. Bring on the big swimbait gear!
TackleTour's "Gear Up For Summer" Buyers Guide (Part 1)
Spring is here and with Summer just around the corner we decided it was time to heat things up with our "Gear up for Summer" Buyers guide. Rather than introduce these products ourselves, we asked the TT Girls to help ring in the Summer early.
Toplining for Elusive Lake Tahoe Brown Trout
Lake Tahoe’s natural beauty is matched by its excellent trout fishery and while many anglers are content to catch the lake’s resident rainbows or big lake trout there are others that come here solely to pursue the Brown Trout. We target these hard to catch fish in the shallow water with help from AC Plugs and one of Lake Tahoe’s top trout guides, Tahoe Topliners.
BMB Fishing Tours Presents an Untouched, Unspoiled Mexican Bass Fishing Destination: El Novillo Lake
In the heart of Sonora, Mexico, lies a sleepy little town by the name of San Pedro De La Cueva. It is here where Bob Hildebrand and Bill Schmitt are building what could very well be the next big thing in Mexican Bass Fishing.
2009 Bassmaster Classic Expo Coverage: Part 2
I arrived in Shreveport for the Bassmaster Classic expecting meager crowds and light spending, but had I not known anything about the state of the economy, I would have left Louisiana assuming that we were in the midst of a financial boom...
Behind the Scenes with the Skeet Reese at the 2009 Bassmaster Classic
As I stepped on to the family and friends bus to the final day weigh in, I was confronted with one of the most surreal experiences any bass angler or fan could ever face...
On Location: 2009 Bassmaster Classic yields some exciting products
Often overlooked by those less willing to travel the country is the Bassmaster Classic Outdoors Expo. Icast is typically the biggest show, but only tackle retailers and media are invited to Icast, so that leaves the Classic Expo for the outdoors consumer.
The Origins of Cal's Path to the Darkside : Hi's TackleBox New Location Grand Opening
Most who remember Hi’s Tackle Box’s recall the store’s former location at 33rd and Clement Street in San Francisco, but the store actually got its start in a very small retail location one and a half miles away at 10th and Geary – just a fifteen minute walk away from where our very own Enthusiast Tackle Editor, Cal, grew up.
2009 Japan International SportFishing Show, Yokohama Japan
A picture says a thousand words, and this time around we let your imagination run wild in our photojournalistic coverage of the 2009 Japan International SportFishing Show courtesy of ProShop Otsuka, Japan.
Fishing with World Series winning Phillies Shortstop Eric Bruntlett
Eric Bruntlett, you have just won the world series, what are you going to do? Go fishing! When he isn’t playing ball 2008 World Series winning player Eric Bruntlett loves to fish, and with just seven days before reporting to spring training the team at TT go fishing with Eric at his favorite location….Clear Lake.
Top Pros Come out for Pardee -  2nd Annual Media Day
Kent Brown, host of the Ultimate Bass radio show on 1140 AM in Northern California, was responsible for organizing the first event and when he contacted us to renew the invitation for 2009, well, let’s just say he didn’t have to ask twice.
The Bait Barn, Catering to Tournament Anglers 24 Hours a Day
Since when have you heard of a tackle shop that specializes in high end product for tournament anglers that is open for 24 hours a day? We take a trip to get the story behind this distinctive shop located in Waterford, California.
Custom lures, Pros, and more at the 2009 International Sportsmen's Expo Sacramento
This year the show highlights included custom lure designs, new rod additions, and plenty of tips and techniques from professional anglers.  
A Play by Play with Russ “Bassdozer” Comeau and Patrick Sébile from Lake Powell, Utah
Bassdozer fishes with Patrick Sébile to test a wide range of the company’s baits on Lake Powell in Utah for three days. Russ gives us a play by play of the action and how he and Patrick Sébile targeted a wide range of fish with Sebile branded baits.
It's Time to Crank it Up!
It is officially time to unveil our plans for 2009, join us as we usher in “The Year of the Crank.” Crankbaits have long been a staple for bass anglers and this year we are seeing a massive resurgence in the category from both manufacturers and consumers. It’s time to tie one on, toss it out, and crank it up!
It isn't just swimbaits at the Anglers Marine 22nd Annual Bass-A-Thon 
While swimbaits stole the show at the Bass-A-Thon there were many other interesting products highlighted at the event. In part two of our coverage we look at some interesting new baits, rods, and tools.

Anglers Marine 22nd Annual Bass-A-Thon brings out the Big Baits!
Anglers Marine puts on their 22nd Annual Bass-A-Thon show which brings together a slew of manufacturers and pros to highlight new tackle and techniques. The team here at TackleTour decided it was time to make a road trip and head south...

TackleTour's 2008 Holiday Gift Guide (Part 2)
TT Girl Ms. Casey is back to finish what she started and countdown the remaining products in our 2008 Holiday Gift Guide. Let's have some more fun...
TackleTour's 2008 Holiday Gift Guide (Part1)
This season has been chock full of exciting products introductions and to cap off the year we enlisted the help of TT Teaser Ms. Casey to present the products in our Holiday Gift Guide. Let's have some fun...
Off to Clear Lake, CA, To See What's New With JSJ Bait and Tackle
It's a day of picturesque conditions but tough fishing
, and during the course of the day, what we discover is Josh St. John fits right in with the TackleTour crowd because he's a certified, superTTuning, tackle nut.
South of the Border Bassing, El Salto Style
Throughout your angling life there are a few fishing images that you just can’t get out of your head, for some it may be their first topwater strike, for others it is the first double digit bass, and for me the image of a 11.5lbr that completely cleared the water seconds after I set the hook ranks high on my personal list.
Get Away and Fish for Beautiful River Brook Trout
There are bigger trout, and there certainly are harder fighting fish but there are few that are as beautiful as the elusive Brook Trout. Also known as the speckled trout Brookies inhabit some of the smallest cold water streams, mountain lakes, and spring ponds on North America.
Bassin Alabama Style at Dream Lake
The team heads to Alabama to fish alongside East Coast dealers as Shimano showcases their newly released Curado and Citica E reels. At the same time we learn about the exceptional bass fishing at Dream Lake Lodge in Livingston.
ICAST 2008 COMPLETE Coverage Archive
Join us on our complete coverage of the 2008 ICAST coverage, with over 40 articles spanning all the latest tackle showcased in Vegas.
Fishing with Tackle Warehouse and BASS Elite Angler Jared Lintner
The day after we toured Tackle Warehouse’s operation we head out for a day on the water with Rich, the TW team, and professional Bass Elite Series angler Jared Lintner. We head out to Lake Nacimiento just north of the company’s headquarters in San Luis Obispo, CA.
A behind the scenes look inside Tackle Warehouse
Over the course of the last five years Tackle Warehouse has grown to become one of the most respected tackle e-tailers on the internet. Recently we were invited to take a behind the scenes look at what makes Tackle Warehouse one of the fastest growing tackle outfitters out there.
An Ice Fishing Primer from Northwestern Ontario
TackleTour Gear Crew Member Matt Davis of Otterods, shares with us, some tips, techniques, and most importantly, gear, on his long overdue reintroduction into ice fishing. 
Don Moorman's Double Hudd Rig in Action
Don Moorman is a self taught trophy bass hunter in Northern California who, in just a few short years has built quite the reputation among the big bait throwing community as a very humble, approachable, down to earth fisherman willing to share all he has learned, including unique rigging techniques, and today he shows us his Double Hudd Rig.
Fred Hall Long Beach Show: Part 2 - Saltwater Coverage
While most shows in California sport a majority of bass fishing tackle, the Fred Hall Long Beach show is split almost 50-50 on freshwater and saltwater tackle. This second part of the show coverage will concentrate on the Saltwater side of the Fred Hall show.
Fred Hall Long Beach Show: Part 1 - Freshwater Coverage
Fred Hall Long Beach is the largest fishing and tackle show on the West Coast, and manufacturers turn it up a notch both in the quality of their displays and their product offering. This year there was enough at the show to break up our coverage into fresh and saltwater separately.
Pete Robbins Highlights Baits from the 2008 Bassmaster Classic Consumer Expo
Judging solely from this past weekend’s crowds at the Carolina First Center in Greenville, South Carolina, the purported recession has not yet hit the fishing industry. While some vendors claimed that the large numbers of spectators did not translate into exuberant spending, at times the endless sea of humanity made it difficult to move within the building.
Japan's International Sportfishing Show 2008
Perhaps a sign of the slowing international economy,
Japan's International Sportfishing Show was less exciting this year than in years past. There were fewer manufacturers on display. Still, the stalwarts of the industry had quite a few things to show and the Shimano and Daiwa booths, in particular were the busiest of the lot.

Central California Rockfishing: Locations, Tackle, and tips on how to catch
While many freshwater anglers are gearing up for spring bass fishing saltwater anglers are already beginning to anticipate the upcoming rockcod season, and while its still may be months away many West Coast anglers are starting to prep there boats and gear.

Rain or Shine the Smallies come out for the Pros on Pardee Lake
Winter fishing can be tough at times, but when the water is still cold it can be a great time to change your focus from largemouth to smallies. Lucky for us in NorCal there are some lakes that don't require anglers to make the tough choice between one or the other. Lake Pardee is one such lake...

The ISE Sacremento show continues the rise of the big bait trend with bigger sticks
Each of the many International Sportsmen Expositions have a slightly different flavor, as they showcase region specific tackle offerings. The ISE Sacramento show tends to be bigger than the San Mateo show due to the venue itself, which is located at the Cal Expo grounds which is also home to the state fair.
Kicking off the Season with the 2008 International Sportsmen's Expo San Mateo
We kick off the show season officially with the first International Sportsmen's Show. The 32nd ISE continues to bring fans of the outdoors exhibitors representing tackle manufacturers and fishing and hunting lodges, plus adventure outfitters from around the world.
The Return of the Show, looking forward to this season's outdoor events & tackle introductions
Happy New Year to everyone, it seems like just yesterday we were covering all the latest tackle from the 07 season, many of which made their debut at regional events and shows.
TackleTour Introduces Updated Rating System
On January 1st, 2008, TackleTour is updating the way we score tackle in our reviews. For years readers have been asking for a more detailed, more accurate, more representative rating system. That is why this year we are retooling with a brand new appraisal system.
Guest Author Tsuyoshi Matsumura Shares With Us Fishing Adventures in Japan: Sea Bass
Fishing for sea bass in Japan’s Tokyo Bay is a favorite endeavor amongst local anglers. Action can be fast and furious during the months of October to late November when the fish can be found in relatively shallow water (ten to sixteen feet).
Fishing the Klamath River for Salmon and Steelhead with Gary Hix
The Klamath river, still a prime destination for both fly and drift bait anglers looking to hook into both King Salmon and Steelhead. We take a trip to this legendary river with the hopes of testing some of the latest tackle and hoping to land a trophy steelhead in the process.
Raising Awareness and Fishing for a Cause: ICAST 2007 - ForHer
There was a definite undercurrent at this year’s ICAST and that was the message that fishing isn’t just for boys anymore. In this industry of specialized products, there have been few products developed specifically tailored to the needs of the female angler. That is, until now...
The El Salto Experience – Inside the Anglers Inn
We received so many emails after our initial beta test at El Salto with Shimano that we realized the mystique of this lake truly transcends country borders. We take a closer look at the El Salto experience, with an inside look at the legendary lake and the Anglers Inn.   

Evaluating new rods at Clear Lake with Gary Dobyns
We head over to Clear Lake with professional angler Gary Dobyns to test Gary’s new signature line of fishing rods, and get an inside scoop on a lake that Gary has won on so many times. What ensues is a rock and roll of a good time filled with talk of fishing rods, big fish, and plenty of laughs.

ICAST 2007 Special (Lures) - Berkley baits with winning formulas PowerBait and Gulp!
Last year Pure Fishing introduced over 1000 new bait and lure SKUs and it appears that this season they are at it yet again. It would be impossible to cover all of these baits, so instead we decided to focus on the ones that we believe are definite winners...
ICAST Coverage Day 4 (Lures) - Swimbaits Reign Supreme
Want big fish, use a big bait…..want big sales, introduce a big bait. While there were a number of other lure introductions this ICAST the recurring theme was the introduction of yet another swimbait by another manufacturer. Everywhere we turned there was yet another mammoth bait to consider.
ICAST Coverage Day 3 (Rods) - Let the Rod Wars Begin!
It was here in the rod category that the battle lines were really drawn. The players here are as different as can be, with well established companies like G.Loomis and Lamiglas representing the "old guard," and brands like Dobyns and e21 that are up and coming contenders.
ICAST Coverage Day 2 (Best of Show) - Ken Whiting powers E21 to the front of the pack
The votes are in for the 50th annual ICAST and the man with the golden touch proved once again that when it comes to rod innovation he is the one to beat. Ken Whiting helps power newcomer E21 into the limelight with a sweep of the rod categories and taking home the "Overall Best of Show."
ICAST Coverage Day 1 (Reels) - Better, Lighter, Faster, Cheaper (UPDATED 7/15/07)
All ICAST shows are exciting on their own, but this year ICAST is celebrating 50 years of uniting the world’s sportfishing gear and accessories under one roof. Like kids in a candy store our editorial team was cut loose to report on the latest reel offerings from all the manufacturers.

Fishing El Salto with pre-release Shimano Tackle and Jimmy Houston
We were invited to famous lake El Salto in Mexico by Shimano to field test their brand new pre-release reels and rods. El Salto is on the short list of top lakes, and it seemed like a fitting location to see if the latest crop of Shimano reels and rods was truly ready for their upcoming debut at ICAST.

Introducing Black Dog Bait Company...
We join Black Dog Bait Company on a field testing trip so we could experience, first hand, some of the trials and tribulations they went through bringing their new baits to market

An Inside Update from Team Daiwa…and the first look at the new “A” model Steez rods!
It isn’t everyday you have the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at a Tier 1 reel manufacturer like Daiwa. Some of these products are designed specifically for the US market, others are being tested and considered...

A Peek into Japan's International Sportfishing Show 2007
No event in the Western world, gets those of us interested in tackle more excited than ICAST, THE event in North America where manufacturers showcase their latest products for the coming year. But before ICAST, at the beginning of each year, in Japan, a similar debut takes place...
If you only can make it to one ISE show take a trip to Sacramento
Hosted in the state capital of California the Sac ISE is proving to be the biggest show on the tour. The Sac show grew this year and offered outdoor enthusiasts a little bit of everything. Whether you enjoy fishing, hunting, off-roading, or simply introducing the kids to nature the show had plenty to offer.
The Swimbait Craze was in full effect as new baits were showcased at the Sacramento ISE
The swimbait craze is upon us with manufacturers offering up their interpretation of big fish baits left and right, but those in the know realize that the truly innovative and most sought after baits are coming out of the West Coast, and at the Sacramento ISE, the swimbait party was right here...
New products at the 2007 International Sportsmen's Exhibition, San Mateo, CA
We have had some abnormally cold weather for this time of year, but that didn't stop anglers from coming out to the 2007 San Mateo International Sportsmen's Exposition. This was the first show of the year for consumers to see the latest tackle firsthand, much of which was first unveiled at ICAST
TackleTour Holiday Gift Guide 2006
This year before you hit the stores, check out our Editor’s picks for the best products in each of the following categories: Reels, Rods, Lures, Apparel, Fly, and Enthusiast tackle.
Whether it’s a gift for your fishing buddy or a well deserved toy for yourself these products are sure to usher in a little more color and excitement into your holiday season
ICAST Coverage (Innovations) - Everything from clever new storage to transforming watercrafts 
This is our final bout of ICAST coverage, and an opportunity to take a look at an assortment of exciting new tackle offerings ranging from storage, to optics, to new watercraft solutions.
ICAST Coverage (Lines) - A Line for every Occasion
There were a lot of exciting new lines at ICAST, and manufacturers exhibited everything from fancy new braids to advanced new fluorocarbon based lines. Perhaps the most talked and asked about type of fishing line today is fluorocarbon.
ICAST Special - Daiwa Wajima Specials, functional works of Art
At car shows many auto manufacturers showcase concepts that may or may not actually make it to final production, others create these prototypes to highlight their capabilities, and unique technologies. Daiwa did something very similar when they brought a complete “Wajima” showcase to ICAST 2006.
ICAST Special (Lures) - Pure Fishing trucks in a boat-load of baits
Pure Fishing has always had a big booth at ICAST, but this year it looked even more impressive with the boat-load of baits they introduced all at once, so many new baits were released that we have to feature a special ICAST lure report just on Pure fishing baits alone.
ICAST Coverage Day 3 (Lures) - Who's the Mac Daddy of fishing lures?
Lure's are always fun to cover at ICAST, as the category has the most room for innovation. You never know what will be that next "hot" lure. This year as we prepared to soak in all that the lure manufacturers had to offer we asked ourselves who would be the "MacDaddy" of all fishing lures this time around?
ICAST Special (Rods) - I want a "STEEZ" now...
After posting our initial ICAST rod coverage we received questions ranging from "Tell me more about the Air-Beam reel seats" to "I want a Steez now, where can I buy one?!" To help satisfy your thirst we decided to follow up our initial coverage with a second dose of of these new enthusiast level rods.
ICAST Coverage Day 2 (Rods) - Perfectly matching reels in application, balance, & style
More reel companies are solidifying their position in the rod market, and many are now introducing rods specifically designed to match up with their premium reels. In turn custom rod manufacturers have had to improve their rods, and focus on differentiation and innovation to attract consumers.
ICAST Coverage Day 1 (Reels) - Paradise for Reel Enthusiasts in Las Vegas
Precision engineering, innovative designs, and improved ergonomics are all characteristics of the reels we have observed here in Las Vegas at day one of ICAST 2006. It quickly became evident to us that this year the reel offerings are a reel enthusiast's dream come true. 
ICAST Coverage (Best of Show) - The votes are in and the winners are...
In all nearly 200 companies entered more than 600 tackle products and accessories into the Showcase. The votes are in for the 49th annual ICAST and the winners are...
A Day on the Water with Andy "Cooch" Cuccia... Fish On!
What happens when a fishing enthusiast teams up with a tackle enthusiast? Cal spends a day on the water with Andy 'Cooch' Cuccia and shares with us, their catch of the day.
The ISE celebrates its 30 year anniversary in style by showcasing new tackle in San Mateo
Whether you are a devoted bass angler, die hard saltwater fisherman, or dabble in the fine art of flyfishing, the 2006 San Mateo ISE has plenty of tackle offerings to see and play with firsthand, lots of great deals to take advantage of, and even a few surprises.... 
The New Year brings new & exciting events and tackle to the 2006 Fred Hall San Francisco Show
Yes folks, it’s that time of year again and first on our plate, in its third year since partnering with the American Sportfishing Association (ASA), is the San Francisco Fred Hall Fishing Tackle & Boat Show. Come see all the exciting new gear.
TT Editors make their Holiday Gift Picks for 2005
It is once again that time of the year. Time to find that picture perfect gift for your angling buddy, or perhaps treat yourself to the product that you have been drooling over ever since the first time you laid your eyes on it. We asked three TT editors to make their top holiday picks when it came to four tackle categories and here's what they had to say...
ICAST Coverage Special Report - There's more to the story...
In the final chapter to our ICAST 2005 coverage we take a peek at some new-fangled electronics, optics, watercraft, and a few enthusiast supertuning upgrades.
ICAST Coverage Day 3 - Lures and the boxes and bags to put them all in
Like kids in a candy store we made a mad dash to soak up as much as we could when it comes to all the new lure products and the novel tackle bags and boxes anglers use to manage them in.
ICAST Coverage Day 2 - Its getting hot in the Rod Market
It was in fact a near record temperature day in Las Vegas with the thermometer tipping out near 100 degrees, but we had no idea that the temperature wasn't the hottest thing in Vegas that day, it would be the competition in the highly contested rod market. 
ICAST Coverage Day 1 - Exciting Reels all across the show floor
What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas....but with so many exciting reel solutions we're breaking that rule today. On this first day we focused our attention on identifying the most exciting reels at the show.
A rare opportunity...fishing For Humboldt Squid in Northern California
When most of us dream about catching big game we see visions of leaping marlin, majestic sailfish, and hard hitting tuna. But the ocean is full of other predators that are more than capable of putting up impressive fights, the mysterious Humboldt Squid is one such creature.
The International Sportsmen Expo is back in town, and so are the crowds
The ISE show is back in town, and with it come many of the latest angling products and innovations that are either available now, or soon will be offered at your local tackle shop. This year anglers and sportsmen came out in droves to see, learn, and take advantage of great show deals.
Japan's International Sportfishing Show 2005
This year, TackleTour, in Association with Jun Sonoda of JapanTackle is proud to bring you coverage of Japan’s International Sportfishing Show. Jun reports that there were many brilliant, new offerings amongst the array of 130 booths by tackle manufacturers and other associated businesses, and the show did not disappoint.
Welcome back to Fred Hall San Francisco, bigger and better than before
Half of our editorial staff attended the show and what we found were plenty of activities for both fresh and saltwater anglers, an assortment of exciting new boats, and some very enthusiastic manufacturers eager to highlight their latest 2005 tackle offerings
Five to be enshrined into the IGFA Hall of Fame
Have you ever stopped and wondered about the people that make it possible to continue to pursue trophy gamefish, or transformed a pastime into a hugely popular sport and multi-million dollar industry? This Fall the International Game Fish Association Hall of Fame is inducting five such men into the Hall of Fame.
Going to backing at the Rainbow Lodge, on the renowned San Juan River
It isn't everyday that we have the prospect of fly fishing for trophy rainbows in renowned waters, so when TackleTour had the opportunity to experience some San Juan flyfishing we jumped at the chance.
Hooked on Tackle at the 2004 International Sportsmen's Expo
The alarm clock sounds and we briskly jump out of bed, put on our well worn jeans and lucky cap, hop in the truck with keen anticipation, not to go fishing, but rather to drive to this year’s ISE show.
The first Fred Hall Fishing Tackle & Boat Show for 2004 arrives in San Francisco (Coverage and Best of Show)
Now anglers from the Northern region can take a look at a variety of watercraft and also get a peek at what some of what some of the top tackle manufacturers have to offer as well.
ICAST 2003 Best of Show, a bounty of innovation
et's all get to the real reason why TackleTour is here...it's the tackle. This year's best of show products were among the most innovative we have seen to date. From reels with microelectronics to Spongebob combos, this year's ICAST offered plenty of surprises.
ICAST 2003 A sure bet, plenty of new and exciting solutions (Part 1)
TackleTour once again travels to Las Vegas for ICAST 2003, to report on the industry, and the exciting products and innovations that will be hitting the streets at years end.
TackleTour's "Best of Show" products from Fred Hall 2003
The task to pick the "Best of Show" products is always a tough decision for TackleTour, especially when it comes to the 2003 Fred Hall show where each year more and more worthy manufacturers set up booths to display their countless offerings...these are the cream of the crop products that turned the most heads.
Fred Hall Fishing Tackle & Boat Show (Part 1-Overview)
The arrival of the Fred Hall show in Southern California marks the 57th time this huge event comes to the West Coast. Aside from the exciting new reels, rods, watercrafts, and lures, you have the opportunity to learn many new things from professionals, manufacturers, and also to share fish stories with fellow anglers.
TackleTour's "Best of Show: Fly Fishing" products from ISE 2003
There were many new cool and innovative products to hit this year’s San Mateo’s Sportsmen’s Expo.  Some products took last year’s successes and made them a little better, while others took on a whole new look, style, and feel.  Some of the best innovations could be seen in the Fly section of the expo.
TackleTour's "Best of Show" products from ISE 2003
ISE 2003 was filled with hundreds of manufacturers, and TackleTour had the daunting task of picking out the "Best of the Best" products out of many new and innovative products and solutions. Here we showcase TackleTour's "Best of Show" products that stood out from the entire crowd.
The Hottest Sportmen's Expo (ISE 2003) returns to San Mateo, CA (Part 1-Overview)
Welcome to the 28th annual International Sportsmen's Exposition (ISE) in San Mateo. The ISE located in San Mateo, CA is the largest shows on the West Coast. Inside the many halls you will have the opportunity to see and compare, put to test, and buy the latest in fishing, hunting, camping, and boating gear.
Fishing both fresh and saltwater species in Taipei, Taiwan
While Taipei is best known for its bustling city night life, it is good to see that anglers can find plenty of action in local streams, reservoirs, and on the coastline.
TackleTour finds the latest consumer electronics for anglers at the 2003 International CES show
Welcome to CES 2003, an international show that highlights the direction in which the consumer electronics industry is headed. TackleTour visits CES to discover what new products will soon find their way into the hands of anglers.
Fishing for the Lingcod, the ugly king of all bottom fish
Lingcod are ferocious predators of the deep that have an appetite that is only matched by their ugly appearance. These dwellers of the ocean bottom are prized game fish that provide a great deal of action from the minute they hook up.
TackleTour tags a marlin in the 2002, 8th annual Baja Capers fishing tournament
Big Game fishing can be one of the most exciting adventures of a lifetime. Which is exactly what TackleTour's Editor, Buzz, discovered firsthand at the Baja Capers 8th Annual Fishing Tournament.
High Altitude Trout Fishing in California High Country
TackleTour goes on a 3 day field test into Yosemite High Country for some amazing trout fishing. What started out as a field test of some of the newest rods and reels quickly turned into an expedition to land some extremely exotic high altitude dwelling trout.
Fishing in Hong Kong: an informational overview about fishing in the big city
For people who fish, Hong Kong offers more than enjoying yourself in the city.  Fishing in Hong Kong can be very entertaining and I was able to experience and learn some of the local hot spots and methods of HK sport-fishing.
TackleTour's "Best of Show" storage, lures, innovations, and watercraft
Our final day of ICAST 2002 coverage includes a wealth of Best of Show products that include flexible storage solutions, new lures, exciting innovations, and feature packed watercraft.
TackleTour's "Best of Show" reels and rods from ICAST 2002 (Top secret products revealed!)
While hundreds of manufacturers displayed great offerings these 5 reel and rod manufacturers presented products that really stood out and deserve a closer look.
ICAST, the largest fishing trade show in the world comes to Las Vegas (Part 1-Overview)
Las Vegas, July 17th-19, 2002: ICAST returns, and is a annual opportunity for manufacturers to present their latest and greatest new products to the buyers and press. This year ICAST boasts even greater industry representation, and TackleTour covers the show.
To relax after work go shrimp fishing in downtown Taipei, Taiwan
Reeling from sheer fishing deprivation, and desperate to feed our fishing habits we stumbled in a back alley "shrimp fishing club" where the two of us discovered that we were actually the fish out of water. 
Park Place Excursions takes Team TackleTour mooching for Salmon in Monterey, CA
Fishing for Salmon is a unique experience every time, and here on the coast of California we have the opportunity to fish for Kings as they run through Monterey Bay on their way to the Sacramento River each year.
The West's Largest Sportsman's Expo Comes to San Mateo (Part 2 -Best of show)
Hundreds of manufacturers displayed their latest offerings at the ISE show, and picking the top ten "Best of Show" manufacturers was a daunting task, but in the end, the following ten manufacturers really stood out with unique and exciting products.









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