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Swimbait Storage Review


The Wrap to Get. Swimbait Underground's Union 9"


Date: 10/20/20
Tackle type: Swimbait Storage
Manufacturer: Swimbait Underground
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.66 - EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD

Introduction: As your swimbait arsenal grows the need to be able to safely store, organize, and transport them also increases. I've been searching for a quality wrap solution for years, and most of the ones that I have tried have required a number of sacrifices. This year Swimbait Underground released their own branded wrap, the Union 9", designed for protecting swimbaits, and easy access to them in the field. 


Swimbait Underground Union 9" Bait Wrap Specifications

Material Heavy duty nylon, plastic for clear pockets, Velcro straps
Colors/Patterns Three (Black, Dark Charcoal, OD Green)
Dimensions Four 7" W x 11.25" L pockets. Overall dimensions 7" W x 11.25" W empty and folded. 14" x 27" open and unloaded. Overall size loaded depends on dimensions of inserted baits
Capacity Varies, 4 flexible compartments (two transparent plastic top load, two front load). Able to load 4 large swimbaits or up to ten medium or smaller ones
Origin Made in the USA
MSRP $59.99


Are you a fan of high-end JDM and custom made swimbaits? Swimbait Underground has a wrap designed to store these precious lures


Impressions: If you are into the big bait scene, and especially garage baits, then the Swimbait Underground forum is likely already one of your favorited bookmarks. The Underground is a strong community of anglers that have a wealth of knowledge about big baits, and are eager to share their passion among those that both collect and fish swimbaits. Over the years Swimbait Underground has also introduced their own branded products and collaborations, and what I've sampled personally has always exhibited high-quality construction and designs that showcase the team's in-depth understanding of swimbaits, and how big bait anglers approach them. Whether its is apparel, bags, or accessories these SU products cater to the style, and features, that appeal to custom swimbait enthusiasts.


My search for a quality wrap solution brought me to the Swimbait Underground Union offerings


When it comes to swimbait storage I typically put my swimbaits into two categories, those in the "archive" and the smaller key baits currently in "rotation." There are simply too many good baits to carry on each trip, and especially if the mission requires a hike, or slinging baits from shore. My archive typically includes the practice of putting hook protectors on the baits, then wrapping them up in plastic zip cases, and dividing them up into boxes and storage bins. This way I know they are protected and still organized enough that I can find them depending on seasonal or target species changes.


The Union Wrap is made right here in the United States


For those swimbaits in rotation, the lures that I plan on using during any coming up trip, I want to have my baits organized in a way that I can transport them safely and easily when traveling. I've tried boxes, plastic envelopes, Lure Lock cases, and wraps.


The thing that I really like about wraps is the flexibility, and option to store baits of many different sizes in a relatively compact footprint that can be quickly transported from home to a backpack, car, or boat. Wraps also do a better job than most boxes when it comes to protecting individual baits, and yet still offer quick and easy stow and deployment of large baits.


Traditional wraps also have downsides including maximum capacity, durability, and the dreaded "hook escape," when sharp treble hooks penetrate the material and stick into gear, or even worse, the angler. It is for these reasons that many anglers, myself included, have a somewhat love and hate relationship with many wraps.


The center of the Union features two clear pockets that are accessible via the top


Next Section: Putting the Union wrap to the test...









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