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Plano EDGE - The Freedom to Create Unique Storage Solutions for Every Angler
There is no bigger name in the tackle storage industry than Plano, and the company proved that they were still in top form when they introduced the EDGE Series, their most premium tackle boxes to date. Offered in a wide range of configurations these innovative boxes are designed to be both highly adaptable, and extremely robust, for anglers of all types.

The Wrap to Get. Swimbait Underground's Union
As your swimbait arsenal grows the need to be able to safely store, organize, and transport them also increases. I've been searching for a quality wrap solution for years, and most of the ones that I have tried have required a number of sacrifices. This year Swimbait Underground released their own branded wrap, the Union 9", designed for protecting swimbaits, and easy access to them in the field. 

Sticky Storage - Lure Lock Keeps Tackle Secure and Protected
Lure Lock is a relative newcomer to the tackle storage scene, but brings a number of new ideas to the category with their “TakLogic Technology,” which is designed to secure lures inside boxes, and improve both tackle organization and bait protection.

The Yeti Panga 28 Backpack - A Waterproof Fortress for all Your Outdoor Gear
The Yeti Panga backpack takes everything that the company learned while building the Panga Duffel Series and puts it all into a convenient, still fully waterproof, and more ergonomic backpack design.

The Plano Z-Series Wrap is a Mixed Bag
Wraps are a good solution for hard to store baits because of their ability to stow lures of varying shapes and sizes. Plano, a leader in tackle storage, has introduced a variety of new offerings in their Z-Series which makes use of quality materials and are made even more attractive with Kryptek patterns. These Z-Series offerings include tackle bags, backpacks, and a new wrap...
Rack’em and Go Fishing, a Quicker Rod Draw with Bedrack
Are you a truck owner, are you looking for a better way to transport fishing outfits? Bedrack hopes the answer to both of those questions is yes, and has created a new rack that caters specifically to anglers. The Bedrack is an easy to install fishing rack that requires no drilling whatsoever and even comes with some security provisions to help keep your fish fighting arsenal safely stowed on the go.
Organized Arsenal with the KastKing Rod Rack
If you are like most anglers you probably started out with one or two rod combos and as your passion for fishing grew so did your collection. It really doesn’t take long for most anglers, especially bass fishermen, to accumulate such a large collection of rods that it starts getting hard to keep everything organized. Eposeidon’s Kastking brand tackles rod organization and storage with their aluminum rod racks...
The Yeti Roadie Cooler is made to Travel
For many anglers it was Yeti that introduced them to the idea of a premium cooler. Though the company has only been around since 2006 the brand has already become a common sight on the decks of boats and in the beds of trucks from coast to coast. We take a look at Yeti’s most compact cooler, the Roadie 20, to see just how this high-end cooler stacks up.
Gear up for a Full Day of Fishing with the Simms Headwaters Backpack
When is a backpack more than just a backpack? When it is effectively carrying everything you need for that next successful fishing adventure. Simms has a complete range of packs ranging from small hip packs and sling packs to full size backpacks designed to transport everything you need for a trip in the backcountry.
Lightweight and Convenient: The Fishpond Tech LTE Low Tide Hydration/Lumbar Pack
The Tech LTE Low Tide Hydration/Lumbar pack from Fishpond is geared towards the wading flats angler that likes to travel light and remain mobile. Offering a wide range of fly fishing related bags, gear, and accessories (yes, vests too), Fishpond has gained a solid reputation for quality.
Affordable Storage Flexibility, Plano’s Flex N’ Go Satchel
Ask hunters, campers or even general outdoor enthusiasts and they not only probably own a few Plano boxes but chances are their very first tackle box or gun case was a Plano. The company never seems to stop inventing and last season they rolled out a new take on tackle storage, the Flex N’ Go Satchel which is a hybrid design...
Hard to Kill, the Bass Mafia Bait Coffin
When is a utility box more than just another typical utility box? Crank up the personality and durability tenfold and you get the Bass Mafia Bait Coffin, a new take on the popular 3700 form factor. The Bait Coffin is designed to store a wide variety of baits with a fully configurable internal divider system and also includes additional features like enhanced corrosion resistance and waterproofing.
Want to Soup up Your Blade Storage? RMD Machines a New Spinnerbait Rack for Your Ride
A new spinnerbait rack from RMD falls into that latter category and makes use of aluminum instead of plastic. RMD (formerly Kevkel) knows a thing or two about high end metal work...



Pelican Takes Aim at Protecting Your Personal Electronic Devices
Water is to personal electronics as kryptonite is to one of our favorite superheroes, but where lead is an effective means to shield Superman from the harmful effects his home planet meteor rock, where is the protective shielding for our cell phones and notebook computers? Pelican has the answer with their i1015 Micro-Case and HardBack 1090 notebook case.

Columbia Customs, a better way to store line-through swimbaits
Columbia Custom Tackle is a relative newcomer to the tackle storage scene and brings to market four new boxes designed for organizing and protecting swimbaits, two of them specifically intended for hard to store line-through type big baits.
Follow Up Article : The Lakewood Products A049 Swimbait Box & Clips
Earlier this year, Steve Wagnitz, President of Lakewood Products, informed us they had finalized a design and sent a few our way to check out. Much to our surprise, included in this shipment was the A048's big brother, Lakewood's full sized, original swimbait box, the A049.
Bask in Its Organization : The Lakewood Products A048 Swimbait Box
The primary difficulty in storing swimbaits?  - the need for space, and lots of it. Swimbaits are big, take a lot of room, and after you’ve passed about half a dozen in your arsenal, carrying them around efficiently can become a real chore.
This certainly isn't your Granma's Lure Cover
Lure covers are certainly not a brand new concept, and there have been a number of which that have been introduced throughout the years, many of which found mixed responses from the market. EZ Bass (Professional Angler, Mark Lassagne) and Zander take a look at CoverLure premium lure covers to see what makes this product unique and different
Lowepro's waterproof backpack caters to both adventurous photographers and avid anglers
Introducing the Lowepro DryZone Rover, a camera bag with a water-resistant and a waterproof compartment to keep your investment dry while you’re out on your fishing adventures.
The hybrid Plano FlipSider effectively blends soft and hard tackle storage systems together
Plano released their most revolutionary product in the last few seasons when they introduced the new FlipSider hybrid. The FlipSider successfully blends elements from the company’s soft and hard tackle storage systems to create a new and exciting way to organize and safeguard all your tackle.
Albackore’s Reel Transports help organize and protect precious tackle at home and on the go
Fishing reels are among the most expensive of all tackle investments, and also among the hardest to keep in good condition. Albackore’s Reel Transports are designed to eliminate the challenges associated with organizing and protecting reels at home and on the go.
Get to fishing faster with the convenient PolePack rod and reel combo carrier
When you spend so much money on high quality rod & reel outfits it only makes sense to protect them. That's why Pablo Ramirez designed the Pole Pack. This protective carrier allows you to carry your combos to and from your destination, keeping your hands free to carry your tackle box or cooler.
The Albackore "Altunative" proves to be a quality alternative
With so much new gear available to anglers it has become increasingly taxing to cart all your tools & tackle on fishing trips. We examine Albackore's latest conception, the "Altunative" tackle bag, which is designed for shorter range fishing expeditions.  
Instant watercraft storage with the affordable pontoon upgrade, the Tulli Seat Bag
Whether you plan on navigating a fast moving river or rowing across a stump filled reservoir, you want to make sure that all your gear is securely stowed and within reach. Sportgear's Tulli pontoon bag can be worn over the shoulder or latched onto your pontoon's seat.
Bringing storage and discipline to the world of crankbaits, Falcon's FTO tackle organizers
Crank baits are a favorite amongst artificial lure anglers, yet, up ‘til now, storage and transport of these wonderful lures has always been, at best, a complicated, inefficient chore. Falcon has developed a set of tackle organizers that help address the messy and cumbersome chore of storing these precious baits.
Staying dry on the go with the "Eureka!" Dry Doc, a 100% waterproof bag for your fishing outings
Protect your precious belongings with the "Eureka!" Dry Doc, a 100% waterproof high-capacity storage bag that is designed to keep your gear from getting wet on all your fishing adventures.
The Tackle-Rack LMS keeps lures in easy reach and virtually tangle free
There are a lot of tackle boxes out there, and while some tackle solutions aim to do it all, the Tackle-Rack LMS is designed for one main reason...to keep your lures within easy reach, and snag free at all times.
Protect your smallest flies with the "waterproof" Akiokun Fly Box from Meiho
Sometimes the right storage can make real difference in your fishing experience. Meiho introduces the Akiokun Fly box which aims to deliver good organization and protection for all your smaller flies.
The new "waterproof" Plano Stowaway utility boxes
Plano updates their modular "Stowaways" with the addition of new waterproof utility boxes. These boxes come in a variety of sizes and configurations and work with most other standard Plano storage systems.
Albackore II, a tackle solution designed by anglers for anglers
Enjay Functional Solutions delivers enhanced features, improved construction, and increased flexibility with the redesign of their Albackore tackle bag. We take a close look at the Albackore II tackle bag to see if this is the tackle solution that we have all been waiting for.
A solid construction, the Plano 3341 Guide Bag
We take a close look at the Plano 3341 Guide Bag to see just how suitable this tackle storage system is for multiple fishing applications.
Shimano Vertical Stack Bag...good for multiple applications?
Every angler needs a convenient way to carry tackle and other gear. There are different bags for different occasions, and Shimano takes a shot at making a bag that is customizable depending on the fishing that you will be doing that day.
Built durable, and good for offshore anglers
Plano has been in the plastics molding business since 1952 and continues to be a dominating force in the storage systems for outdoor activities. We take a look at the Magnum 1119-05 to explore some of the advantages and disadvantages it offers fresh and saltwater anglers.
Flambeau Tackle Station: Can this be your most used tackle bag?
JIP puts the "modular" Flambeau Tackle Station to the test in multiple fishing applications, can the Flambeau TS address all your tackle storage needs with one bag?









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