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About TackleTour

TackleTour is an independent online publication that offers an in depth look at the latest and greatest fishing products from the hundreds of tackle manufacturers that compete for the anglerís business. Since 2000 TackleTour has evolved into an online digital publication and a community of anglers that share their passion for tackle and their love for all things fishing. Delivering tackle reviews, previews, interviews, and industry coverage, we strive to simply provide anglers with more information in which to make informed tackle decisions for their own unique applications. It doesn't matter if you are a tournament pro, a weekend warrior, or a just wetting a line for the first time... Welcome to TackleTour, the "Anglers Source for Tackle News and Reviews."

Editorial Staff


Alex "Zander" Mei -Editor in Chief

To say Zander is obsessed with equipment would be an understatement. Whether it is fishing, simply exploring the outdoors, or driving cars... Zander enjoys tinkering with, analyzing, and of course... buying the latest gear. Fishing since he was only 7 years old he has always been fascinated by the evolution in both fishing applications and the tackle designed to address the ever-changing requirements of all types of anglers. This drove Zander to found TackleTour in November 1999, with the purpose of delivering the latest tackle news and reviews to everyday anglers who, just like him, believe that fishing, and the tackle that make it possible, are a lot more than just a hobby...but rather a true passion.
Dennis "Cal" Shew - Managing Editor

A photographer, world traveler, and of course, avid fisherman, Cal's perspective on life is to never accept mediocrity. Life is too short, and time on the water is too precious to endure that which is sub-standard. We talk to TT members all the time who ask about a product's worth. Cal's reply is to never question worth, but rather covet the value and connection you place on everything around you. Save your money, settle for the best your budget allows, and savor the enhanced life experience.
Paul "Wolbugger" Wolter  - Editor
(Fly Specialist and Editor-in-Chief of Demystifly)

Paul grew up in the San Francisco bay area and was obsessed with both fly and conventional fishing by age 12. He always enjoyed chasing a variety of local species from Bass to Lingcod using a variety of methods. In his teenage years, he started taking a particular interest in using and learning about high end tackle. Constantly buying, selling, and upgrading his gear, he is a self-proclaimed "tackle nut" for the long term! Moving to south Florida in 2002, Paul became engrossed in shallow water sight fishing, with a particular interest in Snook. With that said, he misses the more temperate weather and varied geography of California and hopes to move back in the near future. In addition to fishing, Paul's interests include hiking, working out, and the automotive world. Being an avid reader of Tackle Tour for years, Paul is excited to be able to contribute!
Jack "JIP" Ip - Forums Management

TackleTour's resident forums expert, JIP enjoys a variety of outdoor activities (hiking, biking, camping, photography) ...especially those that give him the opportunity to fish in exciting new waters. JIP eagerly awaits each and every trip out into the ocean as he pursues a complete assortment of inshore and offshore species. Wherever there is a salmon, rockfish, or tuna to be caught you can be sure that JIP is at the helm of the team Whaler. But just because JIP's first love is fighting hard hitting saltwater fish doesn't mean he doesn't do a fair share of bass fishing as well, and the only time he spends indoors developing the TT forum.
Jason Karol - Contributing Editor
(Swimbait Specialist, Owner of Swimbait Reviews)

Jason is the epitome of a "Fishin Nerd", and has been consumed by the addiction for close to 20 years. Jason grew up fishing for Salmon, Trout, and Pike out of a kayak on Lake Ontario, before making the switch to bass fishing in the mid 2000s. He fished his first bass tournament at the age of 14 (2008), and moved on to the FLW and ACA Collegiate circuits from 2012-2017. Since graduating, Jason relocated to the Carolinas, and his latest passion is in slinging big swimbaits for hungry bass. Outside of fishing, Jason enjoys mountain biking and hiking with his wife, Darby.
Cody "Hobie-Wan Kenobi" Cass - Contributing Editor (BFS Specialist and YouTuber)

Living in the remote Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Hobie-Wan first came across enthusiast tackle reading the TackleTour forums many years ago. Mostly known for BFS fishing, Hobie-Wan also enjoys punching for largemouth, deep cranking smallmouth, twitching jerkbaits for walleye and even ice fishing. Hobie-Wan has been featured on and produces segments for outdoor television programs to share the love of the outdoors. What started as an outlet to share information about his tackle experiences, he is now widely recognized as a leading pioneer of BFS fishing worldwide and shares his passion for all things BFS on his YouTube channel.
Mark "EZbass" Lassagne -Contributing Editor
(Pro Angler and Editor-In-Chief of Bass Angler Magazine)

Mark Lassagne is a professional bass angler and a consistent money winner on the western Bassmaster and EverStart tournament trails. Not only does he spend 150+ days a year on the water, Mark has been a guest speaker on several radio shows including, Bass Radio weekly, Mighty 690, 1150  Extra sports, Foothills Outdoors, Sep Hendrickson show, On the Water and ESPN Radio. He has guided two separate Bass Pro Shops outdoor world TV shows. Along with being a featured speaker for ISE and Fred hall shows he has several published articles in Bass West USA, Bassin, Fish Sniffer, Contra Costa Times, Ca Fish and Game, FLW Outdoors, Fishing and Hunting News, Field & Stream and a monthly column in Rabid Angler. Mark draws upon his extensive experience as a professional angler to offer a unique and in depth view on the latest bass tackle.




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