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 Current (2020) Editor's Choice and Best Value Awards


All the current Editors Choice, Best Value, Innovation and Ultimate Enthusiast Awards are posted here. If you would like to see the entire list of past winners go to the TackleTour Award Archive now.


 Editor's Choice

2020 Editor's Choice Awards: Every once in a while we will have the opportunity to review a product that really catches our attention as outstanding in every category. (Performance, Workmanship, Suitability, and Price/Value) This product is awarded our coveted editor's choice award and is automatically listed among the recommended products in it's appropriate category. (To see past winners click here)

Product Category Date Awarded
River2Sea Tactical DD Crankbait Lures 11/24/20
Shimano Curado MGL70K Reels 11/8/20
Swimbait Underground Union 9" Wrap Swimbaits/Storage 10/19/20
Illude Rad Rat Lures 9/29/20
Megabass Braillist Rod 9/20/20
Power Pro Hollow Ace Lines 9/8/20
Shimano Metanium 150 B Baitcaster Reels 6/25/20
Nishine Chippawa RB DD Blade Crankbait Lures 5/21/20
Megabass Destroyer Bunker Buster Rods 4/7/20
Daiwa Tatula SV TW 103 Reels 3/6/20
Phenix M1 MX72MH Rods 2/23/20
ARK RFC76MHFC Rods 2/12/20
FishLab Bio Gill Swimbait and Glide Bait Swimbaits 2/4/20
Lew's Pro-Ti SLP Reels 1/20/20
Defiant 247 and 210 Lures 1/5/20


 Best Value

2020 Best Value Awards:
The Best Value Award is given to products that demonstrate an excellent balance of performance versus price.
(To see past winners click here)


Product Category Date Awarded
Megabass MagDraft Freestyle Swimbaits 11/30/20
Molix Glide Bait Swimbaits 10/26/20
Phenix Rods Maxim MAXS-610L Rods 4/14/20
Shimano SLX DC Reels 3/24/20
Frenzy Wacky Saddle O-Rings Terminal Tackle 1/26/20


 Innovation Award

2020 Innovation Awards:
The Innovation Award is given to products that are unique and/or showcase innovative new technologies that enhance and broaden the way anglers can approach the sport of fishing. This coveted award is reserved for the latest and  greatest revolutionary tackle. (To see past winners click here)


Product Category Date Awarded
Imakatsu Stealth Swimmer Lures 6/29/20


 Ultimate Enthusiast

2020 Ultimate Enthusiast Awards: TackleTour's newest honor, is the Ultimate Enthusiast Award, which is reserved for supreme products in the Enthusiast Tackle category. To qualify for this award a product must exhibit extraordinary performance and uniqueness. These winners truly are of the most rare, collectible, sometimes weird, and always wonderful... enthusiast tackle from around the world. (To see past winners click here)

Product Category Date Awarded
Dobyns Xtasy DRX724C Rods 8/15/20
Daiwa Millionaire CT SV70 JDM Reels 4/29/20









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