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Enabling Swimbait Mode with BFS Gear - Zappu Bredy Weedless Underspin
Zappu is a JDM terminal tackle company with innovative takes on terminal tackle. If you like to tune and tweak your bait offerings, or just keep up with some of the more interesting and inventive rigging trends from Japan, diving into the product offered by this manufacturer is a great place to start.
A Next Level Swinghead from Gamakatsu
The swing head has seen a recent spike in popularity to the point many will think it’s new and innovative. Now, almost every terminal tackle manufacturer offers their own take.
An Extra Dash of Flash: Owner's Flashy Swimmer
Underspin jigheads are certainly nothing new. What I always found strange about them is if you tip one with a paddletail swimbait like a Basstrix or Big Bite Baits Suicide Shad, you're essentially throwing a bait with two heads. The fish probably don't care, but that configuration always bugged me. Owner has a solution...
Chip Off The Old Tungsten? Never Again with WOO!
What happens when you take a couple of college friends who happen to be a tournament fishing partners, throw in some frustration over the durability of terminal tackle they've been using, and finally add a Flair for pro wrestling? Well quite naturally, you get a terminal tackle company called WOO! Tungsten.
Come Along for the Ride and Bring Your Wacky Saddle
Most anglers make use of standard O-rings or small rubber bands and some manufacturers now even imbed O-rings within their soft plastic stick baits. Billy Hines recently introduced us to an intriguing wacky rigging aid designed by Greg Gutierrez that we felt was worth a close look. Introducing the Frenzy Baits Wacky Saddle O-rings.
Warbaits Puts a Spin on Swimbait Jigheads
We have been utilizing the company's jigs and swimbait heads for years and the subject of the first review of the new year, the Warbaits Underspin jigheads, is designed to offer anglers a little more flash while targeting suspended fish.
What the Finesse ?!? : Do You Swivel Shot?
Gamakatsu with the help of pro staffer Shin Fukae came out with an innovative little design to help drop shot fishermen minimize line twist problems. It took us some time, but finally, here is our look at the Swivel Shot Drop Shot Hook.
Gamakatsu's Aaron Martens TGW Drop Shot Hook
Even though he prefers to be known as a well rounded angler, three time BASS Angler of the Year (AOY) winner Aaron Martens is best known for relying on finesse techniques to catch limits of fish. Of course, there is one finesse technique specifically that will forever be tied to his name - the drop shot. So when Martens comes out with a drop shot hook designed to his exacting specifications, we take notice.
What the Finesse + Owner Hooks Roundup
Owner's line of ST36 and ST41 replacement treble hooks are the default standard amongst consumers who are want the best combination of durability, strength, and sharpness in their treble hooks. But as you might expect from any company specializing in hooks and other terminal tackle, there's more to Owner's offering than just their quality trebles.
The Tackle Doctor: Adding an Insert to Tungsten Weights
Pro Angler Aaron Martens believes that more fish are lost on Tungsten because of the hardness of the material than were ever lost on lead based weights. Even the weights that claim to be insert free and fray free will cause break offs, but there is a simple solution no matter which Tungsten weights you choose to use.
Professional Angler Aaron Martens Demos How to Add a Bait Holder to Any Hook
This simple process only takes minutes to learn and allows anglers to add this feature to hooks that may not be available with a bait holder, like one of his favorite hooks, a 3/0 worm bend hook from Gamakatsu.
Not Just Practical, but Tactical Fishing Clips
Tying, retying, and retying yet again, the array of knots and connections a fisherman needs to know can be dizzying. For any angler throwing artificial lures, the task of connecting your line to your bait of choice can grow tiresome during a long morning of finding the bite.
Losing Bait Prematurely? Button them Up with Bait Buttons!
Last Spring, we came across a product targeted at these and other fisheries where the matter of keeping your delicate or live bait presentations on your hook are an issue. What we've come to find out is you can also use this product in bass fishing to keep some of your precious plastic baits from falling off prematurely. Introducing Bait Buttons...
Flash and Dash for Paddletails : Owner's Flashy Swimmer
Bladed jigheads have been part of the fishing landscape for a very long time. With the popularity of paddeltail swimbaits in the market today, anglers have been searching for method to combine these two items without having to chop the head off of their paddletail baits or fish a lure with four eyeballs.


Keep fish pinned with rotating SpinTech treble hooks from Basstar
Basstar introduces a new take on treble hooks with the rotating SpinTech hooks which are designed to eliminate the problem of hooks locking up and allowing fish to shake free in the heat of the battle. Making use of a clever new design these two piece hooks give anglers the ability to add freely rotating treble points to just about any hard bait.
Consistency & Variety in a Jighead : Fin-Tech's Title SHot
There may not be one dominant technique but it’s obvious from our perspective that one application continues to shake things up beneath the big bait talk. That’s right, the “yin” to the West Coast’s big bait “yang” is the finesse oriented technique shakey head.
Ultra finesse fishing with Gamakatsu’s Skip Gap Shaky Head
Hook giant Gamakatsu continues to branch out with the release of their Skip Gap Shaky Heads. These jigheads make use of the company’s skip gap hook design to help keep thinner diameter finesse worms threaded on when shaking up fish. 
Uncle Josh and Bass Stalker Prove That Looks Can Be Deceiving: Introducing the Spot Stalker Jighead
As the phenomenon known as shakey head fishing continues to grow, we've been receiving emails to review the many different jighead options that support this craze. Introducing the Bass Stalker Spot Stalker jighead.
Reaction Innovations Delivers a Method to ScrewUp and Still Keep It On
Leave it to a company like Reaction Innovations to come up with one of the most simple yet at the same time somewhat bizarre answers to a problem that plagues many a plastic bait fisherman. What's that you say? Premature wear of their plastic bait tips or heads.
Get Jiggy with it! How to choose the right jighead
Jigheads come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, and are among the most versatile tool in your fishing arsenal, but choosing which jighead to use for a particular application can be a tough task.
Twist and Shout : The Reaction Innovations Screwed Up Jighead
Jighead or shakey head fishing has really become a popular technique of late for fishing finesse style plastics. While many attribute this technique as originating in the south, tackle companies all around have capitalized on the popularity of this technique.
Environmentally friendly and novel too, the new River2Sea Tungsten Tumbler sinkers
As environmental concerns grow and the awareness regarding the toxicity of lead increases, more and more anglers are turning towards Tungsten as their material of choice for weighted applications.
The not so "Select" Big Daddy's Jigs
Jigheads are some of the most versatile types of tackle available to anglers, yet are surprisingly often widely overlooked. The reason jigheads don't receive the well deserved attention is simply because they are just one part of the lure, not a finished and easily identifiable bait in itself. We take a look at Big Daddy's Select Football Jigheads to see just how "select" these jigs really are.
Settling the scores with Revenge Bait's lifelike "Dart Hedz"
Revenge Baits produces some of the most realistic dart jig heads on the market and are designed to help anglers deliver payback to those fish that might have "got away."
The Lure Retrieval system that's built into your tackle, the Ultimate LureSaver Titanium Release system
While most lure retrieval systems require a some sort of tool to rescue your lure, Ultimate NiTi has devised a system built onto your favorite lures designed to reclaim your lures quickly and easily.
ESB designs the everlasting slip bobber, and it works!
Fishing with slip bobbers is among the most flexible fishing techniques and continues to be popular among anglers of all ages. HL outdoors has developed the ESB, a bobber that not only lasts longer but also will help you land that trophy fish the next time it takes your suspended bait.
Employing Gamakatsu's Rubber Worm hook for "Brass and Glass" finesse fishing
"Brass and Glass" techniques are among the oldest finesse fishing techniques, and are still one of the most productive methods for drawing strikes. With new lures and sharper hooks the "Texas Twitch" is deadlier then ever.









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