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Archive of Reviews and Articles



Reel Reviews
Tackle Manufacturer Product
13 Fishing AL13, Aerios and Axum spinning reel preview (ICAST 2022)
  BOSS Limited Edition Reels review
  Concept baitcasting reels preview
  Concept A baitcaster review
  Concept C baitcaster review
  Concept Z ball bearingless reel preview
  Concept Z reel review
  Concept Z SLD reel preview
  Concept Z SLD reel review
  Inception Sport Z baitcaster preview
  Inception Sport Z baitcaster review
  Modus preview (ICAST 2022)
  ONE3 Origin Baitcaster Preview
  ONE3 Origin A and Origin C Reviews
  Origin A and Origin C baitcasters
  Trick Shop components review
Abu Garcia Abumatic 170 spincast reel
  Ambassadeur 7000C3
  Ambassadeur Record
  Cardinal 502ALB spinning
  C3 4600/01
  Morrum ZX 3600/01
  Orra SX
  Orra Winch
  Revo Beast
  Revo 4S baitcasting reel
  Revo 4 Beast baitcaster
  Revo 4 Beast Rocket
  Revo 4 Beast X
  Revo 4 EXD baitcaster
  Revo 4 IKE baitcaster
  Revo 4 MGXtreme spinning reel
  Revo 4 Premier Baitcaster
  Revo 4S spinning reel
  Revo 4 STX casting reel
  Revo 4 Inshore baitcaster
  Revo 4 Winch spinning reel
  Revo 4 Winch
  Revo 4X baitcaster
  Revo 5 Rocket baitcaster
  Revo 5 STX baitcaster
  Revo 5 SX baitcaster
  Revo 5 Winch
  Revo 5 X baitcaster
  Revo Gen 3 Premier
  Revo S (Gen 3)
  Revo S spinning reel
  Revo STX
  Revo STX Gen3
  Revo SX
  Revo SX (Gen 3)
  Revo SX (Gen 4) baitcaster
  Revo SX Spinning Reel
  Revo Inshore
  Revo MGX
  Revo MGXtreme preview
  Revo Rocket
  Revo Toro Beast 50/51
  Revo Winch
  Revo Winch Gen 3
  Preview Revo Spinning (nanoshield) 2010
  Preview 2008 Low Profile Reels
  Preview 2009 New Reels
  Revo 2012 preview
  Revo 2020 spinning preview and new Revo Rocket
  Silver Max baitcaster
  Spy Preview 2007 Reels
  Zata Series Preview
  Zenon spinning reel
  Zenon MG-X baitcaster
Accurate Boss Magnum E-Series 197 & 270
  Boss "Valiant" BV300 preview
Alvey 5000XLTD
Ardent Edge Tour Baitcaster
  XS1000 Baitcaster
Ark Fishing Gravity baitcaster preview (ICAST 2022)
  Gravity G3 Casting Reel review
  Gravity 5 (G5) review
  Gravity 7 (G7) review
Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris 05 Baitcaster
  Microlite Supreme
  Pro Qualifier Baitcaster
Carrot Stix Spectra 2-speed spinning reel preview
Daiwa 2005 Baitcaster Preview
  2008 Reel Preview
  2010 Zillion Coastal and Saltist Preview
  Aird Baitcaster
  Ballistic EX 2500H spinning reel
  Black Widow II
  Capricorn vs Shimano Stradic
  Coastal Inshore Special
  Exceler baitcasting reel
  Exceler spinning reel
  Exist 22 G LT spinning reel
  Fuego CT Baitcasting Reel
  Fuego 2000 Spinning Reel
  Fuego A 2000 spinning reel
  Laguna LA500 Ultralight
  Lexa 100HL reel
  Lexa Type-WN 400H
  Luna Review
  Luvias FC LT2500S-XH spinning reel
  Millionaire CV-X 103A
  Peanut Crankbait
  Pixy PX Type R Baitcaster preview
  Procaster 100HN
  Product Insight : Zillion TWS a.k.a. Tatula Z?
  Revros spinning reel
  Saltiga SA20
  Saltiga vs. Trinidad
  Saltiga Blast Preview
  Saltist Preview
  Sealine Tournament SLT30
  Sealine X 50HSV
Steez A TW 1016 Baitcaster preview
Steez Baitcaster
Steez A TW1016
Steez EX spinning reel preview
Steez EX spinning reel review
Steez EX XS baitcaster review
Steez High Speed Baitcaster
Steez Limited Edition SV TW (2021)
Tatula baitcaster
Tatula HD baitcaster
Tatula Type R baitcaster
Tatula SV TW TASV103XS
Tatula SV TW 103 Baitcaster
T3 1016H baitcaster
T3 Ballistic T3BLS100HL
TD Advantage 153HST
TD Advantage 153HSTA Supertuned
TD Fuego
TD SOL 2500 spinning
TD-S 2000 vs Shimano Sustain
  TD Tierra 1500 spinning
  TD-X 100HSD, TDX 103HSDF
  TD Viento
  TD-Z 105H vs Shimano Calais
Z200 baitcaster
Zillion Hyper Speed Preview
Zillion 100SHSA/SHSLA
Zillion Crazy Cranker
Zillion Coastal
Zillion SV TW G 2021
Zillion TWS
Zillion Type R Preview
Zillion Type R Review
Denali Novus Pro casting reel
Dream Fishing Tackle Air Spool (aftermarket spools)
Gomexus Power Handle and Knob baitcasting reel handle upgrades
Lew's American Hero Tier 1 LFS Casting Reel
BB1 Speed Spool baitcaster
Elite-Ti SLP Series
Hyper Mag SP baitcaster
HyperSpeed LFS baitcaster
Lew's Elite-Ti Reels and Elite Rod preview
Pro-Ti SLP baitcaster
Speed Spool LFS
Super Duty GX3baitcaster
Super Duty SD1H Baitcaster
Super Duty LFS Casting Reel
Tournament Pro Speed Spool baitcaster
KastKing Kestrel Elite BFS baitcaster
Mg12 Elite baitcaster
Kistler Kistler Series 1 Casting Reel
Mitchell Mitchell 300 Pro spinning reel
Okuma 2005 Preview
  Chroma Limited Edition Spinning Reel
  Citrix Baitcasters
  Fina FI-30
  Hakai Baitcaster review
  Helios Baitcaster
  Helios Air Baitcaster
  Helios spinning reel preview
  ITX spinning reel
  Komodo 364 baitcaster
  Metaloid MD-30
  Serrano Baitcaster
  VSystem (VS-20) Spinning reel
Penn 2009 Pre-ICAST preview - Torque Spinning reel
  320 GTi
  Slammer III spinning reel preview
Pflueger 2010 Magnesium Patriarch and Supreme XT Spinning Reel preview
  Patriarch Baitcaster
  Patriarch Baitcasting Reel (2015)
  Patriarch spinning reel
  Patriarch XT SP35X Spinning Reel
  President Baitcaster
  Supreme Baitcaster
  Supreme SP35X spinning reel
Pinnacle 2008 Baitcast Reel Preview
  2010 ICAST Reel Preview
  Producer XT PRF 33 spinning reel
  Vision Slyder baitcaster
Quantum 2004 Energy PTi
  2003 New Product Introduction
  2005 New Product Introduction
  2006 New Product Introduction
  2007 Pre-ICAST Preview
  2010 Pre-ICAST Preview
  Accurist 2 (AC500CX)
  Accurist S3 spinning reels
  Aruba PTs (part 1-a look inside)
  Boca PTs (40PTs)
  Cabo PT Baitcast
  Cabo PT Trolling Reel
  Catalyst PTi (10PTi)
  Catalyst PTi (20PTi)
  Energy E100 SPTA
  Energy PT (E600PT)
  Energy PT (E640PT & E650PT)
  Energy PT "Power" cranking reel
  Energy PT XMetal
  Energy PT (2006 Model)
  EXO PT baitcaster
  EXO PTi spinning reel
  Hypercast Ultra (HPX20)
  Incyte (IT10F)
  Plasma Spinning reel
  PT Tour S3 baitcaster
  Smoke baitcasters
  Smoke S3 30 Inshore Spinning Reel
  Smoke Speed Freak baitcasters
  Smoke S3 Baitcaster
  Smoke S3 25 Spinning Reel
  Tour Mg baitcaster
  Tour Edition PT 2009 Preview
  Tour Edition PT VI 100/101HPT
  Tour KVD baitcaster
  Ultralight Combo (XLSP1000)
  Xtralite Ultralight (XPS05)
Rapala 2004 Reel Preview
  BX Swimmer
  DTF09 flat crankbait
  RAP SX6i
  Rapala's New Offerings for 2010/11
  Rapala Canada Shift baitcaster
Rhino Tackle Tote Combo System
Shimano 2005 Reel Preview
  Aldebaran 50/51 baitcaster
  Antares baitcaster
  Antares A 70 (2019)
  Bantam 150 MGL preview
  Bantam MGL 150 and 150XG review
  Caenan 100 baitcaster
  Calais 200 vs Daiwa TD-Z 105H
  Calcutta B Preview
  Calcutta Conquest MD 300 and 400 preview
  Calcutta CT-400
  Calcutta D Preview
  Calcutta TE 200DC (Digital)
  Calcutta TE 200GT
  Calcutta TE 300
  Cardiff (CDF200A)
  Calais CL200ASV
  Calais DC Preview
  Calais DC Review
  Charter Special Saltwater reel
  Chronarch CI4+
  Chronarch D Preview
  Chronarch 50Mg
  Chronarch 100A, SF, and MG
  Chronarch 100B
  Chronarch 100D
  Chronarch MGL
  Citica 200E
  Citica 200G
  Conquest 300 MD
  Core 100Mg & 100MGFV
  Citica 100D
  Curado BFS XG
  Curado DC 150
  Curado DC 200 Preview (ICAST 2022)
  Curado DC 200 Review
  Curado SF
  Curado 70HG and 70XG Preview
  Curado 100D
  Curado 200DHSV
  Curado E and Citica E preview
  Curado I inside look and lab tests
  Curado I preview
  Curado I review
  Curado K preview
  Curado K review
  Curado M 200 preview
  Curado MGL70 K review
  Curado 70
  Curado 150 DC preview
  Curado 200E5
  Curado 200G5
  Metanium 150 B MGL
  Metanium DC 70 A and SLX 70 A preview
  Miravel spinning reel preview (ICAST 2022)
  Sahara 750FB
  Saros FA 2012 preview
  Sedona 500FA
  SLX baitcaster
  SLX DC baitcaster
  Sonora 2500
  Stradic 2500MgF
  Stradic CI4 2500F
  Stradic FI 4000
  Stradic FJ 2500
  Stradic FK 2500
  Stradic FL C3000-XG
  Stradic ST-2000
  Stradic vs Daiwa Capricorn
  Stella 3000 FE
  Stella 2000 FI
  Stella 2500 FK HG
  Sustain vs Daiwa TD-S
  Sustain 2500FG
  Talica II Leverdrag reel preview
  Tekota 600LC
  Torsa Preview
  Tranx 300 Preview
  Tranx 300A Review
  Trinidad vs. Saltiga
  Twin Power FD Spinning Reel
  Vanford F 2500 Spinning Reel
SPRO SPRO Vortex-E Casting Reel
Tech Tackle Miniature Collectibles (Series 1)
TICA Libra SA2500
  Caiman CA150
  Cetus SB500 Ultralight
Van Staal Van Staal VSB100G
WaveSpin WaveSpin DH3000 spinning reel
  WaveSpin DHxL spinning reel
Wright & McGill Skeet Reese Victory Baitcaster
Zebco 2005 Spy Preview
  Spincast 33 spincast reel
2009 Highspeed crankbait reel roundup
2010 Lowspeed cranking reel roundup
2018 Low Profile Baitcaster Shootout (Part 1)
2018 Low Profile Baitcaster Shootout (Part 2)
2019 $99 Low Profile Casting Reel Round Up
Bass Anglers Guide - Obsessed with weight, the new lighter baitcasters


Rod Reviews

Tackle Manufacturer Product
13 Fishing Archangel AAC72MH  casting rod
  Omen OBC73M casting rod
Abu Garcia Fantasista Beast FB79-6
  Fantasista Premier FNPC70-6 Casting Rod
  Fantasista Premier FNPS70-5 spinning rod
  IKE Finesse Series MIKES74-4 spinning rod
  IKE MIKEC76-6 casting rod
  IKE Travel Spinning Rod
  Pro Series Rods - Targeting Smallmouth with Pro Angler Hunter Shryock
  Veritas rod preview
  Veritas VTSS70-4 spinning rod
  Vendetta VTC69-6
  Veracity VRCTYC79-7 casting rod
  Verdict Rod preview
  Veritas VTSSW70-5 Winch Spinning Rod
  Veritas VTSCW76-6 cranking rod
  Villain 2 VC70-6 rod
  Villain VS610-4 spinning rod
AiRRUS Co-MATRiX 457 (AC661MH)
  Co-Matrix 457 Spinning
  Spectra AFT
  Spy Preview: N-SYNC 2006
  Spy Preview: Tradition 2005
  Stargate ASG721HF-C Casting Rod
  Tradition ATS701M
  Ultra XL (UXLC701M)
  Wildlife Copperhead Cranking Rod
American Rodsmiths H3 Titanium Ultra Max H3TUA-MBR
  Titanium Reinforced H3T-DFCR70 cranking rod
ARK Rods B-Hittay cranking stick
  Catalyzer CTL73MHFC casting rod
  Cobb Series BB73MMHFC casting rod
  Cobb Series BB73MLXS spinning rod
  Cobb Series Rods and Team Ark Bait Preview 2020
  Essence ESS73MHFC casting rod
  Invoker IVK610MLXS spinning rod
  Invoker Pro IVP6MLXS gen 2 spinning rod
  Invoker IVK70MXC casting rod
  Invoker Pro IVP74MHRC
  Lancer LAC73MHFC casting rod
  Money Maker TS73MHFC
  Reinforcer RFC76MHFC casting rod
  Sniper SNP70MXC casting rod
  TS76MHFC Offshore Special casting rod
  Viper VIC70MHXC casting rod (2022 Model)
  Viper VIP72MHXC casting rod
Bass Pro Shops Extreme XPS Travel Rod
Batson Test rod product insight - Revelation showcase rod
Cape Fear Rod Company Cape Fear Technical Bass Preview
  Cape Fear Technical Bass ripping and cranking rod
Castaway Skeleton Camo Series preview
  Invicta Spinnerbait rod
Competitive Edge Fishing Reaction Bait Rod (RR6S7)
Custom Lures Unlimited Live Wire BzB8t buzzbait
Damiki Angel Blade C691MH
Dark Angel C761M-CR
Dark Angel S701ML spinning rod
Monster Miki plastic
Daiwa Aggrest Hyper Speed baitcaster
Ardito travel rod
BLX Bass Series preview
Cielo Drop Shot Rod
DX-Bass Cranking DXB-761MHRB
Steez AGS spinning rod
Steez AGS 2021 rod preview
Steez AGS "The One" spinning rod
Steez AGS "The Sensor" casting rod
Steez STZ631
Steez Fle-X-Lite Cranking rods preview
Steez STZ802hfba Eight Foot Flipping Stick
Daiwa Steez Fle-X-Lite STZ701MRBA-FL cranking stick
Daiwa Steez Megatop casting rod
Daiwa TDS701MHXB casting rod
TDS-701MXS Spinning Rod
Steez XBD Frog Rod
Tackle Warehouse Exclusive DXB731MHFB rod
Tatula casting rod
Tatula Elite AGS Rods Preview
Tatula e-glass TAT-721-MHRB-G rod
Tatula XT rod preview ICAST 2022
Zillion TDZL691MHXB Casting Rod
Dee Thomas Fishing Dee Thomas tangle free fishing guides
Denali Attax AC722RL Russ Lane Cranking
Attax Series AC704F
Jadewood 843WJ casting rod
Kovert K863WJ Casting Rod
KovertLite K863JW
Kovert Lite KW764MP casting rod
Lithium L883MS Multi Spin
Lithium L945XD Mag Crank
Noirwood N823FJ casting rod
RykerSeries preview 2020
Dobyns Champion Xtreme DX703C
Champion 753C casting rod
Dobyns 706CB rod
Dobyns Rods 765CB
Dobyns Rods 795ML Mike Long Swimbait Rod
Dobyns Rods 795ML Mike Long Swimbait Rod Gen 2
Dobyns Rods 795SB Fury swimbait rod
Dobyns Rods 806CB
Dobyns Rods 807MAGH swimbait rod
Dobyns Rods Generation 2 (2009-2010)
Dobyns Rods Savvy Micro
Dobyns Rods Xtasy DRX724C
Savvy (preview 2010)
Doomsday Tackle The 47 T47C-370BCF casting rod
The 47 T47S-370MF spinning rod
Douglas Outdoors Douglas DXC XMatrix DXC7116F swimbait rod
e21 E21 21 Carrot Gold Stix (21CRG701M-M-C) cranking rod
E21 21 Carrot Gold Stix 21CRG781H-F-SBC
(swimbait rod)
Preview: e21 Carrot Stix Micro Guide Rods
CMG691MH-F-C Carrot-Stix Micro
Enigma Aaron's Edge EAM610-DS-ML-S spinning rod
Aaron's Edge EAM73MB-M casting rod
Edge Rods Epitome Rod Series preview (ICAST 2022)
Epitome MBR725-1C casting rod review
Flip 787-1 flipping rod
MagBass 705-1 casting rod
Evergreen Combat RCSS-71MH
Combat RCSC-71M casting rod
Combat Stick RCSS-610M-ST Gizmo Special
Combat Stick RCSC-78XH Wakebait
Jack Hammer RCSC-73HG
Falcon Cara rod (CC-5-1610MH)
  Cara Reaction T7 Deep Runner Cranking Rod
  Jeff Kriet Signature Series Spinning Stick
Fenwick 2023 Complete Fenwick Refresh preview (Eagle, HMG, Elite, and World Class)
  Elite Series Prebiew (ICAST 2022)
  Elite Tech Crankshaft
  Elite Tech ETB69MH-FC
  Elite Tech ETB69M-MFS
  HMG70ML-FS spinning rod
  Swimbait ESC (ECSWB79H-F)
  World Class WCL76MH-FC Casting Rod
  World Class WC610ML-XFS spinning rod
Fuji K-Series Tangle Free Guides
GLoomis BCR803 Jig & Worm Rod
  Bronzeback SMR822S-SP-GLX
  2005 GLX Jig & Worm Series
  CBR845C Crankbait Rod
  Conquest 842C MBR
  Conquest 843C MBR
  DSR820S (GLX) Drop Shot Rod
  E6X Rod Series First Look
  ETR75-3ULS4 Ultra-Light Travel Rod
  GCX LITE Spinning Rods Preview (ICAST 2022)
  GL2 804C JWR rod
  GLX 2024 Rod Refresh Preview
  GLX 783 CBR crankbait rod
  GLX2000 (MBR783C GLX)
  HSR932C (GL2)
  IMX-PRO DSR822S spinning rod
  IMX-Pro 892C JWR rod
  IMX-PRO Limited Edition and Shimano Bantam MGL combo preview
  IMX Series Update (2014)Preview
  MBR783C (IMX)
  NRX822DSR Drop Shot Rod
  MBR842C GLX (2017 Model)
  NRX 852C JWR
  NRX Green Series Preview
  NRX+ Bladed Jig 833C BJR Rod
  NRX+ Rod Series Preview
  Pro Blue (PBR844C)
  SHR821S ShakeyHead rod
  SR842-3S (GL3)
  Swimbait SWBR955C
Grods BA73MH-1C cranking rod
  BA-611ML-1S Pro Bass spinning rod
  BA-7MH-C pro bass rod
  Game Changer rod series preview
  Game Changer GC-73MH-1C rod review
Halo Black Widow Preview
Harmonix Harmonix 6'6" Spinning rod
Hookhider IM8 Pro Series (147C)
iRod AIR IRA710PRG-H casting rod
  Bub Tosh Punch Rod
  Croaker Crusher frog rod
  Genesis II IRG744C-MH casting rod
  Genesis III G2 Ultra Finesse
  Kaimana Coastal Series SWC794C-H Poe's Mag Stick
Kencor SP4HV
Jackall Jackall Poison cranking rods
  Jackall Poison Adrena 166M cranking rod
Kistler Crankbait Composite
  Carbon Steel Rod Series preview
  Delta Flip n Pitch Special
  Drop Shot Special
  Feel n Reel rod (KLX-FNR72MH)
  Helium LTA Special
  Helium LTA He76HC
  Helium 2 LTX He2HC76T
  Helium 3 Preview
  Helium 3 Review He3-LMH-70F
  Helium 2021 Helium HE701M
  ICAST 2022 Preview
  KLX rod preview
  KLX7107XXH Big Bait stick review
  KLX KLXBBC70M casting rod
  KLX KLX764MH casting rod (Series update for 2022)
  Magnesium 2
  Magnesium 2 MG2-SP-LMH-70-MF spinning rod
  Magnesium TS MgAPSMH66
  Kistler's Magnesium TS : The MgMDXH710T Mad Dog
  Mark Daniels Jr Signature He3H711MAD rod
  Mark Tyler Series (KMT66MH)
  Micro MgTS McMag70MHC
  Swimbait Special (KBSBS80)
  Zbone rod in the Amazon
  Zbone LEX rod preview 2011
  ZBone LEXF-2MS-70 spinning rod
  ZBone LEXF-3MH-70
  Zbone rod preview on Falcon Lake, TX
  ZBone ZB-4MH rod review
  ZBone ZB3LMH73 (2019)
Lamiglas Back Bouncer
  Lamiglas Certified Pro XFT764
  Excel Bass Rod XL743C
  Excel Bass Rod XL7116C
  XC807 Big Bait Special
  Infinity Bass INF703S spinning rod
  Norwest Special
  Skeet Reese Glass Cranking Stick
  XMG 50 EXC 722
Legit Design Stand Out SO66L+ BFS casting rod
Stand Out SOC70H
Wild Side WSC75XH Big Bait Special
  Wild Side WSC72H+ 2 pc rod
  Wild Side WSC68XXH-5 Big Bait Special
Leviathan Rods Omega Swimbait rod
  Trinity All Purpose Bass Breaker
Lew's Pro-Ti TLPT170M casting rod
  Speed Stick Lite HM85 casting rod
Lipper Evolution C701M
Lucky Craft LCMG 761XHF Swimbait rod
  701MF Fat Mini Magic Cranking Stick
  701MXF spinning rod
Mattlures 77/711 Signature Series Heavy Swimbait Rod
Megabass USA 2005 Preview
  2017 Destroyer Lineup Preview
  2017 Destroyer Lineup Preview (Part2)
  2018 Orochi XX Lineup Preview
  2019 Destroyer new rods - Mark48, Bunker Buster, Otomat, Brigand, Flyssa
  Destroyer Bunker Buster F7.5-77X
  Destroyer Mark 48 F8-78X
  Destroyer P5 US Rod Series Preview (2022)
  Destroyer P5 US F7.5-76X Mark-56
  Destroyer P5 F7-75X BMG
  Levante 2019 Series Preview
  Levante F3st-610S Stinger Shot
  Levante F5-72C Diablo Spec-R
  Onager F10-711X big bait rod
  Orochi F3-611XXS Drop Shot
  Orochi F8-78DG Super Destruction
  Orochi XX rod series preview
  Orochi XX F5-75XX EMTF
  Orochi XX F5-610XX Spinnerbait Special
  Orochi XX F5-72XXG Swingfire
  Orochi 2018 XX F4.5-74XXS Enforcer
  Super Destroyer
  Triza F0-69STZ Hibali
  Valkyrie Rod Series preview
  Valkyrie Worldwide and Triza Travel Rods
  Valkyrie World Expedition VKC-78H-4
  White Python
Molix Fioretto casting rod
Monstar Fishing Novelty Travel Casting Rod
Nameless Custom Rods Nameless Interview and CULTxVANS waffle grip rods
North Fork Composites

Ready to Take Your Fishing to the Edge? Pre-ICAST 2013 preview

  Regaining His Edge : Bass Rods by Gary Loomis
Okuma Okuma Guide Select GS-C-7111MH/XH
  EVX-C-751Ha Casting Rod
  EVX-C-861XH-Ta big bait rod
  Helios 701M rod
  Nomad Xpress Swimbait Travel Rods
  X-Series Rod preview
Phenix Bass rod lineup preview
  Feather Series FTX-71MH casting rod
  Feather FTX-C277MH 2 piece casting rod
  Feather FTX-S 71L spinning rod
  Iron Feather trout rod
  K2 TX-713C rod
  K2 TX-713S (spinning rod)
  Maxim MAXS-610L spinning rod
  Maxim MAX-73MH casting rod
  M1 MX72H heavy casting rod
  M1 MX72MH (Gen 2 - 2020 Series)
  M1 MX-S72L spinning rod
  M1 MX-UR80H Swimbait Rod
  M1 rod series preview
  Recon C715H rod
  Recon 2 PHX-C796H rod
  Titan Long Fall TJXL710H-B Blank / Swimbait rod build
  Ultra Swimbait 790H Blank (Custom Build and Test)
  XG1-Glass/XG740 Glass Cranking Rod
  X10 Crankbait rod
  X13 Composite Cranker
Pinnacle Perfecta rod series preview
  Perfecta 7'11" Heavy flipping, frogging and swimbait rod review
Point Blanks Rods Point Blank Rods Custom Build at Home
  Point Blank Rods Second Build - PB731HXF
Powell Diesel rod series preview
  Endurance rod preview
  Endurance 6101L spinning rod review
  Max 683C casting rod
  Max 701 L spinning rod
  Max 754 Cranking Rod
  Max Swimbait 711H rod
  Max 765 CB/SBR Rod
  Max 806CB Cranking Rod
  Squarebill cranking rod (Jared Lintner Edition)
Power Tackle The One 04MH Casting Rod
  The One 4.5XXHM Big Bait Rod
Quantum Accurist S3 casting reel
  Cabo PT Inshore
  Superlite QTC711F
  Tour Edition PT Burner
  Tour Edition PT Casting
Tour Edition PT Spinning
  Tour KVD Cranking rod
  Tour KVD TKVD7106MB Cranking Rod
Ultralight Combo (XLSP1000)
Quarrow O.T. Fears Casting
  O.T. Fears Spinning
Rainshadow Eternity ETES72ML (blank) and build
Rapala 2010 Shift rod preview
  Concept Ti Trigger 70
Renegade Evolution Series by Hookhider
Rhino Tackle Tote Combo System
Rogue Max DS (Drop shot rod)
Savage Gear Browser rod series preview
Seeker Black Steel G870-7'
Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Preview
  Ugly Stik Tiger
Shimano Compre Rod CPC-X66MHA
  Crucial CRC-D66M
  Cumara CUC68M
  Cumara Generation 2 preview
  Cumara Reaction Series Review
  Cumara Reaction CUCX711MH
  Expride 171H casting rod
  Poison Adrena rods preview 2019
  Teramar West Coast TMC-X76M
  Tescata TSC80L Lucanus rod
  Voltaeus rod preview
  Zodias rod preview
  Zodias cranking rods preview
  Zodias 172MH casting rod review
Snyder Glass Flame Wrap (FW7)
SPRO Slayer B74MH Casting Rod
SPRO + KGB SPRO KGB Signature Series B79H swimbait rod
St. Croix 2005 Rod Preview
  Avid Crankbait
  Avid AVC70MHXF
  BassX BAC710HF bass casting rod (2022 model)
  BassX BXC71MHF bass rod
  BassX BXS610MLXF spinning rod
Legend Elite
  Legend Elite EC70MF Casting Rod
  Legend Elite ES70MLF
  Legend Elite LES76MLXF spinning rod
  Legend Elite 2005
  Legend Glass LGC88HM
  Legend Trek LTC76HF travel rod
  Legend Xtreme Casting Rod (XC70MHF)
  Legend Tournament LTBC66MF Jerkbait Rod
  Legend Tournament Bass Teaser
  Legend Tournament Swimbait Sticks
  Mojo Bass MBC70MH
  Premier Traveler
  Rage RC71MHXF casting rod
  Victory VTC73MHF casting rod
  Victory VTS73MXF spinning rod
Temple Fork Outfitters Temple Fork Outfitters SWC 664-1 casting rods
Trika Trika Rods Preview (2022)
  Trika 7'3" MH/F casting rod review
  Trika 7'5" MH/F and 7'7XH/MF rod review
Uribe Riverside M2 spiral wrapped rod
Wright & McGill Co. Skeet Reese Signature Series Tessera Rods
Witch Doctor Shaman 7'6" flipping and punching rod
Z-Man Drew's Ultimate NED Rod preview
Zombie Rod & Tackle Zombie rods preview
  Zombie rods long term update - From the Amazon to Alabama
  Zombie 7'3" Flipping and Pitching rod review
Rod Article: Introducing the 2009 Crankbait Rod Wars
Rod Article: 2009 Crankbait Rod Wars Finale
Rod Article: Picking the right rod for You
Rod Care: Protect your rod investment with 8 easy tips
Rod Article: Swimbait Wars - Part 1
Rod Article: Swimbait Wars -Conclusion


Line Reviews

Tackle Manufacturer Product
Berkley Fireline Ultra 8
  Trilene Big Game 12lb
  Trilene Big Game 50lb
  Trilene Big Game 2016
  Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon
  Trilene XL
  X9 Braided Line
Finatic Pro Series Braid
  Pro Series Fluorocarbon (FC)
Fins Wind Tamer Pitch Black braided line
Gamma Gamma Edge Fluorocarbon
Gary Yamamoto Sugoi Fluorocarbon
Hi-Seas 100% Hi-Seas flurocarbon
  Black Widow Co-Polymer
Innovative Textiles PowerPro Braided Line
Maxima Perfexion
  Ultragreen Update 2016
P-Line Floroclear
  PF Original Copoly
  Spectrex IV Braid
Phenix Hydra 8X Braid
Power Pro Super8Slick V2 Braid
Pure Fishing 2007 Preview
  2009 Preview
Seaguar AbrazX Fluorocarbon
  Gold Label Fluorocarbon Leader
  Smackdown Braid
  Tatsu Fluorocarbon
  Threadlock Hollow Braid
Shimano Mastiff Fluorocarbon line preview
Soft Steel Instinct Fluorocarbon
Spiderwire Stealth Braid Camo
  Ultracast X8 braid
SPRO Finesse braid 8X
Stren Original
Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon
  832 braid
  Tritanium Plus
Sunline Assassin FC
  Defier 100% Nylon
  FC Crank
  FX2 Braid
  ICAST 2022 Sunline preview
  Maboroshi Fluorocarbon Leader
  Machinegun cast

Shooter Defier Armilo

  Shooter Fluorocarbon
  Sniper FC
  Super Natural
Toray Toray Fishing Lines Preview 2008
  Toray Polymide Plus
  Toray SuperHard Upgrade FC
Triple Fish Camo X-Line
Varivas Finesse Braid Product Insight
YGK G-Soul OhDragon sinking braid
  G-Soul Tour Grade Fluorocarbon
Yozuri Yozuri SuperBraid
  Yozuri Hybrid
Custom rods: Can't Find Exactly What You Need in a New Fishing Rod? Maybe It's Time You Considered Custom
Fluorocarbon Showdown Part I: Presenting the Much Anticipated and Highly Overdue TackleTour Fluorocarbon Showdown!!
Fluorocarbon Showdown Part II: TackleTour's Fluorocarbon Showdown Sequel!!
Introducing TackleTour's FPI - Fluorocarbon Performance Index
JDM Leader Options
Three Way Premium Braided Line Showdown


Lure Reviews

Tackle Manufacturer Product
3:16 Real Deal Swimbait
6th Sense Cloud 9 Squarebill
Crush 500DD crankbait
Flow Glider swimbait
Snatch Lipless Crankbait
Speed Glide hardbait
Acme Tackle Company Kastmaster
Advantage Advantage spinnerbaits
Alan Fong Al-e-baby
Ambush Lures Pop-a-Long
Awesome Bait Company Thundershad crankbait
Bagley Balsa B crankbait
Baitsmith Baitsmith Shad swimbait
Basstar Big Mac Randy McAbee crankbait preview
Big Mac Crankbait review
Proprunner topwater prop-bait
SpinTech rotating hooks
Basstrix Bastrix Swimbait
Bass Patrol Bass Patrol Jig refresh
Bass Pro XPS Xtreme rattle Shad
Berkley 2009 Bassmaster Classic Baits
2010 Bassmaster Classic Baits
2011 Bassmaster Classic Baits
Chigger Craw Preview
Cullshad swimbait Cull (Berkley issues recall/replacment)
Dredger crankbait
Frenzy Rattl'r
  Havoc Hawk Hawg
  Krej, PowerBait Powerswitch, and Finisher preview
  Powerbait Ca$hout Ned Worm
  Powerbait Flute Worm
  Powerbait Jester Craw
  Powerbait Jigs
  Powerbait MaxScent D-Worm
  Powerbait MaxScent Flat Worm
  Power Blade Spinnerbaits
  The Deal
Bettencourt Baits Assassin
  "Real Fish" Bluegill
  Shad and Snake baits
Big Bite Baits Coontail worm
  Craw Tube
  Dean Rojas Fighting Frog
  Buzzing Warmouth
  Limit Maker plastic worm
  Russ Lane Real Deal Craw
  Russ Lane YoDaddy
  Scentsation plastics preview (ICAST 2022)
  Squirrel Tail Worm & Flying Squirrel
  Suicide Shad swimbait
  Swimming Mama plastic review
  Tour Toad/Suicide Shad Buzzbait
Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap
Black Dog Bait Company Lunker Punker
Blue Fox Musky Buzz Preview
Booyah Bi-You Buzz Buzzbait
Brian Schmidt Baits Hybrid Football Hair Jig
  Ned Dred jigs
Cal Coast Twerk Minnow paddletail swimbait
Caribe Lures Caribe Jig
Cast-Away Gee-min-ee Spoon-Spinner
Castaic Castaic Catch 22
  Platinum Rock Hard Swimbait
Catch Outdoors Airquake Bladed Jig
  CLU Zero Gravity Jig
  Ikon/Ikon M2 crankbait
  Zero Gravity Hybrid Airdrop Underspin
Clear Water Lures Beadhead Spinner Fly
CL8 CL8 Bait Swimbait
  CL8 Bluegill and Crappie Swimbaits
Competitive Edge Fishing VPR Pro LBM Spinnerbait
  VPR Pro LBM Titanium Spinnerbait
Cotee Bait Co. Buttoneye Jerk Weedless Bait Kit
  JigLip jighead
Cox Lures The Squidy Mangler
Crave Bait Gravy Catfish
Critterbait Critterbait swim jig
Culprit Tassel Tail Lizard
Daiwa Conch saltwater rubber jig
  Lure Preview-Team Daiwa Series
  TD Mouthwasher
  TD SP Minnow ripbait
  TD Vibration lipless crankbait
Damiki Air Craw plastic bait
  DC Series Crankbait
  Gizzard Shad
  Knock Out plastic bait
  TG Tungsten Micro Jig
Dirty Jigs Standard and No Jack Swim Jig
D&M Custom Baits Flippin Craw soft plastic
  Sniper Spinnerbait
Division Rebel Tackles (DRT) Klash swimbait preview
Donkey Slayer Donkey Slayer giant bladed jig
Doomsday Roku plastic stickbait
DUO Realis 100SP Jerkbait
  G87 20A crankbait
  Onimasu Glide-bait Swimbait
  Rozante Perj wakebait, T-Hog plastic, and SHOT bladed treble hook preview
  Spinbait 72 Alpha Spybait
  Vibration G-Fix lip-less crankbait
Envision Lures Envision Jig
Excalibur Fat Free Shad
Evergreen Amazon topwater
  ES Flat Glide Bait
  Jackhammer Stealth
  Kicker Frog
  One's Bug topwater popper
  Show Blows topwater bait
  XV-5 Shad Profiled crossover crank preview (ICAST 2022)
Evolve Preview of Evolve 2012 new baits
Falcon Lures Big Eyez swimbait
Fanatik Larva and X-Larva baits
Fish Arrow Spooky Jack
FishLab Bio Gill Swimbait and Glide Bait
FLT Zilva Minnow
Food Source Food Sticks
Gambler - B.A.N.G. Shad Formula
Gancraft Jointed Claw Glide Bait Swimbait
  Jointed Claw 303 Glide Bait Swimbait
  Scaper topwater walking bait
  Soft Jointed Claw Shape S
Ganns Performance Tackle Jig Lineup Preview
Gary Yamamoto Chikara crankbait
  Hula Grub
  Hula Swimmer
  Kickin Zako
Harrison Hoge Industries, Inc. Holographic Superior Frog
  Superior Frog
H&T Balsa Crank
Huddleston 6" Weedless Trout S
  Deluxe Rate of Fall swimbait
Imakatsu Stealth Swimmer swimbait
ima Japan Roumba Wakebait
  Big Stik topwater bait
  Glide Fluke
  Shaker crankbait
Jackall Lures Aragon MR crank
  Binksy topwater lure
  Chubble squarebill crank
  Crosstail Shad drop shot lure
  Iobee hollow body frog
  iProp 75 spybait preview
  Jaco 58MR crankbait and ChunkCraw preview
  Rhythm Wave paddletail
Keitech Easy Shaker Worm
  Tungsten Rubber Jig Model I
Kevkel Baits Kevkel spinnerbait preview
  Kevkel spinnerbait review
Kinami Nories Bug
  Palm Tree
KLures Peacock Ripper
Ko-Man-Chi Dr. Spinnerbait blades
  Dr. Spinnerbait Platinum Composite blades
Konezone Konezone Flasher
Koppers Live Target Golden Shiner
  Live Target Smallmouth Bass Crankbait
  Live Target Threadfin Shad Swimbait
Little Creeper All American Sunfish
  All American Trash Fish
Live Target Crappie lipless bait
  Sunfish topwater lure
LockJaw LockJaw lure
Lucky Craft Big Daddy Shad Crankbait
  Flat CB MR Crankbait
  Live Pointer Jerkbait
  LV500 Lipless crank
  Moonsault crankbait
  Pointer 65sp jerkbait
  Pointer 100 jerkbait
  Real California Supreme 200 Swimbait
  The Fix is In : Lucky Craft's Real California Supreme 200 - Round 2
  Real Skin Pointer
  RTO lipless crank
  SKT Magnum Cranks
  Slender Pointer MR Jerkbait
  Staysee Jerkbait
Luhr Jensen A.C. Plug
  Big Game Woodchopper
  Mini Speed Trap
Lunker Hunt Link topwater walking bait preview
  Swim Bento swimbaits
Lurefans USA Lurefans preview
MegaBait Megabait LA Slider swimbait
  MegaBait Live Jig
  MegaBait Charlie
  MegaBait Chubby Shad
Megabait Mega Crank
MegaStrike Cavitron Buzzbait
Mattlures Mattlures BabyBass swimbait
  Mattlures Hardbass
  Mattlures Threadfin Shad Swimbait
  Mattlures U2 Gill
  Mattlures Hard Bluegill
Megabass Megabass Anthrax
  Megabass Bait X
  Megabass Big M7.5 Crankbait
  Megabass's Blueprint of Success - The Vision OneTen
  Megabass Bottle Shrimp creature
  Megabass Bumpee Hog plastic
  Megabass Cyclone Crankbait
  Megabass Sleeper Craw preview
  Megabass Deep Six Crankbait
  Megabass Deep-X LBO II crankbait
  Megabass Dog-X Diamante topwater walker
  Megabass Flat Slap
  Megabass Funky Flipper
  Megabass Garuda Swimbait
  Megabass Grenade Crankbait
  Megabass I-Jack Wakebait
  Megabass Ito Shiner
  Megabass IxI Shad crankbait
  Megabass Knuckle FX crankbait
  Megabass Knuckle LD crankbait
  Megabass Limber Lamber glide swimbait
  Megabass Live-X Margay Stepcat
  Megabass Live-X Revenge
  Megabass Live-X Smolt
  Megabass MagDraft Swimbaits
  Megabass MagSlowl Swimbait
  Megabass Megadog
  Megabass PopMax
  Megabass ScreamX Jr.
  Megabass Sleeper Craw
  Megabass Sonic Crank
  Megabass S-Crank
  Megabass Trick Darter X-80
  Megabass Vibration X
  Megabass Vibration X Jr.
  Megabass Vision 110 Jerkbait
  Megabass Vision OneTen +1
  Megabass Vision OneTen Silent
  Megabass Vatalion
  Megabass X-Dad
  Megabass X-Plose topwater bait
  Megabass X-Pod
  Megabass Z-Crank
  Preview: 2012 Lures
  Preview: 2013 Lures
  Preview: 2020 Lures
MirroLure Popa Dog
Missile Baits Bomb Shot
  Bomba Worm
  Drop Craw
  Ike's Flip Out Jig
  Missile Craw plastic bait
  Ned Bomb plastic bait
  Shockwave swimbait
  Tomahawk plastic bait
  Quiver Worm
Molix Creature Plastic
  Glide Bait
  Mike Iaconelli Lover Spinnerbait
  Molix Baits Preview
  SB Crankbait
  Sculpo XD Rattlin' Crankbait
  Special Swimming (SS) Shad
  Supernato Beetle
Monsterbass Mad Max popper preview
Nate's Baits Nate's Baits Swimbait Preview
Nemire Lures Spoon/Buzzbait
NetBait Pacacraw
Nishine Lure Works Chippawa RB DD Blade Crankbait
  Erie 95 SD jerkbait
  Finesse Football Jig
Norman Lures Deep Little "N" (DLN)
NuTech Jigs Jig Lineup Preview
Omega Custom Tackle Rapture Vibrating Jig
Optimum Boom Boom Shad
  Double Diamond Swimbait preview
Orso Swimbait Preview
O.S.P. Blitz Crankbait
  DoLive Craw
  DoLive Stick
  HPF Crankbait
  Rudra Jerkbait
  Yamato Topwater Walking Bait
Owner New Plastics for 2010
Panther Martin Holographic Spinners
Mark Drag Trolling Rig
Rainbow Spinner Minnow
  Vivif Swimbait
  Weedwing Buzz-spoon
Paycheck Baits Paycheck Baits Punch Skirt preview
  Paycheck Baits Punch Skirt review
  "The One" pencil popper topwater bait
Persuader Clacker Spinnerbait
  e-chip spinnerbait
PH Customs Herren's 2.0 Squarebill Crankbait
  Lowen's Cyber Craw Crankbait
  Ploppin' P topwater bait
Picasso BuzzSaw Buzzbait
  Dinr Bell Buzzbait
Power Tackle Lateral Perch jig
Power Team Lures Diesel Craw Plastic
Predator Labs Shrimp Crankbait
  Venom Popper
Rago Baits The return of Rago Baits
Rainbow Worms Bowfish swimbait
Rapala BX Big Brat crankbait
  Clackin' Rap
  Shadow Rap
  Shadow Rap Shad (Jerkbait)
  Shadow Rap Shad (SR Shad)
  Storm Arashi Squarebill Crank
  X-Rap Slashbait
  X-Rap Deep Slashbait
Reaction Innovations Flirt Worm
  Kinky Beaver
  Machete worm
  Man Bear Pig plastic creature
  Method Crank
  Pocket Rocket
  Screwed up Bullet
  Shiver Shot finesse baits
  Skinny Dipper Shad Bait
  Spicy Beaver
  Squeaky Dolphin Buzzbait
  Twerk plastic bait
  Vixen topwater walker
Reel Pearl Reel Pearl Inline Spinner
Reins Axe Claw trailer
  Bubbling Shaker worm
  C-Pod Creature plastic
  Paddle Tail worm
Revenge Baits Revenge Dart Hedz
River2Sea USA Biggie squarebill crankbait
  Crystal Spin Spinnerbait
  Dragonfly Popper
  JSJ Trigger Trout
  Larry Dahlberg Diver Frog
  Nest Raider
  Pop88 Bubble Popper
  Ruckus lipless crankbait
  S-Waver glide swimbait
  Tactical DD Crankbait
  Twin Vibe lipless crank
  V-Crank crankbait
  V-Joint Deep Dive Minnow
  Yabbie Crawdad
RMD Revolution Spinnerbait refresh preview
RMK International Rollo System Wobler
Roboworm Ned Worm
  Robo Fat Worm
  Robo Minnow preview
  Zipper and Straight Tail Worm
Roman Made Prologue plastic worm
Salmo Rattlin' Sting Jerkbait
  Squarebill crankbait
Sebile Ghost Walker
  Magic Swimmer Soft Pro Swimbait
Seaspin Bruko plastic stickbait
  Geko Jig
Secret Weapon Lures SWL Customizable Spinnerbiat
Shimano Butterfly jigs
  Classic Boost hardbait preview (Enber, World Rush, Zumverno) 2023
  Lucanus jig preview
  Lucanus Jig Review
Sizmic Sizmic Toad
Skinny Bear Junior Deep crankbait
Snag Proof Wiggle Wog Topwater lure
Specialty Tackle Big Bite
  Junior D Crankbait
SpotSticker Casting Jig
  Mini-Me Spinnerbait
SPRO 4" BBZ Shad Swimbait
  Araku Shad lipless crank
  BBZ Baby Shad Swimbait
  BBZ Swimbait
  BBZ Swimbait Jr.
  Chug Minnow 35
  Dean Rojas Bronzeye Poppin Frog
  Dean Rojas Bronzeye Shad walking frog
  Fat Papa Squarebill Crankbait
  John Crews Fat John 60 crankbait

John Crews Little John 50

  John Crews Little John Baby DD Crankbait
  John Crews Little John MD Crankbait
  John Crews Super DD Crankbait
  McRip 85 ripbait
  McStick 95 ripbait
  McStick 110 ripbait
  Rat 50 rat swimbait
  RkCrawler 55 crankbait
  Prime Bucktail Jig
  Wameku Shad lipless crankbait
Stanley Jigs Refreshed jig lineup 2019
Storm Arashi Glide Swimbait
  Arashi Topwater Walker
  2007 Lure Preview
  Wildeye Shad Swimbait
Strike King 10XD Crankbait
  KVD Deep Jerkbait
  KVD Dream Shot
  KVD Squarebill crankbait
  Mega Dawg topwater plug
  Ocho Plastic
  Rage Bug
  Rage Chunk
  Rage Swimmer
  Rage Toad
  Rage Twin Tail Menace Grub
  Red Eye Shad
  Tungsten Thunder Cricket preview (ICAST 2022)
Strike Pro Classic Shad 55 crankbait
  DD72 Crankbait
  Finesse Walking Stick
  Flex Crawfish
  Flex Phantom Swimbait
  Gobi Popper top water lure
  SP Plug
Sunrize Tackle Hammerhead Big Hammer swimbait
Sworming Hornet Lures Fish Head bladed jighead
Tackle Doctor Aaron Martens details the Albright Knot
Tantrum Spinnerbait
Terminator T1 Titanium Spinnerbait
TnT Preview 2012 baits
  Wadda Jig
  Wadda Bomb Jig
Top Secret AminoGel Trout
Trophy Sticks Trophy Sticks Minnow Baits
TroutGlider TroutGlider 7
Tru Tungsten Four Inch Swimbait Preview
Tru Tungsten Jason Quinn Jig
Tru-Life Swimbait (Gill)
Uncle Josh Carp Bait
  Pork Jig
Vertical Lures Jig X
V&M Mud Bug Craw Trailer
Wake Fishing JigWobbler
Warbaits Slayer swim jig
Wave Worms Tiki Stick Super Soft Pro
Wigston Lures Tasmanian Devil
Wild Lures Wild Beat Swimbait
Yo-Zuri Mag Minnow
Zerek Sabre Dance Jerkbait
Z-Man BatwingZ trailer
  HellraiZer topwater chatterbait preview
  Micro Finesse Lure Preview - Micro TRD
  TRD CrawZ
Zoom Baby Brush Hog
  Super Hog
2008 Football Jig Roundup
2009 Deep Diving Crankbait Shootoout
2009 Jig Roundup
2010 Spinnerbait Shootout
2013 Frog Week part 1 - Standard Hollow Body Frogs
2013 Frog Week part 2 - Twitch, Pop, n Lockin' Frogs
2013 Frog Week part 3 - What's a Shrog?
2013 Frog Week part 4 : A Frog by Any Other Color is Still a Frog
Lures for the Backcountry: The "Must Have" arsenal
Soft Body Swimbait Drop 2009
TackleTrends from Japan : Subsurface Prop Baits
The Walking Baits: Selecting the Right Rod, Reel, and Line for Your Walker Arsenal
The Walking Baits: Top 5 Walk-The-Dog Picks
Umbrella rigs: Fishing the Perfect Storm? Don't Forget Your Umbrella - Rig
Umbrella rigs: Fishing the Perfect Storm? Use the right tackle


Swimbait Reviews

Tackle Manufacturer Product
2 Faced Baits Waking Rat
22nd Century Bluegill Swimbait
Stubby Triple Trout Swimbait
Triple Trout Swimbait
Nezumma Rat
Nezumma Rat V-Cut
A.B.T Next Generation Banshee Swimbait preview
Suicide Glide swimbait
Titan Swimbait
X2 Squarebill crankbait
A.C. Plugs A.C. Bluegill Preview
A.C. Minnow
A.C. Real Trout
Baitsanity Antidote Glide Bait
Antidote TUG Glide Bait
Chimera X Tackle Warehouse Chimera Shad Preview
Explorer Gen2 Glidebait and Hatch Match Tails
Explorer Gen 2 2024 Update with Shad and Swaggy HatchMatch tails
Explorer Gill Glidebaits
Trout and Carp Explorer
Bigg Nasty Nat Rat
Bull Shad Swimbaits Balsa Bull
  Bullshad 2Knocker
  Bullshad Bull Wake
  Bullshad Rat
  Shad Glide glidebaits
CL8 Baits Water Vole Wakebait
Click Bait Customs Mini Sonar swimbait
Decoy Swimbaits Hydratail 5" swimbait
Defiant 210 and 247 Series Swimbaits
  The Bird topwater crawler preview
Delta Wood Bomber Sinister Swimbait
Deps Highsider Swimbait
  Slide Swimmer swimbait
  Tiny Bulldoze
Dream Smasher Shad and Gill swimbaits
Gancraft Jointed Claw Zepro 178 
  Joi Crawler
FishLab BBZ Bio-Rat Preview
G. Ratt Baits Pistol Pete Glidebait
  Wild Willy topwater bait
Grow Design G-Flag 150
High Power Swimbaits Gizzard Glide
Hill Country Swimbaits RioRat 
Illude Baits Lunker Fighters Zombie Gerbil
  Lunker Fighters Zombie Rat
  Pistol Gill Glidebait
  Rad Rat wakebait
Jackall Dowzswimmer 220SF Swimbait
  Dunkle Swimbait
  Gantarel Bluegill Swimbait
  Gantarel Jr. Bluegill Swimbait
Jerry Rago Baby Tool Swimbait
  Bass Jam '09 Preview : What's Cookin' with Rago Baits
  Original Generic Rat
  Smoothie Swimbait
Johnny Rat Johnny Rat
JSJ Baits Pack Rat
  Snack Sized Gill
  Snack Sized Trout preview
  Snack Sized Trout Review
Lanciotti Psycho Gill swimbait
LitLures Lit Rat
Megabass Dark Sleeper swimbait
  I-Slide 262
  Spark Shad swimbait
Molix Glide Bait 178
  Glide Bait 140SS
  RT Shad Swimbait
Monka Lure Works Monka FP Rat Swimbait
MS Slammer Slammer Swimbait
Narrow Gate Baits Rat Swimbait
PB Rat PB Rat Swimbait
Osprey Dink Swimbait
Pike Team Six B52 Wake Swimbait
Roman Made Mother Swimbait
  Negotiator Swimbait
  South Bluegill Swimbait
  Trick swimbait
Savage Gear 3D Duck Preview
  3D Minnow preview
  3D Pulse Tail RTF Bluegill
  3D Rat Preview
  Line Thru Trout Swimbait
  Sandeel swimbait
  Shine Glide Swimbait
Shimano Armajoint swimbait preview (ICAST 2022)
  Armajoint swimbait review
Sly Guy Lures Replica Gill 5.9" and 7.5" swimbaits
Sneaky Baits Sneaky Rat Swimbait
SPRO 4" BBZ Shad Swimbait
  BBZ Baby Shad Swimbait
  BBZ Swimbait
  BBZ Swimbait Jr.
KGB Chad Shad 180
Stray Rats Rumble Rat
Toxic Baits Whippersnapper 2.0
Trap Bass Trap Rat
Triton Mike Bullshad Swimbait
Trophy Bass Baits's SGT Glide Bait SGT Glide Bait
Tylure Kicker Shad Swimbait
UFO Bait Co. UFO 6" Gill Swimbait


BFS Reviews

Tackle Manufacturer Product
All Peeling it Back - The BFS Shallow Spool Challenge
Abu Garcia Zenon BFS rods
ARK ARK Gravity BFS reel


Terminal Tackle Reviews

Tackle Manufacturer Product
Bait Buttons Bait Buttons
Bass Stalker Spot Stalker Jigheads
Big Daddys Select Jigheads
Frenzy Tackle Wacky Saddle O-rings
Gamakatsu Aaron Martens TGW Drop Shot Hook
  Skip Gap Shaky Heads
  Swingheads (Tungsten Hybrid)
  Swivel Shot drop shot hooks
HL Outdoors Everlasting Slip Bobber (ESB)
Jigheads Pick the right jighead
Owner Flashy Swimmer bladed jigheads
  Flashy Swimmer and Flashy Swimmer Beast jigheads
  Finesse hook roundup 2012
Reaction Innovations Screwed up Jighead
Revenge Baits Revenge Dart Hedz
River2Sea Tungsten Tumbler Bullet Weights
Tactical Anglers Fishing clips
Ultimate NiTi Technologies Ultimate LureSaver
Warbaits Underspin Jighead
WOO! WOO! Tungsten 2020 product line preview
Zappu Zappu Bredy Weedless Underspin preview
Employing Gamakatsu's Rubber Worm hook for "Brass and Glass" finesse fish


Tool Reviews

Tackle Manufacturer Product
Abel #4 pliers
Accurate Piranha Extra Lite Pliers
ACR Electronics ACR Hot Shot Signaling Mirror
Adventure Products EGO Floating net
  EGO S2 Slider net review
Ardent Rigger tool
  SmartCull culling system
3rd Grip Pole Holster
Benchmade Griptillian
Berkley Cyclone Spooling Station
  Digital Scale
  TEC Hotwire Line Cutter
  TEC Pistol Trigger Grip tool
Black Diamond Moonlight Headlamp
Boomerang Tool Company Boomerang Snip
Bottom Line Fishin' Buddy 1200
Browning Fishing pliers
Buck'n Beel Enterprises 2Handee Fisherman's Tool
  Braidmaster pliers
Enjay Functional Solutions Tackle-It
Fin-Tech's Title SHot Title SHot jighead
Fishpond Fishpond Barracuda Pliers
Gerber Air Ranger
Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Recharger
Hogwild Snap Watch II
Leatherman Charge Ti
Lipper Tools Lipper 26
Mac Squid Lure Retriever
Parey Products Go-Get-It Lure Retriever
Pitbull Tackle Pitbull line cutters
Pline Adaro Pliers
Promar Dan Hernandez Signature Net
  ProMesh Net
Rapala Lock'n Weigh
  ProGuide Pliers
  Sportsman Combo
Rising Lippa4Life fish gripper
  Work Pliers
SOG Trident Knife
Sportgear.CA Azen Neo Lighters
SPRO Stowaway Net
Techni Ice Techni Ice HDR
Texas Tackle SSplit Ring Pliers
Thule Castaway Rod Holder
Trigger Happy Comfort Grips Trigger Happy Comfort Grips for casting and spinning outfits


Storage Reviews

Tackle Manufacturer Product
Bedrack Truck bed rod rack
Columbia Custom Tackle Swimbait Boxes
CoverLure Lure Covers
Enjay Functional Solutions Albackore Reel Transports
  Albackore II Tackle Bag
  Altunative Tackle Bag
Eposeidon KastKing rod rack
Eureka! Dry Doc Bag
Falcon Rods FTO 700 Boxes
Finovationz Tackle-Rack LMS
Flambeau Outdoors Tackle Station
Fishpond Tech LTE Low Tide Hydration/Lumbar Pack
Lakewood Products A048 Swimbait storage box
  A049 Swimbait storage box
Lowepro DryZone Rover Bag
Lure Lock Lure Lock Storage Boxes (Large)
Megabass Asylum Lure Box
Meiho Akiokun FB-470 Fly Box
Pelican Notebook and iPhone cases
Plano 3640 Stowaway
  EDGE Series Tackle Boxes
  Flex N' Go Satchel
  Guide Bag 3341-05
  Magnum 1119-05
  Z-Series Bait Wrap
PolePack PolePack combo carrier
RMD Preview of RMD Spinnerbait Rack
Shimano Vertical Stack Tackle Bag
Simms Headwaters Full Day Pack Backpack
Sportgear.ca Tulli Pontoon Bag
Swimbait Underground Union 9" Swimbait Wrap
Yeti Panga Backpack 28
  Roadie 20 cooler


Watercraft Reviews

Tackle Manufacturer Product
ACR Rapid ditch bag
Allison Shooting for the World’s Most Efficient Bassin 4-Stroke Combo – Mission Accomplished.
Bass Mafia Bait Coffin 3700 utility box
Berkley Rod Holder (Accessory)
Boatdacious Boat Care Products
CCBF Bac Rac
Cool Foot Cool Foot foam trolling pedal accessory
DaBob Precision Sheetmetal Launching Gear
DuraSafe Coupler Connect trailer device
EZ Packer EZ Packer pontoon rack
Footcush Products Footcush Deck Mat
Get Her Covered Truck Windshield Cover
Honda Marine BF2D Outboard
  BF225 2006 Outboard Preview
Hyde LH Drift Boat Preview
Kendall Products Dri-Dek Flooring
Legend Boats Alpha 199 Bass Boat
Mercury Marine Verado Preview
McCoy Rod Shields
Native Ultimate 12 Kayak
No Sweat Mist Preview: No Sweat Mist Boat & Car Protectants
Outcast Super Fat Cat
Para-Tech Boat Brakes Drift Sock
Pate Plastics How to install a Pate fuel tank
Pelican Boats Bass Tracker 8
Porta-Bote Porta-Bote
Pro-Techt Mantis
Prop Aid Prop Aid
Put A Sock On It Put A Sock On It accessory rod covers for watercraft
Ranger 40 Year Anniversary Introductions
  2009 New Premium Bass Boat preview
RMD Trailer Safety Device
RO Drift Boats Ro Guide Drift Boat
Scotty Propack 1116 Downrigger
Sea Eagle PaddleSki
  Fishing Boat Sea Eagle 8
  285 FPB Preview
SOAR Inflatables SOAR S14
Stick Jacket Stick Jacket rod protector
SuperTech Trailer Valet
Suzuki Suzuki's new 2009 4-stroke outboards
Stillwater Fishing System Talon Float Tube
Stratos 176XT Preview
Stor's It Rod sleeves
Torqeedo Torqeedo 801 foldable travel electric motor
Innova Kayak Solar Inflatable
Wilderness Systems 2005 Kayak Preview
Wonder Winder Fishunter II (Preview)
Ten cheap ways to get yourself on the water
2005 Aluminum Bass Boat Roundup
2005 Fiberglass Bass Boat Roundup


Apparel Reviews

Tackle Manufacturer Product
13 Fishing Shield long sleeve shirt
Action Optics Exuma Sunglasses
  Seychelle Sunglasses
Aftco Barracuda Geo Cool Hooded sunshirt
  Fish Ninja Fishing Shirt
  ICAST 2022 Aftco lineup preview
  Jason Christie Signature Hooded sunshirt
  MSG 1001 Sun Glove
  Samurai 2 Hooded Sun Shirt
  Tactical Shorts
  Technical Front Zip Hoodie
Amphibia Hydra Floating Sunglasses
Mission Atheletecare No Sting Sunscreen Facestick SPF 30
Blue Lizard Sunblock
BUBBA Bubba Fall Apparel launch preview

Angler Series High UV Protection Buff

  Buff Angler Glove
  Buff CoolNet UV+ Buffs
  Buff Eclipse Sungloves
  Buff Sport Series Water Glove
  Coolnet expands to additional garments and Alexandra Nicole art on new BUFFs (2019)
Costa Antille Untangled 2.0 sunglasses
  Aransas sunglasses
  Ferg Sunglasses
  Hammerhead Sunglasses
Columbia Hydrotech rain jacket
Gill Gill Coast Jacket
  Gill FG2 Tournament Jacket
  Gill Inshore Lite Jacket
  Gill OS2 Trouser Bib
  Gill Regatta Deckhand Gloves
Glacier Gloves Fingerless Polartec 200
Frabill F1 Series Stormsuit
Frogg Toggs Pro Angler Suit
Hodgman H5 Rainsuit
  Neoprene Wading Shoes
  Wadetech Wading Shoes
Hoo-Rag Hoo-Rag Fishing Bandana
Huk NXTLVL Foul Weather fishing gear (Jacket and Bib)
Julbo Paddle Sunglasses
Live Eyewear Cocoons Polarized Sunglasses
Lure Eyes Cuda Polarized Sunglasses
Maui Jim Nunui sunglasses
  Lagoon Sunglasses
  Sunglasses Preview 2007
Mountain Hardwear Exposure II Parka
  Ozone Jacket
  Recon Jacket
Native Hardtop Sunglasses
Numa X-Frame Sunglasses
Oakley a-Wire Sunglasses
  Square Wire 2.0 Sunglasses
Panoptx Sirocco CV Shades
POP Hats SunFender Sun Hat
Redington Sure Shoes Wading Boot
Rugged Shark Laguna Water Shoes
Save Phace Fish Hedz
SealSkinz ChillBlocker Gloves & Socks
  Water Blocker Waterproof Socks
  Waterproof Gloves
Shimano Technical Hooded Jacket
  EbbTide Sandals
  Guide Jacket
  Guide Wader
ProDry Jacket
Rogue Hoody
Solarflex fishing shirt
Solarflex hoody fishing shirt
Simms Challenger Jacket and Bib Raingear
ExStream Jacket
ProDry Gloves
Smith Shelter Sunglasses
Sportgear.CA Tulli Chest Pack
  Tulli Horizon Deluxe Chest Pack
STORMR NANO Jacket and Pants
  STRYKR Jacket and Bib
Sunday Afternoons Adventure Sun Hat
Under Armour Flats Guide Shirt II
  Ridge Reaper Foul Weather Gear


Fly Fishing Reviews

Tackle Manufacturer Product
Abel Super 4N fly reel
Angling Designs Handi-Measure
Batson REVELATION and Eternity2 fly rod preview
Bauer M3 Fly Reel
Brodin Nets Streambase Trout Net
Cheeky Mojo 425 fly reel
Galvan OB-6 Fly Reel
  Torque Fly Reel
Gamma Frog Hair FC tippet
Gill Regatta Deckhand gloves
G.Loomis 2008 new fly rod preview
  FR-1026-4 6wt. ShoreStalker fly rod for bass
  FR1086 GLX Fly Rod
  NRX 1089-4 fly rod review
  PRO4X fly rod review
Hatch Monsoon 5 Plus fly reel
Hodgman Wadetech Wading Shoes
Martin Mowhawk River fly reel
Meiho Akiokun FB-470 Fly Box
Okuma Celilo 8/9 Fly Rod
  Integrity I 8/9 Fly Reel
Orvis Pro Guide Waterproof Stretch Wading Jacket
Powell Tiboron XL 6wt Fly Rod
Redington NTiQ Fly Rod
  Rise fly reel
  Sure Shoes Wading Boot
  Vapen Red 890-4V Fly Rod
RIO RIO Mainstream Saltwater WF8F Fly Line
Ross Canyon Fly Reel
  Evolution Fly Reel
  Ross Worldwide 2008 new fly reels
  San Miguel 1
  Vexsis 35 Anniversary Reel Preview
Route 37 Nooksack Fly Rod
Sage Bass fly rod preview
  ONE 590-4 Fly Rod
  TCX 9wt' fly rod
Scientific Anglers Sharkskin fly line preview
  Sharkskin Fly Line Review
  System X Fly Box
  New Tippet and Tippet Spool - 2012
Scott SAS854/5 Fly Rod
Simms Simms G4 Guide Boot
  Guide Jacket
  Guide Wader
Lightweight Stockingfoot Waders
Sportgear.CA Tulli Chest Pack
Tulli Horizon Deluxe Chest Pack
Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO) BVK 7 weight fly rod


Electronics Reviews

Tackle Manufacturer Product
Bass Pro Shops XPS Charger
Cobra Electronics 600Ci Marine GPS Preview
Handheld VHF MR HH400 XVP
Garmin 178C GPS Fishfinder
eTrex Vista GPS
Hummingbird Humminbird's 797c2 SI side imaging fishfinder
Hydrowave Hydrowave H2
Minn Kota 2023 Bow Motor Refresh with QUEST Technology - Ultrex Quest
Nervous Water Apps FishHead iPhone App
Olympus Stylus 600 Digital
Pentax OptioWPi preview
PowerVision PowerRay fishing drone preview
Rapala (Activision) Rapala Trophies Fishing game for the PSP
REI Quest Watch
Timex Expedition 40091 Watch
Wave Away Wave Away Sonar & GPS Screen Cleaner
GPS overview article: "Once a luxury, now a necessity"


Event Articles

Amazon (Fishing for Peacock Bass) Fishing the Amazon Part 1 - Prep and travel
  Fishing the Amazon Part 2 - Arrival
  Fishing the Amazon Part 3 - Big Fish
  Fishing the Amazon Part 4 - Logistics
  JIP Amazon tackle report
  Amazon 2011 Part 1 : Fishing the Headwaters
  Amazon 2011 Part 2 : Venche Uma, No Chika
Baitbarn Visiting the Baitbarn
Baja Capers 8th Annual Fishing Tournament
Bass-A-Thon 2008 Bass-A-Thon Show at Anglers Marine (Swimbaits)
  2008 Bass-A-Thon Show at Anglers Marine Part 2
  2009 Bass-A-Thon - Swimbaits
  2009 Bass-A-Thon - Rods
  2009 Bass-A-Thon - Plastics, Lines, and Electronics
Bassmaster Classic Bassmaster Classic Consumer Expo 2008
  Bassmaster Classic Consumer Expo coverage 2009
  Bassmaster Classic Consumer Expo coverage 2009: Part 2
  Behind the Scenes with the Skeet Reese at the 2009 Bassmaster Classic
Bassdozer Bassdozer fishes with Patrick Sebile at Lake Powell, Utah in a Sebile field test
  Striped Bass Fishing Fun on Lake Powell with Sebile's new Lures for 2010
Bassjam Bassjam 2009 Part 1 - Swimbaits
  Bassjam 2009 Part 2 - Plenty of exciting new products as well as pros join the Jam
  Bassjam 2010 Part 1- Swimbaits
  Bassjam 2010 Part 2 - Rods
  Bassjam 2010 Part 3 - Lures
  Bassjam 2010 Part 4 - Clothing
Big Rock Show 2010 Shimano debuts the Cumulus rods
  2010 New lines from Seaguar and PowerPro
  2010 new Mustad hooks and Costa Del Mar sunglasses
  2014 Big Rock Show Coverage - Lures
  Back at the Big Rock 2014 Show Seeking Innovations
Biwa Lake, Japan

Megabass's New Design Engine Additive : STW

  TackleTour in the JDM - Lake Biwa, Japan
BMB  Fishing Tours Mexican Bass Fishing Destination: El Novillo Lake
Big Bass Dreams Living the Dream – Big Bass Crappie Dreams
Buyers Guides 2009 Summer Buyers guide
  2009 Summer Buyers guide   Part 2
  2011 Summer Buyers Guide Part 1: Hot Tackle for Warm Weather Fishing
  2011 Summer Buyers Guide Part 2: Hot Tackle for Warm Weather Fishing
Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2003 Show Coverage
  2015 Show Coverage
Clear Lake Fishing with Bryan Thrift on Clear Lake and testing the Damiki Air Frog
  Fishing with Skeet Reese and Roy Halladay
  Fishing with World Series winning Phillies Shortstop Eric Bruntlett 
  Fishing through the algae blooms at Clear Lake with Hi's Tackle
  Sight fishing with Pro Angler Jared Lintner and G.Loomis
  Testing rods on Clear Lake with Gary Dobyns
D&J Plastics, Inc. D&J Plastics, Inc. Factory Tour
Dream Lake Bassin Alabama Style at Dream Lake
Editor's Picks TackleTour's Editors Picks for Favorite Reels, Rods, Lures, Swimbaits, and Line in 2020
El Salto Fishing El Salto with Shimano and Jimmy Houston
  Inside the Anglers Inn
  Okuma goes Savage at Lake El Salto - 2012
  South of the Border Bassing
Falcon Lake Fishing Falcon Lake Texas/Mexico in Winter with Dan Schoonveld
Fishing with Cooch (California Delta) Bass fishing on the California Delta with Cooch
Fred Hall 2006 Best of Show
  2005 Best of Show
  2004 Best of Show (NorthernCal)
  2003 Best of Show
  2003 Show Coverage
  2008 Freshwater Show Coverage
  2008 Saltwater Show Coverage
Florida Keys Bow to the King - Fishing for Tarpon in the Florida Key

How G.Loomis Rods are Made – A Behind the Scenes Look at the Factory’s Secret Sauce

  Targeting Smallies in the Columbia River, G.Loomis Style
Hi's Tackle Box New location grand opening 2009
Hong Kong Fishing in Hong Kong, China
Holidays 2005 Holiday Gift Picks
  2006 Holiday Buyers Guide
  2008 Holiday gift Guide
  2008 Holiday Gift Guide (Part2)
  2009 Holiday Gift Guide (Part1)
  2009 Holiday Gift Guide (Part2)
  2010 Holiday Gift Guide (Part 1 - Reels and Rods)
  2010 Holiday Gift Guide (Part 2 - Lures, Accessories and Apparel)
  2011 Holiday Gift Guide (Part 1 - Reels, Rods, Enthusiast Tackle)
  2011 Holiday Gift Guide (Part 2 - Lures, Apparel, Saltwater, Fly)
  2012 Holiday Gift Guide (part 1 - Reels, Rods, Line and Enthusiast tackle)
  2012 Holiday Gift Guide  Part 2 - Lures, Apparel, Accessories and Fly for the Holidays
  2013 Holiday Gift Guide Part 1 - Tis the Season for New Reels, Rods and Baits
  2013 Holiday Gift Guide Part 2 - Fill those Stockings with Lines, Tools and Enthusiast Tackle
  2014 Holiday Gift Guide : Freshwater and Saltwater Reels, Rods and Baits. Bring on the Tackle!
  2014 Holiday Gift Guide Part 2 : Swimbait Gear, Enthusiast Tackle and Value Picks
  2015 Holiday Gift Guide Part 1: Ring in the Holidays with New Reel, Rods, and Baits
  2015 Holiday Gift Guide Part 2: Swimbaits and Enthusiast Tackle
  2015 Holiday Gift Guide Part 3: Something for the Salt and Angling Apparel
  2017 Holiday Gift Guide Part 1 (Reels and Rods)
  2017 Holiday Gift Guide Part 2 (Enthusiast Tackle and Lures)
  2017 Holiday Gift Guide Part 3 (Line, Terminal Tackle, Clothing, Accessories)
Ice Fishing Matt Davis shares his Canada ice fishing techniques
ICAST 2002 Best of Show Part 1
  2002 Best of Show Part 2
  2002 Show Coverage
  2003 Best of Show
  2003 Show Coverage
  2005 Lure & Storage Coverage
  2005 Reel Coverage
  2005 Rod Coverage
  2005 Special ICAST report
  2006 Daiwa Wajima Special
  2006 ICAST Winners
  2006 Line Coverage
  2006 Lure Coverage
  2006 Pure Fishing Lures
  2006 Reel Coverage
  2006 Rod Coverage
  2006 Bonus Steez Coverage
  2007 Berkley Lures
  2007 Lure Coverage
  2007 Reel Coverage
  2007 Rod Coverage
  2007 Award Winners
  2007 Raising Awareness and Fishing for a Cause
  2008 Show preview
  2008 ICAST Complete Coverage
  2009 ICAST Complete Coverage
  2010 ICAST Complete Coverage
IGFA 2004 Hall of Fame
International Sportsmen's Exposition (ISE) 2002 Best of Show
  2002 Show Coverage
  2003 Best of Show
  2003 Best of Show Fly Fishing
  2003 Show Coverage
  2004 Best of Show
  2005 Best of Show
  2006 Coverage
  2008 Coverage
  2009 Coverage
  2010 Rod coverage
  2010 Lure coverage
  2010 watercraft and electronics
  2011 Rods and Lures
  2011 Reels, Accessories and Watercraft
  2012 New Lures
  2012 New Reels
  2012 New Rods
Japan Sportfishing Show 2005 Show Coverage
  2008 Show Coverage
  2009 Japan International SportFishing Show, Yokohama Japan (Picture Coverage)
JSJ Baits On the water preview 2008 of new baits with JSJ
Klamath River Fishing the Klamath
Lake Eufaula 2014 Lake Eufaula, GA Outdoor Writer's Conference
Lake Ouachita Fishing for Arkansas Stripers with Okuma
Lake Tahoe Toplining for Elusive Lake Tahoe Brown Trout
Lake Toho Florida Fishing for Bass at Lake Toho, Orlando
Lake Lanier Writer's Camp (Spro, Gamakatsu, Big Bite Baits, Sunline, Gill) Tips on Finesse from Martens, Fukae, & Siemental
La Perla Ranch Fishing a Grand Slam with G.Loomis E6X Rods at La Perla Ranch
Lewis River Fishing for Salmon with Gary Loomis of Edge rods
Lingcod Fishing Fishing for Lingcods
Pardee "Pros and Press" day Kent Brown & Pros on Pardee
  2009 Media Day (Byron Velvick, Skeet Reese, Gary Dobyns, randy McAbee...)
  2010 Media Day (Twilight of a new generation, Bassin' Young Guns Shoot it out at Pardee)
  A Pro Angler Finesse and Big Bait Combo at Lake Pardee
  Fishing with FLW Pro Anglers Greg Gutierrez and Richard Dobyns on Lake Pardee
  2014 - Targeting Bass in Clear Water
  2015 - Big Baits and Peashooters: Fishing With B.A.S.S. Pro Angler Shaw Grigsby
Pure Fishing Pure Fishing 2008 preview
Pyramid Lake Fishing for Lahontan Cutthroat Trout at Pyramid Lake
Rockfishing Central California Rockfishing
  Fishing for Rockcod Along the California Coast Onboard the Sportfishing Vessel Tigerfish
Salmon Fishing Mooching for Salmon
San Francisco Bay Fishing for stripers and halibut in the city by the bay
San Juan River Fly Fishing at the Rainbow Lodge
Smith River, California Chasing Winter Steelhead on the Smith River
Snakehead Fishing (South Florida) On a Monster Mission: Fishing for Great Snakehead
Squid Fishing Humboldt Squid in California
Swimbait Special Don Moorman shows us the Double Hudd Rig
Tackle Warehouse A behind the scenes look inside Tackle Warehouse
  A behind the scenes look at the new and improved Tackle Warehouse (2010)
  Fishing with Tackle Warehouse and BASS Elite Angler Jared Lintner
  Jared Lintner debuts his new Shaky Fins Shad Swimbait
Taiwan Fishing in Taipei, Taiwan
  Shrimp Fishing in Taipei
Tokyo Bay Japanese Sea Bass
Toxic Day Toxic Day 3 Swimbait Event
  Toxic Day 4 Swimbait Event
Trout Fishing Targeting Brook Trout in the Yosemite High Country and the Eastern Sierras
Yosemite Trout Fishing
TackleTour - Behind the scenes, the Lab bring-up
TackleTour - Ten Years, and here is to the next ten
TackleTour introduces "What the Finesse" for 2011
TackleTour introduces the "Year of the Crank" for 2009
TackleTour updates ratings for all reviews starting in 2008


Enthusiast & Import Tackle Articles

Tackle Manufacturer
ABU Garcia Aurora baitcaster
Eon Pro
Daiko Burroughs BRSC68M rod
Burroughs Cranking Stick
Gallet GLS-632L spinning rod
Daiwa Japan Daiwa Premium Collectibles
Alphas 103L
Alphas & Chronarch Mg Shootout
Alphas Finesse Custom
Alphas SV TW 800 preview
Alphas SV TW 800 review
Alphas SV 105SH/L
Bay Casting Special
Big Bait Special
Bradia spinning reel
Certate FC LT2500S-DH
Daiwa/Deps ZDV Zillion and Daiwa Zillion HLC
Gekka Bijin Air TW PE Special
Exist LT 3000S-CXH (2018)
Heartland-Z Hama Spinnerbait rod
HL-SSS Ringa 103L
Husky Winder TKLC-73MGX
IM Z LIMITBREAKER TW HD-C Baitcaster Preview
Liberto Pixy
Liberto Pixy 04 & 05 casting comparison
Look Inside Daiwa Japan's New Pixy (2010)
Millionaire CT SV70
SS SV 103H/L Baitcaster
Pixy PX68/PX68L baitcaster
Daiwa Pixy PX68/68L SPR
Presso Baitcaster
Ryoga 1016HL
Ryoga 1520L-CC (2018)
Ryoga Shrapnel
Silver Wolf 22 baitcaster
Steez Baitcaster
Steez SV TW 1000
TD-Ito Reel
TD-Ito Alphas Ai
TD-Z Type R+ vs Antares AR
Deps HGC-77XR Dom Driver Flipping Edition
Gan Craft Scarface Crankbait Rod
Dead Sword R-One (aka Shaku-One) KGB-00 9-80SEXH Rod
Evergreen Black Racer rod
Black Rose Orion OCSC-71H+ rod
Blue Meister
TKLC-66MH Black Raven
TKLS-61ULX Cut In Shake spinning rod
Dengeki Abu Look Back
Egesdrive Swimbait
Giant Dire Wolf RS IRSC-611XXXHR-SXF (SG) rod
HCSS-64ML Black Regius
Heracles HCSC-73HG Leopard
Inspiraire GTR-C70MHR-SXF Dire Wolf
Kaleido Inspirare Grand Stallion GTX
Kaleido TKLS-64LX Alley Oop
Opus 1 Spinning reel
Opus-1 Nero Spinning Reel Preview with Ms. Casey
Stingray 66 TKDC-66MLBF-Pro rod
Supernova Crankbait Rod
TKLC-71MHX Super Stallion
TMJC-74XXX Balista casting rod
Wild Hunch crankbait review
Jackall Poison Glorious 173MH Biwako Versatile X
Major Craft Sa Ku Ra DC-644M rod
Toy II MSS-602UL ultralight rod
Megabass JDM Destroyer new lineup 2020
Megabass America F5-75X Javelin
Megabass Asylum tackle box

Megabass Chimera Evoluzion

Megabass Destroyer P5 (JDM) F3-610X Bait Finesse
Megabass FX-711X4 & FX-81X4 Creature Double Feature
Megabass F1-66ZKS Kirisame Limited
Megabass F5 1/2-68XFti Diablo
Megabass F7-711X
Megabass F3 1/2-65GTC Hien Type-S
Megabass F3-61DGS
Megabass's F4st-69RSDti Hedgehog Evoluzion!
Megabass F4.5-610ti Elseil Evoluzion C40
Megabass F4.5-711GTA Ultimate Cranking
Megabass F5st-611X7 Bearing Down Type X
Megabass F6-72X4 Orochi X4 Destruction
Megabass F7-76RDti White Python
Megabass F7-71X7 Aaron Martens 71
Megabass F7-76X Valdivia
Megabass IS73 Competition Baitcaster
Megabass LIN 10 reel
Megabass Paraizo rod
Megabass Tomahawk F4-72GTZ ICBM BGS
Orochi X4 preview
Orochi F4ST-69RSDti
Orochi F8-78DG Super Destruction
Racing Condition 256 spinning reel
Super Destroyer
Nories Road Runner Voice 680H rod
Trout Program Stream 63  rod
Rapala Canada Concept Ti NT85SP72ML1 (Spin 72)
Shift ST65TR71MH1 rod
R-Type RT45TR72MH2, 2 piece casting rod
Shimano Japan Aldebaran
Aldebaran BFS
Aldebaran MGL
Antares DC7
Antares AR vs TD-Z Type R+
Brenious finesse baitcaster
Calcutta Conquest BFS
Calcutta 12 Product Insight
Cardiff 51s DC
Casitas MGL
Chronarch Mg & Alphas shootout
Conquest 50
Conquest 51 DC
Conquest 100/101
Conquest 100/101 DC (2020 Model)
Conquest 201HG (2021 Model)
Exsense DC
Final Dimension TS-168M rod
G4 rod review
Metanium 2013 (JDM and US)
Metanium DC 2105
Metanium Mg
Metanium MGL
Metanium XT
Scorpion BFS
Scorpion DC
Scorpion DC 2017
Scorpion DC 2021
Scorpion MGL 2019
Scorpion 1000/1001 XT
Scorpion 1500/1501
SLX BFS baitcaster
Stella 2000s
Stella C3000MHG FJ spinning reel (2018)
Scorpion 70/71 (2016)
Scorpion 1000/1001
Ultegra Advance 2500S
Vanquish C3000SDHHG
Vanquish C3000SDHHG (2023 Model)
Announcing the 2006 TackleTour SuperCast Shootout! (part 1)
Announcing the 2010 TackleTour "Search for One"
Announcing the 2012 TackleTour "Creature Fever"
Announcing the 2013 TackleTour's "Go Native!"
Bait the Finesse?!? Shimano - v - Daiwa Reel Specifications
Multi-Species Madness in the Mangroves, Fishing in South Florida
Stella FJ vs Exist LT Shootout
Supercast shootout round 1 Abu Mag Morrum vs Shimano Conquest DC
Supercast shootout round 2 Daiwa Millionaire I'ZE vs Millionaire Ringa
Supercast shootout round 3 Shimano Conquest DC vs Daiwa Millionaire I'ZE
TackleTour's Legion of SuperTTuned SuperReels: Enabled by Office ZPI
TackleTour Shootout. Creature Fever Feature : Super Red Demon versus Wild Stallion Valiant. Yes, it's Megabass versus Evergreen International.
There Can Only Be One: The 2006 TackleTour SuperCast Rod Shootout
2013 Bait-the-Finesse Finale : Shimano Aldebaran BFS

2013 Bait-the-Finesse Finale : Daiwa T3 Air



Tackle Manufacturer
Advanced Angler Dan O'Sullivan - Managing Editor
AiRRUS Ken Whiting
Albackore Jeff Jost
Allison boats Grant Goldbeck and Yamaha’s Prostaff Manager, David Ittner
American Rodsmiths Bob Brown - Exploring Exciting new Grips with American Rodsmith's President
Bad News Bass Behind the Threads of Bad News Bass. Talking to B.N.B. Founder Erik Yamamoto
Bass Angler Magazine 10 Questions with Mark Lassagne, Pro Angler and Editor-in-Chief of Bass Angler Magazine
Bass Fishing Archives Blog Terry Battisti
Big Bass Dreams Oliver Ngy Sharing a Passion for Fun and Big Bass : Big Bass Dreams
Deps A behind the scenes look at Deps Headquarters and interview with the founder, Mr. Okumura
Dobyns Rods Gary Dobyns
Gary Dobyns, Craig Gottwals  - Forward-Facing Sonar Units and the ‘Harass-A-Bass’ Technique Have Changed Bass Fishing Forever
DUO Up Close with One of Japan’s Most Respected Lure Designers - DUO's Masahiro Adachi
Evergreen Shaun Bailey, Pro Angler and Evergreen Prostaffer
Morizo Shimizu, Pro Angler and Evergreen Prostaffer
G.Loomis Justin Poe, Global Brand Manager, G.Loomis. Talks about NRX
Jackall Kota Kiriyama
ima Japan Bassdozer talks to ima's pros about upcoming 2009 lures
Kistler Rods Trey Kistler
Lamiglas John Posey
LaserLure Mike Iaconelli & Matt Newman
Lucky Craft Brent Ehrler
Mattlures Matt Servant
Megabass Tournament Interview : Edwin Evers
Yuki Ito interview
Yuki Ito Factory Visit
North Fork Composites Gary Loomis
Gary Loomis Part 2
Powell Rods Keith Bryan
Pure Fishing Tom Ricks Director of Marketing
Quantum Bob Bagby of VP of Marketing
Rago Swimbaits Jerry Rago talks about the BV3D swimbait
Roman Made Mr. Takeyama, Owner of Roman Made Baits Japan
Sebile Jarrett Edwards - Professional Angler and Prostaffer
Jeff Kriet uses the Flatt Shad at the 2010 Classic
Shimano David Pfeiffer - President
Jeremy Sweet - Reel Product Manager
Rhoda Shaver - Shimano and G.Loomis Soft Goods 2012
Robby Gant - Exploring the 2012 Crucial rods
Ted Sakai - Gear and Accessory Product Manager
Simms John Sherman - West Coast Sales Representitive
Spot Country Guide Service "Triton Mike" Bucca
St. Croix Jeff Schluter - VP of Sales & Marketing
Tru-Tungsten Matt Newman-Pro Bass Angler and Trophy Fish Hunter
TT Tourney Interviews Chad Pipkens
Chris Zaldain
Dean Rojas
Greg Gutierrez (Double G)
Jeff Kriet
John Crews
Luke Clausen
Mike McClelland
Randall Tharp
Shin Fukae
Ultimate Bass Radio Kent Brown
Interview with Bryan Thrift
Interview with Byron Velvick regarding his Elite Series win on Clear Lake
Interview with Chris Zaldain, BASS's Newest Elite Series Pro
Interview with Danny Gillespie, Swimbait Big Bass Angler
Interview with Manabu Kurita, Largemouth Bass Co-World Record Holder


TackleTour Autopsy

Tackle Manufacturer Product
Bomber Switchback Shad crankbait
DUO Realis Spinbait 80 spybait
Flipin the Bird Bird hollow bodied topwater lure
Huddleston Huddleston 8" Swimbait
Ima Big Stik
Jackall Bowstick topwater lure
Live Target - Koppers Live Target Baitball
Live Target Field Mouse
Live Target Gizzard Shad lipless rattle bait
Live Target Walking Frog
Livingston Howeller crankbait
Lucky Craft Pointer 100 Ripbait
Mattlures Upside Dead Stick Trout Swimbait
Megabass I Jack wakebait
Vision X-110 jerkbait
Rapala BX Brat squarebill crankbait
Clackin' Crank
Tube Scale (25lb.)
River2Sea Larry Dahlberg Diver Frog
Roman Made Mother Swimbait
Savage Gear 3D Line Thru Trout
Snag Proof Bobby's Perfect Frog
SPRO Little John DD


Maintenance & Upgrade Articles

Tackle Manufacturer
All Bearings 101
Bearings 201
Bearings 301
Abu Garcia Opening and lubing the Abu Garcia Record
Avet Avet SX Rebuild...plain and simple
Daiwa Saltist 40 Carbontex drag upgrade
Sealine 50H Rebuild
Sol Mini-Lube and Inspection
Sol polishing and tuning
Steez examination
Hedhog Studio Catching Some AIR, Bearings with HedgeHog Studio Preview
Shimano Curado 200 Carbontex drag upgarde










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