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Get Her Covered - A Premium Windshield Cover for Your Truck or SUV
The mercury hit 105 today and the inside of our truck is so hot you couldn't touch the steering wheel. This only happens a few times before you say “we gotta do something about this!” That's when I found the “Get Her Covered” windshield cover which is an attractive nylon cover that fits over the windshield and front door windows protecting the truck's interior
Shooting for the World’s Most Efficient Bassin 4-Stroke Combo – Mission Accomplished.
Since the original interview article with Pro Angler Grant Goldbeck and the Allison team we received numerous inquiries on the results of the Allison / Yamaha Project. Tournament anglers were chewing at the bit to know just how efficient was the 4-stroke Yamaha and BasSport.
Is the Native Watercraft "Ultimate 12" Fishing Kayak as Good as the Name it Bears?
There are decades of boat-building knowledge behind Native Watercraft, and a passion for paddling's history and its future. They have a long standing reputation for creating some serious kayak fishing platforms. The Ultimate 12 is no exception and is a best selling model among kayak anglers.
Easier Hookups with the Trailer Valet
There are a few situations when you are most likely to hear anglers yell out four letter expletives, when they miss strikes or break off big fish or when they are doing the dance of backing their vehicle back and forth trying to position their hitch under their trailer receiver. To make the entire process easier a company called SuperTech has introduced a new product called the Trailer Valet.
Lock it Down with Durasafe’s Codeable BOLT System
DuraSafe has continued to gain popularity since 2003, making an assortment of locks and towing devices designed to solve challenges. One of their signature products are the innovative BOLT (Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology) locks which we take a closer look at in this review.
Want to Soup up Your Blade Storage? RMD Machines a New Spinnerbait Rack for Your Ride
A new spinnerbait rack from RMD makes use of aluminum instead of plastic. RMD (formerly Kevkel) knows a thing or two about high end metal work and is the same company that introduced the Revolution spinnerbait...
Boat Maintenance Made Easy by Boatdacious
As a guide here in Orlando, Florida this is a process that is repeated 300 times a year as I pull my boat out of the water at the end of each trip. Enter Patrick Tryon from BOATDACIOUS Advanced Boat Cleaning Systems out of Ramona, CA.
Easier hookups with the DuraSafe Coupler Connect
Depending on how your boat trailer is situated it can be as easy as rolling it to your truck hitch or as painful as doing the back and forth dance to perfectly back your hitch up to your trailer for a proper hookup.  For the second scenario DuraSafe has created a product called the “Coupler Connect”



Carry more rod combos onboard with the Bac Rac

The Bac Rac is a new portable rod rack for bass boats that weighs just over a pound and installs onto the rear deck in just a few seconds. This innovative storage system allows co-anglers to carry more rods and have easier access to their rigged outfits.

Sea Eagle's new Frameless Pontoon Fishing Boat - 285 FPB
For those who don't own traditional boats and look for an alternative way to get on the water, Sea Eagle has many available portable fishing options. The latest of which is the new Sea Eagle 285 FPB, a frameless pontoon fishing boat which is designed to be lighter yet still offer plenty of features.
The Legend Alpha 199 Series Bass Boat Handles like a Sports Car
We review the biggest piece of tackle of all, a hard core bass Angler’s moving tackle box and prized possession…the bass boat. First up in our lineup is the Alpha 199 Series from Legend Boats, a company that while not as large as some of the big name manufacturers has quickly built up a reputation for premium styling, performance, and value.
New for 2009 Ranger, two hard-core bass rigs designed for serious and professional anglers
Ranger boats makes new additions to their lineup of premium bass boats and introduces the 208VX and Z522 Comanche which are both designed for serious bass anglers looking for more power, features, and raw fishing space. 
The “Cool Foot” is for more than just fishing barefoot
Have you ever fished barefoot on your boat? The Cool Foot is designed to be offer improved comfort and traction on trolling motor pedals whether anglers prefer fishing barefoot in the summer or with boots in the winter.  
Fearful of Spinning Your Prop? You Can Now Get Back to Port Safely with Hank Parker's Prop-Aid.
Enter Hank Parker's Prop-Aid, a safety device built to help you get back to dock should you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having spun prop hub.
Suzuki's new 2009 4-stroke outboards: 70-HP, 80-HP, 90-HP, and 100-HP
Ten years after they introduced the fuel-injected 4-stroke innovative award winning DF60 and DF70 outboards, the company is now making additions to their popular line by introducing four new outboards in the 70, 80, 90, and 100-HP range.
A Revolutionary new Trolling Motor, the Foldable Torqeedo
There is a new player on the trolling motor scene, meet Torqeedo a company that offers a revolutionary new electric motor which is and environmentally friendly alternative to heavy, high-maintenance internal combustion engines. 
Put A Sock On It Delivers A Storage Solution to Hang A Rod On
When you're as avid a tackle collector as a TackleTour Editor, you're on the constant lookout for storage solutions to maximize efficiency and overall capacity. Introducing the rod socks by Put A Sock On It, a company out of Concord, California.
Ranger Boats Celebrates 40 years of boat building excellence with Anniversary Models
Ranger Boats, perhaps the most respected name in bass boats celebrates its 40th anniversary with the introduction of a new website and new models.
Among the new models for 2008 are additions to the Comanche, Reata and VX Series, as well as a retro-styled boat inspired by Ranger’s past.
Ten cheap ways to get yourself on the water
What stops anglers from boating? Usually the cost. Owning a boat can be expensive, and not everyone wants to store, maintain, or service a boat. But getting on the water doesn't have to be a costly endeavor, and we explore ten different ways to get on the water, for less than you might expect.
Research Machine Development Safety Device Prevents Boating Trailer Accidents
When leaf springs break on boat trailers damage can be done to not only the trailer but the boat, and in worse cases to others on the road.
RMD’s new Trailer Safety Device (TSD) addresses this issue with an innovative dedicated airbag system.
Stratos is poised to revolutionize the 17-foot bass boat market with the ultra affordable 176XT glass rig
Stratos is preparing to take the 17-foot bass boat market by storm with their new aggressively priced 176XT. This bass boat is designed to deliver glass performance at a price less than the top selling similarly sized aluminum boats.
Sunblock for Your Boat? Introducing NoSweat Mist's Quick Spray Shine Enhancer
Are you confused by the vast array of boat care products on the market today? Enter the world of Sieg Taylor, a tournament bass fisherman who grew tired of the confusion and fed up with the mess that presented itself each time he pulled his boat out of the water.
A must have for boaters, the ACR Electronics RapidDitch Express survival bag
here is one more item that all anglers with boats should carry, a floatable safety ditch bag that one can quickly grab and go when unexpected events occur. We take a look at ACR Electronics’ RapidDitch Express Bag that’s built to perform when needed.
Preview: Introducing No Sweat Mist's line of quality boat protectants
Maintenance is the bane of many an angler's free time. Enter No Sweat Mist, a new line of protectants and cleaners developed to deliver an easy to apply, easy to remove yet still provide maximum protection affording busy people like us with as much free time as possible to enjoy our true passions.
The Sea Eagle FoldCat, a fishing watercraft that’s exceptionally stable and quick to set up
When it comes to inflatable fishing watercrafts, Sea Eagle is one of the best in the industry. With the new FoldCat 375fc, anglers can find a complete fishing package that’ll get them on the water and fishing immediately.
Maximize your rod locker and your rod rack with Stor's It Rod Covers
You can bet, when we received our two new Team TackleTour bass boats this year, the first thing we did was to sit down and discuss our rod storage requirements. One of the solutions that materialized was a system of rod covers offered by a company named Stor's It.
Transporting your pontoon float boat has never been easier, introducing the EZ Packer
Pontoon boats are agile on the water, but on land these watercraft become awkward to carry even short distances. The EZ Packer is a new boat hauling product that takes advantage of your 2" or 1 1/4" receiver on your truck, SUV, RV, or ATV to make transporting your float boat easier than ever before.
Honda's new finely tuned BF225 4-stroke delivers power and improved fuel efficiency
As gas prices continually reach new highs, recreational boats can easily use hundreds of dollars worth of fuel on one extended trip. For 2006, Honda Marine's BF225 has been modified to increase fuel efficiency 10% over previous models.
TackleTour's 2005 Aluminum Bass Boat roundup
Aluminum bass boats are durable, lightweight, maintain their value, and above all… are often surprisingly affordable. TackleTour narrows down the field with our picks for the top five aluminum bass boat manufacturers of 2005 in our aluminum bass boat roundup.
TackleTour's 2005 Fiberglass Bass Boat roundup
Choosing the right glass boat shouldn't be a decision you make lightly. Some builders emphasize decisive performance, others highlight innovation and wealth of features, and still others focus on being the very best value. We sort through the countless manufacturers to highlight what we believe are ten exceptional brands, all of which currently offer tournament ready rigs straight out of the factory.
Troll to the depths with the powerful and efficient Scotty Propack 1116 downrigger
These simple to use low profile downriggers are simple to use, powerful, and very effective. We stress tested a Scotty Propack for an entire year to provide anglers with a detailed long term field report, and this is what we've found.
Gain an upper hand on your drifts with the professional Para-Tech Boat Brakes
Drift at your own comfortable pace with the high quality "Boat Brakes." This premium drift sock was designed by Para-Tech is high-performing, easy to use, features an adjustable drag control, and is extremely well-built.
Shield yourself from harsh environments with the portable, easy to use, Pro-Techt Mantis
A novel new boat accessory has been developed by Pro-Techt which provides solid coverage while we are on the water. The Mantis is portable, quick to deploy and retract, and provides superior cover from the elements.
Dri-Dek, a multi-purpose flooring that protects you, your boat, and your gear
Whether you're protecting your investment from damage or in need of a replacement non-skid decking, Dri-Dek is a quick and quality solution for both boaters and fishermen.
Get into fish faster with the Pontoon enhancing Launching Gear
Pontoon boats are terrific for many types of fishing, and while they are easy to navigate on water, they certainly can be challenging to lug around on land.  DaBob Precision Sheetmetal addresses this very dilemma with a innovative product they aptly named the "Launching Gear."
Preview: Wilderness Systems seeks to deliver the best paddling experience to anglers
While many anglers have resorted to modifying their classic and touring kayaks, Wilderness Systems has introduced a complete line of kayaks that tailor to the unique needs of anglers.
Take on BIG wave impacts with the shock absorbing Footcush
Give your ankles, knees, and back a rest with the Footcush, a boating deck mat that's designed to absorb shock when you're pounding waves or to help reduce fatigue while standing up for an extended period while fishing.
Porta-Bote, a completely collapsible watercraft that transforms  into a full fledged boat
Boats come in all sizes, shapes, and sizes...but among all the portable watercrafts available today, nothing quite compares to the Porta-Bote. This unique, one of the kind, boat folds up to a surfboard size and becomes a fully functional row or powerboat on the water when fully expanded.
Go long with a Pate Plastics fiberglass fuel tank
Boaters and Anglers on the go must have everything necessary to make their expedition successful, and having plenty of fuel in the boat is just as important as the right fishing tackle and safety equipment. Pate Plastics manufactures durable fiberglass fuel tanks for those extra long offshore runs.

Preview: A look at Hyde's feature packed LH Signature Series
Hyde has been known in the in the fly-fishing arena to raise the bar beyond what is expected from a typical drift boat. This year they impressed anglers with a new LH signature series drift boat that offers more compartment space and customizations than we have ever seen before.

Project X Unveiled..."Take Charge" with the new Mercury Verado
Mercury promised to shake up the industry with the introduction of this new powerplant, and two days ago at the Miami International Boat Show the veil of secrecy was lifted and the propulsion system known up to this time as “X” finally had a name….Verado.
One, Two, Three...Easy Steps to install Berkley's Triple Rod Holder
For most fisherman their boats represent the ultimate tackle box, but many anglers often find themselves strapped for space. Berkley produces a straightforward and easy to install triple rod holder to lend an extra hand when it comes to effortless rod storage and accessibility.
Fish Pristine water, and catch more fish, with the help of RO's Kevlar reinforced Drift Boat
Sharing the bank with other fishermen can get old real fast. Ro Drift Boats offers a dependable fly-fishermen friendly boat that will take you to pristine spots on the river, giving you the chance to leave the crowds, and land that trophy rainbow.
Fishing from the affordable, durable, and portable  Innova Solar inflatable Kayak
Innova introduces the Solar, an inflatable kayak that's not just rated for river running but also designed to be a serious fish hunting solution for anglers on the go.
The world's lightest 4-stroke outboard, the Honda BF2D, is a heavyweight performer
The Honda BF2D 4-stroke outboard isn't anything like the 2-stroke engines of the past, and offers performance far beyond its small and lightweight attributes.
SOAR, your "Go Anywhere - Do Anything" inflatable canoe
SOAR, the makers of extremely durable inflatable canoes are the prime choice for many "river runners" that seek versatility and at the same time ultimate reliability and durability in a watercraft. 
A fisherman's dream, the affordable Sea Eagle 8 fishing boat
The Sea Eagle 8 fishing boat offers great performance, durability, versatility, and the most important thing to us, a Fisherman's Dream package... all at an incredible price.
The Cadillac of Float tubes...the Super Fat Cat from Outcast
This review will take an in depth look at the "Cadillac" of float tubes, the Outcast’s Super Fat Cat 66S, which emphasizes comfort and stability above all.
Remote control FishHunter II boat is able to spy on hard to find fish
Just when you think you have seen it all. Wonder Winder introduces the FishHunter II and wins big at ICAST by taking first prize in the new boating accessory category.
Sea Eagle PaddleSki, a truly versatile water prowler that's 5 boats in one
Sea Eagle combines the best from a Catamaran and Kayak to create an entirely new and versatile watercraft, the PaddleSki.  The PaddleSki 395ps can be used for paddling, motoring, rowing, sailing, and of course our favorite, fishing!

Long Term Test - Stillwater Talon: The poor man's boat
Fishing from a float tube provides an entirely new experience like no other.  It might even change your fishing techniques.  Find out more about the Talon and how it performs in this extended test.

"Look daddy! A floating suitcase!"
Shore fishing is a lot of fun but it definitely does have limits in terms of what you can do with lure techniques, and certainly in terms of daily fishing range. How close does the Bass Tracker 8 from Pelican boats come to a real Bass Boat experience?









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