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Feeding that Enthusiast Hunger : Daiwa's 2024 Certate
If Shimano's Scorpion 1000 was my gateway into JDM casting reels back in 2003/2004, Daiwa's original Certate was my introduction into JDM spinning reels. I've fished two iterations of the reel since the original, but it's been a while since I've had a new Certate in my hand. When I caught wind of a new refresh for 2024, I felt it was about time I revisited the platform. Here's a look at Daiwa's 2024 Certate.
Redefining the Big Bait Stick Genre : Evergreen International's Giant Dire Wolf
"Dire Wolf" has become a series within itself in Evergreen International's high end rod lineup. In 2022, I fished their GTR-C70MHR-SXF Dire Wolf, and late in 2023, while window shopping virtually at TackleWarehouse's site, I came across a surprising discovery, the Giant Dire Wolf RS IRSC-611XXXHR-SXF - a JDM Evergreen International rod offered domestically!
An Instant Classic? Daiwa Japan's '22 Silver Wolf SV TW PE Special
Once the leader in BFS enabled reel platforms, in recent years, Daiwa Japan has seen competing manufacturers match pace with their introductions. Still, few can match the manufacturer's fervor for offering variants to existing platforms built to suit specific techniques, applications, or game species.

Shimano's High End, Light Weight Champion, Vanquish '23
It's only been a couple of years since my first experience with Shimano Japan's Vanquish line of spinning reels, so when reports of a refresh was in the pipeline for 2023, I was hesitant. However, craving a new spinning reel for this season and not feeling the need for a Stella or Exist, Vanquish kind of hit the sweet spot..

Daiwa Embraces IoT With New Bluetooth Equipped IM Z LIMITBREAKER Baitcaster
Daiwa Japan has launched a new generation of the Z series reels with the IM Z LIMITBREAKER. More than just an update in styling and refinement the IM Z is a Smart Reel that makes use of Daiwa's new bluetooth and app controlled "Connecting System" to control, track, and update the new Intelligent Magforce braking system.
Evoking the Spirit of A Legendary Creature, Evergreen's Dire Wolf Wild 7
The Dire Wolf is actually offered in two configurations. There's a cork handle variant with a longer rear handle, the RS, and the subject of today's review, the GT-R, featuring an EVA handle that measures a short, nine and a half inches (9.5"). Both come with a recommended lure rating of three eighths to three full ounces (3/8-3oz).
What Took So Long? Megabass's P5 Bait Finesse Stick
In various descriptions of their P5 F3-610X Bait Finesse stick, Megabass references their classic Hien. Why they chose a different name for it in this series confuses me and frankly delayed my interest in acquiring it, but as soon as I discovered the connection, I ordered one.
The Ultimate Abu Garcia Reel for BFS? The Limited Run LX992Z
Abu Garcia Japan partners with founder of Imakatsu, Katsutake Imae, to deliver a custom tuned reel for the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) worthy of attention. Today, we take a closer look at one such reel that sits atop Abu Garcia's BFS division, the 2020 limited edition LX992Z.
There's Finesse and Then There's Daiwa's Gekka Bijin Air TW PE Special
If there's one thing Daiwa, especially Daiwa Japan, does well it's limited edition reels. With its black and red color scheme, the Gekka Bijin is impressive out of the box but it has a shape and profile that reminds me of the Alphas 800 TW SV...
Shimano Japan Renews Their Shining Star : The 2022 Aldebaran BFS
Making its debut in 2009, the original Aldebaran was positioned as Shimano Japan's answer to Daiwa Japan's little purple wonder, the Alphas (debuted in 2004). Since that time, Shimano's compact casting wonder has slowly evolved into a finesse casting specialist.

Gan Craft Raises the Danger Level with the Dead Sword Shaku-One JDM Rod
Time to take a closer look at the biggest, baddest stick in the Gancraft lineup. Here's our take on Gan Craft's KGB-00 9-80SEXH Dead Sword R-One (aka Shaku-One).

There's High End, and Then There's Evergreen : The Grand Stallion GTX
There are borderline enthusiast rods, there are obvious enthusiast rods, and then there are a handful that exceed the category like Evergreen International's entire Kaleido series. What really defines the label? Is it the grade of material and components? The craftsmanship? The detailing? The difficulty to acquire? That uncontrollable, giddy smile that comes across the face of its owner?
Appreciating all of the Curves, Edges, Perfect Imperfections of Shimano's 2021 Conquest
If you're a fan of consistency, Shimano's Calcutta Conquest series of reels is a model there of. Where most low profile reels go through a transformation in some form with regards to their shape and profile with each refresh, Conquest is relatively consistent.
In the DC Multiverse, Scorpion Receives New Powers
Shimano's JDM brands, Aldebaran, Metanium, Conquest, Antares, receive a lot of attention, but for many an enthusiast, it's still all about Scorpion. In the parallel universe that is the USDM, Scorpion's double, Curado, also remains the manufacturer's most sought after.

Obsolete Before Its Time? Shimano Japan's SLX BFS
While a great majority of bass fishermen participate in the various techniques that make up the overall classification, for whatever reason, few are willing to admit to it. It's as if using light line and tiny lures isn't as masculine or cause for as much bravado as yanking a defenseless fish out from beneath a thicket of vegetation or fooling one with a life size replica of a baitfish species.

Do You Believe in Magic? Gan Craft's Killers Dead Sword
Gan Craft makes a trio of rods made to handle just about every lure size a swimbait fisherman could need. Here's our look at the first stick in the manufacturer's powerful trio, the Killers KG-00 6-710EXH Dead Sword.
Daiwa Recaptures "It" with this Limited Edition Steez
Style with ease: Daiwa's celebrates the 15th anniversary of its flagship low profile baitcaster, the Steez, this year with a bright, shiny new model (literally), that we previewed back on Christmas day, 2020. Kind of fitting considering each time I have the opportunity to handle a high end reel, it feels like a gift to myself...


Additional Articles
The Thoroughly Capable, If Somewhat Uninspiring New Alphas
At the end of January 2021, we shared a preview of Daiwa Japan's new, Alphas SV TW 800. In that article, we took a detailed look in to the differences between this latest refresh and the original, purple powerhouse. Since that preview, I've had time to fish this reel to discover just how well the updated platform holds up and whether it answers the call to its legacy as the original Scorpion killer.
Return of the Enthusiasm : Shimano Japan's Calcutta Conquest
As I sit down to write this review, I looked back on the last time I explored a Shimano Calcutta/Conquest DC (digital cast control) reel. A quick look through TackleTour's archives reveals a review published in August of 2011 for the Conquest 50/51DC. Has it really been almost 10 years since I fished this platform?
Daiwa's Last Holdout, the Alphas, Has Been Assimilated
Just before 2020 came to a close, we had our first look at the 2021 Steez Limited SV TW 1000. At the end of that preview article, we mentioned Daiwa made a few other early introductions as well. One of those additional introductions is an Alphas, based off the same platform as the 2020 Air TW, but built to support a more general scope of work. For 2021, Daiwa has now introduced the Alphas SV TW 800.
Built to Vanquish the Competition, but Equal to Stella?
As Shimano continues to make that transition to a global lineup for their bass fishing reels, more and more traditional JDM models are becoming easily available stateside. For those who actually prefer their prize reels remain more difficult to acquire, there remain a few gems still under JDM-only control. The Shimano Vanquish is one such reel...
Evergreen International Defines "IT" Again : The Orion OCSC-71H+ Black Rose
The Black Rose, specifically, is designed for versatility allowing you to fish in everything from tight cover situations to open water environments. It is designed to do everything to flipping and punching soft plastics to casting and retrieving big swimbaits.
The Potent Sting of Shimano Japan's Scorpion MGL
Once the gateway reel to many an enthusiasts' addiction, most anglers now know Shimano Japan's Scorpion is simply their version of the Shimano America Corp Curado. The reels are identical in just about every way save for the color and finish treatments. Yet something about fishing a Scorpion versus a Curado just feels more enthusiast.
The New Megabass Destroyer JDM Rod Lineup is Coming to America
In the world of Megabass the Destroyer line is the king of them all, but much like in Game of Thrones there are many that call themselves kings, or queens, which often results in epic battles to determine who will ultimately sit on the throne. This season Megabass Japan will debut a new lineup of Destroyers, and with it a slew of new technologies and features that aim to once again raise the bar.
Round Reel Refinement - The JDM Daiwa Millionaire CT SV70
Originally brought onto to TackleTour as a specialists of sorts, concentrating primarily on enthusiast tackle, my responsibilities have expanded through the years to include product spanning the spectrum from affordability to "you've got to be kidding me." Recently, I've been writing about far more of the former than the latter, but enthusiast level tackle will always have my soul.
One for the Enthusiasts: The Shimano Antares A70 Baitcaster with MGIII
Every lineup needs a flagship, and in Shimano’s low profile baitcasters series the one reel to rule them all is the Antares A70, the smallest and most advanced non-DC equipped Antares the company has introduced. Designed to usher in a new benchmark in refinement and casting performance, with the implementation of the new MGII spool design, this reel might just be the company’s most sophisticated yet.

What's New Is Old School : Megabass of America's F7-76X Valdivia
Once considered Megabass's entry level of rods, Destroyer is now viewed upon with an entirely different perspective - at least in the North American Market. We can thank Levante and Orochi XX for that shift in perspective, but for me, "Megabass" still starts here...

Evergreen International's Next Generation Super Stallion
While traveling in Japan in 2013, I came across a variant of this stick in Evergreen's new Kaleido Inspirare series. It was a stick with the same name and ratings only with a different, more aggressive handle design. Here now is our look at Evergreen International's Inspire Super Stallion Black!
Megabass of America is on Target Once Again : The '17 Destroyer Javelin
We first shared with you our general impressions of Megabass of America's 2017 Destroyer Lineup in June of that year. Since that time we've been busy testing, fishing, and evaluating other sticks from that series. Today, we take a closer look at the one stick that stood out to me during our first day on the water...

Aldebaran is Next to Receive Shimano's MGL Upgrade

The Aldebaran MGL shares the same size and shape as the previously reviewed 2015 Aldebaran 50/51, but there are differences in the reel's finish as well as spool capacity. The MEL version features a kind of metallic steel blue paint scheme that looks either grey or midnight silver depending on how bright the lighting conditions are.

Daiwa's Stealthy New 2018 Ryoga
For those unfamiliar with the platform, Daiwa's Ryoga served as the basis for the USDM Pluton back in 2008. The original intent for this reel is as an inshore product but of course fishermen, especially bass fishermen, don't pay attention to this...
TackleTour Shootout : Stella FJ vs Exist LT
It's that time again. Time to cast aside our review mentality and really get into the nitty gritty side by side comparison of product. It's been a few years since we've conducted a good old fashioned TackleTour Shootout but early in 2018, two products presented themselves before us that inspired a true head to head comparison.
Light and Tough? It Does EXIST and It's Made by Daiwa
It's been eleven long years since I've sampled a new Daiwa Exist. At least, that's the last review on our site of Daiwa's top end JDM Spinning Reel. To be honest, I like that reel so much and it has performed so well for me through the years, that I haven't really paid attention to updates on this reel.
Forget the Street Car, Book the Bullet Train to this New Stella

How excited were you and how much anticipation did you have to take to the water and make your first cast? Remember that feeling? That's what being an enthusiast is all about - enthusiasm.

Beware the Bait Finesse Addiction : Shimano's Scorpion BFS
Once only available to the most dedicated enthusiast with a big budget, reels like Shimano's Brenious and Daiwa's Alphas SV are built to deliver BFS capabilities for right around $250. No where is it more evident that the BFS movement has gained real traction than in the availability today's subject of review - the Scorpion BFS.
Shimano's Fully Machined BFS Masterpiece
The first thing to strike you when lifting the Calcutta Conquest BFS out of its box is the reel's finish. It does not feature the traditional gold/bronze anodizing of its Conquest brethren but instead has its own stealthy pewter finish...

Tackle Your Enthusiasm with Shimano's Metanium MGL
When Shimano USA introduced the 2013 Metanium to the North American bass fishing market in 2014, we hailed it as a “welcome back” to the brand that co-defined high performance and refinement in a low profile baitcasting reel for nearly two decades prior...

Precious : Shimano Japan's 2016 Antares DC
When I reviewed it's more primitive doppelganger back in 2014, I hailed the Shimano's 2012 Antares as having DC like performance. Today, we test that theory, so pull out your virtual reality goggles and strap yourself in as we take Shimano Japan's 2016 Antares DC low profile baitcaster (aka my precious) out for a spin.
Shimano Lowers the Price Barrier to DC : Their 2017 Scorpion DC
Back in late 2011 and into 2012 I was so excited to purchase and fish the original Scorpion DC but was then ultimately disappointed because that reel's whine had been silenced and it just didn't feel that special anymore. So when I caught wind of a new Scorpion DC for 2017, I was skeptical to say the least...
Megabass of America's 2017 Destroyer - Ownage is Onager
Our first in depth, full blown review of a Megabass of America Destroyer Series rod, and what better way to kick things off than with perhaps the biggest, baddest Destroyer stick ever to be assembled. Introducing Megabass of America's F10-711X Destroyer Onager.
Channeling the Joy of a JDM Classic : Shimano's Scorpion 70/71 Platform
Any tried and true JDM bass reel enthusiast has a special place in their tackle heart for the Shimano sub-brand of "Scorpion". This is the lineup that has initiated the majority of Tackle Enthusiast for the last fifteen to twenty years.
Shimano Japan's New Gateway JDM Reel
Shimano has been on a tear of late introducing new, budget friendly reels like the $99.99 Caenan and $79.99 Caius. When I first heard about the new Casitas, I confused it with the discontinued Castaic thinking this new reel was a reintroduction model of the former flipping reel. It wasn't until Zander had his USDM model out on a few trips before it clicked in my head that this was an entirely new model inserted between the Citica and Caenan.
Evergreen International's Light Cavalry CLCC-71H
Earlier this year, we introduced you to an Enthusiast worthy travel rod in St. Croix's Legend Trek LTC76HF. Of course, there are those who won't consider a stick, no matter how worthy, "enthusiast" grade unless it's made for the Japanese market. We were able to hunt down a multi-piece stick made by the one and only Evergreen International, so here now is a close look at their Combat Stick, Light Cavalry CLCC-71H.
Re-Test : Megabass's F4st-69RSDti Hedgehog Evoluzion!
In 2006, I fished a rod that met up with the most unfortunate demise in the F4st-69RSDti Orochi Hedgehot Evoluzion by Megabass and documented this occurrence in the product's incomplete review...
Fulfill Your Destiny With Shimano's 2015 Metanium DC
Once the buzz around the fishing industry, Shimano's DC cast control system has been really quiet as of late. Instead, the manufacturer's newer SVS Infinity braking system has taken center stage - and rightfully so. Still, in today's age of digital everything, it's difficult not to wonder if Shimano has abandoned the system all together or of their continuing to refine it.
Daiwa Japan's Ryoga Shrapnel - Take No Prisoners
Recently in Japan, the manufacturer introduced an update to their limited edition Black Sheep reel designed for targeting invasive snakehead. This reel is based off the Pluton/Ryoga product line only upsized for greater line capacity and blacked out for a stealthier, more hard core look. Here now is our look at Daiwa Japan's Ryoga Shrapnel.
Shimano Re-Ignites Their Shining Star : The 2015 Aldebaran
Originally introduced back in 2009 and dubbed the Alphas Killer (in reference to Daiwa's Alphas platform), the Aldebaran has been a staple in my collection ever since. Six years later, in 2015, Shimano re-imaged this reel and upped the ante by including it in their JDM import lineup to be sold in US stores.

Check Practicality at the Door : Evergreen's Leopard
In 2014 Brett Hite set the Facebook, Twitter, and fishing discussion forum worlds on fire by winning an FLW event on storied Lake Okeechobee throwing a chatterbait on a "mysterious" red and black rod. Of course, the only real mystery was the rod's model number and name since most are aware Brett Hite is sponsored by Evergreen International...

Bearing Down on Megabass : The F5st-611X7
Since the merger of Megabass USA together with Megabass Japan to create Megabass of America, the influx of new product has been dizzying. From several different new rod lines to new lures to new colors of old lures to variations of new lures and colors, the accessibility of Megabass product has been a classic case in point of be careful for what you wish.
Can the Brenious Hold up to Fresh as Well as Salt?
The term "bait finesse" is easing its way into the consciousness of North American bass fishermen with each passing year. The concept of making finesse presentation with bait casting gear is nothing new to bass anglers in Japan, but it's taking a long time to grab hold outside of that country...
The Ultimate Conquest - by Shimano Japan
Low profile reels change shape and evolve with every passing year. What's considered small and comfortable one year can be obsolete in the matter of three to five. Round reels on the other hand are much more enduring. After all, there's not much you can do to change the shape of round. Most bass fisherman are familiar with Shimano's USDM flagship round reel, the Calcutta, but how many are aware of that reel's JDM counterpart, the Conquest?
Daiwa's Beloved Alphas Gets Another Variant - SV
This year, Daiwa Japan has taken the very popular SV spool design from their SS SV baitcasting reel, incorporated it into the Alphas platform, and have introduced the brand new Alphas SV. Does this reel have the same magic or even surpass that of the original? We procured one from Japan to find out!
Daiwa Japan's SS SV : A Steez in Disguise?
If there is one thing Daiwa, and especially Daiwa Japan does well, it's produce tackle worthy of our enthusiasm at the high end. Maybe not everyone appreciates the performance aspects of some of their high end product - case in point the Steez 103H/L - but when it comes to this segment of the market, Daiwa seldom disappoints.
Rapala Canada's Spin 72 Concept Ti
We've had some of their Concept Ti rods for some time, but have held back on reviews for these sticks because they were changing nano-resin suppliers. Now that this has been straightened out, and the line remains intact, we're happy to share our findings on these sticks with everyone. Here now is our first look at the series, presenting Rapala Canada's Concept Ti NT85SP72ML1 (Spin 72)
Megabass's Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Whimey, Bassy Wassy, Sonic Fishing Stick
Well, we saw the prototypes first hand back in 2013 while visiting their factory in Japan. Late last year we finally got to fish these sticks for the first time. Today we bring you our findings. Presenting our review of Megabass's Evoluzion C40 F4.5-610ti Elseil.
Megabass's Destroyer X7 Aaron Martens 71!
By all accounts, Megabass's strategy of introducing in an entirely new audience to the experience of their product with the debut of their "budget" series, the Orochi Double X over two years ago was a success. However, established fans were less than enthused. Last year, the company addressed these fans and upped the ante with a revamp of their base destroyer line...
The Search for One : Shimano/Jackall's Biwako Versatile X
Introducing our first look at the new joint venture Poison Glorious like from Shimano and Jackall. Here's our look at the 173MH Biwako (Lake Biwa) Versatile X.
Don't be Fooled, Here's the Deal on Shimano's Exsence DC !!
To this day, the Chronarch D is a highly sought after reel for its refinement and excellent casting performance. While the reel is technically still available with a magnesium frame and known as the Core, not all consumers are fans of magnesium framed reels for their limitations to freshwater environments and considerable increase in cost.
Evergreen International Re-Enters our Search with the Black Racer
As stated in previous reviews of rods in this same Kaleido lineup from Evergreen, the Black Racer is another example of the clean, precise detailing of JDM rods. Though not as ornate as a rivals Megabass, Shimano/Poison, or GanCraft, the Kaleido series is very simple yet extremely elegant.

A Shining Star Amidst a Milkyway of Reels: The Antares by Shimano
Shimano Japan's flagship low profile baitcasting line is the Antares (USDM Calais). In 2012, this reel was updated a new set of casting brakes, new gears, and the company's already well integrated X-Ship. Here now is our look at the 2012 Antares by Shimano.

Crank It Up! : Is Megabass's F4.5-711GTA Worthy of its Name?
If there's one category of bass rods that are a tough sell within the Enthusiast subset, it's cranking sticks. Bass anglers have a tough time cranking up their enthusiasm for a stick that's built for reaction baits because the general consensus is you don't need a high performing stick to throw cranks - just about any decently built rod on a good fiberglass blank will do.

Welcome Back Shimano : The 2013 Metanium
For years, we've wondered why large manufacturers like Shimano go through the effort to make specialized products for one market versus another when the overall applications of each product are more or less the same. Of course, we're speaking primarily about fishing reels, and even more specifically, bass fishing reels.

2013 Bait-the-Finesse Finale : Daiwa T3 Air
The T3 Air came away from our late March 2013 Product Insight article with the early lead in this shootout. It is a reel based on Daiwa's first generation T-Wing platform, the T3. Made in Japan, the T3 AIR is a modified version of the flagship variant in this line and not the Ballistic which is made in Thailand instead of Japan.

2013 Bait-the-Finesse Finale : Shimano Aldebaran BFS
As its name would suggest, the Aldebaran BFS is built off of the Aldebaran, Shimano's 2009 compact magnesium baitcaster introduction known stateside as the Core 50Mg. The interesting note here is that while the BFS shares the overall same dimensions as the original Aldebaran, there are a few differences.

Skip, Hop, Drop, Cut and Shake by Evergreen International
Over the last several years, we've combed through just about every stick in Evergreen International's Kaleido lineup. These are among the finest rods we've ever fished. But going through ALMOST every stick means there's still room for a few more. Today, we dive back into the Kaleido-scope and share with you our thoughts on the TKLS-61ULX Cut In Shake.
Bait the Finesse?!? Shimano -v- Daiwa Product Insight
In bass fishing, there's a certain fascination with baitcasting reels. Among experienced bass fishermen especially, there exists a stigma associated anyone who favors spinning gear over baitcasting gear. Anglers who fit this description are simply not taken seriously...
Creature Fever : Demon versus Valiant
Presenting an exclusive Creature Fever Feature : Super Red Demon versus Wild Stallion Valiant. Yes, it's Megabass versus Evergreen International.
What the Finesse No Trigger? Evergreen's Stingray 66
What really intrigued us about this new product, a fishing rod, from Evergreen was its reel seat. Presenting our look at the intriguing Kaleido Stingray TKDC-66MLBF-Pro.
A Question of Access in Shimano's New Calcutta
Sometimes, during the course of reviewing a product, there's news and information we want to share during the process. Rather than wait for the entire review to play itself out, we can now share these stories with you through our Product Insights. We hope you enjoy this new series and our debut article on Shimano's new Calcutta.
Daiwa Pixy Epiphany : PX68/68L SPR
The PX68 SPR is an interesting departure in Daiwa Japan's casting brake philosophy. Normally relying upon their magnetic brake technology, Daiwa decided to go centrifugal on the SPR to help deliver brake assistance during the early part of the cast.
Creature Fever Double Feature... Megabass!
The FX-711X4 is very much a toned down version of the very first Megabass stick we reviewed here on TackleTour, The F7-711X Seven Eleven from the Destroyer lineup. It has the prototypical thin handles of the X4 lineup, but made of cork to tie back to the Destroyer line. Further, and again reminiscent of the original, the X4 Seven Eleven has spiral wrapped guides (turning to the left).
Megabass's Own Insanity : The LIN 10

The first thing that strikes you with the LIN 10 was how light it felt. It's not even a full ounce lighter than the Ryoga 1016HL, but for some reason, the weight difference feels significant. This reel was built to celebrate Megabass's 25th Anniversary. Supposedly, there were only 200 ever made...

The Search For One... Rapala Canada's R-Type
The workhorse of the Rapala Canada lineup ais an the R Type. We had one of these rods with us on our recent trip to the Amazon in search of peacock bass and today we bring you our review of Rapala Canada’s R-Type RT45TR72MH2, 2 piece casting rod.
Have Your Crank and Feel It Too : Evergreen International's Husky Winder
A $350 cranking stick? Thanks to the current state of affairs with our exchange rate,  let's try over $500. Walking away from this article yet? What if we told you the subject of today's review is actually an eight hundred dollar plus ($800+) cranking stick?
What the... Finesse Alphas?
It's been almost eight years since we published our very first Enthusiast Tackle review. Eight long years of fishing some of the best the tackle industry has to offer. Do you recall the subject of our first, published enthusiast tackle review? It was the original, and now legendary Daiwa Alphas.
Stop Whining? It's Shimano Japan's Scorpion DC
If there is one group of reels that rarely fail to intrigue me they are the digital brake control reels of Shimano and perhaps more accurately, Shimano Japan. As a whole, these reels may not be perfect, and you can still experience professional overruns -especially if you're as professional as we are - but the shear joy they enable each and every time you shoot your cast is nothing short of addicting.

WTF?!? : Evergreen International's Heracles Series Black Regius
The Heracles sticks are Evergreen’s tuned versions of their Tactics rods and every bit as powerful and sensitive as the Kaleido at about two thirds the price. We got our hands on a HCSS-64ML Black Regius for “What the Finesse” and here’s how it all turned out.

The Two Faces of Ryoga : Daiwa Japan's 1016HL
Like most of our readers, I had known about the smaller sized Ryoga for quite some time only I resisted ordering one from overseas because the exchange rate has not been in our favor for quite some time...
Imperfect Perfection : Shimano's Conquest 50/51 DC
Last year, Shimano Japan introduced an updated DC technology to their Conquest line of reels. With that update came a new look for Conquest DC. Gone were the gold highlights and in was a new, silver monotone motif. The overall tone of the reel is almost more pewter than silver and certainly gives it a more understated aura.
What the Finesse ?!? : Daiwa's PX68/68L
If there is one fishing reel that personifies the diehard, TT Enthusiast, it is the Japanese market only, Daiwa Pixy. Since 2004 when we first wrote about this fabulous little finesse baitcaster from Daiwa Japan, the Pixy has been the subject of, or shared bi-lines with other reels in at least five separate articles.
WTF!?! : Yuki Ito Works His Magic Once Again, the F1-66ZKS Kirisame Limited
The F1-66ZKS Kirisame Limited by Megabass is a two piece stick rated in the “light” power range and features a custom, Megabass real seat together with Fuji  AT guides featuring titanium frames and SiC inserts. It is, as with most things Megabass, exquisite.
Megabass Lays Destruction to the Perception of JDM
Up until recently, even with official US distribution, Megabass was still largely considered a rod made for the Japanese market because all their lengths, tapers, designs, and frankly, prices, catered to their home country. Late in 2010, Megabass set out to change this with their Orochi series...
WTF?! : Evergreen International's Fastbreak Alley-Oop!
When it came time to research their product in hopes of finding a suitable candidate for our finesse themed year, imagine the smile that came across my face when presented with the name of their Kaleido series, TKLS-64LX spinning rod, the “Alley Oop”!
Yuki Ito's Take on Daiwa's Flagship : The IS73
It's been over two years since we reviewed a Yuki Ito tuned fishing reel. Our last journey into the Ito Engineering Reel Division was with the Ito Monoblock 100XR/XR-L. Since the introduction of that reel, there has been a shift in the Ito Engineering landscape.
Evergreen International's Super Stick : TKLC-71MHX
Next up? Another stick that qualifies in our Search For One, assuming your search is for an all purpose, heavy powered stick. Introducing Evergreen International's coveted TKLC-71MHX, The Super Stallion.
WTF?!? : The Megabass Racing Condition 256
Marketing photos of the RC 256 are inspiring. The reel is showcased in an all black environment with hints of its outline and form highlighted by strategically placed lights. It is a prime example of what we come to expect from Mr. Ito's designs.
What the Finesse : Shimano Japan's Ultegra Advance
So what does the Advanced really have to offer? Why don’t we kick off our 2011 Enthusiast category WTF theme with a look at this little gem from Shimano Japan. Introducing the Shimano Ultegra Advanced 2500S.

Shimano Japan Updates a Classic : The Scorpion 1000/1 XT
Those already familiar with the Aldebaran or even its USDM counterpart, the Core 50mg, will feel immediately at home with the Scorpion 1000/1001 XT. As far as we can tell, this is the same exact reel except with aluminum parts where the other two are magnesium.

The Search for One... When "Good Enough" Isn't - Paraizo by Megabass
Anticipation turned to pure anxiety when we caught the price tag of these sticks - roughly one thousand, one hundred dollars ($1,100)! Then, anxiety turned to pure desire. The result? Naturally, here is our review of the Megabass ARMS A6505X Paraizo.
The Search For One... Heracles and The Nine Trials
Evergreen International's second entry to our Search For One theme invokes the mystique of Greek mythology. Heracles (Hercules in the Roman version) was a half god, half human Greek hero son of Zeus and Alcmene whose labors, challenges, and victories were immortalized in ancient folklore.
The Search For One... Megabass's Chimera Evoluzion
This year, we look at a stick that is one step higher in power than the Elseil and has been in the Megabass Evoluzion series for just two short years. Can the F5-69XDti Chimera Evoluzion pick up where the Elseil left off? Let's find out!

Daiwa Bradia : Enthusiast Value or JDM Clearance?
Imagine the buzz then, when one JDM spinning reel from Daiwa Japan found its way to US shores through a couple of big time e-tailers. That’s right, the JDM Daiwa Bradia, a “low end”, $300+ spinning reel was and still is available briefly through US retailers...

ProducTTpreview : Megabass's Orochi X4
One tidbit of information has recently found its way to TackleTour headquarters. Following on our review of the Evergreen International Kaleido series Black Raven fishing rod, we heard rumor that Megabass was upping the ante on their own version of the cross weave graphite blank made popular in their big impact, Orochi series of rods.
Daiwa Japan Continues to Earn Interest Off Their Millionaire Platform
Two years ago, Daiwa finally addressed the original RinGa’s deficiencies by upgrading its braking system with a MagForce Z rotor and polishing up its edges. We’ve been fishing this reel on and off over the course of the last year and finally, here is our take on the 2008 HL-SSS Ringa.
The Search for one... Shift to Canada for Rapala's new rod
Rapala Canada demonstrates that a high-end look and feel with a corresponding, respectable list of components does not necessarily have to come with an exorbitant price tag. Their “Shift” line of rods, currently their top end freshwater offering, comes with very contemporary stylings...
Cardiff or Conquest? You Choose: A Battle of 50s
Admittedly, I had no interest in the Cardiff 50/51DC when it was released initially because of one thing – actually a combination of two. I wanted a “Conquest” 50/51DC not a “Cardiff”. In North America, to those almost exclusive to top end gear, the “Cardiff” line is a cast off – good if you’re on a budget, but certainly not Calcutta GT TE material.
A Look Inside Daiwa Japan's New Pixy
As of this writing, the PX68 has been out for about a month and information is slowly trickling in. The left hand version of this reel has just been released and finally arrived on pre-order from JapanTackle.com to TackleTour headquarters.

A Burgundy with a Compact Body : Shimano Japan's Scorpion 1500/1501 XT
The Scorpion 1500/01 XT comes only in 6.3:1 and 7.1:1 retrieve ratios but both versions of this reel are indeed available in left and right hand retrieve. Introducing our review of Shimano Japan’s Scorpion 1500/01 XT

The Search For One May Very Well Be Over... Evergreen International's Black Raven
Despite its nearly carbon copy statistical match up with our baseline rod, I couldn’t get over the feeling that the Black Raven felt every bit like a finesse stick. As such, it spent a lot of time matched up with a modified 2004 Daiwa Pixy as well as my standard “do everything” reel, the Daiwa Steez 103HL.
CB Rod Wars part 18: Megabass's New GTZ
After having already reviewed product from each of their two series of crankbait rods, GT3 and GTC, we thought for sure our Year of the Crank Rod Shootout was going to go on without a participant from Megabass. The company was scrapping the GTC line and replacing it with a new series of graphite cranking sticks, the GTZ series.  Presenting our review of the Megabass F4-72GTZ ICBM Biwako Guide Special (BGS).
Abu gets back into the Enthusiast Fray with the Revo Elite Aurora
Following on the heels of our Revo SX review in the midst of our High Speed Reel Shootout, I got wind of a limited edition, JDM version of the Revo Elite in Japan, the Revo Elite Aurora.
A New Star Emerges in the Dark Enthusiast Sky : Shimano Japan's Aldebaran
The typical pre-debut frenzy was upon us and the Aldebaran was already a pre-release star dubbed “the Steez Killer” and affectionately referred to as “Bob”. Well, the time for projection and hyperbole is over.  Introducing our review of Shimano Japan’s 2009 Aldebaran. 
CB Rod Wars Part #9 : Gan Craft's Scarface
Gan Craft rods are now relatively easy to source and we’re happy to report their highly touted cranking stick, the KB-003-68M Scarface, is an official participant in our 2009 Crankbait Rod Wars.
CB Rod Wars Part #5 : Daiko Calls on Jackall's Pair and Raises a Spiral Wrap
Back in 2006, we reviewed the Daiko Burroughs BRSC-68M as almost an afterthought following our Enthusiast Rod SuperCast Shootout. So impressed were we with that stick that upon discovering they had a cranking stick (the BRSC-70MG) in this same lineup, I jumped at the chance to acquire it for our 2009 Crankbait Rod Wars.
CB Rod Wars Part #4 : Evergreen International's Super Nova
Arguably, Japan’s number one rod manufacturer for tournament professionals, it was a no brainer to include Evergreen International in the Enthusiast section of our 2009 Crankbait Rod Wars. Up for the challenge is the TCSC-70MG Super Nova, a 7’-0” glass cranking stick.
Daiwa Big Bait Special? Not So Much
Several years ago, prior to the introduction of the Zillion, back when the TDZ was still Daiwa's Flagship low profile baitcaster, Daiwa introduced their TDZ Big Bait Special. This was essentially a beefed up, aluminum version of their TDZ 100M, a popular cranking reel back in the day, and is still in production over in Japan.

Evergreen International's Encore to Their Original Masterpiece: The Opus-1 Nero
A little over one year ago, we debuted our review of Evergreen International's first foray into the fishing reel market, the Opus-1 spinning reel. Enter 2008 and it appears Evergreen is at it again... and this time TT Girl Ms. Casey introduces this enthusiast reel.

Taking a Look at Two JDM Masterpieces Which Together Form an Enviable Classic Combo
Part of the fun of Enthusiast Level tackle is finding pieces that are no longer in production. Even more fun is if you can find two pieces like a rod and reel to pair up with one another and build your own classic combo.
Does the Founder of Megabass Japan Still Have What it Takes? : The Ito Monoblock
Enter 2007, two long years since the introduction of the Alphas Ito Ai, and four years since the original TD-Ito Series were introduced. The Ito Monoblock 100XR / 100XR-L was announced and the anticipation grew once again. Only this time, Enthusiasts seem to be playing a "wait and see" game.
Nories Enters the High End Trout Market with Their Trout Program Stream 63
Most of our coverage of "Enthusiast" tackle from across the pond is concentrated on products related to bass fishing, but today we take a slight departure from that and look at a very refined piece of equipment by Nories offered both in Japan and Australia...
Be Very Careful of What You Ask: Shimano Japan's Metanium Mg DC
Since the debut of Shimano's Conquest 100/101DC, Tackle Enthusiasts throughout the world have been anticipating the release a low profile version of these digitally controlled reels. Now there is a new DC reel available in Japan, and it is a magnesium one!
Swimbait Rod Wars Installment #11: Deps Joins the Frey With one of Their Sidewinder Sticks
In our last installment of the Swimbait Rod Wars, we got caught by mistakenly trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. We're doing the same thing only this time, we know full well that we're asking this rod to do something for which it may not have been designed. Introducing the Deps Sidewinder HGC-77XR Dom Driver Flipping Edition.
Swimbait Rod Wars Installment #7 : The Megabass White Python
Some, myself included, would argue that most of what's exciting and new in terms of bass fishing reels originates overseas in Japan. Hence the affinity of many of our readers for what we refer to as JDM (or Japanese Domestic Market) products.
Bordering on Greatness: Shimano Japan's Final Dimension Bass Rods
If you, like I, were looking forward to something a little more aggressively styled with clean, new details from Shimano's line of bass rods debuted at ICAST 2007, then you might want to keep reading and see what the factory over in Japan has been producing for their home market for the last several years.
A Detailed Look at Two, Special Edition Zillions: The Daiwa/Deps ZDV Zillion and Zillion HLC
In the latter half of 2007, through a partnership with Deps and through the efforts of their own version of skunk works, the I'ZE factory, Daiwa Japan produced two special edition Zillion reels that have taken flight with destinations to many a Tackle Enthusiasts' arsenal.

TackleTour's Legion of SuperTTuned SuperReels: Enabled by Office ZPI
Join us on our journey with eight great reels and witness what fruit our winter time superttuning efforts bear. Introducing TackleTour's Legion of SuperTTuned SuperReels!

Swimbait Rod Wars Installment #3 : A Walk on the Exotic Side with Evergreen International's Balista
When we left our Swimbait Rod Wars last, our spirits were filled with renewed optimism thanks to the Best Value Award winning sticks from Okuma. We contrast that enthusiasm with a representative from the opposite end of the spectrum. Introducing the TMJC-74XXX Balista from Evergreen.
Something Wicked this Way Comes : The Antares DC7
Over a year ago we completed our in depth review of the premium positioned Shimano Calais 4xD DC. As we draw to a conclusion this 2008 season we have some fun as we take a second look at the Japanese version of this "wicked" reel.
A Cranky Finesse Stick With Power: The Megabass F3 1/2-65GTC Hien Type-S
Megabass introduced a set of graphite cranking sticks to supplement their already successful fiberglass cranking line, the Tomahawk GT3. We've spent a full year getting to know one of the rods from this lineup and as with most products from this company, the more we use it, the more it reveals itself to us.
One Last Look At the Old Destroyer Line From Megabass : The 2006 F5-66X Bearing Down
The tide is changing now in 2007 as Megabass revamps the lineup with a new, standardized rear grip design. We take one last look at the old Destroyer line before this change takes place: Presenting the 2006 Megabass F5-66X Bearing Down.
Move Over BaitMonkey, There's a New Agent In Town and She Has Something to Behold: Evergreen International's Opus-1
Evergreen International has made its first foray into the fishing reel segment. That product? The limited run, uber-expensive Evergreen Opus-1.
What a Difference The Blank Makes: The Nories Road Runner Voice 680H
Today, we take another step back to give Nories their moment in the sun with a look at their 680H, a rod featuring a higher modulus graphite blank but the same overall design, weight and balance as the HB680M.
Megabass's Own Mutant X-Rod, The Extraordinary and Limited Edition Diablo SB
This limited version of the Diablo featured Megabass's new slant bridge handle. We were lucky enough to procure one of these sticks and had it sent over directly from Japan: Introducing the Megabass Evoluzion F5 1/2-68XFti Diablo SB (Slant Bridge).
The Makeup of a Flag Bearer: A look back at the Shimano Stella SR 2000s
Why would I ever need to spend the extra bit of cash on the Stella when I was perfectly satisfied with my Daiwa Certate? Well, as any good Enthusiast would do, when presented with such a question in mind, I tossed aside these reservations and decided to find out for myself.
Taking a Spin with the Evergreen International EsDrive
While our introduction to Evergreen International came by way of their Temujin Crossfire rods, it is no secret to the vast majority of Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) tackle fans out there that this company also offers several full lines of bait products as well.
Be Forewarned for Pure Evil Lurks Within : The All Purpose, All Species Megabass Mephisto
Invoking the mythology surrounding this name that represents one of the devil's chief minions, Megabass all but acknowledges their role in seducing the weary angler to the dark side. After all, what self respecting Enthusiast can resist an evil magic wand that is known by the name "Mephisto".
Capping off Megabass's Trio of Finesse Application Spinning Sticks: The Shabbler
In the Megabass line of spinning rods, there exists a trio of sticks that are considered to be the same basic tool only with different degrees of advancement, or as Megabass refers to it, evolution.Completing the trilogy, today we return to the baseline rod of this trio, the F3-69XS Shabbler
Daiwa's Version of the Little Black Dress: The Exist 2004
Approximately two decades ago, Daiwa introduced us to their original Tournament Whisker series of spinning reels. Daiwa has since gone through a couple of generations worth of new designs like the former Hard Bodies and the current Real4 products.
Megabass Turns Their Sights on Trout With Their Very Elegant Pagani Line
Megabass, as their name implies, is best known for their insane offerings in the realm of bass fishing. But how does their particular interpretation of the tackle world translate to other segments of the market?
Revisiting Evergreen International's Temujin Crossfire Rods : The TXFC-68MH Stallion
Evergreen's Temujin Crossfire TXFC-66MR Steed, did not fare too well in the shootout, but only because the rod's action did not match our expectations, based on the manufacturer specifications. Today, we look at the Steed's big brother, the TXFC-68MH, a heavier action stick with a bit more versatility.
Major Craft Delivers an Ultra-Light Stick Armed with an Extra-Fast Punch
In our effort to bring you the many stories within this diverse world of the tackle industry, we share with you now, our most recent adventure with an Ultra Light offering from Major Craft Japan. Introducing the Major Craft Toy II MSS-602UL, a two piece ultralight stick from Japan.
Continuing Our Look into Daiko Japan with Their Mid-Level Lineup, Gallet
We were so impressed with the BRSC68M from Daiko Japan we wanted to see what else was offered. Instead of staying with their top-end product, we moved down a couple of steps looking for something less exotic and just a little more practical: the two-piece Daiko Gallet GLS-632L spinning rod
Exotic Practicality? The Reality That Defines an Oxymoron, Major Craft's Day's Season DC-644M
Looking for a rod that is portable, affordable and possesses a flavor of that import rod allure? Major Craft is a growing Japanese rod manufacturer that produces quality product at an affordable price.
Introducing the Twain-esque Daiko Burroughs
Formerly in the top three of the Japanese market, their business model has taken a drastic change. What has happened? We took it upon ourselves to investigate by acquiring a rod from their current top lineup, Burroughs, and put it through our usual battery of tests.
Know Their Steez, Daiwa Japan's New Flagship Low Profile Baitcaster
You can be sure when a company like Daiwa Japan introduces a new reel, there will be an endless amount of anticipation surrounding this reel's debut. Introducing our review of the much anticipated Daiwa Japan TD-Z replacement, the Daiwa Steez Baitcaster.
Don't Get Stung by the Stinger Tip : The Megabass F4-69RSDti Orochi Evolution
Found only on their exclusive HedgeHog rods, the stinger tip is an approximate eight to nine inch section of tubular graphite. The intent is to provide a true extra-fast tip section that transfers into a stronger than normal backbone to deliver instant hooksetting without sacrificing sensitivity. Confused?
There Can Only Be One: The 2006 TackleTour SuperCast Shootout
Earlier this year, we previewed our 2006 TackleTour SuperCast Shootout: a promised battle between four of Japan's top rod manufacturers. The following pages represent quite possibly, our most detailed shootout to date culminating in our 2006 SuperCast Shootout winner.
Shimano's Next Generation Metanium XT
The unprecedented release of the US Chronarch B, prior to the debut of the new Metanium XT, sent scores of consumers into a tailspin. It's been a good year now since all the anticipation has come and passed, and it's time to share our thoughts on the new Metanium XT from Shimano
Megabass Invokes the Spirit of a Dragon to Bring to Life their Fiberglass Cranking Stick
The word "Shiryu" as defined by Megabass USA, is Japanese for "purple dragon". But the dragon is also the symbol of springtime and what excites bass anglers and tackle enthusiasts more than early signs of their favorite season? How about a review of a F4-610GT3 Shiryu from Megabass.
Announcing the 2006 TackleTour SuperCast Shootout!
Announcing the 2006 TackleTour SuperCast Shootout, a battle between four of Japan's top rod manufacturers. In the coming months, we will bring you the results of our detailed field testing efforts, but for now, let's introduce you to the players and see how they relate to one another in the lab.
Redefining the UL Market : The Uber-Ultra Light Daiwa Presso Baitcaster
Based on the venerable Pixy, but marketed as a true ultralight baitcasting reel for trout, the Presso comes to us in an even lighter overall presentation and shrouded in a black and orange color scheme.
A Reel Novelty : The Abu Garcia EON Pro 3600C/3601C
Daiwa and Shimano are not the only manufacturers producing reels for exclusive sale outside the United States. We acquired one such product that has been discontinued but can still be easily found thanks to the likes of online auction houses. The very unique and intriguing Abu Garcia EON Pro 3600C/3601C.
A Spinnerbait stick from Daiwa Japan, the Heartland-Z Hama Special
The fishing rod market is hotly contested within Japan and Daiwa reserves some of their most intriguing product for their home market. We take a look at one such offering, the Daiwa Heartland Z Hama Spinnerbait Special (HZ-6101HRB-ti).
Uncovering the Weapon of a Bass Pro: Megabass's 2005 F3-610DGS Aaron Martens Limited
Presenting the brand new, 2005 F3-610DGS Aaron Martens Limited from Megabass. The split grip spinning rod with the unusual silver sleeve detail between the rear grip and butt cap. 
Power and Balance in a Burgundy Wrap : The Shimano Japan Scorpion G4
Straight out of Shimano Japan comes a rather intriguing product that shows design and innovation is strong within Shimano's rod lines.... the captivating interchangeable Scorpion G4 line of fishing rods.
TackleTour's 2005 SuperCast Championship : The Daiwa Millionaire I'ZE Light vs The Shimano Conquest 101DC
Take an in depth look at our two, 2005, ultimate, round baitcasting reels, The Daiwa Millionaire I'ZE Light 103L and the Shimano Conquest 101DC.
SuperCast Shootout Round 2 : Daiwa Millionaire I'ZE Light vs Daiwa Millionaire RinGa
In July, we brought you the first semi-final matchup in our 2005 SuperCast Shootout: the Conquest 101DC versus a supertuned Mörrum Ultra Mag S2. Today, we bring you our second semi-final match, a sibling rivalry between two limited edition Daiwa Millionaire reels.
The 2004 & 2005 Limited Edition Daiwa Liberto Pixy Reels...is there a casting advantage?
In late April of this year, the 2005 Limited Edition Pixy debuted sporting a lighter Duralumin spool instead of the traditional GIGAS resulting in a reel that overall, is even lighter than its already feathery predecessors. How could this be possible? If true, how would it affect performance?
Before the TD Luna existed there was the Daiwa Japan Millionaire Bay Casting Special
Before the new TD Luna existed Daiwa Japan had already offered anglers overseas a robust souped-up version of their popular CV-Z reels equipped with an externally adjustable MagForce V sideplate, corrosion resistant bearings, and a lightweight, Gigas spool.
Round 1 of the TT SuperCast Shootout: The Abu Mörrum Ultra Mag vs Shimano Conquest 101DC
2005 marks the year Tackle Tour has chosen to pay homage to the round baitcaster and launch our very own renaissance as we take four top end, overseas offerings from three different manufacturer's and shoot them out against one another in our very first Tackle Tour SuperCast Reel Shootout.
Prepare to be Assimilated : The 2005 Alphas
Ito Ai

We've moved past our own initial disappointment with this reel's aesthetics and have taken it upon ourselves to investigate whether or not 2005 Alphas Ito Ai really does miss the mark or if something magical exists beneath the shroud.
The discontinued but ever so brilliant Shimano Metanium MG
Concurrent with the announcement of their, newly designed 2005 Metanium XT reels, Shimano Japan made it known that the very popular Metanium MG was to be taken out of production.
"Fish with Mindfulness - Beware the Dark Side" : The Daiwa TD-Ito
We've received countless inquiries for further information on the fabled Ito. With that in mind, this editor took one of the most prized items in his collection out of its case and mounted it onto several different fishing rods. Pull up a chair as we give you our true thoughts behind the 2003 TD-ITO
The Smooth Operator : Daiwa's Real Four Engineered Certate 2000
In the middle of last year, Daiwa upped the ante with the introduction of the Certate, the goal was to reduce unnecessary friction and vibration to smoothly and efficiently translate every bit of mechanical energy in turning the handle to the purpose of winding line onto the spool.
A Rod to Truly Make Your Collection : The Megabass Super Destroyer III
We thought we'd bring one in for a test run and see just what a signature series rod direct from the US division of one of the most popular rod manufacturers in Japan is all about. Introducing the F6-69X Super Destroyer III.
Enthusiast shootout, the Daiwa Alphas and Shimano Scorpion Mg duel for the crown
At the close of 2004 we presented a heavyweight shootout between the flagship enthusiast baitcasting reels. As a sequel to that stalwart battle, we decided to follow on with a match up that's slightly more attainable and a bit more relevant: the Daiwa Alphas versus the Shimano Scorpion MG.
Going neck and neck in a enthusiast shootout, the Shimano Antares AR VS Daiwa TD-Z Type R+
An enthusiast super tuned shootout between two of the very best Japanese baitcasters, the Daiwa TD-Z 103ML Type R+ and Shimano Antares AR! The closest shootout ever fought in TT history.
An Ultra-Light Baitcaster Worthy of Serious Anglers - The Daiwa Liberto Pixy
Tired of the line twist issues inherent with spinning gear? Ever wish for just a little more control while throwing finesse baits? Ever wonder what it’d be like to fish 4lb test on a bait casting rig? Well, wonder no more.
The Makings of an Import Legend - the Shimano Scorpion 1000/1001
For many tackle enthusiasts, it all starts here, the Shimano Scorpion 1000/1001. Discussion forums throughout the internet praise this reel’s value and performance, and at online auction houses, despite the reel’s import status, sales are closed almost daily.
A truly exotic flipping rod, the very rare Megabass F7-711X
Megabass Custom Rods of Japan has an almost legendary reputation and underground following within the United States for insanely detailed, supremely, hand crafted, very exclusive products.
The Extreme Collectibles for the Supreme Enthusiast - Team Daiwa Limited Edition Reels
Daiwa Japan has, within the last couple of years, brought the hobby of collecting fishing tackle to an entirely new level of obsession with limited edition, supremely engineered, and elegantly crafted offerings. This article gives an overview of two such offerings, the 2004 TD-Z Custom and 2003 Ito Reels.
A decisive balance of might and refinement, the Shimano Conquest 50
A little over a year ago, TackleTour introduced you to the Shimano Calcutta GT series, we took a closer look at the GT’s Japanese Market counterpart, and downsized our test with the Shimano Conquest 51. Could this ultra light sized reel deliver when it counts? You better believe it.
The Versatile Petite Purple Powerhouse, the Daiwa Alphas
Not in recent memory had the anticipated arrival of a new reel caused as much Internet banter as that of the Daiwa Alphas. Targeted in size somewhere between the top end Team Daiwa TD-Z 103H and the diminutive finesse reel Pixy, the Alphas is Daiwa’s answer to the established legend from Shimano Japan, the Scorpion 1000 series reel.









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