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Terminal Tackle Review

Consistency & Variety in a Jighead : Fin-Tech's Title SHot

Date: 1/10/10
Tackle type: Jigheads
Manufacturer: Fin-tech
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.92 - GOOD

Introduction: For anglers on the West Coast, big baits are still the talk of the docks and while smaller, more numbers oriented versions of these baits continue to migrate across the country, most consider these big, realistic bait profiles unrealistic in their home waters. So what technique are anglers in the rest of the country interested in? There may not be one dominant technique but it’s obvious from our perspective that one application continues to shake things up beneath the big bait talk. That’s right, the “yin” to the West Coast’s big bait “yang” is the finesse oriented technique of fishing soft plastic baits tipped on a jighead, a.k.a. the shakey head.


Introducing Fin-tech's Title SHot jighead.

Back at ICAST 2008, we met the principals of fifteen year old terminal tackle company Fin-tech who introduced us to their wide array of jig head designs. Interestingly enough, while the product that intrigued us most at the show was their Nuckle Ball Jig, the product we’ve come to fish more in the following year and a half was their new Title SHot Jighead featuring the company’s own, patented bait keeper.

Fin-tech Title SHot Jighead Specifications

Material Lead
Sizes From 1/8th oz to 2 oz depending on head style
Head Styles 6 Different Head Styles, multiple colors
Features Patented Bait Keeper, Epoxy coated heads
MSRP Depends on style but the heads are sold in packs of two at anywhere from $3.00 - $4.75

Impressions: Fin-tech’s Title SHot Jighead is actually available in several of different configurations all built for specific applications. Common to all of these jighead designs though is the use of Mustad Ultra Point hooks as the business end of the product.

The Title SHot is available in many different head configurations.

Realistically, there’s very little to distinguish one jighead from the next. That having been said, the one area where the Title SHot distinguishes itself is with its patented bait keeper. Thanks to a non-rigid connection to the actual jighead, the baitkeeper is designed to pivot down and out of the way to expose the hook when a fish bites down on your bait.

This is the football head version.

The keeper itself is a long, solid piece consisting of a series of plastic coated ridges that serve to hold onto your bait securely when rigged preventing the bait from sliding out of position.

Here is the traditional Shakey Head (note how far the bait keeper extends towards the tip of the hook).

Field Tests: Out on the water, this keeper works similarly to the very popular screw-in bait keepers currently in the market with one difference, the baits are much easier to rig because you do not have to screw them onto the keeper. Instead, just hold your bait firmly, thread it onto the Fin-tech baitkeeper, Texas rig the hook point, and voila, you are done.

This is the skipping head version of the Title SHot jighead - one of my favorites for the semi concealed line tie and upright position of the head when at rest.

Actual field tests with this jighead began in January of 2009 with our now annual trek to Pardee Lake in California to participate in the annual media event day. During the first half of this event, I was paired with Fin-tech sponsored pro Byron Velvick. Predictably enough, our conversation for the day began with a discussion about big baits, but it was soon apparent big baits were not going to cut it that morning.

Byron Velvick helped to kick off our tests of this product at the 2009 Pardee Lake Media Event organized by Kent Brown.

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