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Terminal Tackle Review

Ultra finesse fishing with Gamakatsuís Skip Gap Shaky Head

Date: 6/17/09
Tackle type: Terminal Tackle
Manufacturer: Gamakatsu
Reviewer: Zander



Total Score: 8.16 + GREAT


Introduction: Hook giant Gamakatsu continues to branch out with the release of their Skip Gap Shaky Heads. These jigheads make use of the companyís skip gap hook design to help keep thinner diameter finesse worms threaded on when shaking up fish. 

Gamakatsu Skip Gap Shaky Head Specifications

Function Jighead
Features Designed to hold baits securely to the hook
Sizes 1/8oz. (3/0), 3/16oz. (3/0), 3/16oz. (4/0), 1/4oz. (4/0)
Colors Brown, Green Pumpkin
MSRP $5.49 / 4 pack

Gamakatsu's Skip Gap Shaky Heads are sold in packs of four


Impressions: When it comes to popularity and market share in hooks Gamakatsu is just about as big as they come. The companyís figures put it at about 70% marketshare in Japan, and there is no doubt that the company is a dominant player here in the United States as well. Gamakatsu started producing hooks in Japan in 1955, and at that time each hook was made and sharpened by hand. Since then, Gamakatsu has steadily researched new materials and tempering processes to further push the envelope in terms of performance and consistency of their offerings.


The Skip Gap Shaky Heads feature a bend in the hook that is designed to hold baits securely to the hook


The Skip Gap Shaky Head features the same bend that the original Gamakatsu Skip Gap hook design utilized. This simple yet clever design focuses on simplicity and replaces spring style or barb retainers. The added benefit of the design is that it is possible to thread on even small diameter ultra finesse worms without worry of tearing them up while rigging.


A Roboworm threaded onto the Skip Gap Shaky Head


Real World Tests: To test the Gamakatsu Skip Gap Shaky Head we head to a number of lakes including Clear Lake, Pardee, as well as the Northern California Delta. We targeted both smallmouth and largemouth bass in crystal clear freshwater as well as stained brackish water.


Notice how the worm is held in place by the bend in the hook shaft


Casting: There are only two colors available in this particular jighead and while I liked both the matte Green Pumpkin and the Brown colors I do feel like the series would be made more complete with a glossy or matte black option. When paired with black or purple worms the green and brown finishes just didnít match. The skip gap design is extremely easy to use, simply thread your worm on the hook and your done. No need to screw on baits, or wiggle them over barbs, the design is just plain effective at keeping worms rigged in place.


There is no doubt the technique is deadly effective on bass


There really isnít much to say about casting a rigged up Skip Gap Shaky Head, simply pick the right weight for your application and cast away. These rigs are easy to cast with both spinning and baitcasting gear, and with a little practice skipping them under docks is also possible. For most applications I found the 1/4oz. was just plenty enough weight to get down quickly, and could be rigged with a wide variety of worms.


Skip Gap Shaky Heads are available in green pumpkin color in addition to the brown


Let's see what the Skip Gap Shaky Heads can do...









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