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Terminal Tackle Article

The Tackle Doctor: Professional Angler Aaron Martens Demonstrates How to Add a Bait Holder to Any Hook


Date: 4/10/12
Tackle type: Terminal Tackle
Manufacturer: Multiple
Reviewer: Leo

When it comes to tackle on the professional bass fishing circuit nobody is more detailed than Aaron Martens. Because of this affection for the finer details in tackle and his ability to customize and mod his personal gear Aaron Martens is known as the "Tackle Doctor" amongst his peers.


The Tackle Doctor Series: From time to time, Aaron will be releasing videos. These videos will be the Tackle Doctor series of videos. Topics will range from anything from learning to tie knots to modifying tackle for increasing effectiveness for tournament angling. Aaron will provide his insight and unique perspective on these topics.


The Tackle Doctor Volume 2: Adding a Bait Holder to Any Hook

Aaron Martens "doctors" up a lot of tackle and that includes everything from mass production lures to terminal tackle. In this installment he demonstrates how he adds a bait holder to hooks that he uses for tournament fishing. This simple process only takes minutes to learn and allows anglers to add this feature to hooks that may not be available with a bait holder, like one of his favorite hooks, a 3/0 worm bend hook from Gamakatsu.


All anglers need to get started is a hook, something to hold that hook securely like a tying vise, some 10lb braided line and a single strand of weedguard (easily cut from a jig).




When to use a Custom Bait Holder: There are a number of hooks that are available with built in or pre-installed bait keepers and the popular Punching technique has spawned an array of options. But what happens when your favorite hook is not available with this option? A quick modification will allow you to arm your hook with this useful feature. Bait holders help keep plastics from balling up on the hook which is not only not the optimal presentation but can cause the hookpoint from properly penetrating fish. Each time anglers spend time pulling the baits back up it causes damage to the bait and wasted time, and as anglers know you simply can't catch fish if your bait isn't in the water.


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