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Terminal Tackle Review

Uncle Josh and Bass Stalker Prove That Looks Can Be Deceiving: Introducing the Spot Stalker Jighead

Date: 3/04/09
Tackle type: Terminal Tackle
Manufacturer: Uncle Josh/Bass Stalker
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.08 +
Editor's Choice Award!

Introduction: As the phenomenon known as shakey head fishing continues to grow, we've been receiving messages left and right for reviews on the many different jighead options that support this craze. In August of 2006, we shared our thoughts on the Reaction Innovations Screwed Up Jighead and today, we bring to you our story on a different product with a bit of a different look and feel. Introducing the Uncle Josh and Bass Stalker entry into the shakey head craze, the Spot Stalker jighead.

Introducing the Bass Stalker Spot Stalker Jigheads

Bass Stalker Spot Stalker Jighead Specifications

Material Lead
Sizes (in ounces) 1/16, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8
Colors Brown, Black, Camo
Hook Mustad Ultra Point
MSRP $4.49 (per 5 pack)

Impressions: Formerly an independent company specializing in jigs, Bass Stalker now falls under the growing umbrella of Uncle Josh Baits: an umbrella that also covers Kalin's, Sizmic, & Little Stinker. Those already familiar with Bass Stalker and their very effective jigs will be happy to know not much, if anything has really changed from a product standpoint. Perry Haas, the former owner of Bass Stalker jigs, is still around in an unofficial capacity making sure that the products developed under the Bass Stalker name continue to carry forward, the trademark designs that made the Original Stalker and Grass Stalker jigs such successful baits to begin with.


The Spot Stalkers are available in 6 different sizes and all are equipped with Mustad Ultra Point hooks

It was no surprise to us then, when we received our order of Spot Stalker jigheads to find, on the underside of the heads, that signature concave indentation that not only helps slow the fall of the bait but also helps keep the jighead stable and standing upright on the bottom. The last factor is what intrigued us about this particular product enough to give it a try.

Here are for of the six sizes of the Spot Stalker Jigheads

There are also different colored head options from left to right: Camo, Black, Brown

The Field Tests: Off to the water we took with a good supply of these Spot Stalkers. In fact, we outfitted the entire team on separate trips to Clear Lake, Lake Berryessa, and Lake McClure all in an effort put this head through the paces as quickly as possible. We fished them on both spinning and casting equipment and used a wide variety of baits.


A look at the Spot Stalker as a whole before tying it to the end of our line


Note the single strand weedguard and double barbed bait keeper

Rigging: Thanks to the external weedguard on the Spot Stalker jighead together with it's standard, but double barbed baitkeeper, we were able to fish any of a variety of plastic baits including the Reaction Innovations Flirt and Skinny Dipper baits, Roboworm Shakey Worms, Yamamoto Hula Grub , Kreature Baits, and Kut Tail worms, and so on. All these and more were very easily thread onto the Spot Stalker hook shank and over the double barbed hook keeper. Rigging was fast, easy, and mindless since we didn't have to worry about attachment points of the hook point into the plastic baits to effect a weedless presentation.

Not all shakey heads are created equal as only a few are truly designed to stand upright on their own

Starting at the top, from left to right... Hookerz Shakey Head, TruTungsten Ikey Head, Reaction Innovations Screwed-Up Jighead, Critterbaits Critter-Shaker, Buckeye Spot Remover, Spot Stalker


Effectiveness: Once we started using it, we discovered the Spot Stalker is about as versatile as they come. We fished them in rocky shorelines, in and around docks, and in patches of weeds and tules all with very good success. The hybrid nature of the Spot Stalker jighead really makes it easy to fish a variety of different cover situations. The pointy head is good for pulling through weeds, yet the relatively wide base and concave head allows the bait to stand up on both hard and soft surfaces rather easily. The line tie pulls the head at an angle so the rig can be pulled up and over most obstacles its way. Despite its odd look, it is really an effective design. Of course, Zander did manage to lose a few in the rocks, but no more or less than the football jigheads he favors when fishing the hula grub.


The Spot Stalker sports a versatile design as effective in rocks as a football head, and almost as good as a darter head swimming plastics around weeds.


Weedlessness, Design, Durability, and Ratings









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