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Enthusiast BFS Review


The Ultimate Abu Garcia Reel for BFS? The Limited Run LX992Z


Date: 6/14/21
Tackle Type: Reel
Manufacturer: Abu Garcia Japan
Reviewer: Cal


When it comes to JDM rods and reels, Shimano and Daiwa receive all the fan fare and rightly so, but Abu Garcia has been thriving in that space as well. That's where their coveted Fantasista series of rods were born. With a few exceptions, most of the reels they've offered in this space have been USDM reels with different finishes, but every now and then, Abu Garcia Japan partners with founder of Imakatsu, Katsutake Imae, to deliver a custom tuned reel for the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) worthy of attention. Today, we take a closer look at one such reel that sits atop Abu Garcia's BFS division, the 2020 limited edition LX992Z.


Abu Garcia LX992Z BFS Casting Reel Specifications

Line Capacity - Rated
8lb / 80m
10lb / 100m
Line Capacity - Spool Volume
6.9 cm3
10.1 cm3
Retrieve Ratio
Inches Per Turn (IPT) - calculated
25 - 31.5
21 - 31.5
Weight 5.7 oz
Spool Weight
10 g
9 g
Handle Length 90 mm
Bearings 9+1 (Ceramic HPCR bearings at spool)
Bearings per Knob 2 bearings
Levelwind Bearings One
Rated Max Drag ~15lbs
Origin Made in Korea
MSRP 45,000JPY (~$410)

Introducing Abu Garcia's Revo LX992Z BFS reel

Impressions: One of the features I really like about Abu Garcia's latest flagship spinning reel, the Zenon, is the fact it comes with two spools. It's a feature I'd grown accustomed to in my early enthusiast days. When my LX992Z arrived, I was surprised to discover it too came with two spool options - something I'd only ever experienced with Abu Garcia, but was not expecting on a reel like this. Katsutake Imae wanted this reel to be capable of both finesse and conventional bait techniques.


Aftermarket spools for casting reels can get pricey yet Abu Garcia includes two with the LX992Z


Styling on this reel is stealthy with an all black finish, subtle silver highlights, and a little streak of red. The most shallow spool is gold while the slightly deeper spool is all black. Beneath that stealthy styling is an aluminum alloy frame with carbon sideplates. Finally, the LX992Z comes with a long, ninety millimeter (90mm) handle that seems a little out of place on a reel dedicated for finesse tactics.

Matched with a Legit Design SOC66L+ and ready for action

Real World Tests: Anxious to get this reel out on the water, I spooled it with a straight shot of five pound (5lb) Sunline Sniper FC and paired it with Legit Design's new Standout Series Bait Finesse Special stick (SOC66L+). This is a six foot, six inch (6'-6") stick with a moderate fast taper with a lure weight specification of 1/64th - 1/2oz. While I don't go that low in lure weight with any of my bass lures, it's nice to see a JDM-esque BFS stick option available here in the States!

One of the more enjoyable byproduct of finesse fishing is the variety of species you can encounter.

A look at the magnetic brake system that enables the LX992Z

Casting: Abu Garcia has a really diverse number of brake options to use in their reels. The LX992Z comes with appears to be one of the more basic - straight magnets. But within that array of ten magnets neatly tucked into the non-handle sideplate are five magnets that are three millimeters in thickness and five magnets that are a millimeter and a half thick. These magnets can even be removed if you want to custom tailor your brake control. I fished the LX992Z stock and with the most shallow spool.

There are 10 magnets in total divided into two groups of 5. Each group is a different depth. They're easily removable so you can further tune your brake settings

Otherwise, the external dial moves the brake plate in and out for on the water adjustments

Starting off with the brake dial about three quarters of the way full, my first cast with the LX992Z, a Megabass Okashira Jighead with Hazedong Swimbait, I was pretty impressed with the control and distance I was getting. So much so, I was a little hesitant to dial those brakes back for fear of creating a landing site for the Osprey circling overhead. But dial it back I did and found a happy medium for my casting style about halfway on the brake dial. It doesn't take much to get your bait flying with this reel and that's saying something when using BFS gear.

The LX992Z even saw duty on the new Daiwa Steez AGS "The Sensor" rod

I'm guessing a lot of this has to do with the ceramic HPCR bearings Abu uses in the spool and sideplate for this reel. Coupled with the super light weight of the spool, the combo translates to really easy casting with the LX992Z with no sensations of your cast being choked off at the end like with some magnetic brake systems. Quite the contrary, with this reel, it feels as though your bait sails further than it should.

The swept carbon handle and drag star are very nice touches

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