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ICAST 2019 Update Coverage

One for the Enthusiasts: The Shimnao Antares A70 Baitcaster with MGIII


Small but Mighty, the Megabass Dark Sleeper Swimbait
SOLID! The Shimano Bantam MGL Baitcaster

Selecting the right Rod, Reel, and Line for Your Walking Bait Arsenal


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Taking Aim with Megabass's Destroyer F8-78X Mark 48

Strike King Adds Depth to KVD's Jerkbait Arsenal Getting Down and Dirty with the Swim Jig Here to Challenge Your Imagination : Megabass of America's Garuda
Float from the Beach to the Bar - Julbo Paddle Optics Mike Iaconelli's Signature Spinning Reel from Abu Garcia The Search for One : Lew's Pro-Ti TLPT170M Underrated Over Performer, the Jackall Rhythm Wave

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Knock Knock Knocking on Bassie's Door - The Megabass I-Jack
I usuaully prefer my wake baits about six to eight inches long with a joint or two in the body, and a big, square diving bill, so it took a while for me to tie this bait on, toss it out and ... well, you get the idea. Once I finally did give this bait a try, I felt silly for not throwing it sooner.

Shimano and G.Loomis Launch Limited Edition Bantam MGL & IMX-Pro Combos
For the first time in the two decades that the G.Loomis brand has been part of Shimano the company will soon offer anglers a limited edition combo which includes a limited IMX-PRO rod matched up with the proven performing Bantam MGL baitcasters.

Chill Out with the Barracuda Geo Cool Hooded Sunshirt by AFTCO
If you've followed our day on the water social media posts, you'll know product from AFTCO is a big part of every fishing trip. Today, we take a look at one of their newer products, the Barracuda Geo Cool Hooded sunshirt.
Is Strike King's New Swimmer All The Rage?
With each passing year it seems more and more paddletail swimbait options hit the market and more and more anglers use them to tip their spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, 'bama rigs, vibrating jigs, underspins, etc. This bait type is taking over the trailer market but they're also being used as search baits.
Wait for It, Wait for It... Abu Garcia's IKE Delay Series
Sometimes, you just want to tie one on, toss it out, and crank it up. Abu Garcia realizes that moving baits are a staple of any bass fisherman's arsenal and in the recent refresh of their Mike Iaconelli signature series of rods, they included a collection of seven rods in a sub-series dubbed "Delay" just for this.

Leaner, Meaner, and a whole lot Greener. Meet the 13 Fishing Inception Sport Z Baitcaster
Designed to offer anglers the best of both worlds, the Inception SZ draw upon features and technology from the rest of the 13 Fishing portfolio in an effort to deliver a more feature rich, and long-lasting reel, all at the aggressive $150 dollar price point.

They Had Me At the Button : AFTCO's Tactical Fishing Shorts
AFTCO's Tactical Fishing Short is the rough equivalent to the traditional cargo shorts only made from a material more akin to swim trunks. The material features two way rip stop construction and is water resistant.
Not Really Defying Gravity, But Better For the Environment : Catch Outdoors's Z.G.H.A. Underspin

Today, we take a look at an intriguing interpretation of the underspin by Catch Outdoors. Introducing their Zero Gravity Hybrid Airdrop Underspin.

BUBBA Launches New Technical Fishing Apparel for Anglers
While bass anglers may not be as familiar with the BUBBA brand the company offers a number of high quality tools for anglers including fillet knives and nets, and are especially popular among inshore and saltwater anglers. With the debut of their new Fall UV-protective apparel line the company is broadening their portfolio...

Abu Garcia's Revo4 Beast is a Beauty
Abu Garcia has done an excellent job with their generation 4 refresh of their popular Revo low profile casting reel lineup. We've fished just about every model with reviews either published or pending publication. Today, we take a look at the model tailored for throwing big baits. Here's a look at Abu Garcia's Revo4 Beast.

Stanley Jigs Refreshes Their Lineup
Back in August of 2014, Robert and William Hale of Hale Lure purchased a majority stake in Stanley Jigs, Inc., with the intent of revitalizing the brand's many products. Today, we take a look at some of the new and renewed product from Stanley Jigs and Hale Lures.
A Mix of Handling and Power Voodoo in the Witch Doctor Shaman Rods
There are a lot of rod manufacturers out there, and while Witch Doctor rods may not be a household name among fishermen, the company does have a strong and passionate following among bass anglers that are looking for a high performance rod that isn’t just another “me-too” mass produced import. For our very first in-depth look at the brand’s offerings we put the company’s flagship Shaman Series to the test.
Trophy Bass Baits's Intriguing SGT Glide
Just when I thought the list of big bait manufacturers had somewhat stabilized, I came across Trophy Bass Baits's product at TackleWarehouse. Their SGT Glide bait measures just over nine inches in length and a hair over five ounces in weight. It is a hard bodied (I'm assuming plastic) bodied bait sheathed in soft plastic.
Do You Believe in Magic? Our $99 Low Profile Casting Reel Round Up
When it comes to rods and reels, there's something magical about that $99 price point. We hear it referenced countless times from multiple manufacturers each year at ICAST. Once considered the threshold for higher end tackle, now it's break-point for value driven rods and reels. At ICAST 2018, there were a couple of reel manufacturers refreshing or introducing a new low profile baitcaster in this category.
Strike King's Four Wheel Drive : the KVD Squarebill Crank
When the fish are up shallow and in an active mood, there's one bait that's universally loved by bass fisherman - the squarebill. There's just something about the ability to throw these little 4x4s of the crankbait world up close to shore and driving them through the most rugged of roads all in the hopes of getting annihilated by a hungry bass.
A Spinning Rod with Multiple Personalities : Denali's Lithium L883MS Multi-Spin
I took the opportunity to ask Major League Fishing Pro Jeff Kriet if he has a favorite in Denali's lineup. Without hesitation he chose to highlight a stick he feels doesn't get enough attention and that stick is the subject of today's review. Here's our look at Denali Rods's Lithium Series L883MS Multi Spin.
Blocking out the Burn – Buff’s Eclipse Gloves
More and more anglers are making sun protection part of their fishing routine and are turning to garments like facemasks and gloves designed specifically to protect themselves from the sun. These technical garments are not only designed to protect our skin but also improve the overall enjoyment of our time spent outdoors.

Lew's Goes Mg with their Hyper Mag SLP
Introduced during ICAST 2017 as Lew's new top end reel, the Hyper Mag SLP casting reel had barely any time to shine when just one short year later the company introduced the Pro-Ti SLP as their new flagship. What did the Hyper Mag SLP do or not do to deserve such an abrupt demotion? We decided to take one out for a spin to find out.
Give Me a Beat! ... and Make it Wild
A hungry tackle enthusiast is a dangerous thing. Wandering the virtual aisles of your favorite tackle store, searching for that next item to feed that enthusiast soul. Rods, reels, hand made lures, oh, what about swimbaits? What about a hand made swimbait? Yes. Something big, obscenely expensive, and from overseas - maybe Japan...
Cranking It Up with Sunline's Crank FC
When it comes to fluorocarbon fishing line, there are few manufacturers that can rival the catalog of options offered by Sunline. From Shooter to Sniper to Assassin and various leader options, Sunline has a fluorocarbon product to suit a host of different fishing styles and budgets. Now the manufacturer even has specialized fluorocarbon for flipping and cranking.
Putting Finatic's Pro Series FC to the Test
Finatic Tackle is practicing the millennial model of conducting their business through social media. As a result, you won't find their fishing line on any tackle store shelves or pegboards, so if you haven't already had experience with their line through personal experience or a buddy that uses it, the only way to get your hands on product is to buy it on faith.
YGK's Tour Grade FC Has Soul
YGK is the latest of the former JDM exclusive fishing line companies to find their way to the North American Market and here now is our look at their 100% fluorocarbon product. Introducing YGK's G-Soul Tour Grade Fluorocarbon.
A Quality FC Line from Hi-Seas : 100% Fluorocarbon
On a recent discussion with Jeff Kriet, he was touting the fishability of the company's fluorocarbon product. Kriet knows I'm pretty picky about my fluorocarbon line and he assured me the product from Hi-Seas is quality. I took him up on the recommendation and here now is our detailed look at Hi-Seas 100% Fluorocarbon fishing line.
Sunline's Best Selling Fluorocarbon In Our Sights : Sniper
If you read our rod and reel reviews closely, you can generally tell what line reviews are in the works. When it comes to the subject of today's review, those hints may have been easily missed since it already is Sunline's most popular selling fluorocarbon. Better late than never though is our motto, so here now is our long overdue look at Sunline's FC Sniper fluorocarbon line.
Going With The Flow... Glider by 6th Sense Fishing
Perhaps more than any other type of big profile bait, the two-piece glide bait has really taken off in recent years with some really intriguing and effective product. The downside of course, is the majority of these offerings take a big financial commitment to enjoy which in turn can have an effect on your actual enjoyment. 6th Sense has a solution...
ARK Rods's TS73MHFC May Not Be a Printer, But It Is Money
Ark Rods is an intriguing manufacturer. Seemingly out of nowhere they burst onto the scene with an array of smartly priced, smartly styled, performance driven series of sticks. We've been working out way through their Tharp series having good experiences with each stick thus far, and the subject of today's article had a name that was just too difficult to resist. Here's our look at Ark Rods's TS73MHFC Money Maker.
BUFF's Cooling Technology Coming to Spring 2020 Angler Collection
Last Spring BUFF launched its most comfortable and technologically advanced products yet with the introduction of CoolNet UV+® in the Multifunctional Headwear and Multifunctional Headband lines. To enhance its 2020 angler collection, BUFF is now adding elements of the CoolNet UV+® to their other garments...
Why Don't You Call My Name? Evergreen and Zmans' Jack Hammer
Joint ventures are common in the world of business. Companies often team up to combine each other's strengths in the hopes of creating something better than either company could accomplish alone. However, such ventures are uncommon in the fishing world where manufacturers using excuses of cost, effort, difficulty, would just as soon do everything themselves
Bub's Punch Rod Levels Up : iRod AIR IRA7104PRG-H
It's been some time since we've visited with a product from iRod Fishing. Founder Matt Newman was recently in touch to share with us some new models added to both their Air and Genesis II lineups. Today, we take a look at a stick designed by Western Pro, Bub Tosh. Here is iRod Fishing's AIR IRA710PRG-H.


Abu Garcia Begins the Countdown to Liftoff with the 10.1:1 Revo4 Rocket
The race for highest speed, low profile baitcasting reel has accelerated since ratios crested 6.6:1. For a year or two, we had incremental increases above 7.1:1, then after engineering allowed manufacturers to crest 8.0:1, the count up has accelerated another notch. Today, we're here to discuss the very first 10.1:1 low profile baitcasting reel on the market.

Are You Worthy to Possess the Power of Megabass's Warhammer?
Zander and I have been busy getting acquainted with the new, extended models of Megabass of America's current Destroyer lineup, but one stick from the original introduction has been on my list since its debut in 2017...
Opportunity is 2Knocking for Bull Shad Swimbaits
Bull Shad Swimbaits's 2Knocker Swimbait is a six inch, four piece bait patterned after their original Bull Shad we reviewed back in 2010. It is a limited edition bait and not part of their normal production run, so there's no telling if more will be made once the current supply runs out.
Daiwa Introduces a Refreshed Black Label Series - the BLX Bass Rods
At last week's ICAST the spotlight at the Daiwa booth was primarily focused on the company's new Tatula Elite and Certate reels, but the company also launched a complete renewal of the Classic Black Label line called the BLX Bass Series.
Abu Garcia Feeds the Need for Speed, and Refinement, with Two New Sleek Baitcasters
Abu REVO Beast line of reels has been the series that anglers turn to when they need brute strength and winding power. This ICAST the company further strengthened their hard cranking lineup with a trio of new Beast baitcasters that exhibit a rare combination of speed and power.
A New Trailer and Terminal Tackle from Big Bite Baits
When you're a company with as large a catalog as Big Bite Baits, ICAST is usually a time to highlight one or two special projects that might otherwise get lost in the shuffle. This year, the company introduced two products that are a bit subtle, but have the potential to make a big splash.

Spro Joins the Spybaiting Agency with the Spin Jon 80
There's nothing like a little spy mission to complete the story on a new bait. Late Summer 2018, we were afforded the opportunity to spend some time with BASS Elite Series Pro, John Crews as he was rounding out tests on a new bait. At ICAST 2019, this bait made its official debut.

Spro Joins the Spybaiting Agency with the Spin Jon 80
Sufix is a line brand under the Rapala umbrella of fishing companies revered for their quality product presented in a very professional package. Their P2 Precision Winding ensures each spool of line is stored perfectly and kink free until you're ready to use that line.

Abu Garcia Feeds the Need for Speed, and Refinement, with Two New Sleek Baitcasters
Abu Garcia continues to expand their popular REVO family of reels and each generation keeps getting faster, more refined, and sleeker in design. This ICAST the company rolled out two lightweight baitcasters, the blisteringly fast Revo SX Rocket and feature rich Revo EXD.
TackleTour's Best of ICAST Award Winners
This 2019 ICAST show has been filled with interesting products, new entrants into mature segments, and even some bold innovations. While There are countless entrants worthy of consideration, these are the products in each category that the Editors at TackleTour highlight as the "Best of ICAST."
Savage Gear Kicks up their Swimbait Game with the Pulsetail Bluegill Series
Savage Gear is no stranger to ICAST and this year the company had a few surprises for attendees including some exceptionally detailed bluegill swimbaits, new topwater baits, and even a new take on treble hooks.
PowerPro Shines Bright - Moon Shine Braid Wins Best of Show in Line Category
These days half of the rigs I fish with on any given day come loaded with braided line. The applications for superline continue to grow, and with many techniques the strength and handling characteristics simply are unmatched. One area where PowerPro saw room to further innovate was in the realm of night fishing, and using their Super8Slick V2 as a foundation they launched Moon Shine at ICAST

Gill Refines Their Outerwear Catalog
Gill, founded in 1975 by British Sailor, Nick Gill, is a leading manufacturer in technical marine apparel. Having set their sights on the bass fishing world roughly a decade ago, the company is responsible for innovations like the Vortex Hood. This year, the company didn't have anything quite as revolutionary, but certainly a few items you might want to add to your radar.








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