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Enthusiast Review


Feeding that Enthusiast Hunger : Daiwa's 2024 Certate


Date: 5/10/24
Tackle Type: Reel
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Reviewer: Cal


If Shimano's Scorpion 1000 was my gateway into JDM casting reels back in 2003/2004, Daiwa's original Certate was my introduction into JDM spinning reels. I've fished two iterations of the reel since the original, but it's been a while since I've had a new Certate in my hand. When I caught wind of a new refresh for 2024, I felt it was about time I revisited the platform. Here's a look at Daiwa's 2024 Certate.


Daiwa Certate FC LT2500S-DH Specifications

Line Capacity - Rated 4lb (0.16mm) 150m/160yds
Line Capacity - Spool Volume 5.7 cm3
Retrieve Ratio
Inches Per Turn (IPT) - calculated
23 - 27
Weight 6.5 oz
Handle Length 90 mm
Bearings 12+1
Bearings per Knob 2 bearings
Line Roller Bearings Mag-Seal
Max Rated Drag 5kg (~11lbs)
Origin Made in Japan
MSRP 57,600 JPY (~$400)

Introducing Daiwa's '24 Certate FC LT2500S-DH

Impressions: The model I chose to reintroduce myself to the Certate platform was the FC LT2500S-DH. Basically the 2500 sized reel with a shallow spool and double handle. I was a little disappointed this configuration also came with a super slow retrieve ratio, but the shallow spool and double handle options in this size took precedent. This is a JDM model, but as far as I can tell, Daiwa USA's '24 Certate LT is the same. There are just no shallow spool or double handle options available in the US models.


The Certate is still made in Japan


The '24 Certate has a host of upgrades aimed at increasing that sense of smooth operation while also reducing weight. At its core, this is a one-piece (monocoque), aluminum framed reel with a carbon rotor.


It is a saltwater safe assembly featuring Mag-seal bearings at the pinion and line roller for resistance to corrosion, a thinner, 2.4 millimeter diameter bail (vs 3.0mm), and re-engineered clicking mechanism for the audible drag both designed to reduce weight. Those are just some of the highlights, but rather than get into a rundown of specifications, marketing terms, and justifications for design choices, let's just hit the water and see what the '24 Certate is all about.

The FC LT2500S-DH's partner for this season

Real World Tests: It's no secret that both Zander and I are tackle addicts. It is the entire justification behind TackleTour - to share our enthusiasm and propagate the affliction, or is it share our affliction and propagate the enthusiasm? Eh, same difference. The point is we have a problem and we are not ashamed to share that problem. Case in point? Every now and then we come across a piece of tackle, sometimes a bait, sometimes, a reel, sometimes, in this case, a fishing rod that we've fished, written up, and grown so fond of that we gift one to the other. Late in 2022, Zander presented me with one such gift, a brand new G.Loomis DSR822S NRX+ - his current, favorite drop shot stick.

Ready for action

That stick had been sitting on my rack unused and under appreciated since the completion of my writeup for the '23 Vanquish C3000SDHHG, so this was the perfect opportunity to bring it back out onto the water. I spooled my FC LT2500S-DH with Sunline's new, Overwatch Finesse Braid in 10lb test and installed a leader of Seaguar's Gold Label FC at 6lb test (with an Alberto knot) and was ready for action.

The double handle is far from awkward

Retrieve: So after twenty years writing up more than my share of spinning reels, I can say without a doubt, that I cannot discern the difference in casting distance with these reels. Sometimes the line comes off the spool easier with some reels than with others, but honestly, as long as I can get the bait within reasonable proximity of where I am aiming, I'm happy. Where the differences in these reels show up, for me, is when I click that bail over and turn that handle. How much resistance do I feel and how much effort is required to turn that handle. The higher end reels feel like you can turn the handle by just breathing on the knob. Others can make it seem as though you're trying to summon Flipper for a face off with your forward facing sonar.

The new rotor is said to reduce weight and startup inertia by 16%

I am happy to report that my FC LT2500S-DH is definitely in the company of the former rather than latter and that's a good thing because I don't even have forward facing sonar on my boat. The startup inertia for the '24 Certate approaches Exist like performance. I was actually very surprised. For those in the Shimano camp, it is very reminiscent of my '23 Vanquish. It's almost ridiculous how low the startup inertia is with these higher end spinning reels today.

MagSeal bearings for protection against corrosion

Drag: Now one thing many manufacturers do with the drag in their spinning reels is vary the composition based upon the model. Larger reels receive more robust drags, smaller reels receive something more suitable for finesse applications and smaller game. I'm assuming this is what Daiwa has chosen to do with the '24 Certate because my FC LT2500S-DH is equipped with a very finesse-targeted drag consisting of felt washers. Performance, is, as one might expect, buttery smooth and free from unexpected stops, stutters, or other inconsistencies that were the occasional occurrence of drags from yester-year. Really, it's been a long time since I can recall fishing reel with an inconsistent drag.

This model has a finesse tuned drag

Power: Power is another trait that will vary between models. With the FC LT2500S-DH and finesse presentations, there's little concern over power, but what's nice about this particular model is that double handle. It almost makes it feel like you're holding a baitcaster upside down than fumbling around with an awkward and off balance spinning reel. Actually, I'm not sure if either is a good scenario, but what is good is the double handle implementation on this reel. Formerly a very unnatural design for a spinning reel, Daiwa does a good job of making it feel balanced and natural on the FC LT2500S-DH.

Bail operation is effortless

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