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Product Preview

Fishing the Perfect Storm? Don't Forget Your Umbrella - Rig (continued)

Mann’s Alabama Rig: This is the original Alabama Rig (patent pending) and the one that is very difficult to acquire because it is the rig responsible for three consecutive FLW Tournament wins late in 2011. It features a small, shad shaped head that serves to hold the 5 wires together. Attached to the end of each wire is a duolock snap swivel. Each of the 5 wires is 18 gauge wire and the head appears to be made of tin or some other light metal.

An intriguing contender is ABT's Multi-Rig.

Not only does it come pre-spread ...

To fish the rig, you can bend the wires out in whatever configuration you need, but generally speaking you spread four of the wires out equidistant to points in an imaginary square. The fifth wire is left straight back from the head. Mann’s Alabama rig features a 5th wire that is longer than the other four, this is the wire recommended to leave straight out behind the head.

... with 5 equal length arms terminated by standard snap swivels ...

... But you can disassemble this rig to replace worn out arms.

ABT: One pitfall of the Alabama Rig’s longevity that many may not realize is, the more you bend the wires around to configure to your needs, the more you weaken each wire. The end result is, these wires are prone to eventual failure. ABT has taken this eventuality into consideration and addressed that very weakness in their patent pending Multi-Rig System.

The secret to this patent-pending design is beneath the head.

Each arm features a hook to hold it in place.

ABT’s interpretation of this rig features a two piece, composite head that’s held together by screwing in the line tie. Disassembling the head affords you access to the rig’s 5 arms that are made of a wire we measured between 16 and 17 gauge. These arms are available for purchase separate from the Multi-Rig and in two configurations. It comes stock with 5 arms of about 5.75” in length each with a snap swivel attached to the end, and you can purchase separately 3.5” arms (two per package) that feature a quarter ounce head where you can attach swimbait bodies without a hook.

You can purchase optional arms for dummy baits.

A look at the different length arms.

The actual head of the ABT Multi-Rig features a stem where you can also attach a swimbait body, provided you use a little glue of course.

At the back of the head, there's a plastic stud to which you can glue on a swimbait body like so.

And at the end of the day, you can disassemble the entire rig for easy storage.

Castaic: Castaic enters the umbrella rig fray with several offerings most notable of which is their patent pending Charlie’s Walker Rig. This rig combines the popular bottom walking rig design used for walleye and other species, with the multi-rig option of the umbrella. It is built of  a wire that meters out between 18-19 gauge in thickness and weighs right around 1.25 ounces out of the package. While most umbrella-type rigs are intended for open water situations, Castaic’s Charlie’s Walker Rig is designed to be fished right on the bottom over rocks, stumps, brush piles, etc.

Another variation is Castaic's Charlie's Walker Rig - a bottom walking umbrella rig.

The three bait arms come with standard snap swivels.

Castaic also offers two more traditional umbrella rigs in 3 and 5 wire designs. The heads in all three of these rigs are made of tin and they all feature the same gauge wire tipped with snap swivels to facilitate attachment of your baits.

Castaic also offers standard three and five arm umbrella rigs for bass.

The same snap swivels are used at the end of these equal length arms as well.

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