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Lure Review

A Crank Born from Innovation : RI's Limited Edition Method Crank (continued)


Features: The Method Crank features a very thin and durable diving lip made of a material similar to that of circuit boards, Marconite. It's actually a growing trend in the tackle industry as we see more and more baits with similar lips. The body of the bait is made of a wood that's supposedly harder and more buoyant that other woods more commonly used for this application.

The standard method crank is indeed, the same basic shape as the Craw version

We had no real way of verifying this claim other than to say it seems to work very well. Unique to its hand carved competitors, the Method Crank has contemporary features including brass rattles and an internal wire reinforcement system holding the hooks and line tie eye together in case the crank shatters while fighting a fish. This is one well designed and engineered bait.

The standard version Method Cranks feature 3-D realistic eyes


Points of attachment for hooks and line are internally reinforced with brass wire

Durability: Fishing this lure over the period of three months and in and around areas of rip-rap, dock pilings, and weeds, I witnessed no indications of premature wear. The bait's bill has held up quite well and while I have not been able to validate the internal brass reinforcing wire, I trust, based on the solidity of my test baits, that it is indeed there and ready to take charge should a catastrophic disaster strike my bait while battling a good sized bass.


A look at the rear of our craw version Method Crank - or is this the front?


The craw version of the method crank features realistic, protruding eyes

Application & Effectiveness: I found the Reaction Innovations Method Crank to be equally effective in situations I'd throw the Luhr Jensen Speedtrap: in and around weed patches, parallel and perpendicular to rip-rap shorelines, and in and around dock pilings. This bait is very adept at bouncing and jumping around rocky and muddy bottoms and I encountered no serious snags during the test period. The Method Crank is a nice little bait.

Certainly a fun bait to fish, the Reaction Innovation Method Crank is a solid addition to anyone's collection


Reaction Innovation Method Crank Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Great care is taken in the construction and detailing of these wood cranks 10
Performance A very active, quick diving shallow crank 9
Price A bit of a premium 7.5
Features Innovative materials and design 9
Design A wood crank with brass rattles 9
Application Wonderful along weedlines and digging through soft bottoms 8.5

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Quick diving action L A bit pricey
J Wood Construction L Somewhat limited availability
J Very durable finish L No split ring or snap at the point of attachment
J Sharp hooks  

Conclusion: I wonder about the true intention of Reaction Innovations to make this bait a limited edition run. Attempts in the past, to reach Reaction Innovations for comment on other items were met with failure, so I did not even attempt to inquire regarding the future plans for this bait. They have a real contender here, and it would be a shame to see it go by the wayside. Are they innovative enough to change the landscape of crankbait construction and fishing? Not really. Are they a can't miss, fish catching machine? I wouldn't go that far. What I will say is, before sitting down to complete this review, I placed an order for several more of these baits, a total of about $165 worth - just in case. Limited edition or not, that should be testament enough as to what I think of these baits.











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