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ICAST 2010 Coverage

It's Time For True Enthusiast Gear, Evergreen International Comes to North America In Style


Date: 7/14/10
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Evergreen International
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

First it was Damiki, last year it was Colmic (where are they now?), but finally, at ICAST 2010, the real enthusiast level tackle has hit North America. Evergreen International debuted at this year’s show with an official booth to announce the availability of their product domestically, on US soil.

Look who has come to US Shores, Evergreen International.


Helping to make the announcement and bridge the gap between spoken languages was their National Prostaff including John Morrow, Justin Kerr, Shaun Bailey, Brett Hite, and Evergreen International Designers and ProStaff  Morizo Shizimi and Toshifumi Kikumoto.

The Showerblows is a pencil popper style bait designed by Morizo Shizimu to be fished in calm AND wavy water.


The One's Bug was also designed by Shizumi as a classic, high end popper, with a slightly larger profile than the classic Rico.


Justin Kerr has been trying, with little success, to keep the WildHunch all to himself.

What did Evergreen bring to the show? A collection of their most sought after lures and a good cross section of some of their more popular bass rods including the Kaleido, Heracles, Crossfire, and Temujin series, and yes, they even had on display their exquisite Opus-1 and Opus-1 Nero reels.

The Kicker Frog is a compact bait with a single hook.


This jigstyle hook as translated to better hook up percentages for the Evergreen ProStaff.


The Stumble crank features a titanium wire at the end of its bill to enhance deflection performance off bottom structure and out of any hard cover situation..

So how soon will they be available and how will the cost for these products in the USDM market compare to that of the JDM market? President and CEO Toshiya Hashimoto hopes to have the answer to all these questions shortly after the show. Not only is Evergreen International here to show all interested parties their product line and capabilities, but they are also hoping to iron out final distribution plans and built some relationships with retailers. Know that there is not currently an official Evergreen International USA presence and any product being brought into US stores is not being shipped direct from Evergreen’s warehouses – at least this is what they are telling us.

But what Cal wanted to see was the rods ...


Assuming they can work out distribution details, Evergreen International has every intention of brining all their most popular lines to the USDM..


Evergreen would make a formidable Enthusiast tackle manufacturer if they can finally iron out the details keeping them from setting up shop in the States.

Conclusion: Is the US market ready for what Evergreen International is hoping to deliver? Certainly with rod costs estimated to range from $400 on up to $900 or more, the real demand for their product may just come in baits, but we personally assured them that many of our readers are ready to pounce on their product should they arrive on North American Shores with official factory backing and warranty.









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