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Event Article: 2010 ICAST Reel Coverage

New and Exciting Abu Garcia Reels Using NanoShield Technology and an Iaconelli Morrum

Date: 7/14/10
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Abu Garcia
Reviewer: JIP

Introduction: Visiting the Pure Fishing football field-size booth is always a pleasure as there are always plenty of new products to drool over. At the Abu Garcia Reel section there is plenty that is new and exciting for the coming fishing season. Let's see what they will be offering at the end of the year and early next.




The Mike Iaconelli Abu Garcia Morrum: The team at Abu Garcia always seems to have something to surprise us, and this time it had Mike Iaconelli's name all over it, literally. Ike wanted it and Abu Garcia delivered, the brand new Morrum ZX3600 LJ ICVB currently only available overseas, was tricked out and laser etched with Mike's name on the side plate. While we were checking out this amazing reel Ike showed up and the photo below shows how he feels about his new toys.


Check out the Abu Garcia Morrum, only available overseas


The Morrums for Mike Iaconelli, no word on any mass production, these prototypes are for Ike only right now



This is how Mike feels about his new toys, we can relate


The Morrum is super sweet but not available in the USA... yet


You want one? Well, maybe if everyone emailed Abu Garcia they might get the idea that we all want this reel here in the USA, because at the moment there are no plans to releasing the Mike Iaconelli Morrum to the angling community. Ike asked us whether he should put them in a case or fish them, we all answered in unison.... you gotta fish em!


The popular lightweight Revo Premier casting reel gets a high speed model


Revo Premier High Speed Casting: The Revo series is still going strong and the latest is a new high speed Revo Premier. The 7.1:1 gear ratio in this popular lightweight reel, weighs only 6.7 ounces, the same weight as the other Premier of different speeds so having the high speed gear didn't hurt the reel's overall weight.


Model Frame Bearings Line Capacity (yds/lb) Weight
Drag Brake Gear Ratio MSRP
Revo Premier HS X-Craftic Alloy 9 + 1 145/12 (mono)
130/30 (braid)
6.7 Carbon Matrix Infini 7.1:1 $279.95


The new high speed Revo Premier has the same features as the lower speeds such as Carbon Matrix Drag System with 20 pounds of drag pressure, nine High Performance Corrosion Resistant stainless steel bearings, plus an anti-reverse bearing. Infini Brake is still the same and provides great casting control in normal and windy conditions. The appearance is still the same stunning pattern with gold highlights and the EVA handle knobs.


Another view of the Revo Premier low profile reel


High speed 7.1:1 gear ratio


The 7.1:1 Revo Premier will be offered in both right and left handed versions at the same price as the other Premier casting reels of $279.95. Anglers will be able to pick up this version of the high speed Revo Premier this September.



Introducing the Revo Premier Spinning reel that uses NanoShield Technology to strength what used to be weak components


Revo Premier Spinning: Well, you've already seen the preview of the exciting new Revo Premier Spinning reel that we featured on TackleTour at the end of June - Preview Article Here. This reel makes use of NanoShielding Technology to boost the performance. Andrew Wheeler, Abu Garcia's Reel Product Manager, demonstrates to us at the booth on how coating something with NanoShield will greatly improve its overall strength. He coats a ping pong ball with the NanoShield Technology and stands right on top of it without crushing it. I had a closer look of the ball just to make sure it's the real deal, and sure enough its just a ping pong ball now made super strong with a single coat of nanoshield.


What you're looking at is a common ping pong ball coated with NanoShield


Comparison of the two ping pong balls


Left you have a reel component non-coated and right coated with NanoShield


Also demonstrated are some reel parts, two raw and one coated with NanoShield. We grabbed it and flexed it with our hands. The unshielded parts were easily flexed while the NanoShielded one was rigid. Seems like their latest technology is for real and we can probably expect to see NanoShielding on other future products.


Andrew Wheeler tries hard to flex the NanoShielded part by twisting it


Model Materials Bearings Line Capacity (yds/lb) Weight
Drag Gear Ratio MSRP
PRM20 NanoShield plating technology on body, spool, and stem 11 HPCR 130/8 (mono)
190/8 (braid)
7.9 Carbon Matrix 5.1:1 $249.95
PRM30 NanoShield plating technology on body, spool, and stem 11 HPCR 140/10 (mono)
180/10 (braid)
8.1 Carbon Matrix 5.8:1 $249.95


The crush test. The white ping pong ball is easily crushed when stepped on but the NanoShielded ping pong ball withstood all of Andrew's weight and more


In addition to the specifications and features already mentioned in the preview article, here's more that we found out on the make up of the Revo Premier spinning reel in terms of material:

  • Stem: NanoShield

  • Spool NanoShield

  • Gearbox: X-Craftic Allow

  • Rotor: Graphite

  • NanoShield Technology is being used in coating the inside of nuclear reactors

Again, the new spinning reel will be available this Fall and will retail for $249.95 in two different sizes with different gear ratios.


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