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ICAST 2010 Coverage

Optimum Continues to Shake Things Up With the Help of ima


Date: 7/23/10
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Optimum Baits Company
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

We stopped by the Optimum booth to see what’s new in their co-op of domestic and Japanese bait companies and were not disappointed. Matt Paino manages a group of companies that includes Optimum, ima, Vagabond, and Reins to name a few, and much of what they have new and exciting can best be shared simply with photographs.


There's always some good eye candy at the Optimum booth...


... thanks to the insane product by Vagabond ...


Most exciting for us, and trailing the conclusion of our Year of the Crank, is ima’s introduction of their new Square Bill shallow crank. Built to dive only three feet, the Square Bill is a hard plastic crank built to perform like wood only without the inconsistencies in performance wood often delivers. The Square Bill is brand spanking new so pricing and availability have yet to be determined, but you can get in line behind us for when these baits are available!

The ima Square Bill is new for 2011.


And from what we can see, it looks to be another popular bait from ima.


Built to perform like a wood bait but with the consistency of plastic.


A true deep diver from ima is also coming for 2011.

On the Zappu side of the booth, Matt Paino is bringing over the backbone of a popular swimming jig technique in Japan known as the scone rig. Zappu has developed a jighead especially for this technique known as the Mustang Head. This jighead features a flat surface along the neck or top of the head providing a surface by which the entire rig can stand upright when resting on the bottom.

The Zappu PD Chopper jig.


This is a titanium head!


Also available as a bare jighead referred to as the Mustang Head.

This same surface creates resistance when the jighead is retrieved in the water making the bait dart from side to side lending to the technique’s popularity in Japan. The Mustang Head is available as a fully skirted jig as well called the PD Chopper. Both the skirted and unskirted versions feature a head made of tungsten.

Kahara will be making these stylish aluminum pliers.


Complete with an ergonomic handle ...


... and secure case ...


... all for only $50!

Finally, over in the Kahara section, we found a pair of aluminum fishing pliers that Cal wanted to stick in his camera bag. The Kahara pliers come with a sturdy nylon case and feature replaceable cutters made especially for braid. Availability is expected in September and they will retail for all of $50.

New colors for the ima line... Cal has been waiting for this in the Shaker for two years! - Hot Crawfish!


Double Cheeseburger anyone?


Chartreuse Shad.


Bill Lowen shows us what's new with ima.

Conclusion: The Optimum Booth always holds something interesting each and every ICAST, but this year especially, the intricate quality of product together with that overseas mystique are very intriguing. New colors, new baits, new tools, new techniques all add up to new excitement for the coming year.









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