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Event Article: 2009 ICAST Show - Orlando, FL

Triple Fish Demonstrates What's Old is New Again by Packaging and Marketing Their Product to Specific Audiences

Date: 07/15/09
Location: Orlando Florida
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Triple Fish
Reviewer: Team TackleTour



Introduction: One of the highlights for us each year at ICAST is catching up with Dave Burkhardt and Mike Bucca over at the Triple Fish booth. Dave and Mike don't always have something new to show us, but they certainly have success stories to share of how well their line is received. Given the current economic climate, their popularity can only expand.


Dave Burkhardt shares with us what's new with Triple Fish.


But of course, just as Dave was telling us they had nothing new to show us this year he remembered their Game Fish Green line made for those fishermen who chase after large game like tuna, marlin, sailfish, etc.. The primary selling feature of this line? Its recovery rate after being stretched. Dave tells us most lines do not fully recover after being stretched from a fish strike let alone a several hour battle with a half ton fish!


And that would be Triple Fish's Game Fish Green line for big game.


The elongation your mainline can experience, especially if it is a nylon monofilament can severely weaken your line. Triple Fish's Game Fish Green is made from a German copolymer, Perlon, that retains its original shape time after time after time. He told us the exact number of cycles the line tested positively over, but we forget the number - it was well into the thousands. Conversely, some of the more popular big game fishing lines can be weakened after just one hard pulling fish.


As well as more situation friendly packaging of their popular fluorocarbon line.


Throw the recovery rate of the perlon material together with the hi-vis green color, and Triple Fish's Game Fish Green line promises to be very popular.


Triton Mike Bucca takes this chance to remind us of the Big Bait Craze.


Also new with Triple Fish are some repackaging of their popular, value priced fluorocarbon lines. Muskie fishermen in particular are finding high pound test fluorocarbon leaders are increasing strike rates over their traditional wire leader rigs. Triple Fish has responded by offering 25 yard leader spools in 40 - 125 pound test!


By breaking out his briefcase full of Bull Shads.


Additionally, Triple Fish is now packaging "Carolina leader" spools for easy access and storage of leader line for just that, Carolina rigs. Lastly, they are now offering 600 yard filler spools of their fluorocarbon line to help minimize waste created by the 200 yard spools that often only fill one reel.


Now available in a 4 piece design!


Just as we were set to begin our goodbyes and see-you-next-years, Triton Mike Bucca looked around the booth and aisles, ducked under one of the booth tables and pulled out a brief case. We've seen this move before! What did he have inside the case you ask? How about his new, 4-piece Bull Shad!


The new 4 piece Bull shad is available in 4", 6", 7", and 8".


Pricing of the new Bull Shad remains more or less the same, but Triton Mike has extended the lineup to include a 4", 6", 7" and 8" bait. These are outstanding looking baits with a very tight s-turn motion when in the water and they're available right now!

Triton Mike Bucca and Dave Burkhardt of Triple Fish.


Dave Burkardt marveled at how well received their product has become in the regions where real toothy critters like pike and musky abound. With a simple, market specific packaging they are able to cater to this audience with great results. Triton Mike extends his reach by filling out his line of Bull Shads and enhancing the action by adding one more joint. Exciting times abound at ICAST when visiting with familiar faces.










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