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Event Article: 2008 ICAST Coverage

ima adds features to proven baits and introduces the Big Stik

Date: 8/05/08
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Manufacturer: ima
Reviewer: Team TackleTour





Introduction: Established in 1998 ima is well known in Japan, and over the last season the brand has become popular among both tournament and weekend anglers. This ICAST ima debuted a number of new lures, as well as added features to their existing popular offerings.


Capt. Karl Bunch shows us the new lures from ima


Unlike other Japanese brands ima designs and manufacturers baits specifically for the US market. These freshwater baits are only made for and sold in North America. Igarashi, who owns ima, says he has no plans to offer ima's freshwater bass baits in Japan. They are North American exclusive baits for now.


The new ima skimmer is designed to slowly rest at a 70 degree angle when paused and when in motion moves side to side


When asked how Igarashi felt about ima's foray into the North American market was going so far he remarked that angler acceptance and awareness of the product has gone very well, much quicker than he expected. He attributes the quick acceptance in part to having picked the right US pros to represent the ima brand. Fred Roumbanis, Michael Murphy and Bill Smith are all well-respected and well-known, facilitating market acceptance and angler recognition of the ima brand via the pros. Plus anglers do recognize the exceedingly high lure quality, says Igarashi. He adds that picking Matt Paino along with Tony Paino and Optimum Baits to help steer ima though US waters has been a great choice.


The ima skimmer has a very narrow body and is designed to be a more subtle "walk the dog" bait for when fish are not as aggressive


Capt. Karl Bunch of ima showed us the new Surface Skimmer a new top water walking type bait which is designed to call fish up to the surface and with a side to side surface action. When not in motion the lure will slowly drop and position itself at a 70 degree angler. Strikes often come when the lure is at pause. The lure is also designed to be extremely easy to cast over long distances. 


The new "Rattlin' Roumba" makes noise when retrieved with new internal rattles


Earlier this year we reviewed the Roumba which we thought was an excellent topwater wake bait but we wondered why the bait didn't come with a rattle version. We don't have to wonder anymore as the bait is now available in a rattle version which calls additional attention to itself when retrieved on the surface.


The "Big Stik" from Randy Pringle is a new topwater bait with a unique head that pushes a lot of water and creates a unique noise in the water


The latest addition to the ima team is none other than Delta pro Randy Pringle. His new signature bait, the Big Stik, has been 6 years in the making and is the culmination of his expertise in topwater fishing. The lure features massive eyes and a unique head that pushes a great volume of water. 


6 years in the making the Big Stik has through wire construction for durability and can even be used for Peacocks and Dorado


The lure is designed to move side to side and doesn't require a big swimbait rod, and is actually designed for conventional gear. To top it all off the Big Stik calls to fish with a big knocker and is actually designed for bigger fish with through wire construction. We all know Randy has the gift of gab and he joked at the show..."I may speak softly, but I carry a big stick!" ima's new baits build upon the quality line the brand launched with, and we like the fact that the company makes use of the expertise of tournament anglers to create a true signature line of lures. All of these baits will be available in the coming months.











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