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Rod Review

Daiwa brings “IT” with the new TD Zillion Rods (continued)


Real World Test: To test the Daiwa Zillion TDZL691MHXB we fished the California Delta where we could cast, pitch, and flip to our hearts content in the heavily weeded sloughs. We fished this rod alongside another Zillion swimbait rod which Cal was responsible for testing, as well as the Steez rods we had on hand. We targeted a combination of largemouth bass and stripers during the four month period.


A branded butt-cap finishes the Zillion

Casting: I fished with a variety of different reels during the course of the test, but started with the original Team Daiwa Zillion TDZLN100HA. The reel matched the rod well in both style and balance and the Zaion reel seat held the reel in a low position allowing for comfortable palming. The TDZL691MHXB is ideal for fishing plastics and jigs, but we decided to test the upper limit of the rod by first casting large ripbaits then moving onwards to mid to large sized swimbaits and as long as you are not trying to catapult your bait the stick actually can handle larger baits. The rod is rated for ¼-1oz. baits but we were able to cast lures over twice that weight without issue.

The Zillion rods make use of Fuji New Concept SiC Guides

When casting I noticed how balanced the rod felt with the Zillion reels, and moved between both the original and the new TD Zillion 7.3:1 Hyper-Speed Special Edition. The brilliant red limited edition reel also balanced well on this particular rod and looked absolutely fantastic paired with the grey stick


Plenty of access to the blank here

Retrieving: Because this particular rod has such a fast action it tends to casts baits with great accuracy when pitching and flipping. With the Daiwa Zillion rod I could detect slight bumps with structure thanks to the HVF graphite construction and generous access to the blank with the Zaion reel seat. The Delta provided countless miles of tules to pitch and flip plastics into and the rod proved to be quite capable in this function.


Delta bass caught while flipping and pitching with the Zillion rod


I pulled a lot of fish from the thick patches, most off them on Texas rigged Yamamoto Senkos. The Zillion rod was able to respond quickly as most of the strikes came within the first three seconds of the bait hitting the water, the combination of the medium-heavy blank with the fast action makes for one extremely responsive rod.


The Zillion rod positions the reel within easy reach making it possible to barely move your hand off the reel when casting

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