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PRODUCTTPREVIEW : The Punch Skirt by Paycheck Baits (continued)

Those familiar with this technique are also aware that the favorite hook for this type of rig is the former Reaction Innovations BMF hook. In fact, the bass angling world was in a slight uproar earlier this year when it was announced Reaction Innovations would no longer be producing this product. Bub knew his Punch Skirt would not be as an effective a tool without the proper hook, so he got in touch with the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and is now licensing this exact same hook for sale as the Punch Hook. Who is the OEM you ask? None other than Gamakatsu.



TT Video - Bub Tosh demonstrates how to tie and effectively fish a Punch Rig, and digs out a a hawg out of the thick weeds

Rounding out Paycheck Bait’s punch rig is a specialized weight stopper (the Punch Stop) tapered to help increase weedlessness while at the same time, keeping your weight in place so it can pull your bait and Punch Skirt down through the cover. The only remaining thing to add, really, is your choice in tungsten bullet weights.

On the left is a prototypical bobber stopper, on the right is Paycheck Baits new Punch Stop designed to enhance the weedless nature of the punch rig (Bub recommends using both stoppers to better peg your sinker).


Soon to be released, the Punch Hook by Paycheck Baits is made by Gamakatsu but does not come with the black, hard rubber bait keeper shown. Bub recommends fabricating your own out of heat shrink tubing (use a lighter to shrink the tube down then cut it to shape) as it really helps keep your bait in place.

That’s some pretty exciting news from Bub and his new company Paycheck Baits, but of course, Bub knows any company looking to make a splash in the tackle world doesn’t put all its baits in one utility box so they’ll be coming out with other products as well including of course, a punch bait, a few topwater baits (a cigar bait, popper, and frog – see video) and appropriately enough his own line of big baits.



TT Video - Zander fishes Bub's new prototype popping frog


Availability: Initial availability for all of Paycheck Baitsí products will be at the Bait Barn and in fact, the Punch Skirt is available for pre order right now and is expected to be in stores by the end of July 2009.


Bub not only knows big baits, he knows big bass, and the best way to get them when they're hunkered under cover is by punching. His new line of punching products promises to be a big hit.


Conclusion: With ICAST right around the corner, we’re in full announcement mode, but make now mistake about it, we’re not done with Paycheck Baits just yet. Not only does Bub have more product show us in the near future, but as soon as his skirts are available, we’ll be returning to the California Delta to compare the effectiveness of his Punch Skirt against baits fished without it. Judging by Bub’s on the water demonstration though, we think we may already know the outcome.


Looking for the Paycheck Baits Punch Skirt, check out the Bait Barn










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