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Autopsy Article


TackleTour Autopsy: Consistency is King, the Megabass I-Jack


Date: 11/9/17
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Megabass
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: There are few companies that place such a high priority on detail and consistency across all their products to the extent that Megabass does. Whether it is a premium rod, lure, or even terminal tackle, each Megabass product exhibits a level of refinement that anglers have come to expect from the brand. While Megabass rods are extremely popular most anglers are probably exposed to the brand through their vast array of premium baits. One bait that is somewhat of a sleeper lure, in that it is deadly effective but not as well-known as other Megabass offerings such as the Vision 110 jerkbait or Dog-X walker is the I-Jack, a specially tuned underwater wakebait.


The Megabass I Jack is a 1oz. wakebait


When most anglers think “wakebait” the first thing that usually comes to mind is a bait that is retrieved on the surface of the water, calling to fish with a combination of splashes and vibration. Surface splash strikes are often viscous, always entertaining, making wakebaits a favorite choice among easy to fish topwater lures.


Perfect balance at rest

Though technically classed as a wakebait the I-Jack is fished more like a crankbait and is fitted with a diamond shaped bill that Megabass calls a “stingray” shape. This uniquely shaped bill moves plenty of water and causes the bait to rock back and forth right below the surface.


The faster you retrieve the bait the more it rocks, and the deeper it will go. I remember the first time I saw the bait in the water, it didn’t look amazing, and the rocking motion if anything looked somewhat awkward to me. What fish would want that?


The I Jack exhibits excellent finishes but they are susceptible to damage from abrasion

But the more I fished the bait the more I started to appreciate and understand the allure of the bait. The I Jack knocks, and it knocks hard! As the bait wobbles side to side you can hear an audible knock, knock, knock even from when the bait is coming back to the boat from over 20 feet away. The sound is unique and incredibly consistent, something that is hard to achieve with most rattle systems utilizing free moving weights.


Time to see what makes the I Jack tick... and knock

Though the bait doesn’t necessarily mimic how a baitfish swims it absolutely is a fish catching machine. I have had multiple fish come up from the deep to investigate the clacking sound of the bait, sometimes they don’t hesitate to charge and hit the I Jack so hard the bait and the fish both come flying right out of the water!


Through it all the I Jack is steady, always wobbling and knocking consistently, and at rest it always floats perfectly evenly. Retrieve it at a crawl and the bait can become a true topwater bait, and it will still knock as it returns.


Cutting through the underbelly we come in contact with the weights

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