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Line Review


Super Premium, Super Slick, PowerPro's 8 Strand Braid Take 2


Date: 7/4/20
Tackle Type: Fishing Line
Manufacturer: PowerPro
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.00 - GREAT

Next to Fireline, PowerPro is the earliest braided line product I can recall, and technically, Fireline isn't a braid - it's a fused line. Yet for all that time out on the market, I can't recall every really spending much time with Power Pro. I think that's because the original product was a 4 strand braid and notorious for being rough and noisy through your guides. I didn't really start using a lot of braid until manufacturers began offering the quieter 8 strand varieties - again, Fireline not withstanding. Well, I recently corrected my personal oversight of PowerPro by picking up a couple spools of their Super8Slick V2. Here's how it all turned out.


PowerPro Super8Slick V2 Specifications

Line Type 8 Strand Spectra Braid
Colors Available Moss Green, Onyx, Aqua Green, Moonshine
Colors Tested Onyx
Line Weights 8 - 80
Line Weights Fished 40 & 50
MSRP $20.99-$27.99/150yd (~$0.16/yd Avg)


Background: PowerPro Super8Slick V2 made its debut at ICAST 2018 where it won Best of Show in the fishing line category. It is an eight strand, Spectra braid wound together with a tight weave and given a special coating for smooth, quiet performance through your guides, but with still rough enough resistance to cut through vegetation like traditional four strand braids. In 2019, PowerPro won the ICAST award for Best of Show in the fishing line category once again when they introduced a new, high visibility color, Moonshine that's not only bright in daylight, but glows when illuminated by a black light to benefit night fisherman.


Introducing PowerPro's Super8Slick V2

Impressions: PowerPro offers Super8Slick V2 in four different colors but the only one that interested me was Onyx. This color is essentially black and really intrigued me from an aesthetic perspective. I acquired this line in both 40 and 50 pound strengths. First thing I did when the line arrived was to strip off a section on one of the spools to see how limp the line was and how it felt between my fingers. Super8Slick V2 is worthy of its name because it is indeed super slick between the fingers and is actually quite limp despite the coating. PowerPro did well putting this product together and first impressions were very good.

The 40 pound measured, on average, at 0.263mm in diameter while the 50 pound measured 0.286mm

Taking both spools of line under the scrutiny of our micrometer to check diameter revealed surprising results. I acquired two spools close to each other in strength because I expected one of the two to measure out at roughly 0.30mm in diameter. This is the size of braided line I prefer to fish. The 40 pound is specified at 0.31mm and the 50 pound at 0.36. If there's a discrepancy, actual diameters are usually larger than stated. What I discovered was Super8Slick V2 goes the other way. The 40 pound measured, on average, at 0.263mm in diameter while the 50 pound measured 0.286mm.

Zander has been fishing with Super8Slick V2 for a full season now and uses it often with certain swimbaits

Real World Tests: When it came time to spool Super8Slick V2 on a reel for some real world tests, my 50 pound spool somehow went into hiding. I could not for the life of my tackle, locate the spool, and with a testing trip quickly approaching, I ran out of time to search so chose the 40 pound spool for the tests. I matched the line up with my 13 Fishing Concept C2 reel and tied on a leader of 10lb Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon leader and mounted the reel on my first generation Edge Rods Black Widow 705-1 cranking stick.

40lb V2 Onyx loaded on a 13 Fishing Concept C2

Turns out Zander had similar designs with this line and actually had the 50 pound spooled on a couple of his combos: his 13 Fishing Concept Z SLD paired with a Savage Gear Squad SQFC73MH and his KastKing Bassinator Elite Ninja paired with a Savage Gear Black Ops BOFC73MH. His color of choice, however was the traditional moss green.

Zander making a series of casts to see how the line casts when wet versus dry

Casting: Any time I have a spool of braid with an obvious coating over the line, I'm wary of how it will handle out on the water. If you've been keeping up with our braided line reviews of late, you'll know I'm not very tolerant of lines that require a break-in period. I'm happy to report PowerPro's Super8Slick V2, despite its coating, does not require a break in period. It fires off your reel very reliably right from the get go and actually handles extremely well.

Success with Nishine Lure Work's Erie jerkbait. While we usually fish ripbaits with mono or fluorocarbon the instant energy transfer with braid like PowerPro makes for incredibly fun strikes

Abrasion: Super8Slick V2 is a somewhat traditional 8 strand in that it's smooth overall in texture, but it does have just enough bite to it to help get your lure out of sticky, or rather, weedy situations. Zander was chucking away with a Zman/Evergreen Jackhammer while I was throwing a straight, Jackall Rhythm Wave paddletail through the weeds testing out Woo! Tungsten's NeverChip swimbait hook. While I did have a short leader of 10lb Sufix Advance FC, Zander was fishing without a leader.

Closeup of Super8Slick V2


Unraveling the end for a closeup of the strands

In both situations, Super8Slick V2 held up just fine bumping and cutting through the weeds. Of course, weeds don't really provide a lot of abrasion, but in braid fishing terms, the ability to cut through the weeds is what most anglers are seeking. Super8Slick V2 may not cut like a 4 strand, but it can certainly hold its own in these situations.

Zander having a field day with the Z-Man/Evergreen Jackhammer

Noise: I didn't find Super8Slick V2 noisy at all coming through the guides of my 705-1 cranking stick nor did I notice any noise when Zander was chucking away with is Jackhammer and I can usually notice when he's using a braid that creates a lot of noise through the guides. There are some exceptions, but most 8 strand braids are pretty quiet. Super8Slick V2 is in the majority and one of the less noisy braids to fish.

A pairing of 13Fishing's new Concept Z SLD and Savage Gear's Squad rod makes for a brightly covered combo

Zander appreciating the knot strength of PowerPro Super8Slick with a number of swimbait fish

Impact/Knot Strength: I had two purposes in mind while fishing Super8Slick V2. I was also testing my leader material, the Sufix Advance FC. So in this area, what I can report is that my connection knot between the two lines held up extremely well. In fact, there was one point where I snagged my paddletail on something under the water and we were not able to get it out, so Zander put the trolling motor on high, and I locked the spool down on my Concept C2 with my thumb. I thought for sure my line was going to break at the connection knot, but instead, the knot on my lure is what broke first.

Another Jackhammer fish? Dude!

Zander on the other hand was having a hot day with that Jackhammer and was swinging away on fish after fish with zero issues. He didn't even retie once. This continued on subsequent trips when he got on a glide bait bite with a G-Ratts Sneaky Pete and I found success fishing a Nishine Lure Work's Erie Minnow jerkbait (still with the leader).

Available in strengths from 8 through 80 pound test, Super8Slick V2 is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Longevity: PowerPro's Super8Slick V2 held up well for us over several trips with minimal fading in the line. As mentioned earlier, it's ready go fish right out of the package and does not require a break-in period. The slick coating on the reel doesn't flake off to stain your rod and reel which is a big plus in my books. Overall, this feels and fishes like a premium braided line.



PowerPro Super8Slick V2 Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality As its name suggest, super slick coating right out of the package, but not overly waxy... diameters measured smaller than advertised 8.5
Performance Casts extremely well and the finish does not flake off... relatively quiet through the guides too. 8.5
Price Taking the average cost across all available strengths at the 150yd price breaks down to an average of $0.16/yd, so this is in fact a more premium braid 7
Features Available in 4 colors 8
Design (Ergonomics) Smooth finish that doesn't flake and the line holds up well over extended use with minimal color fade 8
Application Available in strengths from 8 through 80 pound test, Super8Slick V2 is suitable for a wide range of applications 8

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


+ Casts extremely well - Priced at a bit of a premium
+ Color holds up over several uses  
+ Finish does not flake  


Conclusion: My personal experience with PowerPro's product has been long overdue. For some reason, their original, 4 strand product just never appealed to me. Now, with my recent experience fishing their hollow core product and this line, I have a new found respect and excitement over their product. Make no mistake, Super8Slick V2 is a premium quality braid product. It's priced as such, but more importantly, it fishes that way too.

Make no mistake, Super8Slick V2 is a premium quality braid product

I was honestly surprised from that initial cast on at how well PowerPro Super8Slick V2 handles. I thought that super slick coating on the line was going to be sticky and require some sort of break in period, but I was gladly mistaken.

When that coating stayed on the line and didn't flake off onto my reel, it was just a matter of taking the line out on a few trips to solidify that very good first impression. While I am very fond of this Onyx color, all I need now is for PowerPro to add some type of camo pattern to the list of available colors and it may become one of my new favorites. For now, it's definitely earned a spot on the list of my go to lines.

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