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Event (Updating Ratings-starting 2008)

TackleTour Introduces Updated Rating System

Date: 1/01/08
Tackle type: All
Manufacturer: All
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

On January 1st, 2008, TackleTour is updating the way we score tackle in our reviews. When the original team started the site seven years ago we never thought that TackleTour would reach the scale it has today. For years we have considered doing away with the actual numerical ratings in our reviews, but after much deliberation and feedback from readers we have decided that it is best to provide as much quantitative data as possible. We began long ago with what we thought was a simple and basic A-F rating scale, and left the score values 1-10 (supposed to represent 10-100%). For example an 8 was like an 80% or a “B” grade, but the large 1-10 scale made it difficult to really hone in on the actual quantitative ratings of tackle. For example a really bad element in any category deserved an F rating, but did that mean a 5? Or justify a 4, or perhaps even less? For years readers have been asking for a more detailed, more accurate, more representative rating system. That is why this year we are retooling with a brand new appraisal system.


Updated 1-10 Ratings & what the Values Represent: The following are how the new rating system breaks down. The rating system will still continue to be out of a 1-10 spectrum, but actual values are now being assigned rather than on a percentage scale. Because the scale is much more defined it is likely new reviews after Jan 1st. 2008 may have what appears to be lesser ratings than those in previous seasons, but they are not actually “lower” but rather more representative of the actual product. The actual categories (Construction/Quality, Performance, Price, features, Design/Ergonomics, and Application) will remain the same.


Updated Rating Scale
(Starting January 1st, 2008)

10.0: Unbelievable: The rarest of all scores is reserved for tackle that surpasses all our expectations in a particular category. In fact from our perspective a product that receives a 10 is as close to perfect as possible. As our reviews in the past have shown the ante does get raised, and times change, but at the time of the review in this particular category the element of tackle was simply “unbelievable.”

Excellent: A 9 rating is excellent, and we completely recommend a product that achieves this rating in the particular category. This rating implies superior attributes in the respective category and/or a higher level of performance than what we normally would expect in relation to competing products.

Great: In our previous rating system an 8 meant just a “B” rating or 80%, well no longer. Now this number refers to a product that is overall very good in almost every way, and while there may be a few shortcomings these typically don’t affect most anglers or performance in any major way. Many anglers will find that these products have a lot of fine attributes that they may consider valuable for their particular application.

Good: A product that obtains a 7 rating in any category really has nothing to be ashamed about. This product is good overall and while there are some areas for improvement the product is certainly worth considering as the strengths still outweigh the flaws.

Fair: Tackle that earns a 6 rating in any category has exhibited some positive qualities and some notable negative attributes as well. These products are still worth considering but if the rating is in a category that you put higher emphasis on then you may want to carefully consider just how much the other areas balance out the overall product

Mediocre: In our previous rating a 5 meant an “F” rating, but in the new spectrum a 5 score simply means the product is just ok, and average and somewhat mundane. Being average implies that the product has plenty of weaknesses that equal or even surpass the number of positives making this a product that you should approach with caution, as there are plenty of products that are above average to consider.

Sub Par: When a product receives a 4 rating it means that it didn’t perform as advertised in our tests, and/or key flaws in the product’s design or construction were revealed during testing.

Lacking: Any product that gets a 3 rating in any category is significantly “lacking” in quality and/or performance in this category. It simply doesn’t function like it should, and because of major flaws will likely be found highly disappointing by anglers.

Poor: Watch out, a 2 rating implies a product that is simply not thought through, fails to meet any semblance of advertised performance, and we struggled to find any positive attributes whatsoever. This product for lack of a better word is simply “poor” in quality and/or performance and not something that you will want to spend any money on.

Terrible: You know that feeling of disappointment when you think you have a lunker on the line and end up pulling up an old boot? Any way you look at it this is as bad as it gets. We found ourselves asking throughout the tests…. “why?” The 1 rating is for the worst of the worst, and there are simply no redeeming qualities of this product in this category whatsoever. Plainly put… avoid it like the plague.

While the new rating system will provide a more detailed spectrum of analysis for our readers, we remind you that our “reviews” are just that…."reviews." Depending on your own unique region and application you will likely find slightly different uses and performance for any element of tackle. Whether you quickly glance at our ratings and review summaries, scan through our pictures, read our full reviews in their entirety, or all of the above, our job is to arm you, the angler, with more data on any particular piece of tackle so that you can draw your own conclusion and decide if that product meets your own inimitable needs and requirements.










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