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Lure Review


Underrated Over Performer, the Jackall Rhythm Wave


Date: 11/6/19
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Jackall
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.50 - EDITOR'S CHOICE!

In the extremely crowded paddletail market there are already a lot of great options to select from, but Jackall believes that the Rhythm Wave can stand up to the competition. Anglers that have given the Rhythm Wave a shot swear by it, while others often dismiss the bait as just another "me-too" paddletail. We had to force ourselves to stop fishing our favorites to take a closer look at this potentially underrated bait to see if it is worthy of tying on.


Jackall Rhythm Wave Swimbait Specifications

Type Paddletail swimbait
Material Plastic
Colors/Patterns 10+ available
Size 4 options (2.8", 3.8", 4.8", 5.8")
MSRP $4.99 (2.8", 3.8", 4.8") - $5.99 (5.8")


Impressions: There are countless paddle tail style swimbaits available on the market including the classic Basstrix, affordable Big Bite lures, the fully rigged Megabass Dark Sleeper, but over the last few years there has been one bait that has risen to the top of the best selling charts, and that is the ever-popular Keitech Swing Impact and Swing Impact FAT baits. These Keitechs have become the go-to choice for so many bass anglers and are proven fish catchers that can be rigged so many different ways.


With such a crowded field why would Jackall even want to jump into the fray with their own paddletail offering? Not only did the company want to further round out their lure portfolio with the Rhythm Wave, but they also saw an opportunity to introduce a bait with a slightly differentiated profile and kicking action.


There are a lot of paddletail options on the market. Why do we need another?


Before we dig further into the Jackall Rhythm Wave let's first take a deeper dive into the category itself. There was a time when anglers scrambled to try and find paddletails, and baits like the Basstrix were in such high demand that there were industry-wide shortages. Today there are hundreds of choices, and even sub-categories of paddletail style baits. These variants include the traditional hollow bodied paddletails (like the original Basstrix), solid bodied paddletails (including the Keitech, Live Target, Reaction Innovations Skinny Dipper), and full-bodied paddletails (including the Little Creeper Trash Fish, Osprey Talon, and Optimum). 


The Jackall Rhythm Wave feels familiar immediately but has some subtle features and performance differentiators


The Jackall Rhythm Wave fits into the solid bodied category and features a textured surface that is much more subtle than the protruding rings found on the original Keitech Swing Impact baits. The overall profile is similar to the Swing Impact, and is quite long with a thin tail section that connects to the round paddle tail.


The lures come packaged in a blister pack that isolates and protects each bait


The Jackall Rhythm Wave is offered in four different sizes (2.8", 3.8", 4.8", and 5.8"), and the number of baits per pack ranges from 8 to 4 depending on the size of the baits. In terms of packaging Jackall's large blister pack, while not all that eco-friendly, does an exceptional job protecting the integrity of each and every bait, so that the tails will not exhibit any memory, and each bait will swim perfectly out of the package.


Time to see if this bait is really underrated


Real World Tests: Testing a bait like the Rhythm Wave is all about putting in the time, and placing the bait in as many situations as possible where we would normally employ a paddletail style lure. I'll admit that it was a challenge for me to pry myself away from the proven performance of the Keitech baits that I typically use, but when I finally did commit to the Rhythm Wave I discovered that mixing things up, even in a very established category like paddletails, can yield some interesting results.


My favorite ways to fish the Rhythm Wave are with a standard jighead or on a underspin like the Warbait offering

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