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Complete list of all current ICAST 2014 coverage
Glide Week : Riding the S-Wave!
Abu Garcia Raises the Speed Bar with their Rocket!
Daiwa’s Steez EX 100XS offers a Deadly Combination of Both Speed and Precision

First look inside the new Curado I baitcaster


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Job Done - Accurate's Redesigned Piranha Extra Lite Pliers

Energy to Burn: Quantum Energy E100 SPTA

Go Light or Go Home: The Okuma Helios HS-CM-701M 2014 Holiday Gift Guide Part 3 : Wrap it Up and Put a Bow on It
2014 Holiday Gift Guide Part 2 : Swimbait Gear, Enthusiast Tackle and Value Picks 2014 Holiday Gift Guide : Freshwater and Saltwater Reels, Rods and Baits. Bring on the Tackle! Wintertime Bass Fishing with the Live Target Crappie Lipless Cranks Rev up your fishing with Abu Garcia's Revo SX20 Spinning Reel

Additional Recent Articles

A Proven Concept, the 13 Fishing "C" Series Low Profile Baitcaster
Now 13 Fishing is challenging naysayers once again with the introduction of high-end low profile baitcasters with their Concept Series. We have already taken a close look at the entry level Concept A and today we put the higher end Concept C through the paces.
Shooting For The World’s Most Efficient 4-stroke Combo In Professional Bass Fishing : Pro Grant Goldbeck and Yamaha’s Prostaff Manager, David Ittner
Earlier this year BASSMASTER broke the story when Yamaha and ultra-performance boat company Allison teamed up.  Bassmaster Elite Pro Grant Goldbeck was assigned to captain the ship while Yamaha’s SHO 225 became the power plant...
2014 Lake Eufaula, GA Outdoor Writer's Conference
Sitting right on the border of Alabama and Georgia is a 46,000 acre gem of a lake called Walter F. George, or in some circles, Lake Eufaula (not to be confused with the lake in Oklahoma of the same name).
A Look Behind the Steel Door of D&J Plastics, Inc.
If you're a bass fisherman, you're no stranger to soft plastic baits. It is arguably, the number one selling bait category in the industry. We were recently afforded the opportunity to tour the factory of one of the largest OEM soft plastic bait factories in the US. Located in what has become the soft plastic bait capital of the country...
Sneak Up On Your Quarry With The Denali Kovert K863WJ Rod
Here at TackleTour we have published full reviews of their Jadewood and Noirwood models, but now it's time for us to pick apart the K863WJ Kovert rod to see if it's worthy of a spot on the front deck of your bass boat.
Move More Water with the PR-Labs Venom
We take a look at PR-Lab’s newest series of lures, the Genetic Metamorphosis Series, which makes use of a flow through design to create increased water turbulence. Does this relatively unknown company have what it takes with these new baits to make a big splash? Let’s find out.
TackleTour Autopsy: Picking Apart the Baitball
The Live Target Baitball Series delivers a new class of hardbaits for anglers based on the idea that predatory fish will target baitballs. These lures are more than just a few baitfish painted on a profile of a hardbait and we break out the tools to pick this bait apart to the core.
Imperfectly Perfect, the Little Creeper All American Sunfish
With an emphasis on unique design and custom quality the company’s soft bodied All American Sunfish has also become somewhat of a sleeper bait employed by both swimbait fans and pro-anglers looking to capitalize on a bluegill imitator. 
Save face with the Sungaiter from Simms
With such a huge selection of sun-protective clothing available these days, it's easier than ever to block out the sun's harmful UV rays. The Sungaiter from Simms is one such product, designed to protect your face and neck under the most extreme conditions.
Getting Salty on a Budget: RIO Mainstream Saltwater WF8F Fly Line
Nowadays, a top-notch line can run you up around eighty bucks, and there are some specialized offerings that cost even more! With a price like that for such a relatively basic fishing necessity, it's no mystery why many people shy away from taking up fly fishing. Thankfully, there are some excellent products currently available that won't break the bank.
Finesse at the Entry Level: Abu Garcia's Revo S20 Spinning Reel
Now spanning several levels of pricing and performance, the Revo family continues to enjoy epic popularity. In this review we dissect the entry- level Revo spinning reel—the S20 model—to see if it has mean performance that exceeds its friendly price tag.
The Search for One : Shimano/Jackall's Biwako Versatile X
Introducing our first look at the new joint venture Poison Glorious like from Shimano and Jackall. Here's our look at the 173MH Biwako (Lake Biwa) Versatile X.

The Return of Kistler's Carbon Steel Line
Building rods domestically comes with higher costs making it difficult to produce a competitive stick in the very hotly contested $80 - $120 price point. Enter the new Carbon Steel rods from Kistler. Sourced from overseas to keep costs down, these rods share the same bare Z-Bone aesthetic as their existing lineups.

Power Up With Gary Yamamoto Chikara Crankbaits
There's a lot to consider when purchasing a new crankbait. Its size, coloration, wobble, and depth range are just a few aspects one must weigh. It can be challenging for a company to design baits that tick all the boxes, but the gang over at Gary Yamamoto baits believes they have done just that with their new Chikara line of crankbaits.


Quantum's First Magnesium Framed Reel, the Tour Mg!
There was a point in time, several years ago, when someone showed me a reel from Quantum, my first thought before even handling the reel was "heavy". Well, at ICAST 2013, Quantum impressed me with what I found hard to believe was their very first foray into a reel made of this material. Here now is our look at Quantum's Tour Mg!

Get a “Trigger Happy” Grip on your Casting and Spinning Rigs
Have you ever been fishing all day and started to feel your fingers and hands get worn down by gripping the trigger on your rod too tightly? To address this issue a company called THCG (Trigger Happy Comfort Grips) has introduced a patent pending product that is designed to be an easy to deploy solution.
Flipping Week : Zombie or Immortal? Dee Thomas's Signature Series Flipping Rod
From the popular, to the obscure, to the new, we now bring you to the somewhat rare entry in TT's Flipping Week. Zombie's Dee Thomas edition of their Immortal 76 is a limited edition, limited production stick made to the exacting specifications of the father of flipping himself, Dee Thomas.

Flipping Week : Orochi Double X Aaron Martens Special!
Just because this series is the lowest price offerings from Megabass, we’ve quickly found out that sacrifices were not made in terms of performance. Here now is our take on yet another rod in this series, the F8-79XX Aaron Martens Flipping Special.

Flipping Week : Gary Loomis Shows his Edge for Flipping
Edge Rod's Flip 787-1 has the rare pedigree of being a fishing rod made in the USA. With the ease of heading overseas to procure OEM product, each year witnesses an increasing number of rod companies emerging in the bass fishing market. There are a few companies bucking this trend and Edge Rods, out of Woodland, Washington is one of them.
Flipping Week : Phenix Rods Mocks the Demon
Phenix's rise into the mainstream of bass angler's fishing rod consciousness has been quite astonishing. Their combination of value plus performance in several lines has really changed expectations. In particular, the Recon 2 series has been a favorite amongst TT Editors for the fusion of JDM styling together with attractive price points. No where is this more evident than in the company's entry to flipping week.
Flipping Week : iRod's Bub Tosh Punch Rod!
We've gathered a handful of rods from the popular, to the obscure, to the new, to the rare, all to be featured in our first ever Flipping Week! First up, we take a look at one of the most affordable, yet hard to get flipping sticks on the market to day. Introducing our look at iRod's IRG7114P-H, aka, Bub's Punch Rod.
Pro Angler Bryan Thrift Catches Air with Damiki’s New Frog
We head to Clear Lake to go fishing with FLW Pro Angler Bryan Thrift and the Damiki team to check out the latest and greatest lures that the team has to offer, which includes the exciting new Air Frog. Bryan helped design the Air Frog, which is a plastic toad style bait that floats...
Goin' for a Walk with the Jackall Iobee Frog
Despite the popularity of hollow-body frogs, a lot of anglers get frustrated with them at times because they can be difficult to walk. It takes different tackle and a much different cadence to master one of these baits compared to, say, a Zara Spook. Jackall's Iobee frog is made to ease this burden a bit, as it's designed for effortless walking action. So, will the Iobee indeed walk, or flop?
French Swimbaits from Biwaa Exhibit Quality Finishes
Just when we thought we had seen everything that ICAST had to offer we stumbled upon a swimbait manufacturer that we were not familiar with, meet Biwaa. This French company was founded by Tournament Anglers, the Alexandre Brothers, back in 2008.


Strike King Expands their Leading Arsenal
Strike King is a leader in the lure industry and has one of the biggest arsenals of baits used on tour, as well as one of the biggest Pro Staff roster including some of the biggest names including KVD and Greg Hackney, James Niggemeyer, Denny Brauer and young gun Chris Zaldain.

Style and Safety for Anglers on the Go from Wiley X
Wiley X has continued to gain popularity among anglers and is known for not only their aggressive yet functional styling but also their lens durability. At the show Pro Angler Edwin Evers showed us the latest that Wiley X had to offer anglers seeking both style and safety in their optics.
Molix unleashes more Italian style with a wave of new products
Molix has developed a solid reputation here in America for offering a plethora of quality baits. Despite a brief run, their Fioretto rods also left a positive impression on us in a recent full review. Now, Molix is making some more bold moves with the introduction of new baits and a fresh rod lineup.

Not one, not two, but three new offerings from Sage!
Sage is unquestionably one of the most dominating brands in fly fishing. Their products are world-renowned for outstanding performance and visual appeal. This year we were both surprised and delighted to learn that they will be shaking things up in a big way with the release of three new families of products.

Seaspin Rolls out Innovative new Baits and Rigging Systems
Showing off some innovative new lures this ICAST was a company called Seaspin that most U.S. anglers have probably not heard of. This Italian company puts a lot of work into their lure designs and they showcased not only some interesting new plastics but clever ways to rig and present them as well.
Stay in touch with new fly lines from RIO
Despite some stiff competition in the fly line segment, RIO remains one of the top dogs in the industry. With a huge selection of fresh and saltwater lines available, they always seem to come up with innovative new offerings or somehow improve an existing product.

Go into stealth mode with Redington's new Vapen Black fly rods
With the unveiling of their Vapen Red rod series last year, Redington really stepped outside the box by giving these sticks an entirely new grip material. The bright red handle may have put off some folks, but the new Vapen Black series aims to please those that prefer a more subdued look.

Batson Enterprises steps up to the plate with advanced new rod components
Batson Enterprises and their various brands offer rod builders a multitude of high-quality options.  At ICAST this year, they invited us to swing by and check out a few of the latest products being released from their RainShadow and Alps labels.

Fishpond hopes to net more customers by rolling out fresh releases
Anglers and outdoor enthusiasts carry a lot of gear that needs to be stored and managed. Thankfully, there are many companies that offer solutions to our problems. As one of the premier names on the market, Fishpond offers not just a variety of great storage and travel options, but accessories and apparel as well.
New Fly Lines from Scientific Anglers
When it comes to fly lines, Scientific Anglers might just be the most popular brand of them all. If you can catch it on a fly, they make a line for it. A trip to the IFTD show just wouldn't be complete without swinging by the SA booth to see their latest and greatest product releases.











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