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Complete list of all current ICAST 2014 coverage
Glide Week : Riding the S-Wave!
Abu Garcia Raises the Speed Bar with their Rocket!
Daiwa’s Steez EX 100XS offers a Deadly Combination of Both Speed and Precision

First look inside the new Curado I baitcaster


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Product Refresh : Pfleuger's Patriarch Baitcasting Reel

Kevin VanDam's Own Performance Tuned Fishing Rod by Quantum The Next TWS Variant : Daiwa's Tatula HD Having a Look at Fly Rod Blanks and Components from Batson Enterprises
To Infinity and... Lamiglas, the INF703FS It's Name Is... Mini-Me, by S.O.B. & SpotstickerBaits Sight Fishing with Pro Angler Jared Lintner and G.Loomis Introducing Sunline's New P-Ion Assassin FC

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The Stowable, Powerful, Versatile 706CB from Dobyns Rods
Sure there's no replacing the casting distance you can get with a properly designed eight foot (8') cranking stick, but sometimes you want the ability to throw a deep diving crank on a "normal" sized fishing rod. Dobyns Rods steps up to the plate with their 706CB.
Big Baits and Peashooters: Fishing With B.A.S.S. Pro Angler Shaw Grigsby
In what has now become an yearly tradition Pro Angler and Host of “Ultimate Bass Radio,” Kent Brown, put together another Media Day on Lake Pardee to bring together some of the top Pro Anglers with members of the fishing media to talk shop, check out some of the newest tackle and techniques, and even do a little fishing.
Get Comfy with the Aftco Technical Front-Zip Hoodie
Growing up in Northern California, there were few fishing trips I went on that didn't involve toting along a hoodie. Now that I live in South Florida, my (few) hoodies tend to collect dust the majority of the year. Nonetheless, they still remain a part of my minimalist wardrobe for those few days of the year when temps actually get cool enough to warrant taking one out...
Cashing in on the Pencil Popper with "The One" from Paycheck Baits
Several years ago, Paycheck Baits debuted their interpretation of this under the radar bait and today, we bring you our review of it. Presenting, "The One", by Paycheck Baits.
Delta Wood Bombers Enters the Bait Frey with Sinister
A few years ago, a company out of Sacramento, California jumped into the scene with an oversized wooden topwater plug that shops within a two hour radius of the California Delta could not keep in stock. Bass, and more importantly in these parts, big striper were being caught on this thing and people knew about it...
The Big, Beefy, EVX 861XH Rod from Okuma
Okuma's EVX-C-861XH-Ta (EVX 861XH) is an eight foot, six inch (8'-6") telescopic casting rod designed for Musky. It's big, it's beefy, and probably not tournament legal, but that's not our concern. We're here talking about a stick for oversized big baits.
Hunting for a Big Bite with the Lunkerhunt Swim Bento
Paddle-tail swimbaits are awesome baits, period! Versatile and productive, I find myself rigging one up for a huge number of fishing outings. Since they are available in such a huge variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, I've been able to nab everything from tarpon to spotted bass while throwing them...
WTF?!? : Does Daiwa's Steez AGS Deliver As Expected?
Daiwa's Steez AGS spinning rods were easily one of the highlights at the last ICAST show and today, we take our very first detailed look at one of the sticks from this lineup.
Get Noticed With the Cheeky Mojo 425 Fly Reel
Many of you fly anglers out there have probably seen or heard of a company called Cheeky Fly Fishing. Their products are easily distinguished by striking designs and colors which really sets them apart from all other fly reels on the market. I actually fished with the Cheeky team several years back when they visited me in Florida for a brief morning of fishing...
ProducTTpreview: The Highly Configurable DRT Klash Swimbait
There are few baits that can inspire anglers to go out and fish as much as a swimbait, and for trophy hunters they are often the tool of choice. The DRT (Division Rebel Tackles) Klash is a big bait that is designed to give unprecedented configuration freedom to swimbait anglers. DRT designed these baits near Lake Biwa Japan...
Interestingly Versatile: MajorCraft America's NANOACE NAC-WJ731M
Our coverage from the 2013 ICAST show teased you with the prospect of Japan-based MajorCraft bringing products to American shores. While it seemed the initial wait would be a short one, various setbacks prevented the company from achieving their goals early on. Fast forward to present day, and we can finally proclaim that the wait is over.
How Low Can Daiwa Go? The Refreshed AIRD Baitcaster
In October of 2013, we wrote about a surprising little cost conscious reel from Daiwa called the Exceler. This $99.99 reel was a very solid performer and a welcome introduction from a company perceived to only truly care about high end product. Well, Daiwa is attacking that perception and price point once again. Here's our take on the re-imaged Daiwa AIRD 100.
An Upside Down Autopsy : Mattlures Dead Stick Trout
Mattlures owner and lure designer Matt Servant draws on his extensive taxidermy background to create some of the most genuine looking soft and hard bodied swimbaits on the market. Today we put one of Mattlures biggest, and quirkiest, swimbaits under the knife in our autopsy of the Mattlures Upside Dead Stick Trout.
The Surprising EXTC726XF EXO Tour from Quantum!
It's no secret that I've enjoyed the product Quantum has produced under their "EXO" line. The casting reels are light, comfortable to palm and have all performed well for me. Quantum is also making fishing rods under this same series name, so we thought it was about time to take a look. Are the rods as inspiring as the reels?

Previewing the New Shimano Zodias Bass Rods
The year is young but Shimano has already been busy both with their own introductions and the big news surrounding the release of the affordable G.Loomis E6X Series. While the E6X has definitely took the majority of the spotlight for the company in terms of new rods there was another series, the Zodias, that also was unveiled at the Classic.
Product Insight : Zillion TWS a.k.a. Tatula Z?
Though the Daiwa Zillion TWS scored well in our official review, something about the reel did not sit right with me - literally. After my very first cast with that reel, from the first moment I wrapped my hand around it, I experienced a sense of deja vu. Thing is, it wasn't TD Zillion deja vu, it was something else.
Get Your Bass Fix With DUO's Realis Vibration 68 G-Fix Crankbaits
Lip-less crankbaits are highly-effective hard baits that should be included in the arsenals of every bass angler. Available in two sizes, DUO's Realis Vibration G-Fix lip-less crankbaits (that's a mouthful!) are some of the most up-to-date offerings. Let's see if they work as good as they look!
The Search For One : Phenix's Maxim Series 7'3" MH
Phenix's new Maxim bass rod series feature blanks made with a carbon rather than paper scrim - a feature that made G.Loomis GLX unique back in the day. Today we put one of these blanks to the test in our review of their Maxim series MAX-73MH casting rod.
Shooting for the World’s Most Efficient Bassin 4-Stroke Combo – Mission Accomplished.
Since the original interview article with Pro Angler Grant Goldbeck and the Allison team we received numerous inquiries on the results of the Allison / Yamaha Project. Tournament anglers were chewing at the bit to know just how efficient was the 4-stroke Yamaha and BasSport.
Megabass's Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Whimey, Bassy Wassy, Sonic Fishing Stick
Well, we saw the prototypes first hand back in 2013 while visiting their factory in Japan. Late last year we finally got to fish these sticks for the first time. Today we bring you our findings. Presenting our review of Megabass's Evoluzion C40 F4.5-610ti Elseil.
Kistler's Refreshed Magnesium TS : The MgMDXH710T Mad Dog
Last year, to celebrate the line's 10 year anniversary, Kistler reintroduced Helium bringing the series back to its Made in the USA origins. This past winter, it was time for another refresh. Introducing our first look at Kistler's re-imaged Magnesium series of rods with our review of the MgMDXH710T Mad Dog.
The Surprising Daiwa Ballistic EX Spinning Reel
Carbon is the new wonder material for fishing reel manufacturers and why not? The material is pervasive in countless other industries from cycling to automotive where stresses and strains structural parts are under far greater loads than that of a fishing reel frame...

TackleTour Tournament Interview : Dean Rojas
In our continuing series of interviews, we're sitting down with different pros and going through their tackle selections for each day of our tourney, one at a time. Today, we sit down with Bassmaster Elite Series Angler Dean Rojas.

TT Shootout : Zillion TWS vs Chronarch CI4+
We've reviewed the Chronarch CI4+ and we've reviewed the Zillion TWS. Nothing gets the collective juices of the TackleTour readership flowing more than a good old fashioned, all scores barred, head to head, specification to specification, performance metric to performance metric comparison.

Fishing a Grand Slam with G.Loomis E6X Rods at La Perla Ranch
When I got the call a few months back from the Shimano team to check out some new pre-release “gear” ahead of the Classic my interest was already peaked, but when we found out we were heading to Laredo Texas to fish the new products I knew I was in for an experience.


Daiwa Re-Images Their Stalwart : Zillion TWS
So how does the new, Zillion stack up against history, the competition, and its place in Daiwa's lineup? We've taken it apart, put it back together, fished it, and tested it against it's own family and the competition. In this three part series, we bring you the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly behind Daiwa's new, Zillion TWS.
A G.Loomis Rod Under 200 dollars? Meet the E6X Series
G.Loomis has long been heralded by anglers as a premium brand and while their rods have found homes on the boats and rod racks of so many enthusiast anglers they have also been out of reach for many due to price. That is all about to change as G.Loomis prepares to introduce their most affordable rods to date, the new E6X Series...
Shimano Continues Their Roll : Chronarch CI4+
Carbon framed reels are the next big thing. We've already seen a handful of carbon framed spinning reels produced, but now low profile baitcasting reels are being made from this same material. Manufacturers can match or even better the weight of these reels compared to magnesium counterparts and bring them in for a lower price.
The Mother of All Tackle Autopsies - Cutting Open a 400 Dollar Swimbait!
While this bait could easily belong in a tackle collectors safe the tackle junkie within us beckons us to explore this lure further. What exactly does that mean? It is time to dissect this Mother! Welcome to what is definitely the “Mother” of all tackle autopsies as we put this bait under the blade.
For Those On The Go –  Mission Athletecare SPF 30+ Is A No Muss, No Fuss Sunscreen Stick
Mission's No Sting SPF 30 sunscreen facestick offers advanced protection technology in a convenient, grab and go form designed to make it easy for anglers to apply while out in the field.
Repel the Rain with the Columbia Hydrotech Rain Jacket
While it's easy to prepare if you know exactly what to expect, there are many instances where a chance of showers later in the day means that bringing along some packable rain gear—like the Columbia Hydrotech Packable Rain Jacket—will be a smart decision.
TackleTour Tournament Interview : Mike McClelland
In our continuing series of interviews, we're sitting down with different pros and going through their tackle selections for each day of our tourney, one at a time. Today, we sit down with Bassmaster Elite Series Angler Mike McClelland.
The Yeti Roadie Cooler is made to Travel
For many anglers it was Yeti that introduced them to the idea of a premium cooler. Though the company has only been around since 2006 the brand has already become a common sight on the decks of boats and in the beds of trucks from coast to coast. We take a look at Yeti’s most compact cooler, the Roadie 20, to see just how this high-end cooler stacks up.
Strike King Hits the TT Jackpot with their 10XD Crank!
Once purview of the Norman DD, Strike King has managed to take hunting for freshwater bass to new depths. Today's lure of choice for those probing those depths? Of course we're talking about Strike King's 10XD.
Topwater Action with the Multi-Talented Jackall Binksy
While the current selection available on today's market is certainly more than sufficient, many folks are constantly on the lookout for something a bit different that may give them an edge on pressured waters. Thankfully, Jackall's new Binksy topwater is precisely that—a versatile, unique bait that flat-out gets bit!
CES 2015 : New High Tech Kit for Outdoor Enthusiasts
In today’s ever connected world it seems like tech is integrated into everything we do, including how we fish and share those experiences. We take a trip to the Consumer Electronics Show (International CES) to check out what hi-tech manufacturers had to offer anglers and outdoor enthusiasts.
TackleTour Tournament Interview : Jeff Kriet
In our continuing series of interviews, we're sitting down with different pros and going through their tackle selections for each day of our tourney, one at a time. Today, we sit down with Jeff Kriet, Bassmaster Elite Series Pro.











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