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ICAST 2015
Coverage LIVE!

13 Fishing Trick Shop is Open for Customization
Shimano Unviels New Citica I reels
Abu Garcia Raises the Speed Bar with their Rocket!

First look inside the new Curado I baitcaster



Peak Performance on a Budget? Pinnacle's Producer XT 30 Spinning Reel
Sneaking in well under the one-hundred dollar mark, the affordable Pinnacle Producer XT spinning reels are both easy on the eyes and the wallet. Despite some ominous competition, just how well does this reel fare in real-world situations? We nabbed a PRF 30 model from Tackle Warehouse to find out for ourselves!
13 Fishing’s Trick Shop is Open for Customization
13 Fishing, a company that has become synonymous with pushing the fun envelope for anglers, is breaking new ground once again with their Trick Shop reel components, by allowing anglers to easily personalize their reels and make them truly their own.
The Budget Friendly Daiwa Exceler Spinning Reel
Despite the burgeoning economy, one area of the tackle market that continues to grow and thrive is budget segment of the market - especially with rods and reels. By budget, we're referring to any rod or reel below the $100 threshold. Today, we take a look at a popular new introduction in this segment by Daiwa. Introducing the Exceler 2500SH spinning reel.
Shimano Unveils New Citica I Series Low Profile Reels for Mainstream Anglers
Information on new products from a number of manufacturers continues to be leaked or released in greater frequency, which is the norm this time of year as manufacturers gear up for ICAST. As a preemptive strike ahead of this year’s show Shimano is unveiling the new Citica I Series baitcasting reels.
Product Refresh : Pfleuger's Patriarch Baitcasting Reel
It's been some time since we've taken a look at Pfleuger's baitcasting reels. A company's whose stated tradition is to provide the best bang for your buck recently re-imaged one of their long standing low profile reels. We managed to get our hands on one recently, and here now is our review of Pfleuger's Patriarch baitcasting reel.

The Next TWS Variant : Daiwa's Tatula HD
By all accounts, Daiwa has gone all in with their new TWS line guide, a.k.a. T-Wing Gen 2, and why not? The Tatula has been a good success for the company with the only real drawback, in some eyes, being the reel's line capacity. This past Fall, Daiwa stepped up to the plate and addressed this with the Tatula HD low profile baitcasting reel.

How Low Can Daiwa Go? The Refreshed AIRD Baitcaster
In October of 2013, we wrote about a surprising little cost conscious reel from Daiwa called the Exceler. This $99.99 reel was a very solid performer and a welcome introduction from a company perceived to only truly care about high end product. Well, Daiwa is attacking that perception and price point once again. Here's our take on the re-imaged Daiwa AIRD 100.
Product Insight : Zillion TWS a.k.a. Tatula Z?
Though the Daiwa Zillion TWS scored well in our official review, something about the reel did not sit right with me - literally. After my very first cast with that reel, from the first moment I wrapped my hand around it, I experienced a sense of deja vu. Thing is, it wasn't TD Zillion deja vu, it was something else.
The Surprising Daiwa Ballistic EX Spinning Reel
Carbon is the new wonder material for fishing reel manufacturers and why not? The material is pervasive in countless other industries from cycling to automotive where stresses and strains structural parts are under far greater loads than that of a fishing reel frame...
TT Shootout : Zillion TWS vs Chronarch CI4+
We've reviewed the Chronarch CI4+ and we've reviewed the Zillion TWS. Nothing gets the collective juices of the TackleTour readership flowing more than a good old fashioned, all scores barred, head to head, specification to specification, performance metric to performance metric comparison.


Daiwa Re-Images Their Stalwart : Zillion TWS
So how does the new, Zillion stack up against history, the competition, and its place in Daiwa's lineup? We've taken it apart, put it back together, fished it, and tested it against it's own family and the competition. In this three part series, we bring you the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly behind Daiwa's new, Zillion TWS.
Shimano Continues Their Roll : Chronarch CI4+
Carbon framed reels are the next big thing. We've already seen a handful of carbon framed spinning reels produced, but now low profile baitcasting reels are being made from this same material. Manufacturers can match or even better the weight of these reels compared to magnesium counterparts and bring them in for a lower price.
Energy to Burn: Quantum Energy E100 SPTA
Before I was given the chance to test the Energy E100 SPTA, how many Quantum baitcasters have I owned? Try none! While I owned and fished a few of their saltwater spinning reels several years ago, their baitcasting reels just never found their way into my arsenal. Although not immediately new to the market, the latest Energy PT reels are totally new to me and I was really curious to finally get one out on the water.
Finesse at the Entry Level: Abu Garcia's Revo S20 Spinning Reel
Abu Garcia's moderately-priced Revo SX20 is a pleasing reel to look at. The first obvious resemblance that came to mind is that it looks similar to my Shimano Stradic Ci4+. The body is comprised of an X-Craftic alloy frame and C6 carbon body for reduced weight and added corrosion protection.
A Proven Concept, the 13 Fishing "C" Series Low Profile Baitcaster
Now 13 Fishing is challenging naysayers once again with the introduction of high-end low profile baitcasters with their Concept Series. We have already taken a close look at the entry level Concept A and today we put the higher end Concept C through the paces.
Finesse at the Entry Level: Abu Garcia's Revo S20 Spinning Reel
Now spanning several levels of pricing and performance, the Revo family continues to enjoy epic popularity. In this review we dissect the entry- level Revo spinning reel—the S20 model—to see if it has mean performance that exceeds its friendly price tag.

Quantum's First Magnesium Framed Reel, the Tour Mg!
There was a point in time, several years ago, when someone showed me a reel from Quantum, my first thought before even handling the reel was "heavy". Well, at ICAST 2013, Quantum impressed me with what I found hard to believe was their very first foray into a reel made of this material. Here now is our look at Quantum's Tour Mg!

The Baitcaster Shimano needed to get right, the Curado I Series
While most reel manufacturers have a flagship reel that is used to showcase the latest and greatest technology the majority of the sales volume comes from reels in the value and mainstream segment. This hotly contested portion of the market is arguably the most important to reel manufacturers and it is here where the Shimano Curado Series has dominated for so many years...

Does Quantum's Tour KVD Have the Power to Win Us Over?
When it comes to promoting the sport of Bass Fishing, few have the appeal and influence of Kevin Van Dam. Whenever his name is in the sportfishing news fans pay attention. It's been some time since we've looked at any of his signature products, so today, we dive right in to check out Quantum's Tour KVD 151HPT.

Performance at a professional Level? Bass Pro Shops' Pro Qualifier Casting Reel
Products from large-scale retailers like Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops don't get a whole lot of press here at TackleTour, but that doesn't mean we don't keep an eye on what they are producing. Though reviews can be pretty mixed on some of these offerings, the Pro Qualifier from Bass Pro Shops has always had a noticeable following.
A Classic is Re-Made : Abu Garcia's Morrum ZX 3600/01
Several years in the teasing, we awaited the subject of today's review from Abu Garcia for quite some time. Year after year at ICAST, they showed us glimpses of the reel and promised "next year". Finally this past year, the announcement was made and now the classic, recreated Morrum is finally available in North America.
A Shining Star Amidst a Milkyway of Reels: The Antares by Shimano
Just about every reel manufacturer has what can be referred to as their flagship products. More often than not, this is their most expensive reel in each category for which they make a product. In the case of low profile baitcasting reels, Daiwa has the Steez, Abu Garcia has the Premier and so on...
Abu Garcia Raises the Speed Bar with their Rocket!
With each passing year, the feature manufacturers of low profile baitcasing reels have been racing to surpass each other with has been the speed of their reels - more specifically, retrieve speed. Since the 7.1:1 threshold was broken, we witnessed incremental increases to 7.4 then 7.9 then 8.1, 8.5 until suddenly at last year's ICAST...
Okuma's Big Bait Slayer, the Komodo
Earlier this year, we touched upon one option from Okuma, the Citrix which is available in both a 200 and 300 size option. Today we look at another option from this same manufacturer and one that is priced one tier up from the Citrix. Introducing our look at Okuma Fishing's Komodo low profile baitcaster.
Daiwa’s Steez EX 100XS offers a Deadly Combination of Both Speed and Precision
So often achieving speed requires sacrifices in refinement but every once in a while a product comes around that strives to achieve both. Daiwa’s Steez Series has long been the benchmark of ultra lightweight magnesium baitcasters and the latest addition to the premium lineup is the 100XS which delivers a blisteringly fast 7.9:1 gear ratio
What a Concept! 13 Fishing's Concept-A Reel is a Bulldog
Even though we had the rare chance to play with a couple of the prototypes at the 2013 ICAST show, nothing beats experiencing the finished product. With that said, we were quietly able to acquire a couple of Concept-A reels for testing and a full lab breakdown well before their scheduled release to the general public.
Okuma Delivers Solid Performance With Their Citrix Suite of Reels
Today, we take a look at a mid-line product from a manufacturer whose had their share of criticism from consumers along their baitcaster journey. Is Okuma finally poised to make a move into the low profile baitcaster market? Here's our take on the Citrix suite of reels.
A Step Forward, An Inside Look at the New Shimano Curado I
The Shimano Curado was first introduced in 1991 and since that time has represented Shimano’s workhorse baitcasting reel. These low profile baitcasters have certainly evolved over time, increasing in both features and refinement. Officially launched last week at the Bassmaster Classic Expo we were excited to get the reel back home and on water.
No Secret, Shimano’s Curado I Reels Look like the Real Deal
In the last 24 hours Shimano officially unveiled the new reel at the Bassmaster Classic Outdoor Expo in Birmingham Alabama, and for the first time the public was able to get their hands on the new reels.
See Things in Black and White with the Generation 3 Abu Garcia Revo S
As the “entry level” Revo model, the new S offers some interesting features and an eye catching appearance.  This reel has some stiff competition in it's price segment; after all, it's playing in the same ballpark as a long time fan favorite, the Shimano Citica.  Does this refreshed Revo have what it takes to score a home run?


Product Reviewed Date Posted
13 Fishing Gears up to Launch New Proprietary Low Profile Baitcasting Reels
Daiwa Tatula Type R - Worth the Upgrade?
Compact and Strong: The Lew's Super Duty SD1H Baitcaster
Take 3 : Abu Garcia's Revo Winch
The Shimano Flagship Anatares and Metanium Baitcasters now Available Stateside
Does Daiwa's Exceler Excel or Repel?
Abu Garcia's Workhorse - the Gen 3 Revo SX
Budget-Minded Performance with the new Mitchell 300 Pro
Redefining a Classic, the Lew’s BB1 Baitcaster
Daiwa's New Workhorse Has Thoroughbred Tendencies : Tatula
3 Generations, 2 Brake Systems, 1 Solid Reel : Abu Garcia's Revo STX
Pushing the Envelope, the Daiwa Steez EX Spinning Reel
Finally, Affordable Versatility from Daiwa - The Lexa 100
Abu Targets Enthusiasts With Their New MGXtreme!
The REVOlution Continues, Abu Garcia’s New Gen 3 Premier Baitcaster
A Question of Access in Shimano's New Calcutta
Does the Quantum's EXO Concept Translate to Spinning?
Spotlight on the Middle Child, the Shimano Citica G Baitcaster
Ardent's Tour Reel Series Offers an "Edge" for Anglers
A Magnetic Personality, the new “EX”treme Steez Spinning Reel
Shimano Employs Graphite in the Redesigned Saros Spinning Reel
Shimano Breaks the Mold with the Upcoming Calcutta D
The Re-REVOlution Begins, First Look at the 2013 Revo Casting Reels
TT Exclusive: Okuma Unveils Upcoming Helios Spinning Reel at El Salto
Not Built to Suffer Fools Gladly : Daiwa's Z200/Z2020 Platform
The Bear brings the Heat, Okuma's Helios Baitcaster
Getting in the Groove with Daiwa's T3 Ballistic
WTF?!? ... Shimano Sustain with an Edge
Five Seconds and More with Quantum's EXO PT
Is the Revo MGX the New Lightweight King?
Living up to the legacy? Shimano’s Curado G
A Push for True Market Alternatives : The Shift Baitcasting Reel
Coming full Circle over a Decade, the Stradic is Back
Lock and Load with the Daiwa T3 T-Wing System
The Shimano Caenan, a Mainstream Contender
TT EXCLUSIVE!! : Daiwa's PX/PXL Type R is Here!
Shimano Stella!!!! ... Wait Again? WT-FE?
The Speed Spool returns – Lew’s Tournament Pro baitcaster
Daiwa’s Zillion Type-R, Rev up to High Speed
Daddy’s Lean and Mean, the Magnesium Pflueger Patriarch Spinning Reel
Not just “Smoke” and Mirrors, possibly the best Quantum Baitcaster yet?
Making Victory affordable, Skeet Reese’s signature W&M baitcaster
The Fast Crowd, High Speed with the Daiwa Aggrest Hyper Speed Baitcaster
Judgment Day for the Lethal Calais 200ASV Baitcaster
Catching the Wave(Spin) One More Time
Still on Fire? Daiwa's new Fuego-A Spinning Reel
Will you Twitch or Slide? Pinnacle’s Vision Slyder Baitcaster
A Preview of Pinnacle's upcoming Tournament Class Reels
Abu Garcia Introduces the Revo Premier Spinning Reel With NanoShield Technology
Pflueger goes premium with new Magnesium Patriarch and Supreme XT Spinning Reels
A first look at the new Zillion Type R - Separating Fact from Fiction
The Stradic FI spinning reel series for the complete range of applications
The little reels that could, Accurate Boss Magnum E-Series 197 & 270
Not just for Saltwater, the Daiwa Zillion Coastal
Okuma introduces their own Green Baitcaster and it is a good one, meet the Serrano
Low Speed Cranking Reel Shootout : And the Winner Is...
Relevant once again, the new Shimano Stradic CI4
2009 High Speed Reel Shootout : And the Winner Is...
Low speed Cranking Reel Shootout Part 4: Energy PT for Power Cranking
Round Reel Toughness, Power, and Capacity in the Low Profile Abu Garcia Revo Toro
Low Speed Reel Shootout: Daiwa gets Crazy with the Zillion Cranker
2009 Highspeed Reel Shootout : Shimano Reinvents the Chronarch!
Low Speed Cranking Reel Shootout Part 2: Abu Garcia Revo Winch is all about Muscle
PRODUCTTPREVIEW: Shimano debuts Talica II compact leverdrag reel for fly-lining live baits
Pre-ICAST Sneak Peek at Penn's New Premium Rugged Saltwater Spinning Reels
A pre-ICAST Preview of Daiwa's new TD Zillion Coastal reel and updated Saltist lineup
Hot New Reels, Sizes, and PT Technologies from Quantum in 2010
2009 Highspeed Reel Shootout : Daiwa's 50th Anniversary Hyperspeed Zillion
2009 Highspeed Reel Shootout Part 2: Abu Garcia Revo SX
2009 Highspeed Reel Shootout : Quantum Tour Edition PT VI
Low Speed Cranking Reel Shootout Part 1: The Lean Green Cranking Machine, meet Shimano’s Curado E5
Obsessed with Weight, the new lighter generation of baitcasters
Daiwa’s Pluton can be described with one word…. Solid
Shimano blends Power with Weight Reduction with the Sophisticated new Chronarch D
Shimano's new Citica 200E - Completely Redefined
Does the Patriarch have the guts to reign at the top of Pflueger reels?
World's first look inside the Team Daiwa Pluton
Detailed photos and information on the 2009 Abu Garcia Revo baitcast and spinning reels
First look at the newly redesigned lightweight Quantum top-end baitcast reels
The introduction of a meaner greener Curado, and an enhanced Citica
The Ultra Lightweight Steez series gets a Speed Bump!
A Peek at Daiwa's Hyper Speed Zillion, soon to be the world's fastest compact baitcaster
An In-Depth Look at a Reel Made Entirely in the USA: The Ardent XS1000
Spy photos of a possible new Shimano “Green” Reel
The Daiwa Steez is light in Weight but not in Sophistication
Pflueger’s “Supreme” Baitcast Offering
Performance meets great value with the Quantum Incyte
A look inside the design of the Quantum Aruba PTs
Don't Judge This Reel By Its Quirky Spool: The WaveSpin Reel
The ultimate saltwater low profile baitcast reel, the Abu Garcia Revo Inshore
The Team Daiwa Advantage HSTA, A "Supertuned" Remix
Sweet to the “Core,” Shimano’s new premium magnesium baitcaster
Shoot for the moon, the well machined Daiwa Luna
Pinnacle launches new baitcasters at ICAST for the 2008 season
Daiwa's 2008 reel lineup brings forth the Megaforce and a new supertuned Advantage
Abu Garcia prepares to introduce new additions to their low profile reels lineup
Fighting Smallies with Fire, Daiwa Fuego style
Go Light, Stay Tough, the Shimano Stradic MgFA
Pinnacle is not just about OEM, and launches their new "branded" baitcasting lineup
Daiwa's New Workhorse, the TD Zillion: US and Japanese models compared
Low Profile Design, Round Reel Muscle, the Shimano Curado 300DSV
Penn gets Innovative with the new "Torque"
Cabelas turns to a trusted manufacturer partner for their 2007 flagship reels
Sustain-able performance over the long haul?
BassPro releases a slew of new and revamped reels for 2007
Van Staal: The NO LIMITATION spinning reel now with a new bail system and enhancements
Daiwa expands their brightly colored lineup with the new Tierra spinning reel
Watch out! Make room for the new Abu Garcia Revo STX low profile baitcast reel
The world's first digital low profile baitcaster, the Shimano Calais 4x8 DC
The best Okuma spinning reel yet, the technologically advanced VSystem
Inside the new Shimano Calais DC
TackleTour's exclusive Fin-Nor and Quantum '07 ICAST Preview
Fish harder and faster with the souped up Shimano Curado 200DHSV
TackleTour undercover: New low profile baitcasters and spinning reels from Abu Garcia
Bigger and better, the Shimano Citica D edges into previous generation Curado territory
The tough task of revamping a legend...the Shimano Curado redefined
Hit up multiple species with the redesigned Shimano Cardiff A
Burn Baby Burn! The Ultra high speed Tour Edition PT from Quantum
Wicked style, the limited edition Daiwa Black Widow II
More for the money...the redesigned Cardinal 502ALB spinning reel
Preview: Daiwa's Saltiga Blast, A premium spinning reel made more affordable
The Sahara 750FB, a quality pint sized spinning reel for under 60 dollars

Tech Tackle precision reels and rods are sure to bring a smile to any angler

The Quantum Energy PT: See how this refreshing redesigned reel compares

Anglers an count on the real value that the Tekota levelwind reels offer
Fish an ultralight reel with big guns, the newly redesigned Quantum Xtralite

Daiwa Coastal Inshore Special: Engineered for light salt applications and yet still great for bass

Plenty of Muscle to take on Big Game, the reasonably priced Shimano Tyrnos

Here Comes the Sun again: Daiwa's TD-Sol Spinning Reel

The Verdict on refreshing an enduring classic, introducing the Shimano Chronarch B
What happens when beauty and brawn come together perfectly, the Calcutta CTE300
A sophisticated new Ambassadeur "Record" reel courtesy of Abu Garcia
The new Bass Pro Signature Series Flagship, is it worthy of the Johnny Morris name?
Revolutionary one handed slack pickup and twitchin' with the Daiwa Viento
The Shimano Torsa, a dream come true in terms of versatility for offshore anglers
Super high speed gearing in a conventional saltwater package, the Daiwa Sealine X 50SHV

New and Improved... Be the first to see new 2006 products by the Zebco/Quantum family
What is Shimano S-R Concept?
From point A to B for under 40 dollars, the ARB loaded Shimano Sonora
The Rhino Tackle Tote serves up instant fishing excitement wherever you go
All hail the Pflueger President, a distinguished combination of elegance and value
Red Hot styling and the performance to match...the Team Daiwa Fuego
Quantum's newly redesigned Accurist 2 baitcast reels shimmer with great value
Advancing saltwater big game fishing, the Daiwa Sealine Tournament SLT 30 goes head to head with Humboldt Squid
The New Saltist Reels from Daiwa feature "Full-Metal Jacket" construction
Shimano updates a favorite among anglers, get ready for the redefined "Calcutta B"
The Team Daiwa SOL Radiates Brilliance when finesse fishing light lines with lighter lures
The Team Daiwa Advantage gets the Supertuning treatment, and the results are inspiring
An inexpensive reel with tremendous quality ... introducing the Quantum Q-Rated Plasma
Shimano's new Chronarch 50Mg serves up plenty of performance and surprisingly exceptional value
Shimano takes the next step with improved design offerings on some of their most popular reels
Okuma introduces an assortment of exciting new products!
Quantum's Boca PTs reel employs oversized components to battle saltwater inshore gamefish
Baitcast aficionado's will savor Team Daiwa's new 2005 Advantage, Sol, and Fuego reels

The feature packed Rapala SX6i serves up plenty of performance and a surprisingly low price
Bass Pro Shop's miniature Microlite serves up plenty of performance

TackleTour's spy team digs up the latest scoop on what's to come in 2005 for the Zebco Family

Clash of the Titans, the Shimano Trinidad and Daiwa Saltiga shootout
Quantum unifies conventional and low profile reel design to create the Cabo PT Baitcast

Shimano revolutionizes casting with the world's first digital braking reel, the Calcutta 200DC
Excellent value for a Performance Baitcasting reel, introducing the Daiwa Procaster
Bringing exotic beauty and performance together in the new Quantum Energy PT-XMetal
Tiny reel offers full-size performance, the Daiwa Laguna LA500
Casting without even touching the line, using Quantum's Hypercast Ultra
Balanced features and solid saltwater performance with Shimano's Charter Special 11/24/03
The tough just got tougher, introducing the all new Quantum Cabo PT Trolling Saltwater reel
How well does the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 7000C3 hold up to the test of time?
Quantum brings Tuning to a new height with the launch of the stunning Energy PTi
A palm sized reel for your ultra-light requirements, the TICA Cetus
Taking Round Baitcasters to the next level, the Shimano Calcutta TE 200GT
Rapala introduces a complete line of new spinning reels (Reel Preview)
TICA offers a conventional baitcast reel that gets high marks in performance and value
Which Chronarch is the best choice when it comes to features, performance, and price?
TICA Libra, a feature packed reel that comes with an affordable price tag
Next Gen Spinning Shootout: Shimano Stradic Vs. Daiwa Capricorn
Daiwa steps up saltwater super line performance with the incredible new Saltiga
Shimano Stradic MgF, a fat free, magnesium hybrid contender
The Shimano Sedona 500 FA, an ultralight economical performer
What is the Shimano S-Concept?
A spincast reel for all ages and levels of experience, the mighty Zebco Omega
Daiwa's fresh spinning design is illustrated with the Capricorn
An ultralight high performer, the 2003 Quantum Catalyst PTi
Introducing the new 2003 Quantum Energy PT reels with different gear ratios for your specific fishing techniques
Come take a peek at the new and exciting 2003 Performance Tuned rods and reels by Quantum
A unique side casting reel and rod combo from down under
A brand new reel with a brand new taste... The Quantum Catalyst PTi
Who is the baitcasting king? The ultimate shootout between two incredible reels!
The Okuma Fina gets a facelift that's more then just skin deep!
Performance Tuned like no other... The "souped" up Quantum Energy PT 
Fishing light saltwater tackle with confidence, Shimano Calcutta CT-400
Advanced technology in a traditional baitcaster... Daiwa Millionaire CV-X
Top Secret! Take the first Look at Daiwa's hot new Super Tuned TD-X models...before they hit the store shelf!
The brand new, ultra stylish, Okuma Metaloid
Trouble Free Lightweight Fighter...Penn 320 GTi
‘Easy Flippin’… with the Shimano “Convertible” Castaic
Shimano Crestfire: Is it for you?
Shimano Sustain vs. Daiwa TD-S
Shimano Stradic
Shimano Curado SF
Quantum Ultralight Combo
Daiwa Spinmatic-X












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