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ICAST 2015



Under Armour Conquers the Elements with Ridge Reaper Foul Weather Gear
Under Armour is a giant in the sports apparel industry and has now firmly set their sights on addressing the fishing market. The team at Under Armour has been hard at work creating technical garments that are specifically tailored towards anglers, and this season they introduced their highest end set of foul weather gear yet with their new Ridge Reaper

Entering the Vortex with Gill's New FG2 Tournament Jacket
As Northern California is belted by an atmospheric river of tropical moisture courtesy of El Nino, we thought it'd be a good time to check out some of the apparel we saw at ICAST 2015. One piece in particular, Gill's FG2 Tournament Jacket, was of particular interest because of their new Vortex Hood.

Get a Handle on Protecting Yourself With Aftco's Sun Gloves
Aftco, short for American Fishing Tackle Company, has been well-known in the saltwater community for some time now. Makers of fishing components and accessories, they also produce a substantial lineup of fishing apparel. As someone who always tries to protect my skin from the harmful rays of the sun, I took particular interest in their newest sun gloves.
The Hoo-Rag Offers Quality Face Protection at a Great Price
Over time there are now multiple companies offering their take on this tubular garment, which can be worn so many different ways. One such company that is offering such a garment and has quickly targeted the angling community is “Hoo-Rag.”
Get Comfy with the Aftco Technical Front-Zip Hoodie
Growing up in Northern California, there were few fishing trips I went on that didn't involve toting along a hoodie. Now that I live in South Florida, my (few) hoodies tend to collect dust the majority of the year. Nonetheless, they still remain a part of my minimalist wardrobe for those few days of the year when temps actually get cool enough to warrant taking one out...
For Those On The Go –  Mission Athletecare SPF 30+ Is A No Muss, No Fuss Sunscreen Stick
Mission's No Sting SPF 30 sunscreen facestick offers advanced protection technology in a convenient, grab and go form designed to make it easy for anglers to apply while out in the field.
Repel the Rain with the Columbia Hydrotech Rain Jacket
While it's easy to prepare if you know exactly what to expect, there are many instances where a chance of showers later in the day means that bringing along some packable rain gear—like the Columbia Hydrotech Packable Rain Jacket—will be a smart decision.
Save face with the Sungaiter from Simms
With such a huge selection of sun-protective clothing available these days, it's easier than ever to block out the sun's harmful UV rays. The Sungaiter from Simms is one such product, designed to protect your face and neck under the most extreme conditions.
Make Your Own Luck in the Long Sleeve 13 Fishing Shield Shirt
In just a couple of years, 13 Fishing has made quite a splash in the fishing industry. Manufacturing rods and reels for everything from bass fishing to ice fishing, the quality and value of what they offer has resulted in them enjoying rapid growth. Like many companies, 13 Fishing also offers an array of apparel to keep you looking good on the water.



SIMMS New ExStream Jacket - Is It Enough?When TackleTour is outdoors on the water or out camping, chances are there are a number of SIMMS products being used. In fact, the subject of today's article is a piece of clothing, that at first glance, one might consider wearing out on the snow more so than out on the water. Introducing the SIMMS ExStream jacket.
STORMR STRYKR Jacket and Bib, Armor from the Elements
There are a lot of companies that are now designing and manufacturing foul weather gear for anglers, and now there is a new contender, STORMR, and they are offering something they believe is truly different versus all the existing manufacturers, rain gear constructed with Neoprene.
Flip-Flopping Perceptions with the Simms EbbTide Sandals
Just how much can you say about a pair of flip flops? That was exactly what I was thinking when I decided to purchase a pair at Tackle Warehouse for review. But the longer I fished in these sandals the more I appreciated just what the company put into the design of this seemingly simple class of footwear.  
More Than Just Rods and Reels:  The Shimano Technical Softshell Hooded Jacket
While rods and reels are Shimano's claim to fame, they do also offer a few types of apparel.  Introduced at ICAST 2012, their new Technical Softshell Hooded Jacket promises to keep anglers warm and dry when the weather is less than ideal.
Quite Possibly the Ultimate Fishing Shirt : Simms' Solarflex Hoody
Earlier this year, I caught wind of Simms' new Solarflex Hoody - a long sleeve pullover shirt with an integrated neck gaiter. I ordered two right away to check out. This long sleeve shirt features finger loops like a cycling shirt, a gaiter with a meshed breathing panel, and UPF 30 sun protection.
Going Rogue, Simms Hoody Style
One garment that seems to be a staple among bass anglers is the good old fashioned “hoody,” and while Simms does have traditional cotton based pullover hoodies, it is no surprise that they have introduced a premium technical version as well. Meet the Rogue Hoody, a new take on an old favorite.
Sporting the Orange and Black, Simms Premium Pro Dry Rain Jacket 
Like most of the company’s products the ProDry is immediately recognizable as Simms garment. The jacket features clean lines and is available in familiar Simms colors that include greys, greens and the bright orange that is a common element on many Simms garments.
Gear Up For Foul Weather Fishing with Gill's OS2 Rain Bibs
Gill’s OS2 Bib Trousers sits about mid-level in the manufacturer’s tier of rain pants. As the name suggests, it is a bib style pant that comes up to about mid back and chest and features built in suspenders. Realistically, this is one of those products we mentioned above as being originally designed for the sailing world, but in Gill’s case, their product has a natural cross over to fishing as well.
Time for a Dip with Maui Jim's Lagoon Shades
It's been nearly five years since we've taken a look through Maui Jim's familiar lenses so it's time to focus our sights once again and check out a product inspired by Keehi Lagoon Beach in Honolulu. Introducing Maui Jim's Lagoon shades.
Shield Your Arms with Simms Sun Sleeves
Like all Simms products, the SunSleeves are a top quality garment.  They don't come cheap, but the old adage “you get what you pay for” definitely applies here.  They are constructed out of  lightweight, stretchy, breathable 93% Polyester / 8% Spandex material.
Ready for the Storm, Gill’s IN21J Coast Sport Jacket
The Gill IN21J jacket is designed to be a multitalented jacket that is good for inshore and coastal fishing as well as general boating use. This is the same jacket that Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Angler, Dean Rojas, uses when he fishes on the tour.
A “Buff” Sport Glove for Watersports and Fishing
Buff follows up on their Pro Series gloves with the new Sport Series which is designed for watersports. These gloves protect wearers from the sun but are also designed specifically for watersport fanatics including those who enjoy kayaking, waterskiing and jet skiing, but how well will they stand up to the challenge of tournament bass fishing?
Simms Solarflex Shirt Delivers Comfort and Sun Protection
Simms garments typically feature clean lines and an emphasis on functionality, but are also surprisingly stylish for outdoor apparel. The Solarflex shirt is designed to be comfortable to fish in all day long and deliver ample protection from the sun.
The Rugged Shark Laguna Shoe Protects Anglers In and Out of the Water
Boating shoes have been around for some but what about fishing shoes? Like most bass anglers I just wear whatever is comfortable because there really hasn’t been a shoe designed with the features I have been looking for...
An Everyday Jacket for Anglers, the Gill Inshore Lite

Does foul weather gear designed for the unrelenting rigors of sailing translate to the angling world? We take a look at Gill's entry level jacket, to find out. Here is our review of Gill's IN10 Inshore Lite Jacket.

Protect Your Hands From Sun and Fins with Buff's Pro Series Angler Gloves
On our trip to the Amazon last fall, we knew protection from the sun was going to be paramount. We also knew we were going to be far too busy fishing, to concern ourselves with applying sunblock on a regular basis. One of the products we brought down with us to protect our hands were Buff's Pro Series Angler Glove.
Going Tactical with Numa’s Durable X-Frame Optics
The Numa X-Frame features an interchangeable lens design and is endorsed by adventure racers, tri athletes, and even numerous members of the US Special Forces. We put the X-Frame through the paces to see just how good these sunglasses are for some “tactical” bassing.



Product Reviewed Date Posted
Smith Provides Shelter From the Sun and Wind
For Photo-Realistic Optics, The Choice is Clear : Costa Del Mar
“Buff” Sun Protection for Anglers
Armor for your hands, Gill’s Regatta Deckhand Gloves
Sunday Afternoons Provides UV Protection and Comfort with their Classic Island Breeze Shirt
A Better Fishing Shirt, the Under Armour Flats Guide II
Simms Sun Gloves are for more than just Fly Fishing
Maui Jim Greets the Fishing Industry with Their Nunui Aloha!
Maui Jim Greets the Sportfishing World With Four New Aloha-Style Offerings
Stylish polarized sunglasses that fit over prescription glasses – Live Eyewear’s Vistana
A shield from glare for anglers, Smith’s VTi Interchangeable Performance Optics 
“All Sports, All Polarized“ …We see just how well the Native Hardtop Sunglasses suit Anglers
Protect Your Eyes from the Sun AND Wind with Panoptx's Sirocco CV Shades
The new "Deluxe" Tulli Horizon Chest Pack gets tweaked with polished ergonomics and extra storage capacity
Full face protection with the comfortable and lightweight Save Phace Fish Hedz
frogg toggs' Pro Angler Suit... lightweight, compact, and 100% waterproof raingear
Blue Lizard sunscreen delivers protection across the UV spectrum
Tired of traditional fly vests? Sportgear's Tulli Chest Pack offers anglers a novel alternative
Polarized protection over your prescription glasses with Cocoons Eyewear
Seeing crystal clear with the new Action Optics Exuma
Extra Sun Protection afforded by Sunday Afternoons Adventure hat
(Preview) SealSkinz ChillBlocker Gloves and Socks due out for 2004
Polarized performance with style, the new Oakley Square Wire 2.0
Stay cool with a Personal Ozone Protection (P.O.P.) Sun Hat
Get a "sure" footing with Redington's top selling Sure Shoe Wading Boot
Hodgman brings the latest technology to market with their Wadetech wading shoes
Mountain Hardwear's Recon is designed to be the Ultimate Backcountry Outerwear
Exposure II, a bombproof multi-purpose waterproof/breathable parka, from Mountain Hardwear
The Lure Eyes Cuda will forever change the way you look at Sungear!
Do you hate cold wet feet?  Check out the SealSkinz Water Blocker socks that are 100% waterproof
A flexible fleece for backcountry anglers, the Ozone, by Mountain Hardwear
Versatile in adapting to various fishing situations, the Action Optics Seyschelle
Danalco's extreme SealSkinz gloves that are guaranteed to be 100% waterproof and breatheable
A new level of durability and breathability, the Simms "Guide Weight" Stockingfoots
A new view on fishing, Oakley's polarized a-wire sunglasses
A jacket built for the worst conditions, when fishing is typically at its best...The Simms Guide Jacket
Hodgman Neoprene Wading & Flat Shoes... how do they fit?
"If the glove fits...you must fish!" (Glacier Gloves)











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