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ICAST 2015

13 Fishing Trick Shop is Open for Customization
Shimano Unviels New Citica I reels
Abu Garcia Raises the Speed Bar with their Rocket!

First look inside the new Curado I baitcaster


Bass Pro Shops

Up Close with One of Japan’s Most Respected Lure Designers - DUO's Masahiro Adachi
We recently got a unique opportunity interview one of Japan’s most respected JDM lure designers. Sit back and enjoy a rare conversation with DUO’s International chief designer, Masahiro Adachi.
TackleTour Tournament Interview : John Crews, BASS Elite Series Pro
In our continuing series of interviews, we're sitting down with different pros and going through their tackle selections for each day of our tourney, one at a time. Today, we sit down with John Crews, BASS Elite Series Pro. John Crews's sponsors include Spro, Gamakatsu, Motorguide, Mercury Outboards, Vicious, Lowrance, Stormr, Evan Williams Bourbon, and Cashion fishing rods with whom he signed after our interview. Of course, John Crews is also owner and CEO of Missile Baits.
TackleTour Tournament Interview : Mike Neal, FLW Pro
In our continuing series of interviews, we're sitting down with different pros and going through their tackle selections for each day of our tourney, one at a time. Today, we sit down with Mike Neal, FLW Pro. Mike Neal's sponsors include Cashion rods, Hummingbird, Lew's, Big Bite Baits, Sunline, Gill, Duo Realis.

TackleTour Tournament Interview : Dean Rojas
In our continuing series of interviews, we're sitting down with different pros and going through their tackle selections for each day of our tourney, one at a time. Today, we sit down with Bassmaster Elite Series Angler Dean Rojas.

TackleTour Tournament Interview : Mike McClelland
In our continuing series of interviews, we're sitting down with different pros and going through their tackle selections for each day of our tourney, one at a time. Today, we sit down with Bassmaster Elite Series Angler Mike McClelland.
TackleTour Tournament Interview : Jeff Kriet
In our continuing series of interviews, we're sitting down with different pros and going through their tackle selections for each day of our tourney, one at a time. Today, we sit down with Jeff Kriet, Bassmaster Elite Series Pro.
TackleTour Tournament Interview : Bryan Thrift
In our continuing series of interviews, we're sitting down with different pros and going through their tackle selections for each day of our tourney, one at a time. Today, we sit down with Bryan Thrift, FLW Pro.
Shooting For The World’s Most Efficient 4-stroke Combo In Professional Bass Fishing : Pro Grant Goldbeck and Yamaha’s Prostaff Manager, David Ittner
Earlier this year BASSMASTER broke the story when Yamaha and ultra-performance boat company Allison teamed up.  Bassmaster Elite Pro Grant Goldbeck was assigned to captain the ship while Yamaha’s SHO 225 became the power plant...
TackleTour Tournament Interview : Luke Clausen
In our continuing series, we sit down with different pros and go through their tackle selections for each day of the tourney, one at a time. Today, we sit down with Luke Clausen, one of only five anglers to win both the FLW Forrest Wood Cup and Bassmaster Classic.
TackleTour Tournament Interview : Chris Zaldain
In the past, we've been known concentrate our review seasons around specific techniques or types of baits. We're running our "tournament" in the same manner. Four days, four different themes, and our interest is to see how the pros go about selecting the gear they'll need to fish this tournament.


TackleTour Tournament Interview : Greg Gutierrez aka Double G
In what is a continuing series, we're going to sit down with different pros and go through their tackle selections for each day of the tourney, one at a time. Today, we sit down with Greg Gutierrez, aka Double G, from California. Greg has fished the BASS ELITE and FLW circuits and is now mostly fishing circuits out west close to home.

TackleTour Tournament Interview : Aaron Martens
In what will become a continuing series, we're going to sit down with different pros and go through their tackle selections for each day of the tourney, one at a time. Today, we sit down with Aaron Martens, 2013 BASS Elite Series Angler of the Year.

Factory Tour : Inspiration, Respect, Honor, the Motivation that Fuels Megabass
During our tour of the Megabass factory, we sat down for an extended discussion with Megabass founder, Yuki Ito to learn more about the continued drive and motivation behind his designs for the company and his products.
TackleTour Tournament Interview : Edwin Evers
TackleTour is going to hold a bass fishing tournament, but in keeping with our tradition, the gear is going to play an active roll in how the tourney is structured. In the past, we've been known concentrate our review seasons around specific techniques or types of baits. We're going to run our tournament in the same manner.

Sharing a Passion for Fun and Big Bass : BIG BASS DREAMS
Big Bass Dreams is a documentary mostly about one man's journey chasing big bass. The hours of dedication, the meticulous care of his gear, the shear joy of hooking and landing big fish, taking a photo, and letting them go to fight another day. We sit down with the man behind the video, Oliver Ngy, to learn a little bit more about his journey...

A Walk Down Swimbait Lane with Big Bass Angler Danny Gillespie
The famous Holy Grail of world record bass lakes, Castaic Lake. While guides were soaking live bait and fighting over spots on the weekends, there was someone quietly stalking giant limits of green bass with an arsenal of lures the fish had never seen before. Enter Danny Gillespie…
Talking Shimano and G.Loomis Soft Goods with Product Manager Rhoda Shaver
Gone are the days when reel manufacturers are simply just "reel" manufacturers and Tier 1 manufacturer Shimano has expanded its offerings well beyond just core offering of reels and rods to include lures, PowerPro lines and a rapidly growing line of soft goods. 
Megabass's CEO-X Factor : Yuki Ito
There are few tackle manufacturers that can rival the mystique and artistry of Megabass Japan. The care and attention to detail that goes into each of their products from the sculpted lines to the exquisite finishes to the products' packaging is astounding. We were recently afforded the rare opportunity to talk to the driving force behind the company. Here now is our interview with Megabass CEO, Yuki Ito.
A Blast from the Past: Introducing the Bass Fishing Archives
Just like in professional bass angling there are different tiers of outdoor writers and they just don't come any more well respected than Terry Battisti and Pete Robbins, who have written for nearly every bass publication out there. It is their passion for all things bass fishing that led them to create a new blog aptly titled the "Bass Fishing Archives." We sit down with Terry to find out more about this exciting new endeavor.
Chris Zaldain, BASS's Newest Elite Series Pro
We met Chris Zaldain back in January of 2010 during the annual media event at Lake Pardee hosted by Kent Brown of Ultimate Bass Radio. It was the year of the “Young Guns” with fresh, local talent joining the event and giving us a glimpse of what may lay ahead for the bass fishing tournament circuits.
Spreading the Sport with Pro Angler Kota Kiriyama
Kota Kiriyama is one of the most well known professional bass anglers out of Japan and is very involved in promoting greater interest in the sport both here in the U.S. and in Japan. We catch up with Kota as the American Dream Tournament, which he is heavily involved with, is in full swing.
A Look Back at the Classic, Q&A with Evergreen Pro Angler Morizo Shimizu
Last year Pro Angler Morizo Shimizu made headlines when his strong finish in the Toyota Angler of the Year standings qualified him to make his classic debut. Brock catches up with Morizo to reflect on last year's Classic as well as talk some shop about his involvement with Evergreen. 
Shimano Product Manager Robby Gant talks about the new Crucial Rod Series
The original Crucial rod series was, dare we say it, "crucial" to Shimano in their bid to get bass anglers interested in pairing the company's reels with their own rods. Stepping up to the challenge of redesigning the entire lineup for the 2012 season is Robby Gant, and we sit down with him to talk about the updated series.
10 Questions with Mark Lassagne, Pro Angler and Editor-in-Chief of Bass Angler Magazine
We sit down for 10 questions with Pro Angler Mark Lassagne who is not only a Contributing Editor for TT but also Editor-in-Chief of the popular print publication "Bass Angler" Magazine.
Justin Poe, Global Brand Manager at G.Loomis, gives us the scoop on NRX
We get a lot of emails from our readers asking about recommendations on NRX and while testing for these rods is still underway we wanted to talk to Justin again and find out more about the development of the series and how the entire launch of these products has gone overall.
Introducing the Advanced Angler.com, an interview with Managing Editor Dan O'Sullivan
We sit down with Dan O'Sullivan, an industry veteran and Managing Editor of a new site, officially launching today called the Advanced Angler. This new project is designed to be a place for anglers to get information about tournament news, angler communication, industry buzz as well as techniques...

Talking Big Fish and Enthusiast Tackle with FLW Angler and Evergreen Prostaffer Shaun Bailey
Recently I caught up with Evergreen Pro Staffer and Southern California big bait enthusiast Shaun Bailey. Known as a fisherman who wears many hats Shaun has guided on various bodies of water, had his hands in designing timeless baits for close friends, produced a fishing video that has garnered cult status, and captured over 40 tournament wins.

A behind the scenes look at Deps Headquarters and an interview with the founder, Mr. Okumura
When it comes to big baits in Japan Deps is considered one of the pioneers and continues to develop some of the most exciting lineup of premium JDM baits. We take a look inside the operation at Deps Japan and spend some time with Mr. Okumura, the Founder and Owner of the company. 
An Interview with Mr. Takeyama, Owner of Roman Made Baits Japan
TackleTog contributor and custom lure painter Brock Hiroshima spends time with Mr. Takeyama, the Owner of Roman Made baits in Japan. Roman Made is a big bait manufacturer in Japan that is famous for premium swimbaits that are known for catching trophy largemouth bass.

Jerry Rago talks about the Winning BV3D Swimbait
Byron was short on baits so Jerry Rago himself made the drive Friday night to bring Byron some more baits.  Jerry joined me in the boat to watch Byron on the Saturday of competition. Although, we had a small car key at the bottom of the lake incident, we had time to ask Rago some questions...

The Velvick-Clear Lake Reunion Part II: An Interview with Byron - Sticking with Swimbaits
Byron was able to hold on to the victory on day 4 and bested 97 of the best in the sport by more than 6 pounds, bringing the trophy back to California.  “I am a California Native and this is for California”, Byron let the thousands in attendance at Library Park in Lakeport California.
Bassmaster Classic 2010 Interview with Jeff Kriet - Second Place Finisher
We talked to Jeff Kriet from Ardmore, Oklahoma about his experience at the event. Jeff fought hard for the crown, moving from third place on day one, taking over first place on day two and ending in second place in the most important tournament of Kriet's twelve plus years fishing as a Bassmaster pro, including 6 times qualifying for the Classic.
An Interview with Manabu Kurita, Largemouth Bass Co-World Record Holder
TackleTog contributor and custom lure painter Brock Hiroshima reaches out overseas to connect with Manabu Kurita and discuss his world record tying Largemouth Bass and fishing for the forbidden species in Japan.
Gary Loomis Interview Part 2 - The Legend Lives (much to our relief)
In Part One of this article Gary talked about how he got into the blank building business, his involvement in the graphite blank industry and how G.Loomis was started – on a handshake and the backing from a friend.
John Sherman of Simms talks about what the company has in store for both Fly and Conventional Anglers
John Sherman is a man of many talents, not only is he the West Coast Sales Representative for Simms but also an avid fly fisherman and outdoor photographer.
Gary Loomis Interview Part 1 - The Legend Lives (much to our relief)
Rumors began to swirl around the re-emergence of rod building legend, Gary Loomis. Each story regarding Loomis's return to the industry was matched by innuendo that it would not come to pass. Internet discussion boards were abuzz with heated debates to the possibilities...
Exploring Exciting new Grips with American Rodsmith's President Bob Brown
American Rodsmiths is a fast growing rod manufacturer that makes use of innovative materials both in their blanks and their grips and Bob Brown the President of the company takes time out of his busy schedule to give us the inside scoop on the company and their upcoming products.
Talking Sebile Baits with Professional Angler Jarrett Edwards
We asked Jarrett to run through the list of Sebile baits and give us the lowdown on each of them. The following descriptions of the baits are straight from Jarrett and what he has learned while working with Patrick Sebile on his baits.
Talking Laser Lure Technology with Professional Anglers Mike Iaconelli and Matt Newman
Following Mike Iaconelli and Boyd Duckett’s success on Day 1 and 2 of the Bassmaster Classic using the Laser Lure line of baits a buzz began about this new technology. Tackle Tour wanted to touch base with a couple of the Laser Lure pros and find out what all this hype was all about. 
Pro Angler Brent Ehrler talks about his incredible year and Lucky Craft Rods
Brent takes a few minutes out of his busy schedule to tell us a little more about his fishing and the now widely available Lucky Craft rods.
Bassdozer talks to ima prostaff about where we are headed with ima in 2009
Russ "Bazzdozer" Comeau talks to the prostaff at ima in a  end of the year-end review where ima pros Michael Murphy and Captain Karl Bunch reflect upon where ima is now, and where ima's headed product-wise in the coming year.
Talking Monster Tackle with Outdoor Pro Shop
In between field tests and industry events we enjoy visiting retailers and e-tailers to find out more about their unique businesses, and this week we did both in a single trip as we traveled to Outdoor Pro Shop to learn more about the Oretail store and their new online store MonsterBassTackle.com.
Pro Bass Angler Matt Newman talks big baits and bigger fish
My introduction to Matt Newman, the trophy bass fisherman, came a few years ago while reading an article in BassWest USA that described his epic day on the water in which he caught 27 consecutive largemouth bass over 8 pounds...
Swimbait Tips and Tactics for Big Spots with "Triton Mike" Bucca
If you hang around much in not just ours, but any of the online fishing message boards, you’re bound to have seen the name “Triton Mike” bandied about. Afterall, he’s an Internet addict. But what many may not know or realize, he’s also a trophy spotted bass fisherman.
The Man behind the bluegill, Matt Servant of Mattlures
In just a few short years, Mattlures has grown to be one of the better known, hand made swimbait manufacturers around. Come join us as we learn a little more about the man behind the baits!
Jeff Schluter gives us the insights of St. Croix rods as the company turns 60
As St. Croix continues to grow we wanted to find out more about its past, present, and future as we expect to see more exciting offerings to come. We had the opportunity to chat one on one with Jeff Schluter, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at St. Croix rods.
There is more to Shimano than just reels and rods, just ask Ted Sakai
It wasn't long ago that Shimano completely revamped their accessories lineup, and a new style of fishing was introduced to US anglers with Butterfly Jigging system. Key to all these new products is Shimano Accessory Product Manager Ted Sakai.
Looking at rods with John Posey, Owner & President of Lamiglas
Lamiglas has been in existence for fifty-six years and is one of the, if not the oldest, large, American rod company still under private ownership. We talk rods with Lamiglas Owner & President... John Posey.
Talking fishing with Kent Brown, Pro Angler and Radio Host of "Ultimate Bass"
TackleTour talks fishing with Kent Brown, professional angler and host of the popular radio show "Ultimate Bass" on AM 1140
The man in charge, Trey Kistler talks about Helium Rods
When I contacted the company with the idea for this interview, it didn’t take much get things moving. The following is a synopsis of my conversation with the man in charge of Kistler Custom Rods, Trey Kistler.
Talking rods with Powell's owner Keith Bryan
We sit down with Keith Bryan the Owner and President of Powell rods to talk about what made the company what it is today and what is in store for the future for the fast growing rod manufacturer.
BASS Elite Series Angler, Ish Monroe sits Down With TackleTour to Discuss his tackle affliction
Ish Monroe grew up in San Francisco, California spending
a portion of his youth working in an actual tackle store. Is it any wonder then, that this BASS Elite Series Professional Angler is also a tackle addict at heart?
Professional Bass Angler, Gary Dobyns, talks about his upcoming line of signature rods
Gary Dobyns is an icon in the Western Bass circuit. His career achievements include 2004 W.O.N. BASS Angler of the Year and over 50 first place tournament finishes, and has now set his sights on the manufacturing side of the fishing industry with the formation of a new rod company, Dobyns Rods.
TackleTour talks about the past and the future for tackle with Shimano America's President, Dave Pfeiffer
It isn't everyday that you have the chance to sit down with the head of a multi-million dollar operation, and in the tackle industry they just don't get much bigger than Shimano.
TackleTour picks Ken Whiting's Brain, the founder and President of AiRRUS rods
To find out more about AiRRUS and their exclusive products we head straight to the top and had a sit down with Ken Whiting, the founder and President of AiRRUS rods. 
TackleTour finds out what makes "Albackore" unique in an interview with Jeff Jost
We have always found Albackore's products to be among the most well thought out tackle management products on the market and it was very interesting to find out more about how these products actually make it from the drawing board to the store shelf.
Talking tackle with Tom Ricks, Pure Fishing's Marketing Director of rods and reels
There is no doubt that every single TackleTour reader has been exposed to at least one of these brands, and we decided it was high time to learn more about the company and we had the opportunity to sit down with Tom Ricks Pure Fishing's own Marketing Director for Rod and reels.
One-on-one with Quantum's VP of Marketing, Bob Bagby
We had the opportunity to sit down with Bob Bagby, Vice President of Marketing at Quantum, for a one-on-one session so we could pick his brain about the past, present, and the future of the company.
TackleTour sits down with Jeremy Sweet, Shimano's Reel Product Manager, for 10 Questions
One day before the upcoming Bassmaster Classic TackleTour had the opportunity to sit down with Jeremy Sweet, Shimano's Reel Product Manager, to talk about life at Shimano and the company's direction in reel development.











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