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Enthusiast Review

Megabass Lays Destruction to the Perception of JDM(continued)


Application: So for what techniques is this rod really suited? I think its sweet spot is with any bait between one half to two and a half ounces that is best presented with a long cast. A few baits that come to mind include: buzzbaits, jerkbaits, paddletail swimbaits, hard bodied swimbaits, jigs, six and seven inch Senkos, spinnerbaits, frogs, toads, deep diving cranks, poppers, walkers, gliders. You get the idea.

I about spooled the Zillion Type R casting Ima's Big Stick with this combo.

Design/Ergonomics: Several years ago, there was a time just about each and every Megabass stick had its own unique look. While other manufacturers homogenized their lineups, Megabass bucked that trend and made each stick a journey in and of itself with masterful detailing and cosmetics. That's what attracted me to Megabass. Sadly, those days are pretty much gone. While Megabass has, in a sense, joined the masses and homogenized the look of each rod within the same lineup, attention to detailing has not been overlooked.

The F6-72X4 features very thin grips that in turn are very comfortable to hold while casting and working your bait.

The Orochi X4 Series is perhaps Megabass’s most conservative line of rods to date. The X4 Destruction features full foam grips though the rear grip is an extra-small diameter accentuating the rod’s light and crisp feel. You will find no power hump here. It has double footed guides all the way up the blank, so you know it’s built for serious duty, and the guides are stainless steel framed, Fujis with SiC inserts. There, of course, is no hook keeper on the rod.

Detailing is more subtle in this series, but wonderful nonetheless.

One little tidbit of information provided on the rod’s manufacturer’s tag attached to the rod sleeve? “Carbon Blank material in Japan. Reel seat made in Japan. Blank assembly in China Megabass Production. Grip made in Japan. Final assembly and inspection in Japan" - finally some insight into a Megabass rodís origin. All we had to do was take a closer look at the manufacturerís tags, something we tend to take for granted and often overlook. With an MSRP of $409? I can accept the mixed origins of this rod.

The Orochi X4 series features Fuji's ECS reel seat rather than the more aggressive ACS.

Warranty: After several years of negotiation with Megabass Japan, Megabass USA is finally able to offer a new, more North American consumer friendly warranty on their rods. This warranty applies only to purchases made through Megabass USA and their authorized dealers within the United States of America and applies only to the original owner of the rod. It is a standard, three (3) year warranty covering manufacturer defects in materials or workmanship. There is no replacement program for accidental breakage and the owner covers shipping charges to and from Megabass USA. For more details, as always, contact Megabass USA directly.


F6-72X4 Orochi X4 Destruction Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Reserved for Megabass, but beautifully crafted nonetheless. 9.5
Performance This rod really surprised me 9.5
Price For JDM? a 9, but in the grander scheme of things, very good. 8
Features The new X4 blanks are good. Components are solid. 8.5
Design (Ergonomics) I thought that rear grip was going to be too thin, but as it turned out, it's really comfortable. 9
Application Suitable for just about any bait between half and ounce up to two and a half ounces - a really versatile stick for its power. 9

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


+ JDM pedigree without the JDM price - Stainless framed guides instead of titanium
+ Fantastic casting stick - X4 Series is available at my local tackle shop... this could get ugly
+ A lot more power than you expect after picking the rod up  
+ MegabassUSA intends to distribute through select, local tackle shops so you can hold the rod in your hand before buying it  
+ New, 3yr warranty  


Conclusion: Thanks to an exchange rate that has dropped 40 points over the last couple of years, it’s been growing increasingly difficult to remain enthused about purchasing high dollar gear from across the pond. It’s tough to conduct a search for that “one” when you have to shell out eight, nine hundred to over a thousand dollars for each stick knowing that if that stick breaks, you’re pretty much out of luck. Though the Orochi X4 series is priced at the high end of domestic offerings, this entry-level Megabass rod has just enough JDM character to ignite a new flame of enthusiasm. This is close what JDM sticks used to cost when the exchange rate was more favorable.

Almost forgot... this stick catches bass too.

Throw into this equation, a rod that performs like the F6-72X4 Destruction, make it available at local tackle shops so you can actually hold the rod in your hand before making the purchase, lengthen the warranty period from one to three years, and you have a recipe that is likely to redefine how many perceive the “JDM” category.

You may have already noticed but ...

Elitists will scoff at accessibility, and certainly, on paper, we’re talking about a rod that spec’s out comparable to a Daiwa Zillion or Shimano Cumara, and both those rod lines have a much more extensive warranty at about half the retail price. But are those rods a “Megabass”?

Not only does this stick win Editor's Choice, it is officially Amazon Certified!

Evergreen International’s TKLC-71MHX Super Stallion is more rod than the F6-72X4 Destruction. The Super Stallion is roughly the same weight, but more powerful, has better sensitivity and is better balanced. It also does not cast as well as the Destruction and it is over twice the price before shipping. Similar assessments can be made against Evergreen's Heracles series. But import an Evergreen stick to the US, and you do so at your own risk with no warranty support from the manufacturer. Factor in shipping and you can almost buy three F6-72X4 Destructions for the price of one Super Stallion purchased new from Japan. Of course, we are talking about one company’s top end offering versus another’s entry-level series.

e F6-72X4 Destruction was so much fun, I already have my eye on two more sticks from this series, and you know what? I can drive over to my local tackle shop right now and purchase them. When is the last time you could say that about a Megabass stick?

How does the X4 series stack up against its Destroyer, Racing Condition, Evoluzion, and Orochi Huge Contact siblings?  Different components, different graphite, better pricing, more availability, and for the F6-72X4 (since it’s the only rod from the series I’ve actually fished thus far), as much fun to fish as anything I’ve handled in the Megabass lineup. I was a little disappointed to find out this stick only had stainless steel framed guides instead of titanium, but I kind of expected it from the rod’s price point. The enhanced, lower modulus Hi8X graphite blank felt great while fishing, so I’m glad to know it’s not hiding behind any mysterious metal compositions like with the Evoluzion series. Mixed origins between China and Japan? I’m ok with that because the rod performs and isn’t priced like a standard JDM stick. Bottom line? This rod is so much fun, I already have my eye on two more sticks from this series, and you know what? I can drive over to my local tackle shop right now and purchase them. When is the last time you could say that about a Megabass stick? From that very first peacock bass moving forward, the F6-72X4 is easily this Editor’s Choice and gets honorable mention for Ultimate Enthusiast as well as Best Value.


Looking for Megabass rods here in the U.S.? Try Hi's Tackle Box










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