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I ran into this exact issue with the vaunted Evergreen International TKLC71MHX Super Stallion. While this stick can cast a three eighths ounce spinnerbait no problem, the Caribe Lures hair jig wasn’t as easy to cast. The rod can handle it okay, but there were times where I wanted just a little more tip so I could really lay into a cast and the Super Stallion did not deliver on these occasions. Such was not the case with the F6-72X4. This stick made it a breeze to cast these jigs both for distance and with accuracy. That nice, soft tip that surprised me casting the frog, really came through with the hair jigs we threw for peacock bass.

This little Paca nearly knocked the rod out of my hand when it hit!

On the upper end of the spectrum, I did tie on a seven inch, Triton Mike Bull Shad (version 1), a bait that weighs approximately 2.75 ounces and the X4 Destruction handled that bait fine as well. Based on that experience, this stick’s lure rating is probably fairly accurate, but for some reason, this stick didn’t quite feel right as a big bait stick to me. It will handle them, but I feel this stick can do so much more.

The F6-72X4 has good sensitivity.

Sensitivity: There were two ways to work that hair jig fishing for peacocks. One was to work it like a rip bait, and the other was to fish it like a standard bass jig either crawling it along the bottom or fishing it with slow, deliberate hops. It was when fishing the baits slow, that the F6-72X4 Destruction showed me its sensitive side.

As the fish got bigger, the F6-72X4 did not yield.

Many of the takes on our November 2010 trip to the Amazon were very soft, subtle inhales. A lot of the fish just weren’t quite ready to commit in full Amazonian fashion and it took a pretty sensitive rod to feel these subtle takes. The F6-72X4 left little to be desired in this department doing a great job of communicating that “something’s not right” sensation to me on countless inhales.

Some prefer stainless steel frames on their guides to titanium for better durability. We're pretty sure the X4 series features stainless framed guides with SiC inserts (by Fuji) as a way to keep their cost down.

Conversely, on those hits that were “no doubters”, the F6-72X4 did such a great job amplifying those strikes, I almost dropped the rod on a couple of occasions on fish that were the size of four our five pound black bass. The thinner, lighter blank on the Orochi X4 Destruction really does a great job of transmitting information back to your hands.

Megabass's Orochi X4 blanks feature two layers of braided graphite and are visibly thinner than their Orochi Huge Contact counterparts.

Power: With that new, thinner, lighter blank, one would expect the blank to suffer in the power department, yet as our lab tests demonstrated, the X4 interpretation of both the F3-610DGS and F7-711X hold their own against the originals and even deliver a tad more power.

Another look at the Daiwa Zillion Type R mounted on the Destruction.

As noted, the original Orochi Huge Contact F7-74DG Destruction was actually a full power heavier than its X4 counterpart, but the F6-72X4 proved itself more than worthy in among the toughest testing grounds one can encounter while battling freshwater prey, peacock bass.

This combo was, by far, my favorite on the trip.

I landed several fish over 10lbs on that trip including two 18 pounders and not once was I left with the impression that the fish were overpowering me. Quite the contrary, even with its super limber, easy loading tip, the Orochi X4 Destruction has power to spare and held its own against those amazing fish.

This 18lber hit very softly, but when I set the hook? Well, you kinda had to be there.

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