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A behind the scenes look at the new and improved Tackle Warehouse (continued)


As we walked further down the second story we came across a full sized workout room which is provided for all employees. Below that was a lunch room stocked with refreshments. Adjacent to this area is a second absolutely massive warehouse which houses inventory for Tennis and Running Warehouse along with Tackle Warehouse’s heavy items. It would be easy to get lost in this warehouse and as we walked all the way down to the far side a barricaded area caught my attention.


A gym is provided in the facility for employees


I pointed at the walled off area and asked Rich what it was and he smiled and said, “Tennis anyone?” Sure enough behind this barricaded area was a full size tennis court with basketball hoops on the side. Being that they share the facility with Tennis Warehouse this area was set aside for actual field testing of tennis products as well as use by employees. On the edges of the court are crow’s nests where observers can watch from high above. Rich and BT engaged in some friendly competition as JIP and I talked some trash from above.


Just to give you an idea of how big the warehouse is, a full size tennis court fills just the far corner of the facility


Just walking from one side of the building to the other is a trek but the common theme we witnessed is just how efficient an operation it was. It’s hard to visualize just how well oiled a machine a facility like this needs to be, it is just so easy to order product online as you click on buy buttons and a day later a box magically appears at home with exactly what you wanted. The amount of thought put behind each aspect of the process was impressive.


Tackle Warehouse has the entire order to shipping process down to a science


While Tackle Warehouse has grown a great deal just since we last visited them it was also clear that the team is far from done with expanding their complete spectrum of offerings or level of service. Rich talked about the demo program which has been successful which allows anglers to try before they buy when it comes to a number of reels. He also talked about the need to have a good dialogue with customers, TW is always interested in hearing what customers are looking for when it comes to the latest and greatest product and encourages customers to email, call, or even send a letter via snail mail to let them know what brands/products they are interested in.


We couldn't resist snapping a picture of the signed cereal boxes on the wall in the Buyer's office


By being the go to source for so many anglers “Tackle Warehouse” has become a brand in itself. How many times have you gone to a fishing event and seen anglers of all ages sporting a TW shirt or hoodie? Over the last two weeks at both the B.A.S.S. Elite Series Duel on the Delta and Golden State Shootout on Clear Lake I saw many weigh in attendees sporting TW branded gear. For their fans Tackle Warehouse has also introduced “Pro Gear” which is a higher grade of apparel designed for hard core anglers. This series currently includes jerseys, visors, beanies and flex fit hats. We can definitely expect to see the lineup of Pro Gear offerings grow over the next few seasons.


A conference room where the Buyers often hold meetings with manufacturers


As we concluded the tour we spent extra time talking to Rich and his team about their experience with certain product categories and brands. We could have compared notes all afternoon but we had to cut it short to gear up for a little TT and TW tradition…spending some time on the water.


JIP and BT talk about the new operation on the balcony on the front of the new building


Conclusion: Tackle Warehouse is among the fastest growing retail/e-tail shops in the West Coast and has done so organically by staying focused and never compromising when it comes to a customer service. They have a keen understanding of what got them there and yet are unwilling to sit idle and just wait for orders, instead the company is moving forward by continuing to elevate their total offering. The new facility has made it possible for Tackle Warehouse to branch out into new product categories as well as expand their retail presence, but the secret sauce is really the people behind the operation itself. Rich and his team genuinely love to fish, they understand why anglers love to fish as well as try and stay ahead of curve by constantly researching what tools they need to land that next big bass. Where will Tackle Warehouse be another two years from now? My guess is even bigger and better.


Looking for the latest tackle? Check out Tackle Warehouse










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