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Line Review

How Does 832 Stand Up to Sudden Impact? It Might Just Make Your Day (continued)

Field Tests: You'd think after all that time in the lab, that field tests would be a foregone conclusion. But remember, this is TackleTour and we actually take the time to use a product that's the' subject of an actual review (as opposed to a product preview or insight article). So yes, we've actually fished Sufix 832 and while there might not be much to add beyond what we discovered in the lab, two areas do bear mentioning.

From the Amazon back to Clear Lake, and even on the CA Delta, 832 held up very well for us over the longrun.

Handling: As mentioned above, my pet peeve with braided lines has always been the way they feel after manufacturers infuse them with heavy coatings to color and protect the line. Whatever Sufix does to incorporate color into the Dyneema fibers in their 832 line, the result is more natural than most and does not interfere with the handling of the line. While not as soft and supple as Daiwa's Samurai braid, 832 is not stiff and unyielding like other lines with a very heavy coating. This translates into good casting and pitching performance. In addition, unlike softer and more manageable lines, we also experienced few problems with wind knots or line wraps around our guides. Those who enjoy the handling characteristics of Sufix's Performance Braid will find 832 the same, if not slightly more manageable.

832 is a nice handling superline. It casts well and holds up over the long term.

Longevity: With such an easy handling line, that begs the question, "well how does 832 hold up in the long run?" I've not respooled one of my Daiwa Zillion TypeR reels for quite some time, and fished it from the Amazon to Clear Lake alternating between tying direct and tying on a leader of fluorocarbon and have yet to feel the need to respool. 832 does fade over time, but all braid behaves in this manner because the coloring is not natural to the fiber and the fibers do not absorb coloration. I've not experienced any premature or unexplained break offs due to overstressing the line or knot failures, so overall, I'm quite pleased with 832's longevity.


Sufix 832 Braid Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality 13.92 out of a possible 18 points equates to 77.3% which equals 7.7 on our 10 point scale 7.7
Performance With a BPI of 74.5, 832 scored close to the average of 77.8 amongst our initial sample set of lines. 7.5
Price The Sufix product is always competitively priced 7.5
Features The Gore fiber is a nice point to talk to, but as to its actual benefit, we're not convinced. 7
Design (Ergonomics) This is a tough category to score with fishing line, but the overall handling of 832 is great, so high marks here. 8
Application An outstanding multipurpose superline 8

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


+ Properly rated line - Questionable resistance to abrasion
+ Excellent resistance to impact force - As we've found with all braid, poor knot strength
+ Affordably priced  
+ Handles well  


Conclusion: Out on the water, Sufix's 832 Braid is a favorite of ours, but the results in our lab were sobering. In fact, we were quite surprised at how well Daiwa's Samurai Braid performed by comparison in the abrasion tests. Diameters being equal, it appears with braided line, the smoother the line, the better its resistance to abrasion. Daiwa's Samurai Braid is very smooth and very supple. Sufix 832 is almost as supple, but much less slick and therefore was easier to abrade on our testing device. The real secret isn't in the Gore fiber, but stepping up in diameter of line.

Our lab tests reveal braided lines are less than super, but if fished with their shortfalls (resistance to abrasion and knot strength) in mind, you can obviously still have great success with these lines.

Additionally, knot strength was a disappointment, but relative to our baseline set of seven test lines, it was not out of what seems to be the ordinary. Most of us use braided line at such high ratings, who'd have thought knot strength was so poor? But it is. On the other hand, in what many consider the most important characteristic of any braided line, our 40 pound test spool of Sufix 832 performed very well in comparison to its rated strength, but considering its actual score was only slightly above average, is that Gore fiber really providing any benefit? Our say is no, but considering 832 is attractively priced meaning Sufix is not charging a premium for this marketed technology, we'll continue to use the line because out on the water, it's proven to be a reliable product.

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