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Thru and Thru, Savage Gear's New Trout Inspires Confidence (continued)


Rigging: The channel Savage Gear provides for you to run your line through as you rig this bait seems to be just the right size. It will probably take up to most manufacturer's forty pound test nylon monofilament no problem. We say probably because as you all know, diameter of line varies between manufacturers.

Top view of the line through channel.

One area of difficulty we did find in rigging this bait was sticking the hook point into the provided slot at the top back of the bait's head. Savage Gear provides proprietary size 1 hook with the bait, shipped pre-pegged in the slot that's intended to hold the hook on top of the bait's head as you fish it. Trouble is, it's more difficult to find that slot once you pull the hook out of it than one might think. For whatever reason, we always have to hunt around with the hook point before finding the channel and even then, I'm always unsure if I have the right hole or if I just created another by pushing too hard.

And where one of the points from the treble hook goes to stow the hook.

The last area of any real criticism we have with this bait is the scent of the plastic from which its made. When you open the packaging, the scent of the bait's soft plastic is pretty overwhelming. Most big bait fishermen recommend a generous coat of scent on your bait anyway, to make it easier for the baits to slide into the fish's mouth. We recommend the same thing with the Savage Gear Line Thru Trout not just for that purpose, but to mask the scent of the bait's plastic just in case it's a deterrent to a hungry, but leery bass.

Searching for that channel is a little more difficult than it might seem.

Durability: As mentioned previously, this bait is made with a nylon mesh running through the entire length of the bait. This mesh is provided to help keep the bait together at those very thin joints. We didn't manage enough fish to test the long term durability of these baits, but honestly, at under twenty dollars ($20) a pop, if each bait only lasts through a handful of fish, we'll be happy. We'd also be more concerned if the hooks were hanging from the bottom of the bait where a fish could pull, tug, and leverage the bait's body as you're fighting it back to the boat. But the fact this bait is able to swing free from that fight ensures it will last longer simply by design.

But once you find it, the hook slides right in.

Availability: The official release date of this bait was right around Christmas 2013 - a couple of months delayed from what we were told at ICAST, but still in plenty of time for the next big bait season. There are four colors - light and dark trout, dirty silver, and baby bass. Expected retail price on this bait? Are you sitting down? Only $17.99!


Savage Gear Line Thru Trout Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality We've only seen the Trout and Shad patterns, but so far, this bait looks great. 9
Performance We're still amazed at how well this bait swims and at its versatility 10
Price A realistic trout bait with excellent finishes, swims well, is easy to rig, and catches fish for under $20? Seriously? 9
Features From the line through, top hook rigging, to the slot on top of the bait to hold the hook fast, to the labeling of each bait so you can easily distinguish fall rates, this bait is full of features that make sense 9
Design (Ergonomics) Three fall rates and all in a manageable weight to throw 8
Application If soft plastic big baits are your game, this bait is worth throwing 8

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


+ Very enticing swimming action - Plastic scent upon opening the package
+ Affordable  
+ Easy to rig  


Conclusion: Big fish eat smaller fish. That's a pretty simple law of nature that some fishermen seem to either forget or just can't quite process when it comes to throwing an eight inch bait in pursuit of those green fish with big mouths, yet just about every year we see a new crop of big baits hit the market. Now, these are not baits that you can necessarily fill up the boat with and maybe that's where the reluctance to adopt these baits comes from. No, big baits, more often than not are about getting that one big bite, or if you're lucky a handful of them.

This bait inspires confidence and big smiles without breaking your wallet.

Savage Gear's new Line Thru Trout probably won't change any of those percentages, but what's great about this bait is it's low cost to acquire and its versatility. Fish it fast, fish it slow, deadstick it, wake it, heck, you can even troll this bait. It's so versatile, you can fish it a bunch of different ways all day long and increase your chances for a hook up. What's more even when the fishing is slow, this bait is so realistic it inspires confidence that something will eventually annihilate it, and half of fishing big baits is having the internal fortitude to stick with them all day long. The Line Thru Trout is a very easy bait to stick with and is our first, triple crown winner for its innovative rigging, value, and editor's choice!

Looking for the Savage Gear Line Thru Trout? Try Tackle Warehouse










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