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Megabass's New Design Engine Additive : STW (continued)

Aaron Martens: I'm really excited about STW because I have a million ideas that have been trapped in my head for twenty to thirty years now. I mean sometimes I go crazy with ideas, and it's frustrating to see stuff come out from other manufacturers that I've thought about for years. So now finally if they can build the stuff I'm thinking about, I finally have a way to make my visions into reality.

Martens testing rod tips.

What I'm looking forward to in the near future is a big, American style, deep diving, aggressive angle, hard digging, bottom bouncing crank -  like an offroad, heavy cover bait that doesn't roll on its side when it hits something. It has to really cast far and get down past twenty five feet on that long cast.

If they could just make this one a little bit longer is what Zaldain is thinking.

I have ideas for spoons and swimbaits that they're already making, and a sensitive, light, under seven foot long rod for throwing frogs. I like short rods for throwing frogs because they have more torque, and it has to be powerful like an F7.

Zaldain checking out a new handle design while Martens is checking out what's going on with the tip of that rod.

I also need another cranking stick. I love that F4.5-711GTA Ultimate Cranking Stick, but I also want a shorter one between that and seven feet, like seven foot three or seven foot four. I'd use that for medium running cranks and topwater.

Comparing tapers.

I've been with Megabass for a long time, but STW is a really big deal to me and something I can see myself doing beyond my touring years. Of course, I'll never stop touring, but you get what I'm saying.

More prototypes to evaluate.

Chris Zaldain: Of course I'm with Megabass on the fishing rod side, but just having the STW program shows their dedication and support to the US anglers. If they're willing to listen, we're willing to talk.

Zaldain discussing handle design, lengths, and reel seat placements with Sugiura.

What I'm looking forward to right off the bat are two sticks to that could really fill out my arsenal. We get a lot of tournaments where we're fishing a lot of grass mats, a lot of deep grass. In fact both the Elite Series and FLW tours do because we go to Florida a lot, and we all know how well the punching technique works in these lakes. It's just a trend that a lot of US anglers continue to hop onto. As my buddy Luke alluded to earlier, I like a longer stick for this technique. Something in the seven foot ten territory in an F8 or F9 power, Double X series, but with a nice, moderate bend so I can keep the fish buttoned once she's hooked.

From sun up to sun down, the discussion of refinements, improvements, and custom tweaks never stopped.

Secondly, we have two spinning rods in the Double X series now, and I'd like to see maybe two or three more. I'd like something for skipping, but the one I really want is a tube rod. Something like an F4.5 - F5 and between seven foot one to seven foot three inches (7'1" - 7'3") in length. A couple of sticks like that would really help fill out my rod locker and from what I understand, they're already working on them. I can't wait to get my hands on the prototypes or even the finished product.


Martens, Shin Fukae (Megabass Japan), Clausen, Zaldain, & Evers are all very excited about Megabass's new STW program.

Conclusion: With the establishment of subdivision Megabass of America, and their new ambition of catering to the needs of their pro staff, Megabass is taking the next step in their own evolution. Formerly shrouded in the JDM mystique, the company is making large strides to become a major player in the USDM landscape and not just a niche market, boutique brand. The Support To Win (STW) program is their interpretation of the trickle down theory. If successful, the program will build demand for product - not that Megabass has needed much help in this regard. Fans paying close attention to the reality fishing series that are BASS Elite and FLW tours, will now be paying even closer attention to what these pros are throwing and on which rods. With that anticipation comes the question, how soon will we see the fruits of this supertuned design engine reach market? Only time will tell.










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