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Megabass's New Design Engine Additive : STW (continued)

Luke Clausen: What gets me excited about this program is Chris, Edwin, Aaron and myself, we're all going to have different ideas and different preferences when it comes to baits and rods. For example, I know Chris likes a big, long, seven foot ten or eleven inch punching rod, but I'm not trying to compensate for deficiencies like he is (winks) so I actually prefer a shorter stick for punching. I actually like a seven foot eight inch rod. Thanks to STW, Megabass is willing and able to customize lengths and actions for each of us.

The boys check out the wall to wall display of production rods in the Osaka showroom.

With baits, I'm really looking forward to influencing the evolution of their baits. Fish get conditioned after a while, so baits are always changing, they need to change, hence there's always something new. Megabass baits are tailored for Japanese style of fishing but as they evolve into more American style baits, there are some holes in their lineup. I know I have some ideas for two or three crankbaits I'd like to see built. I communicated my ideas to the team before leaving for Japan, and when we got here, we actually got to throw some of the prototypes here on Biwa, it's all very exciting!

Each and every pro has their own preference in what they look for in a rod and how they want a certain bait to work. STW enables them to work together and find common ground where it makes sense, or continue to track different paths where it does not.

Edwin Evers: What more can a competitive angler ask for than to have a company that is willing to work to make lures for me, for Aaron, for Luke, to compete at the highest level. When I'm talking about lures, I mean all companies make lures, but I'm talking about very specific lures - specific lures for a certain technique, specific lures for a certain lake, specific lures for a certain time of the year, specific colors. I mean everything! It's just so refreshing to have a company that's willing to listen to me and dedicate the resources to make something perfect.

Edwin Evers sitting down with Tsuboi to discuss the what type of baits he's looking for next season.

You know, we're working on a few things: a new shallow water crank, a new spring time bait for rocks, a new swimbait. So many companies are afraid to step out on a limb to make a niche bait, one that only works during a certain time of year. A lot of swimbaits are niche baits. There's topwaters, cranks, just little niche baits that you need to have during certain times of the year to compete and Megabass is building these for me without blinking an eye.

Gearing up for field testing out on Lake Biwa.

They're building us anything and everything we want. They're not looking at it from a commercial angle and thinking about how many baits they can sell. They're looking at it as if this bait is going to propel me to win, then they're going to make it for me. It just means the absolute world to me. It's amazing. I've never had so much input with any company I've ever worked with on building and designing lures.

This one sounds just right.

We've been testing prototypes since I've been with the company and every time I see them, they have a new prototype or different revision to test based on my last comments. We've been revising baits time and time again. It's just super super exciting. It's really just amazing to me.

Even on shore, off the boats, testing and evaluation continues.


Next Section: Pro Angler Aaron Martens weighs in










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