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Megabass's Own Insanity : The LIN 10 (continued)

Casting: First real world impression of this reel? It is truly a supertuned version of the Ryoga 1016. Granted, the Ryoga 1016 is really a tool designed for saltwater inshore fishing that can also be used for freshwater species, but what we wanted to know was did Megabass make any refinements to the LIN 10 to make it more serviceable for black bass fishing?

The MagForce Z inductor is red like a Type R and Type R+, but there is no taper to tell us it's been tuned.

Our questions were answered on that very first cast. Whatever extra enhancements are in the Ryoga 1016 to make it better suited for saltwater inshore fishing, Yuki Ito stripped them all out and in the process, converted the LIN 10 to a bass fishing machine. Casting requires less effort with this reel and baits sail a good distance on a simple, easy effort lob.

The cast control on the LIN 10 is much easier to adjust than the Ryoga.

Cast Control: Similar to the Ryoga 1016, adjustment of the LIN 10's MagForce Z cast control system is via an external dial only the dial is more stylized thanks of course, to Yuki Ito. Instead of the flat plate on the Ryoga, that at times can be difficult to adjust simply because there is no real gripping surface, the LIN 10 features a machined dial similar to an oversized drag star.

It feels almost like an oversized drag star.

Retrieve: Turning the handle after that initial cast and re-engaging the spool, the LIN 10 also felt smoother and at the same time, more racing tuned than the Ryoga 1016. It's difficult to describe, but if you're familiar with the feeling of a car that's been tuned with racing suspension and how light and tight that car feels as a result, that's the same kind of feeling you get with the LIN 10 versus the Ryoga 1016. Typical to that traditional Daiwa feel in a baitcaster, you just feel more connected to your rod and lure with the LIN 10.

The LIN 10 features a 90 mm handle.

Drag: We consistently tested the Ryoga 1016 at up to ten pounds of drag pressure before our line would break. The reel is rated to right about 11 pounds of drag so it was consistent with what we experienced figuring we'd probably hit that mark if we were using a stronger line.

Retrieve is smooth and precise.

The LIN 10 only tested to 8 pounds of maximum drag. Was this a result in a variation of reels or is the LIN 10 less beefy than the Ryoga 1016 in the drag department? Given this reel is designed with bass fishing in mind, we really weren't too concerned.

We were able to test drag to 8 pounds of max pressure.

Performance, once the drag is engaged and line is being pulled out by feisty fish, performance is, as expected, smooth and sure. We experienced no stuttering or other inconsistencies with the drag while on the water.

Our one complaint on this reel? That cheap plastic thumb bar. We get the color accent, but we do not care for the material.

Availability: As mentioned earlier, reports are there were only 200 of these reels ever made. Was that 200 total or 200 in left hand retrieve and 200 in right? We're uncertain. What we are certain of is if you want this reel, you're going to pay a premium for it - and that's if you can find one to purchase.




Megabass LIN 10 Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Exquisite 10
Performance Better than expected 9
Price You have to not think about it... but unfortunately we do 1
Features A refined Ryoga 1016 tuned for bass fishing 9
Design (Ergonomics) The plastic thumb bar is the only downside 8
Application Ideal for big baits 9

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


+ The LIN 10 is Megabass at their finest - Nearly impossible to find
+ Only fractions of an ounce lighter than the Ryoga 1016 but it feels so much more - If you do find one, you'll wish you hadn't due to the cost
+ Has that light, crisp, responsive race car suspension feel - Plastic thumb bar? Really?


Conclusion: Turns out, Yuki Ito is to the Ryoga 1016 what Oscar Goldman was to Steve Austin. He may not have made the Ryoga faster or even stronger than before, but he certainly made it lighter, able to toss lures far distances in a single lob - oh wait, wrong superhero - and provided you can find one that's available, it may as well cost six million dollars.

Few companies can rival Megabass in their fostering of the insanity that is enthusiast level tackle.

The good news to those salivating over the LIN 10 after reading this review? Megabass has yet another variant already in product - the Black Jungle fishing reel. We haven't gotten our hands on one, but if we can conclude anything from the marketing material, and based upon our experience with the Monoblock and Bespoke reels, we think it's safe to assume the Black Jungle baitcaser is essentially the same reel as the LIN 10 save for the carbon fiber highlights.

Lin-sanity a la Megabass.

What does that mean? Well, based on the timing of our actual publication of this article, if you're all-Lin on this reel and can't find it, get a hold of Megabass USA right now and pre-order the Black Jungle. It's likely the same reel, will cost you at least thirty percent less, maybe more, than the LIN 10, and you're more assured of the reel actually showing up at your doorstep in the near future. We don't always agree with their methods, but few companies can rival Megabass in their fostering of the insanity that is enthusiast level tackle.










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