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K Lures: We met up with our Amazon Outfitter, Steve Yatomi, who was joined in his booth by big game lure designed Kermett Adams. Kermett is a master lure designer and specializes in handmade lures for largemouth, striped and peacock bass. If you are heading to the Amazon these lures are an absolute must have.


Don't head to the Amazon without a K-Lure


Not only are the patterns carefully designed to deliver more strikes but these lures are one of the few that can actually stand up to strike after strike from these green monsters. Each Ripper lure is made from Eastern Red Cedar and are hand carved and painted by Kermett one at a time. Each lure is hand tuned to run perfectly right out of the box and new for this season Kermett has modified the prop design slightly so the hooks will not hang up when aggressively chugged across the surface. The K-Lures Rippers retail for $16.95 each and are available in seven proven patterns. You can be sure the next time we head to the Amazon we will be loaded up with plenty of these proven lures.


Steve Yatomi is who we turn to for our Amazon trips and Kermett Adams of K-Lures is responsible for making some of the baits that we have caught our biggest fish on


Flipin The Bird: When the company first debuted their original lure it instantly became the talk of the town. Designed and created right here in Northern California this lure puts a unique spin on the hollow bodied frog. Featuring the realistic profile of a bird this lure is designed to target big aggressive bass looking for an opportune meal.


Flipin The Bird grows their product line with new patterns


The new lures also feature a softer body and upgraded lever action hook


A closer look at the actual hook design


Last fall we took a knife to one of these lures in our Autopsy Series and have been fishing the lures since. The company has made a number of refinements since including softening up the rear body to promote easier hookups and the addition of a new “Lever-Action” hook that moves into the proper position to stick fish the second the body is compressed. A new Teflon sleeve delivers just the right amount of resistance to keep the hook in the right position at all times.


The underbelly of the new Blue Bird pattern


Nick Trinh, Dan Pirofalo and Chris Chung show us the updated and upgraded collection of birds


In addition to the changes inside the company has also released a slew of new patterns and the finishes look better than ever. The paint and skirting matches seamlessly on patterns like the Yellow Breasted Chat and White Bird with Red Head and the Blue Bird should be popular in the East. The new patterns are just starting to hit retailers and e-tailers now and will continue to retail for $12. 


Stay tuned for part 2 and 3 where we recap the latest in reels, rods and accessories from the International Sportsmen's Exposition










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