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Raining New Baits at ISE 2012 Sacramento (continued)


Berkley: Pro Angler Randy Pringle was on hand to introduce the new lures from the team at Berkley and there were a lot of them. The Havoc lures have been doing well since they were originally released and target a slightly lower price point than the “Powerpoint” soft baits.


The Hawk Hawg was designed by Bobby Lane for both finesse Texas and Carolina rigging in cold weather


There were a number of new plastics at the show that fit right into our “Creature Fever” theme. In the Havoc line Bobby Lane introduces the Hawk Hawg to be used on a Texas or Carolina rig and designed to move even with subtle movement for even slow fishing in the winter. This 5 inch bait comes 8 per pack and will retail for only $3.50.


Mike Iaconelli knows tube fishing and the subtle flatter design of the Smash Tube makes it easier for hook penetration


Mike Iaconelli’s Smash Tube is a designed to glide erratically on the fall and blends colors together to create a unique look. The reason it is called the smash tube is because the body is “smashed” and is flatter to make it easier for hook penetration.


The Juice Worm was designed by Boyd Duckett and features a substantial body and ribbon tail


Boyd Duckett introduces a new worm called the “Juice Worm.” This worm is designed not to roll over during the retrieve and tail will move even at very slow speeds to generate attention. The Juice Worm is designed to be a staple in the bass angler’s arsenal, good for all occasions that call for a worm, and available in a dizzying array of patterns.


The Thief features a flat body to help it glide when weight hits the bottom


Powerbait has been rolling out some new baits and some of the more exciting include the “Thief” and “Power Claw.” The Thief is features multiple tentacles and can be used either rigged alone or as a trailer. The lure features a aerodynamic body and is also a good option for punch fishing.


The Power Claw is an aggressive looking lure designed for fast retrieves


The Power Claw looks exactly like the name sounds, like a very aggressively styled crawfish. The body is bullet shaped and the body is designed with angular edges making it easier to burn the creature through grass or wood, it can even be used in shallow water similarly to how you would fish a Horny Toad.


The new 5" Chigger Craw (top) compared to the standard version


Also exciting for lunker hunters is a even bigger Chigger Craw. The original 3” and 4” versions have become very popular for everything from Texas rigging or use as a jig trailer. New for this season is a massive 5” version which is not just longer but features thicker claws. The claws are so thick that it is possible to insert rattles into the claws for that extra element of sound. These big creatures will come 4 per pack and retail for $5.00.


The new bait's claws are so thick that they will accept rattle inserts


Real Fish Bait Company: Real Fish introduced a number of new swimbaits including new hard bodied swimbaits that look similar to some of the other hard bodied baits we have seen from the competition but with new finishes and broomtails that are painted to match the detailed finishes. These “Real Fish Baits” are available now in 4” 4 ½”, and 6 ½” sizes and will retail for only $12-$15 depending on size.


Real Fish Bait Company's new swimbait


The bait features a brush tail painted for a more realistic transition


Real Fish is also capitalizing on the Alabama Rig craze with a few spreaders of their own. Not all of these spreaders are designed to hold multiple swimbaits, some are designed with additional blades to mimic the school with a main swimbait in the middle. One of the most interesting is a fan style rig which can be attached to the back of a crankbait allowing anglers to drive down the depth of the entire rig then adding up to five possible baits on the back.


This rig features multiple blades surrounding a single swimbait


This unique "fan" spreader rig attaches to the back of a crankbait


Ho Pham and Harry Madera show us the new baits and rigs


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