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River2Sea: River2Sea USA really shined at ICAST this year by displaying some awesome new lures. These lures are brand new on the market with some new and exciting innovative designs that will appeal to saltwater and freshwater anglers, especially the Gary Dobyns Signature series lures targeted towards bass anglers.

An exciting new lipless crankbait, the Tungsten Vibe makes use of a tungsten lip and chin for unique action

(Tungsten Vibe): Finally someone developed something different in a lipless crankbait. In the past companies have just changed the size and color of these popular lures, but River2Sea USA really took these lipless baits to the next level. The new River2Sea Tungsten Vibe features an exposed tungsten chin and lip that will crawl through cover like no other lipless crankbait has ever thought of doing. The tungsten located on the lip will make the lure ride in a nose down fashion and when it reaches the bottom it will knock on rocks and other structure emitting a sound bass has never heard before. Not only that, the tungsten will also protect these lures from damage when knocking on abrasive structure.


The River2Sea USA Trophy Min was designed by pro Gary Dobyns

(Gary Dobyns Signature Series): With the help of professional bass angler Gary Dobyns, the company has developed a whole new line of lures. The Gary Dobyns Signature Series includes the Trophy Min, Ripper, Fetch Minnow, Jerk Shad, Touchdown Lead Flat Rubber Jig, and Touchdown Jig Head. These lures are definitely winners... especially the new Trophy Min. All these minnow lures come with River2Sea’s Tungsten weight transfer and rattle system and super sharp Daiichi hooks. Aside from the unique action these lures are designed to generate, they also have some of the best finishes on the market.


The Super Yabbie is a pumped up version of the popular Stand'n Yabbie

(Super Yabbie): Remember our review on the Stand’n Yabbie? Well, this is the Super Yabbie. The new features on this new crawdad lure are what make it "super." You can now work this River2Sea lure in thick vegetation and structure thanks to the weed-guard that prevents it from snagging. Aside from that it has all the effective features of the original Stand’n Yabbie, but the Super Yabbie is now made from durable TPR plastic and now there’s no fear of the claws breaking off after a few fish.


The V-Crank is a jointed crankbait that emits loud clicks when retrieved

The V-Crank, designed as a jointed crankbait and features tungsten clickers molded into the joints. The metal clickers will clack loudly when this crankbait dives and swims about. The V-Crank weighs in a half ounce, 2 3/8 inches in length, can dive to five feet, and comes in eight exciting patterns.


The Rover is designed to produce effective walk the dog action

(Rover): A lot of companies now offer a topwater walk-the-dog stick bait, and this season River2Sea will have one as well, but there are some features that make this lure atypical. The Rover is slightly larger in size than most others, has an aggressive mouth that spits, and features very loud tungsten rattles. To help anglers achieve the perfect walk-the-dog action River2Sea designed these lures with something distinctive. The bottom of the lure features hook loops that barely protrude from the belly of the lure so less wire sticks out, thus making the lure’s action more effective when walked.

Premium wood, hooks, paint, and components make up this active swimbait

(Wood’n Slither): Swimbait anglers are sure to like this lure. This triple sectioned lure swims in a gentle “S” action while the durable plastic tail whips back and forth. The joints are designed to function smoothly and are well reinforced for durability. This lure is made from Indonesian Jelutong wood and actually has 30 coats of paint for an extremely lifelike finish!

Simon and K.K. show JIP the complete range of River2Sea solutions, there was an incredible amount of excellent product in their booth this year

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