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Event Article: 2005 ICAST Lure & Storage Coverage

ICAST Coverage Day 3 - Lures and the boxes and bags to put them all in

Date: 7/27/05
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: With day 3 now upon us in Las Vegas the clock was ticking and we still didn't have the chance to cover everything that we hoped to. ICAST has grown so much this year that three days just doesn't seem like enough time to absorb everything anymore. Like kids in a candy store we made a mad dash to soak up as much as we could when it comes to all the new lure products and the novel tackle bags and boxes anglers use to manage them in.


Shimano's very own butterfly jigs, anglers attach one or two Owner dancing stinger hooks on top of the jig (regular style jig shown)

Shimano (Butterfly jigs): Shimano's butterfly jigs are a new take on deep water jigging, allowing anglers to get down and deep in heavily pressured waters and still draw plenty of reaction strikes. These new jigs are part of Shimano's entire jigging system consisting of the Torsa, Trevala rod. The jigs are designed to be fished aggressively and allow anglers to feel every movement of the fluttering lure while retrieving. Fish strike the head of the lure and are hooked via the dancing hooks. This technique was developed off the coast of Japan not more than five years ago but anglers armed with this technique have already caught a large variety of fish throughout Japan and Australia. With the introduction of these lures into the US anglers stateside now have a new tool in our saltwater arsenal. These butterfly jigs will range from 14.99 to 24.99 depending on the size and style.


Daiwa introduces a complete lineup of premium Saltiga saltwater lures

Daiwa (Saltiga lures): Daiwa's premium lineup of lures continues to grow each year and at this ICAST we saw a complete assortment of fresh Saltiga Saltwater lures. The Saltiga Minnow is designed for inshore reef and shore fishing and features Daiwa's Long Cast System for more casting distance from shore. The Saltiga Pencil is designed to imitate a weakened or injured baitfish gasping at the surface. The 3D design is gorgeous and features include 3D eyes and Daiwa's patented open gill design. A through wire construction anchors your line and hooks via a single heavy strand wire. Finally, the Saltiga lipless jerk bait is designed for less active gamefish and is designed to target suspended fish with a unique action that is generated with very slight jerks. All of these lures make use of first-rate Owner hooks.


Chris Brown shows Zander the new King Kong jointed swimbait

Strike King (King Kong & Premier Plus):
It appears that almost every company today has a swimbait and Strike King joins the foray by introducing one of their own this year at ICAST. The King Kong Swimbait is Strike King’s first ever large swimbait. This swimbait is molded out of plastic and has four jointed sections to give it a decisive swimming action when retrieved. The King Kong swimbait comes nine different colors and two sizes, six and eight inches.

The Strike King "King Kong" swimbait is molded out of plastic and has four jointed sections


Strike King also introduced a new spinnerbait to their line up. The Premier Plus Spinnerbait has some neat features that make it stand out from other spinnerbaits on the market. The Premier Plus sports the “Perfect Skirt with Magic Tails.” The Perfect Skirt is designed to make the body of the spinnerbait flare out when you stop or slow your retrieve to give it a larger appearance. The Magic Tail is a built in trailer on the lure for added action and appeal. You’ll see a few spinnerbaits on the market that have a built in trailer, but you’ll need to place a trailer hook on there yourself to ensure better catch rates. The Strike King Premier Plus spinnerbaits come with a pre-rigged trailer hook that eliminates the need to figure out how to put on your own trailer hooks. In addition the color patterns of the skirts match the head of the lure and create an appealing and natural look to the predators. You can find Strike King’s new spinnerbaits in many sizes and patterns, along with replacement skirts.


The Strike King Premier Plus spinnerbait comes in brilliant colors, flaring skirt, trailer, and even a pre-rigged trailer hook

Persuader (Bleeding Minnow): Persuader has been hard at work studying triggering mechanisms, and this year their new "Bleeding Minnow" spinner is designed to help create a feeding frenzy with a red/blood colored theme that includes red eyes, blades, and skirts. This spinner is a favorite of Randy Pringle and features a powder coated head and blades to minimize chipping. A .035 gauge wire allows for greater vibration, and the blades make use of top notch worth ball bearing swivels for supreme rotation. This wire bait offers anglers injured minnow realism at its best.

Persuader's new Bleeding Minnow creates a injured minnow effect

Nemire Lures Premier Series: We haven’t had the pleasure of talking with John Nemire, inventor and owner of Nemire lures, for over 2 years. His unique metal crankbait lures have proven to be effective at targeting both bass and redfish but fans of these lures still wanted more. The existing metallic gold, silver, and black finishes on these lures rival expensive jewelry but up till now anglers that yearned for more color on these lures have had to mix and match skirts. Nemire is now offering a complete arrangement of color, and the durable clear top coat finishes look fantastic. Action and weight of the lures remain the same, and the best of all so does the price. These additional colors add an extra element of variation to these already innovative lures.

John Nemire shows Zander the new finishes now available on the red ripper

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