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Megabait (Mr. Bill): Megabait is yet another company that has made a big splash in the lure market with outstanding products. This year at ICAST Nick Nakao, President of Megabait, along with Brian Hawkins of Megabait showed us a totally new and innovative swimbait, Mr. Bill. Mr. Bill is a sinking crankbait that gives anglers the advantage and ease of changing the bait from one color to another, without ever having to retie your line. In additional to this mechanism to change swimbait bodies, Mr. Bill also has a really neat feature that all anglers will be keen on. When fish strike and are hooked, the treble hook will separate from the swimbait body.


The MegaBait Mr. Bill is an innovative swimbait that everyone will like especially Muskie and Pike fisherman

The treble hook is tied directly onto the eye on the lip via a strong and durable wire leader that’s connected to the eye where you tie your fishing line to. Now anglers that fish for toothy critters such as Muskie, Pike, Sharks… can have the action of a soft-plastic body swimbait and not cause damage the lure after a single fish. The Megabait Mr. Bill comes in three sizes, nine different patterns, and has a diving rate of one feet per second. This awesome swimbait will soon be available to everyone in combo packs with a retail price ranging from 6 to 15 dollars.


Changing colors/patterns with Mr. Bill is done quickly without ever having to re-tie

Panther Martin (Double Trouble):
The new Panther Martin Double Trouble has features that set it apart from the common swimbait. With the Double Trouble you can tie your line to two different eyelets. The front eyelet for the standard swimming action or tie it to the second eyelet for jigging this large swimbait. This soft-plastic swimbait has two Mustad hooks along the back for a sure hookup and to keep the lure tracking true it has two large dorsal fins. The Panther Martin Double Trouble is nine inches in length and comes in multiple patterns. Suggested retail price will be around 6 dollars per copy.


The Panther Martin Double Trouble can be swam, trolled, or jigged vertically

Doc Waters (Salt Lick Lizard, Shark Shank hooks): George Ghilarducci inventor and owner at Doc Waters has certainly been busy in the past year, and was on hand to show us his recently updated signature bubble-trapping helix bodied lures. These lures hold onto air bubbles to generate a exclusive action, and the patterns actually refract light making the lures more detectable than standard plastics under water.

George shows Zander a number of products that make use of helix body patterns


We had an opportunity to rig a Doc Waters Salt-Lick Lizard which has a strategically salt infused spine to give the bait more backbone and still increase the action of the legs and tail. The shark shank hook is like a extra wide gap hook with two small barbs under the hook eye to better secure the head of your lure in a fixed spot. When we dropped the lure into the test tank we noticed right away unlike other lizards that seemed to flop around the Salt-Lick Lizard held its posture thanks to the salt backbone while the arms and legs flailed about in the water. The salt also helps add more weight in the center of the lure so that it sinks more aggressively. It was nice to see this level of detail in design in plastics.


The Salt Lick Lizard now features salt infused along the spine giving the lure much more backbone than common lizards. The lure's head was held firmly in place with the Shark Shank hooks

Catmando (Gourmet Catfish Baits): Ron Kovach calls the new Catmando baits, scents, and attractants the "Rolex of Catfish bait." The secret formula was designed by legendary Ronson "Catmando" Smothers, arguably the West's most respected trophy catfish hunter.

Catfish anglers can add Catmando's secret weapon into their arsenal as they pursue monster cat

Ronson Smothers has caught some record cats, including a recent 89lbr, with these very baits. These potent catfish baits are designed to generate record catches of blue and channel cats and are made with all real meat, yet require no refrigeration. This "designer bait" lineup consists of Catmando mackerel, beef liver, and chicken liver varieties. To further increase the effectiveness of the bait Catmando scents and dips are also available. This is not just another catfish bait, and after talking to Ronson we got so pumped that we vowed to put down our bass and saltwater tackle down long enough to seriously give catfishing a shot.

How serious is Ronson Smothers about catching record cats? His Catmando tattoo says it all

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