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It's a Wrap! Rods, Lures, and Terminal Tackle from ICAST 2011 (continued)

Tungstenweights.com: Maybe not the most glamorous category but terminal tackle is among the most important piece of the equation for anglers. This year there were two terminal tackle manufacturers that really caught our attention, the first of which was Tungstenweights.com. This company makes high quality tungsten weights in a wide range of styles.




The bullet weights are insert free and feature "smooth bore technology" for a diamond polished finish that reduces friction on the line. A pack of four 1/16oz. weights retails for only $3.19 and there is a wide range of colors ranging from the traditional Black to Red, Green, and June Bug.


Tungstenweights.com offers refined weights


The team at Tungstenweights.com is on a mission to introduce quality tungsten weights at reasonable prices


Anglers Select-Eco Pro: This family owned company was founded by people who love to fish and had a hard time finding tungsten weights in stock and at an affordable price. But it wasn't just tungsten products with Eco Pro, the company has some very innovative products that are designed to solve common problems anglers encounter on a daily basis.


The Diamond Pegs help keeps hooks pinned securely in plastics


The company's "Diamond Pegs" insert right through the eye of the lure once you rig your plastics like you normally would. This patent pending pegging system immediately immobilizes the top of the hook preventing it from ripping out of the bait. There are four sizes available making it easy to match all sized hooks. Each pack of 20 retails for $4.99.


The Pro Wacky weight is extremely innovative and allows anglers to fish wacky a completely new way


Probably the most interesting weight at the show was the Pro Wacky Weight which puts a new spin on wacky style fishing. The weight is rigged with a wire eye and inserts right into the center of the plastic where the hook point is passed through the eye. This allows anglers to fish the hook at a 90 degree angle which exposes more of the hook point and reduces wear and tear on the plastic. The weight is available in a range of sizes from 1/32oz. to 3/16oz. and colors from red, black, green pumpkin and plain. These new weights retail for $5.00 to $11.99 each.


Lee Rogers and Tyler Brinks show us the new Eco Pro terminal tackle


Conclusion: Another ICAST is in the books. Each and every year the tackle manufacturers seem to find a way to innovate, tweak, and refine their offerings in an effort to catch both fish and anglers. This year was a strong showing overall with more manufacturers taking chances to tool up new products. Thanks to all our readers for tuning into this year's coverage. It is now time for us to head back into the field and check out the very product recently unveiled at the show. 










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